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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Halloween Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
  • 2013 Holiday Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “duckhoo,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
MPAdM(MPAdM)Adult (f)2,7114631
vLplU(vLplU)Adult (f)2,7284551
89aug(89aug)Adult (f)2,9534831
kinCc(kinCc)Adult (f)2,5954231
OY6v9(OY6v9)Adult (f)2,8994631
hvWwd(hvWwd)Adult (f)2,6804182
m1URv(m1URv)Adult (f)2,9236541
jQOsb(jQOsb)Adult (f)2,8886490
2Wk2Y(2Wk2Y)Adult (f)2,9126610
hCqpF(hCqpF)Adult (f)2,7666361
sUQE0(sUQE0)Adult (f)2,7926720
KHYkZ(KHYkZ)Adult (f)2,6666591
VzXcj(VzXcj)Adult (f)2,7596620
HtJWi(HtJWi)Adult (f)2,6804381
GLRbu(GLRbu)Adult (f)2,4954371
cfBd7(cfBd7)Adult (f)2,5594171
p5aSR(p5aSR)Adult (f)2,7244712
Rnc9N(Rnc9N)Adult (m)1,7176782
IWcko(IWcko)Adult (f)6,0281,0771
76UW8(76UW8)Adult (m)2,5686643
T2bSE(T2bSE)Adult (m)2,4369638
EubWX(EubWX)Adult (m)3,1659550
V4vF7(V4vF7)Adult (m)4,0768414
HPWA9(HPWA9)Adult (f)3,0379011
0JRkA(0JRkA)Adult (f)2,3798110
MdrrC(MdrrC)Adult (f)3,2817127
8L7X9good bye MusiaAdult (f)3,7118001
O1njg(O1njg)Adult (f)3,7117900
WgJlg(WgJlg)Adult (f)1,6485711
qqCFG(qqCFG)Adult (f)2,0444842
aZ6kqSelison Re MusiaAdult (m)3,0731,0891
Khq8HPenu Re MusiaAdult (f)3,0801,0493
REt2rJearan Re MusiaAdult (m)2,9598144
P0LJhImar Re MusiaAdult (m)1,9088003
05fZoTapehi Re MusiaAdult (m)1,8747851
HlEn2Sorbin Re MusiaAdult (m)1,7266322
Om9e5Panqui Re MusiaAdult (m)2,2317261
7BehUGeal Re MirossAdult (m)4,4257844
MheC6Farin MI MusiaAdult (f)2,8367139
6gkULSamut Re MusiaAdult (m)2,3568003
FWQMCTulshe MI Capraia BAdult (f)2,9956495
PL14VNoit Re Huz BAdult (f)1,9375962
Wqp9n(Wqp9n)Adult (m)3,6148985
CgUVq(CgUVq)Adult (f)2,7887146
5ZLCK(5ZLCK)Adult (m)3,3418882
cAMa2(cAMa2)Adult (m)1,9507574
esQHR(esQHR)Adult (f)3,4549244
Otx39(Otx39)Adult (f)1,6485452
r9gi9(r9gi9)Adult (f)2,5457334
HXZJZ(HXZJZ)Adult (m)3,4429205
QkAHX(QkAHX)Adult (m)1,8576564
s3RbR(s3RbR)Adult (m)2,3725033
s1BooEstasin Me SitbAdult (m)3,0167681
e66PP(e66PP)Adult (m)2,6167543
9xSiU(9xSiU)Adult (m)3,3237913
cSqoF(cSqoF)Adult (m)1,3825672
e3MOc(e3MOc)Adult (m)2,2267012
VTl2F(VTl2F)Adult (m)3,1655832
5EpSk(5EpSk)Adult (m)4,2969250
qJFa2(qJFa2)Adult (m)3,2269854
grTBl(grTBl)Adult (m)3,8481,0745
Hg1KT(Hg1KT)Adult (m)3,5117763
heT9P(heT9P)Adult (f)2,9308912
eFGBK(eFGBK)Adult (f)2,7234286
btJjA(btJjA)Adult (f)3,4998735
o9G8r(o9G8r)Adult (f)5,9261,1297
u8s7I(u8s7I)Adult (f)1,9166802
ccF1b(ccF1b)Adult (f)2,2105730
P6dca(P6dca)Adult (m)1,9928102
gnoELDerai Re salvaAdult (f)2,4824844
frW1O(frW1O)Adult (m)7,4751,4443
jiNEt(jiNEt)Adult (f)2,32551210
gcKG7(gcKG7)Adult (f)3,53069312
KvlGR(KvlGR)Adult (f)1,6017145
75HUR(75HUR)Adult (f)1,8887233
yOcSu(yOcSu)Adult (f)1,9867962
U0rzV(U0rzV)Adult (f)2,1067015
WoEgd(WoEgd)Adult (m)3,5081,05210
8rY1D(8rY1D)Adult (m)2,2336436
EsmfgRokat Re KirieAdult (m)2,40059512
vpu6e(vpu6e)Adult (m)1,78564810
FgrUK(FgrUK)Adult (m)2,7025501
97p17(97p17)Adult (m)3,3527764
QP5AYMagnolia oin LuwelAdult (f)3,3359396
P8r7X(P8r7X)Adult (f)4,5611,4733
TDPuvChrysanthemum MJAdult (m)2,2398137
D9bYv(D9bYv)Adult (m)2,0798172
33UOfA rock jasmine KnightleyAdult (m)2,6559484
mk7Go(mk7Go)Adult (m)2,6309112
md7Jq(md7Jq)Adult (f)3,1861,1001
9Q7U4(9Q7U4)Adult (m)3,1156905
KgUOS(KgUOS)Adult (m)1,8254974
MJBnm(MJBnm)Adult (m)2,3848612
1Vbfp(1Vbfp)Adult (m)3,0448354
NpqlP(NpqlP)Adult (f)2,8628024
AZI4X(AZI4X)Adult (m)2,1217143
XDgo7(XDgo7)Adult (f)2,2177681
XLs5r(XLs5r)Adult (f)2,2416681
lipIs(lipIs)Adult (m)2,6968373
5iQNd(5iQNd)Adult (f)4,1409144
Ggnks(Ggnks)Adult (f)3,2397802
deU05(deU05)Adult (f)1,2285334
KeJr0(KeJr0)Adult (f)2,1535861
P1jU7(P1jU7)Adult (f)4,3011,1082
FbOO2(FbOO2)Hatchling (f, F)6,9431,0555
tQQpC(tQQpC)Hatchling (f, F)1,2893892
RJvUNDaisy Fleabane MusiaAdult (m)3,1121,1583
WJgT3(WJgT3)Adult (m)3,1268945
GfCpM(GfCpM)Adult (m)2,6607857
OK1EZ(OK1EZ)Adult (m)2,7129702
MsXdBNaicare De VinchAdult (m)3,6561,2073
80Z7sMinstel De MirAdult (m)3,7808784
oXNcQ(oXNcQ)Adult (m)3,0015403
IWSSV(IWSSV)Adult (m)2,4817182
gsCh6(gsCh6)Adult (m)2,3057021
QYaqj(QYaqj)Adult (m)2,5498665
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