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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “choco566,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
GDdWS(GDdWS)Adult (f)2,0476480
tVO3c(tVO3c)Adult (m)2,6987721
ieji4(ieji4)Adult (m)2,0046320
cyqS6(cyqS6)Adult (f)2,0076320
hmTan(hmTan)Adult (m)2,2466720
4iz95(4iz95)Adult (f)1,9756600
2HlHKCritic BurntAdult (m)5,0969631
WRE6GArpagon BurntAdult (m)4,5368850
r5hDXGilles de Rais BurntAdult (m)4,4678901
iOn14Pastel BurntAdult (f)4,2199730
uZrpnValzong BurntAdult (f)4,8989532
bMt6iTroquantary BurntAdult (f)4,5989651
agnVjTiburce BurntAdult (f)4,6409371
d5CKXSucre BurntAdult (f)3,6099071
PHb2Sparkly KillerAdult (m)3,7941,23310
R93sFangs of Fearful TerrorAdult (m)3,7161,0014
P1jPAWell That SucksAdult (m)5,4251,3454
uAdBILate Night BiteAdult (m)2,6827033
bk950iShriekAdult (m)2,5027064
0ADLlI Feel A Song Coming OnAdult (m)5,2891,2116
OZL3KBiting Things Since 1492Adult (m)2,1498223
wTHepOmnibus IdemAdult (m)3,3541,0832
SdgHCBound To The Same FateAdult (m)1,7136081
st4HLove Bites LiterallyAdult (f)2,0488715
U8PITTired Of Being DeadAdult (f)1,8417132
2eDSaI Ate The CakeAdult (f)7,5261,3111
SJ9rIFaded BlushAdult (f)4,4849964
TwlwYPrepare For Your Finest HourAdult (f)2,0676267
ktgo6(ktgo6)Adult (f)4,5428880
5xsrEWell This BitesHatchling (F)1,5804917
upIUF(upIUF)Adult (f)4,5788851
Q1Ez7(Q1Ez7)Adult (f)4,3299820
sQn1N(sQn1N)Adult (m)5,0221,0033
EQw5F(EQw5F)Adult (f)2,0866141
iQrMw(iQrMw)Adult (m)4,6049792
QvudBurning CharcoalAdult (f)9735356
uOiTXNekomura IrohaAdult (f)2,2566903
bQOTBlazing Blaze of BlazethAdult (m)1,9296363
PfBWWSEZ UAdult (m)3,0231,0941
vhl6tFlame ToxinsAdult (m)1,9486021
HTiL8SonanceAdult (m)1,6307082
jbRtjAeviternalAdult (m)1,3475640
xEAycHellwyrmAdult (m)5,0901,0033
BEPDnThanks A Lot For Freezing MeHatchling (m, F)2,0577991
JNj0UWhere Fire Burns The BrightestAdult (m)5,5111,5973
veXhhBorn Of Glowing EmbersAdult (f)5,5251,5950
1MsrmCorrupted By The Burning SunAdult (m)4,5591,2061
3oqQCikomayoAdult (f)4,6181,3541
jLpgDONT JUDGE MEH CUZ IM TINYAdult (f)2,5789143
kt9FFierius StripesAdult (f)2,5796749
Z0RTMagmaxaAdult (f)2,47687523
gBSFThe Netherland DragonAdult (m)1,6816071
TL9DYAin't No Tomomi Gurl Livin' HereAdult (f)4,5091,2981
tH6hO(tH6hO)Adult (f)5,3579501
ofQgThe Fire EmpressAdult (f)1,4757247
GWlZThe Fire EmperorAdult (m)9083812
celGExplodicusAdult (m)3,0196328
tHZYFiery Spice TeaAdult (m)1,8887031
qYIBStrong Ginger TeaAdult (f)1,9285433
s5p8Magical Karp ThingAdult (f)3,12261010
s2QXThe Darkened HeartAdult (f)9915093
ubUKTorn PastAdult (m)1,6265962
91hMuYokune RukoAdult (m)2,4595652
9X1UStained ParchmentAdult1,7537164
RWYiLeetle Baby CuffsAdult (f)1,6556462
UjFeI Can Fly if I TryAdult (f)1,0005182
9QuAlHappily Fun-SizedAdult (f)2,8067183
HboMChoco's Sunny Colorful CuffsAdult (m)3,2755737
nAbEg(nAbEg)Adult (f)3,6039182
XKFNz(XKFNz)Adult (f)1,9375871
loobz(loobz)Adult (m)2,1526670
5P0f7Sun StainsAdult (m)4,6061,3411
gGjat(gGjat)Adult (f)3,3741,1650
gDW9uHarvesting MoostacheAdult (f)2,4265974
ku5uX(ku5uX)Adult (f)4,2299791
RQiYk(RQiYk)Adult (f)3,4991,1500
HrOQJBronze LightningAdult (m)4,8671,2686
HO1WbRadiant FlashAdult (f)3,9161,09715
SY5aRDeflagrateAdult (f)4,3989174
LgdnUTurret OperaAdult (m)2,2486161
2uUPeHolly Isn't JollyAdult (m)1,3336212
eK7ESToothless the Christmas DragonAdult (m)1,6646851
AsTIBeyond the MountainAdult (m)1,6123269
T3TPPast the HorizonAdult (m)3,7969928
GhhdChoco's Super Awesome CuffsAdult (f)2,1278702
Em6gKChoco's Fluffy CuffsAdult (f)6,2501,3417
AGRGHRomano's MoostacheAdult (f)1,6746093
QXs02Samura TomiAdult (f)1,9616410
qGGvZRollin' On SunshineAdult (f)5,6921,2832
AuUXTreetoll NatureAdult (m)2,9815483
2sdeErazon NatureAdult (m)3,3541,0895
Yta2Fitch NatureAdult (m)1,5506903
rW8boHaluk NatureAdult (m)2,6166313
MMV5VIronic NatureAdult (m)7,0501,3914
TpWUtArizona NatureAdult (m)7,2811,6715
lPLqWLester NatureAdult (m)5,8961,6711
E91aBGreen NatureAdult (m)5,5931,6142
mbHdoRobin NatureAdult (m)2,5278403
2Oe1FAtticus NatureAdult (m)3,0136412
doKEtLush NatureAdult (f)8,1461,3084
ZbeQrFaith NatureAdult (f)7,4371,6731
7lWtAbercrombie NatureAdult (f)1,7796972
lYqKTatiana NatureAdult (f)1,7357183
uWorNatural NatureAdult (f)2,8196659
JZSVHollister NatureAdult (f)1,8067253
ZHnLRiver NatureAdult (f)3,5561,0574
MqK8kLyra NatureAdult (f)7,7221,3025
c4cUFCybele NatureAdult (f)7,3981,6703
BMhXSKriemhild NatureAdult (f)6,4181,5524
McmIHestia NatureAdult (f)4,7811,1162
2T4nCalistana NatureAdult (f)3,3811,0915
a5EA7Alicia NatureAdult (f)6,5541,3622
4HPB6(4HPB6)Adult (m)5,4479461
WnlPForest's SpyAdult (m)9754935
PuiCHollister's Holiday CuffsAdult (m)2,6181,1188
BPh1Choco's Killer CuffsAdult (f)1,8617353
CHfbZOMG A LEAFAdult (m)4,8461,1365
9Lh3JWelcome To ApertureAdult (m)4,5011,1981
prXN1Choco's Zim Cuffs of DOOMAdult (m)2,2867880
nJOfFFruitmongerAdult (f)1,7017183
JQ1bFrosted Cake GoodnessAdult (m)2,7508911
BPdHKChoco's Happy Dance CuffsAdult (m)4,4651,2061
HO0Mio0 Happy Synthesizer 0oAdult (m)7,0931,4005
Rmm2The Cookie-Nomming CuffsAdult (f)3,4006365
3JeqBChoco's Cuffs Beyond BeliefAdult (f)7,2951,6042
VgLpM(VgLpM)Adult (f)1,8086711
LCoXT(LCoXT)Adult (f)1,9616900
tuwcG(tuwcG)Adult (f)1,9686890
BT2NL(BT2NL)Adult (f)1,8246560
XiFSFangleafAdult (f)5,4611,53418
LETGHelios StripesAdult (m)2,6356826
oI1KK(oI1KK)Adult (m)3,4899410
0R8nu(0R8nu)Adult (m)2,1006361
ThfBRoses The BeginningAdult (f)2,42038010
NvWsThe Thorns of DeathHatchling (m, F)2,1838338
Kvt2w(Kvt2w)Adult (m)2,0246141
AOuPW(AOuPW)Adult (f)2,0215896
3fdiaOf Nebulas and SilverAdult (m)4,3231,1014
J5d7bGalactic ShineAdult (m)4,4591,3322
pJK8The Cute Little CuffsAdult (m)5,42379415
lF1lpI'm Minty Fresh And I Know ItAdult (m)2,3997462
SEMVI DID NO SUCH THINGAdult (f)8,4211,5182
R4eKgTiempo de FiestaAdult (f)5,0328242
nfHPb(nfHPb)Adult (m)1,6635870
JjFLHoliday Love CuffsAdult (f)3,9691,3187
3uqGtHolly Jolly WhatAdult (f)1,7405781
jgHJ4(jgHJ4)Adult (m)4,2119860
3eBvLilly of the PuddleAdult (f)1,0455886
RLRWm(RLRWm)Adult (m)1,9546042
oRtQh(oRtQh)Adult (f)1,7617023
5X1Wl(5X1Wl)Adult (f)3,5879181
Bu2bb(Bu2bb)Adult (m)5,4909602
AtBFT(AtBFT)Adult (m)2,0616150
StqlB(StqlB)Adult (m)1,7417074
IeeQ4(IeeQ4)Adult (m)2,19965610
kxSZSstets uninuAdult (m)4,2559690
B9bm8I Was Blogging Too LongAdult (m)7,3881,5527
1n5hiChoco's Transparent CuffsAdult (f)5,8321,4913
VoN4sChoco's Secret Agent CuffsAdult (f)5,8331,4514
ldnZhHerpy DerpAdult (f)7,0841,4117
YlXa2(YlXa2)Adult (m)4,5548900
wAxJI(wAxJI)Adult (m)4,6949392
n4slLittle Wheatley Did ThisAdult (m)3,2849243
5qJtHAoki LapisAdult (f)2,0498212
kUqNHEY WHERE IZ THAT COOKAYAdult (m)2,2315034
b6CHChoco's Seabreeze CuffsAdult (m)2,0198813
kkiX8Baka Baka BakaAdult (m)2,4627075
vjNSOMG WHAT'S DATAdult (f)2,9097426
lUl1Snowest PureAdult (m)2,4368826
UHfbIsis PumaAdult (f)2,2085939
VbONNora of the Iceberg SistersAdult (f)1,3405945
uTIJFlora of the Iceberg SistersAdult (f)1,3335974
8uFjGuardian of the WinterlandsAdult (f)1,9276805
pozwi(pozwi)Adult (f)4,4189621
c28wB(c28wB)Adult (m)2,1836590
nyoviNyoviAdult (m)1,6017031
BqprCFlame AntidoteAdult (f)2,9209751
L3BOWPansophyAdult (f)2,8089531
6pSE3Unending EternityHatchling (f, F)1,5956212
Si1hThe Dragon With a Big TailAdult (f)2,3018737
6IVlpChoco's Super Protective CuffsAdult (m)7,5881,2675
nHGaFuzziest Handcuffs On EarthAdult (m)3,8328494
6aXYaMy Burt HurtsAdult (m)6,7391,1694
sJ0FcYuzuki YukariAdult (f)7,3471,5936
jaTW2For ScienceAdult (f)4,6131,2351
57aDEETS FRIEEDAY FRIEEDAYAdult (f)4,7541,1233
q3qFOMG BE QUIET UP THARAdult (m)2,2064823
mEGqChoco's Underwater CuffsAdult (m)2,9139863
hgAVThe Twin-Headed MONSTAHAdult (m)1,4587094
89sGAWSUM SAUSAdult (m)1,3487235
S0SpThat's Your FaultAdult (f)2,1878306
ry2iT(ry2iT)Adult (m)5,0421,0014
Uuc5JGravity FallsAdult (m)6,0951,3346
HlDDThe Winged ThundersnakeAdult (f)9754212
LgyKB(LgyKB)Adult (f)2,0445988
mYPOSAderyn of HeartsAdult (f)2,2537901
IY4RfUnburdenAdult (m)2,6139302
nrcuUNeon MoonbeamAdult (m)4,9878012
DOl5Ocean's WishAdult (f)9095265
jZiYThe Blessed WatersAdult (f)3,0534143
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