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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “barbylacy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
sgv6I(sgv6I)Adult (m)2,3696141
2153Q(2153Q)Adult (m)2,4866121
SeHTC(SeHTC)Adult (m)2,5505981
yKbBV(yKbBV)Adult (f)3,4797461
Z0LAY(Z0LAY)Adult (m)2,8405672
V3mSs(V3mSs)Adult (f)3,7831,0201
NIMFmLil' ShyAdult (m)4,8294244
kaZQKlil'MintAdult (m)7,9811,6631
Rx0Mr(Rx0Mr)Adult (f)3,1005841
kIC0T(kIC0T)Adult (m)3,5565741
mDcmZ(mDcmZ)Adult (f)3,6205771
E9itD(E9itD)Adult (m)3,2446302
UkGoF(UkGoF)Adult (m)3,2396633
uKwlq(uKwlq)Adult (m)3,2346374
pssRH(pssRH)Adult (m)3,0466293
44jXh(44jXh)Adult (m)3,2336452
g8KAN(g8KAN)Adult (m)3,1956432
PCuyf(PCuyf)Adult (f)4,1768411
wCRv8(wCRv8)Adult (m)3,3216971
krGoX(krGoX)Adult (f)3,3337481
yBki4(yBki4)Adult (f)3,2767672
Axj8I(Axj8I)Adult (f)3,2697151
TGOPu(TGOPu)Adult (f)2,1755320
4g0ZfStone of the Bright MoonAdult (f)4,0151,1962
s2iFlLunar Eclipse StoneAdult (m)4,0229404
H8vXS(H8vXS)Adult (m)1,3824150
meqx3(meqx3)Adult (f)4,3837802
C8S3s(C8S3s)Adult (m)2,7616571
eulLW(eulLW)Adult (m)3,0486232
JPbh0(JPbh0)Adult (m)3,1616481
Grjqh(Grjqh)Adult (f)3,9125883
tzlz0(tzlz0)Adult (f)4,3557841
IGpzu(IGpzu)Adult (m)2,0256622
4H9iV(4H9iV)Adult (m)2,9006921
GSZ5z(GSZ5z)Adult (m)3,2287141
3qM5H(3qM5H)Adult (m)3,2796381
Y1tlISpace of AllAdult (f)2,4643721
U9KFK(U9KFK)Adult (f)4,0105213
3dDn8(3dDn8)Adult (f)2,9776101
E1LCK(E1LCK)Adult (m)4,0745651
S6mv8(S6mv8)Adult (m)2,5286651
jicOBDeath Star of FireAdult (f)2,5195362
iXjKNThe 2d Death StarAdult (f)3,0304152
J1IGUSpace of GreenAdult (m)2,9154594
LqEWS(LqEWS)Adult (f)4,5008212
WccLu(WccLu)Adult (m)4,7727481
iBup8(iBup8)Adult (m)2,5754642
7BOx0(7BOx0)Adult (m)5,0588410
tIcIoYellow Striped GreenAdult (m)3,4663711
nw34W(nw34W)Adult (m)3,4817901
9vw4y(9vw4y)Adult (m)3,4357991
1pp1k(1pp1k)Adult (m)3,8175623
w0WR6(w0WR6)Adult (f)3,3726691
fstro(fstro)Adult (m)3,8039111
27HhGGlory of Daytime and NightimeAdult (m)4,3105863
oMpFh(oMpFh)Adult (m)3,1245913
fWdDZ(fWdDZ)Adult (m)3,4835861
W4x5s(W4x5s)Adult (m)3,5396062
Z7qpT(Z7qpT)Adult (m)2,7846941
v9RcN(v9RcN)Adult (m)2,6646600
Wd3Z6(Wd3Z6)Adult (f)2,7866870
I1YMR(I1YMR)Adult (m)2,7376930
kdlbm(kdlbm)Adult (m)2,8506752
x2c6G(x2c6G)Adult (m)2,6756570
b6vfH(b6vfH)Adult (m)2,7837080
QGNDpSand HandAdult (f)2,7254123
ATX9HRotingAdult (f)3,8701,0982
ymFnP(ymFnP)Adult (m)3,3886032
apK7s(apK7s)Adult (m)3,4436362
iXDCt(iXDCt)Adult (m)3,3596271
8UBfP(8UBfP)Adult (m)3,3726321
jxj5L(jxj5L)Adult (m)3,2896071
5gubnPapercut dragonAdult1,6574441
DunDMfuzzy fuzzy pillowAdult (f)3,6034342
6IU6TMarshmallow FurAdult (f)7,8391,6901
glHnS(glHnS)Adult (m)1,9114023
2MHat(2MHat)Adult (m)3,2937311
P24PkHeart of FriendshipAdult (f)3,3394005
EJow6(EJow6)Adult (m)3,3001,1393
8D75a(8D75a)Adult (f)3,0766393
nXynC(nXynC)Adult (m)3,5947502
FN5Uu(FN5Uu)Adult (m)4,1047141
RKcgw(RKcgw)Adult (m)3,6697151
qjA7V(qjA7V)Adult (m)4,7277461
uUacQ(uUacQ)Adult (m)2,3926021
sJsIi(sJsIi)Adult (m)2,7346301
ebQuE(ebQuE)Adult (m)3,0476261
hu4K5(hu4K5)Adult (m)3,0696182
5dPZ7(5dPZ7)Adult (m)3,1766241
IXHqS(IXHqS)Adult (m)3,1076041
aeUmX(aeUmX)Adult (m)3,3525172
UuYn3(UuYn3)Adult (m)3,2524971
2tWrJ(2tWrJ)Adult (m)3,0345061
jGvfL(jGvfL)Adult (f)3,0414891
ssVQM(ssVQM)Hatchling (f, F)3,1784911
BlZL4(BlZL4)Hatchling (f, F)3,1645312
5TOKiSilver of LeavesAdult (f)3,4581,1543
dxe1K(dxe1K)Adult (m)6,5138512
kqgTp(kqgTp)Adult (f)5,5198936
7GuLi(7GuLi)Adult (f)5,3018296
foYBvJoyous SunshineAdult (f)8,7568027
9jYtv(9jYtv)Adult (m)5,2278453
saIaR(saIaR)Adult (m)4,54683111
NMgWv(NMgWv)Adult (f)6,5069869
Pkajfyellow lined purpleAdult (m)3,5887246
vxwQEPurple sauce spaghetti dragonAdult (m)6,8991,3592
J2vcw(J2vcw)Adult (m)3,6396462
q7ljq(q7ljq)Adult (m)2,9207792
Cl4Za(Cl4Za)Adult (m)3,0835701
bpebz(bpebz)Adult (m)2,1345761
VhXCX(VhXCX)Adult (m)3,2646753
4M7WNSun DragonAdult (m)3,4624484
NYZiT(NYZiT)Adult (f)3,6456451
RgQoE(RgQoE)Adult (m)3,4646922
Iftld(Iftld)Adult (f)3,7037101
rLBDX(rLBDX)Adult (f)3,5006932
WloTHLil' EmberAdult (m)3,6284495
JkTQnLittle DarknessAdult (f)2,8964321
PXy01(PXy01)Adult (f)2,9925440
NYeaI(NYeaI)Adult (m)3,0995410
4vbA8(4vbA8)Adult (m)3,3846481
8noAO(8noAO)Adult (f)5,0308310
jVn09(jVn09)Adult (f)6,5411,0991
gW24B(gW24B)Adult (m)3,8227013
ne9fnRanbow PinwheelAdult (f)2,3653961
6Ur4fSwirls of JoyAdult (f)4,6641,0282
d3EQz(d3EQz)Adult (f)4,3467422
h2a4G(h2a4G)Adult (m)3,3226681
KfNU1Water Splash EyeAdult (f)3,0647882
fVFDE(fVFDE)Adult (m)4,8587122
x4h6p(x4h6p)Adult (m)4,3507533
8IaTRLittle WaterAdult (f)2,8784786
ExDsq(ExDsq)Adult (m)3,8727362
4P3nMKid NurseHatchling (F)1,6253482
1ZJLW(1ZJLW)Adult (m)2,6696492
yLYur(yLYur)Adult (f)3,8166544
U3u94(U3u94)Adult (m)3,4006721
KPThYDeath RedAdult (f)3,1154454
KXbpONow this is a storyAdult (m)2,7878271
77G1dall about howAdult (f)4,4758371
qUJ3pmy life got flipped-turnedAdult (m)3,6307421
kvCXKupside down And I'dAdult (m)4,4277892
mq9iYlike to take a minuteAdult (m)3,8796801
IXm58just sit right thereAdult (f)3,6986912
OMI6iI'll tell you how I became theAdult (f)3,3786411
oT9vLprince of a townAdult (f)2,9857821
tROk1called Bel AirAdult (f)3,7827371
rs0uZIn west Philadelphia bornAdult (f)3,8687231
zxFKHand raised on theAdult (m)3,9777401
FhVuSplayground was whereAdult (m)4,0787272
0opf0I spent most of my daysAdult (m)4,5377221
neaTlchillin out maxinAdult (f)2,2636311
3cQR8relaxin all coolAdult (m)3,1217001
cxqb4And all shootin some b-ballAdult (f)3,0897011
MVCjboutside of the schoolAdult (m)3,0327261
ZwMFvWhen a couple of guysAdult (m)3,1007001
pzJRGwho were up to no goodAdult (m)2,9517222
pwAdpStarted making troubleAdult (m)3,1247411
HvjHvin my neighborhoodAdult (f)3,6777531
zqKTHI got in one little fightAdult (f)3,7117062
DnE4uand my mom got scaredAdult (f)3,8187191
8ECIgShe said You're movinAdult (m)3,7407201
aR07rwith your auntie andAdult (f)4,3837292
2VUFMuncle in Bel AirAdult (f)3,8977042
t9Vi5I begged and pleadedAdult (f)4,3227091
UJpNqwith her day after dayAdult (m)4,1727591
aNFa3But she packed my suit caseAdult (f)4,3047241
OtRdSand sent me on my wayAdult (f)4,3717461
h7vgVShe gave me a kiss andAdult (m)3,6926571
Ye3Yqthen she gave me my ticketAdult (m)3,2175841
1TldE(1TldE)Adult (m)2,4536473
P3qWmDark BurnAdult (f)2,1883792
F7vBq(F7vBq)Adult (m)5,2599051
PgZYE(PgZYE)Adult (m)3,7295851
19fUoTanbowAdult (m)2,9654552
6u0tiDull Purple BeautyAdult (f)7,7811,6822
HP6CkMoon of SwirlsAdult (m)1,8554481
8GlkLWhite Eyed BlueAdult (m)7,7581,7230
yqr0X(yqr0X)Adult (m)2,3995523
Zew3gRed ScratchAdult (f)2,8299531
wjuw0(wjuw0)Adult (m)4,1297591
MfgLS(MfgLS)Adult (m)5,0327341
rO6MU(rO6MU)Adult (f)4,2048161
rOG26(rOG26)Adult (m)4,1257961
GDrMg(GDrMg)Adult (f)4,0538391
8ZtHx(8ZtHx)Adult (m)4,0258341
qmwNB(qmwNB)Adult (m)3,9668111
SI4e5(SI4e5)Adult (m)4,0888272
VWrB3(VWrB3)Adult (m)3,8828421
TJ6Yx(TJ6Yx)Adult (m)5,0198870
dmpQm(dmpQm)Adult (f)5,0049080
m1U0S(m1U0S)Adult (f)4,8828253
klVy9(klVy9)Adult (m)4,4427520
XWKPx(XWKPx)Adult (m)5,0598580
dB6sl(dB6sl)Adult (f)4,4007270
NorfRPink of SpringsAdult (f)1,9678121
4zapjSprings of PinkAdult (f)4,0278561
oZrcZ(oZrcZ)Adult (f)3,4587155
oiy18(oiy18)Adult (m)4,1829180
QrbR7(QrbR7)Adult (f)4,1289062
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