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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Gold Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Holiday Event
  • 2017 Halloween Event
  • 2017 Valentine’s Day
  • 2016 Holiday Event
  • 2016 Halloween Event
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “barbylacy,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
CO0d7(CO0d7)Adult (f)4,2518942
gEs4F(gEs4F)Adult (m)4,2179060
lgzGY(lgzGY)Adult (m)4,1558801
AL1jI(AL1jI)Adult (f)4,1609320
v2xoc(v2xoc)Adult (f)4,1759051
PNutCExtreme HeatAdult (m)3,7385182
nnGZ8(nnGZ8)Adult (f)2,7365812
n0l3J(n0l3J)Adult (f)5,1526291
AsL3q(AsL3q)Adult (f)3,7226182
N7VTYColor LeafAdult (f)3,9177753
QThscNOT THE NAVYAdult (f)4,2437551
Shpzg(Shpzg)Adult (m)2,5296713
gbin3(gbin3)Hatchling (f, F)3,3116291
MfvZm(MfvZm)Hatchling (m, F)4,9726461
gahOiThe Guardian of WinterAdult (m)2,8991,0051
SCtvN(SCtvN)Adult (m)3,6205521
FPdjt(FPdjt)Adult (m)3,3035701
SKl4r(SKl4r)Adult (m)3,2436162
9gNfhGlow of CavesAdult (m)2,8799301
fa5O3(fa5O3)Adult (f)3,1966962
Fu1ok(Fu1ok)Adult (m)3,9467274
9LD9TSky of WonderAdult (m)2,5583851
duV7n(duV7n)Adult (m)3,5867892
XJkVtPurified SoulAdult (f)2,2107251
hGfkQThe Soul of AngelsAdult (m)4,1098492
Hzut7(Hzut7)Adult (m)3,8696168
1jxm0(1jxm0)Hatchling (f, F)3,2646261
ZLLwtSilver PaleAdult (m)2,0967471
zyuw7Feather Tail EarAdult (m)4,8181,2490
Bbl5U(Bbl5U)Adult (f)4,9036940
Bgltw(Bgltw)Adult (f)4,7976790
G9vCb(G9vCb)Adult (m)5,3847010
avFLP(avFLP)Adult (m)4,1868490
L2AGf(L2AGf)Adult (f)3,9109110
veTU9(veTU9)Adult (m)3,1016622
sW5KE(sW5KE)Adult (m)4,0467323
qV2JZ(qV2JZ)Adult (f)3,9447141
FwFsj(FwFsj)Adult (m)3,9907291
c1CtsBlue DipAdult (f)3,2693962
Y1KSiRock EyeAdult (f)3,3664242
TbOTU(TbOTU)Adult (m)3,7575901
5kGZD(5kGZD)Adult (m)3,1565791
RB5tcBright White SkyAdult (f)4,0998422
oqP1l(oqP1l)Adult (f)4,1937981
hX0GE(hX0GE)Adult (m)4,0956342
7A9HXFire SkinAdult (m)3,0364012
t9jZOYellow burnAdult (f)2,8611,0602
ZoZNf(ZoZNf)Adult (f)3,5035825
sqfc4(sqfc4)Adult (m)4,1696381
2TlAs(2TlAs)Adult (m)3,6216902
mjKTngot gold in all swimming racesAdult (m)3,4681,1371
NZKWs(NZKWs)Adult (f)4,2281,3193
Yuo6KYellow Heat LoveAdult (f)3,8838803
DJwOdJust one of my dragons hereAdult (m)7,0981,3509
gG5B0(gG5B0)Adult (m)4,0318002
6NKaBMorning Pink SunAdult (m)2,4704472
hivps(hivps)Adult (f)5,2647070
yfQBX(yfQBX)Hatchling (f, F)3,2236091
5zGiORed of EveningAdult (m)4,2719572
RaAt6(RaAt6)Adult (m)4,4277701
oiVdq(oiVdq)Adult (f)5,6588093
uaTk7Morning RainbowAdult (m)3,9674654
sjGJZ(sjGJZ)Adult (m)3,0315682
TUL6l(TUL6l)Adult (m)4,2677500
lCQEh(lCQEh)Hatchling (f, F)2,5005192
j2k18Stone of the Bright SunAdult (m)3,7901,2102
E0XpBStone of the Yummy PancakeAdult (f)4,9351,1813
re0l1(re0l1)Adult (m)3,9917391
PuqCb(PuqCb)Adult (m)7,2741,1284
bZt7m(bZt7m)Adult (m)5,2139141
l4UEm(l4UEm)Adult (f)5,4269261
OB6y9(OB6y9)Adult (m)3,7997841
QP32cHigh with TwoAdult (f)4,4443743
WE66t(WE66t)Adult (m)2,7545911
FaFnHOrange Hot GrassAdult (m)4,7283537
h4oZ7(h4oZ7)Adult (m)2,6065711
fL2DaGetting sunburnsAdult (m)7,0381,3478
gDihaCamofloge GreenAdult (f)3,2024862
yI5nt(yI5nt)Adult (m)3,4116352
3TYuu(3TYuu)Adult (m)4,9688521
ysZhX(ysZhX)Adult (m)5,4599410
A7On5(A7On5)Adult (f)4,9806471
LVp1s(LVp1s)Adult (f)3,1748201
DxfP9(DxfP9)Adult (f)3,0327892
PuEzM(PuEzM)Adult (m)2,9468042
cOHdC(cOHdC)Adult (m)2,9007174
Y8WyN(Y8WyN)Adult (f)3,4846041
hz2IC(hz2IC)Adult (m)3,3716171
vJSbpDragon of Pitch BlackAdult (f)2,5959821
2Sm14Drip WaterAdult (f)2,6263773
sUFhQ(sUFhQ)Adult (f)4,3587631
37Lk3Striped with yellowAdult (m)1,7894221
2mdxZ(2mdxZ)Adult (f)4,4618481
Xnwvx(Xnwvx)Adult (m)4,1166042
JwEhM(JwEhM)Adult (f)3,8216002
05GDX(05GDX)Adult (m)3,9775962
Pbxke(Pbxke)Adult (f)3,9045911
IQrhV(IQrhV)Adult (m)3,9155951
F9LyO(F9LyO)Adult (m)3,8815761
qHtHG(qHtHG)Hatchling (m, F)3,3416121
GQUfm(GQUfm)Hatchling (m, F)3,1066083
IvsZUToo lazy for a good nameHatchling (m, F)3,1565911
26dM6(26dM6)Adult (f)2,7115363
cs4GF(cs4GF)Adult (f)5,0618141
haRiRSpike Tail GaterAdult (f)2,8094071
k9Iik(k9Iik)Adult (m)2,7424705
KBYbd(KBYbd)Adult (m)2,6206141
lPvWLSpike tail of HeartsAdult (f)2,5429571
MZobDCrystal of SweetsAdult (m)2,6319693
oKOgq(oKOgq)Adult (m)3,5117861
PMmPoRose of the RibbinAdult (f)2,5449404
YhKYJ(YhKYJ)Adult (f)3,4927851
ssDBLRed hearts of heartsAdult (m)2,6179322
8344x(8344x)Adult (m)3,5327522
Hs25k(Hs25k)Adult (m)3,0387292
ZQFfF(ZQFfF)Adult (m)3,0337352
vnlBN(vnlBN)Adult (m)3,0377481
kRc2L(kRc2L)Adult (m)3,1067421
U365APink of all heartsAdult (f)2,0478063
wKxqC(wKxqC)Adult (f)3,5747742
eHIIw(eHIIw)Adult (m)3,4967911
PIhc2(PIhc2)Adult (f)3,5117321
xipLl(xipLl)Adult (m)3,0827352
kN3xA(kN3xA)Adult (m)3,2807452
xukUZ(xukUZ)Adult (f)2,7528210
fgNsZ(fgNsZ)Adult (f)2,6818230
A0V36Ashera DeadAdult (f)4,2734262
Wb6lEBite DeadAdult (f)2,6608632
KtdASVamp DeadAdult (f)2,9879611
yhm6UShadow DeadAdult (m)3,1139181
U5w9jHatched deadAdult (f)4,1046893
FyPfa(FyPfa)Adult (f)2,2515901
NtuZg(NtuZg)Adult (f)4,1496329
GBbD3What on earth is this thingHatchling (F)1,2772493
FS5RVBlue GelloAdult (m)2,8694342
ZMm40My JellO just mutatedAdult (m)3,9928433
66AIN(66AIN)Adult (f)4,1246132
99slP(99slP)Adult (f)3,1596565
2ZqIS(2ZqIS)Adult (f)4,3555962
gUBDZ(gUBDZ)Adult (m)4,2055922
BUhF9(BUhF9)Adult (m)4,0805741
TjUR9Water WasteAdult (m)4,1244421
W2accBlue Striped RedAdult (m)1,7085422
VakgCCleanish WhiteAdult (m)1,8624382
J3XqE(J3XqE)Adult (m)2,9756621
ArHtx(ArHtx)Hatchling (f, F)2,5485081
bCM81(bCM81)Adult (f)3,1206693
YUoic(YUoic)Adult (m)3,8978091
jqMTT(jqMTT)Adult (f)2,9196513
Qrtuf(Qrtuf)Adult (f)4,0816442
iKH93(iKH93)Hatchling (f, F)3,2186141
tKXfc(tKXfc)Adult (m)3,2406391
ewvBw(ewvBw)Adult (f)3,0946673
ZJf6X(ZJf6X)Adult (m)3,5986274
OFVKO(OFVKO)Adult (m)4,9948180
A76Zl(A76Zl)Adult (m)4,3048141
6ayEY(6ayEY)Adult (f)3,8426792
q0F79(q0F79)Adult (m)3,8606901
5OhQF(5OhQF)Adult (m)3,7276583
TYY7qDino RoyalAdult6,1271,4271
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