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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2019 Holiday Event
  • Wreath Decorating
  • Tree Decorating
  • 2019 Halloween Event
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Halloween Event
  • 2018 Valentine’s Day
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Yeronoco,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
rrXLDSecret of TurpentineAdult (m)2,3896911
YNGaLFantasy of TurpentineAdult (m)2,0097040
WJfcrFiolynaAdult (f)3,7829978
C1SK5Kuno NhiostrifeAdult (m)3,6709542
mw770KyegeAdult (m)3,2269662
DNYoEDenyeAdult (f)3,5209733
y4DsZAeyla NhiostrifeAdult (f)8,1036872
GeIMtAi YevonAdult (f)4,1163321
2wj95Ultra the VioletAdult (m)2,4118284
ZSxfpZispexisAdult (m)3,2258805
zN6wkZenjaxaAdult (f)3,4248565
szVPiLuzvipyAdult (m)5,4859056
LI4NGLiang LeeAdult (f)3,8518202
6FIZnFizkinAdult (f)4,7317822
zxI6gXantosAdult (m)4,1948001
3UklaBuklaraAdult (f)3,9728812
vBI3JYakisAdult (m)4,8708223
mX8w5YunalaAdult (f)4,8408171
h4GO0HarannaAdult (f)4,8687971
7tqjmKeegeAdult (m)4,8478025
KQ6UfRyukyAdult (m)5,3328220
vTRWdGreckoryAdult (m)5,2217994
JHp7UGeorginyaAdult (f)5,1788141
edTJ5Lord Golden FailAdult (m)3,8241,1413
rtPehRick UndineAdult (m)4,8579591
YerooYerooAdult (f)4,5489167
keJzxLory UndineAdult (f)5,4627712
gW0VgLogoldAdult (m)4,3527895
TgqHbLaylagoldAdult (f)4,5267433
7gVSIKirizantosAdult (m)3,1851,1394
uPw2ZZantokirioAdult (m)5,2729631
nEVK7Kaeli ValentineAdult (f)3,7377401
dOBlU(dOBlU)Adult (f)2,6756491
6Ujdt(6Ujdt)Adult (f)2,4586371
L0PIsCharley ValentineAdult (m)4,6864245
c4CMDJeff ValentineAdult (m)4,1297010
uTr3Z(uTr3Z)Adult (m)2,6796411
vw25s(vw25s)Adult (m)2,2776140
pl2QgFreiya RosebudAdult (f)4,2969750
2nrIyConis ValentineAdult (f)3,7067271
uEJes(uEJes)Adult (f)2,8427022
o4M4H(o4M4H)Adult (f)2,1685740
Uf6UhEzio AuditoredaFirenzeAdult (m)3,5344014
AQIlrEdward HeartseekerAdult (m)3,9771,0410
AzoQGJesters ValentineAdult (m)3,8287091
GsoYe(GsoYe)Adult (m)2,1327011
0olXR(0olXR)Adult (m)2,1067150
r0ajoLegend of ArsaniAdult (f)4,6164245
4EfsnPhoebe ValentineAdult (f)5,6487561
SlnQR(SlnQR)Adult (f)2,2407081
7QdJSRyu AikoAdult (m)2,4416292
FxgNbRyu HayamaAdult (m)2,3146172
2DSvbBash ValentineAdult (m)5,4827540
ucyhoBalthier ValentineAdult (m)5,5007561
mU0e2Ayla - Thief of HeartsAdult (f)4,8471,1341
M2PFHNamine - Thief of HeartsAdult (f)4,8371,1261
aLqLfJody ValentineAdult (f)5,2977523
U4f0QLulu ValentineAdult (f)5,3437630
rrk64Max ValentineAdult (m)3,7277190
nzNBEMikey ValentineAdult (m)3,6737281
6BkAvSol SoulstoneAdult (f)3,6806140
cD236Luna SoulstoneAdult (f)4,0826260
Wkw4Q(Wkw4Q)Adult (m)2,0526851
agZ26(agZ26)Adult (m)1,8716750
8Y1mM(8Y1mM)Adult (m)2,4736312
dAQzR(dAQzR)Adult (f)2,8386214
ZBMVP(ZBMVP)Adult (f)2,9026253
C6AUh(C6AUh)Adult (m)2,8276042
tju3B(tju3B)Adult (m)2,8705981
cLLmlZero's Bloody RoseAdult (m)4,6413905
7dkMyZero's Guardian AngelAdult (f)2,4319247
To469Yuuki's RoseAdult (f)3,3127505
TmuYLZero's VampireAdult (f)2,7646945
iYTUD(iYTUD)Adult (m)2,2065792
HzCm2(HzCm2)Adult (m)2,8305192
XwfLYRyan WaterhorseAdult (m)2,9167633
3zZlATory WaterhorseAdult (f)4,6699784
A0MDJLufy WaterhorseAdult (f)2,7026091
zla8ZThe Water SliderAdult (f)3,5448032
nb7IoValerie the MaidenAdult (f)4,3354681
QaLZMLucky In TimeAdult (f)3,3546713
Ps6iJWhite and WiseAdult (f)4,5033236
KwSwaKiwisawaAdult (m)3,6961,0017
GtD5bLyle WhiteAdult (m)3,2965453
uCleauCleaAdult (m)4,4711,1454
Tl3qIHana WhiteAdult (f)2,1767013
yA5WuChris WhiteAdult (m)2,6616431
ugdhUDiana SnowwhiteAdult (f)2,1627322
UNbtMShane WhiteAdult (m)3,0578421
93kVIJoy WhiteAdult (f)2,9449122
nmhw6Lyar WhiteAdult (m)3,4227364
ELZl4Grege WhiteAdult (m)3,1474276
jHdS0Craig WhiteAdult (m)2,4947431
yZK85Lore WhiteAdult (m)2,4897301
J5AtjJaty WhiteAdult (m)2,0997410
iayMjMjay WhiteAdult (m)2,20768615
mtXCWTrexa WhiteAdult (f)2,62074812
s3vaLRunja WhiteAdult (f)4,0058652
QKRTaCasper WhiteAdult (m)4,7228080
7ZBaVPhaster WhiteAdult (m)4,7948120
pJLlHJames WhiteAdult (m)5,8706331
9RJb0Nayla WhiteAdult (f)4,9006871
S0OFKMaya WhiteAdult (f)5,2496464
vUUvJLilith WhiteAdult (f)5,1276604
YkAIMKaim WhiteAdult (m)4,3086952
D6pRsKira WhiteAdult (f)5,2418053
n3s2XMia WhiteAdult (f)5,9737284
iV7FGPhoebe WhiteAdult (f)6,5536312
GvOOAJinora WhiteAdult (f)6,4436270
oeiFj(oeiFj)Adult (f)6,9025071
6Ka37(6Ka37)Adult (f)2,9456100
Ka6sd(Ka6sd)Adult (f)2,2035551
vN041Levia ThalassaAdult (f)4,2967853
nRXNwKiryu ThalassaAdult (f)5,2596124
CLK3RUndine' ThalassaAdult (f)4,9788857
141JLAngraban ThalassaAdult (m)5,1557073
iGWUBSamantha MageiaAdult (f)5,6527104
ffluGSandiano MageiaAdult (m)5,5895896
o4O7zEfrye MageiaAdult (f)6,1707542
extYxIfrit MageiaAdult (m)5,7127452
0fav3Hawkye MageiaAdult (m)6,0597254
ohhPwOpra MageiaAdult (f)6,9817462
PC4NHPancake MageiaAdult (f)6,1545850
L2V1S(L2V1S)Adult (m)2,9145502
qIQgw(qIQgw)Adult (f)2,5305811
t4rMi(t4rMi)Adult (f)2,2196270
Z4F6U(Z4F6U)Adult (m)2,7645633
qsYWgYawgan ChronoAdult (m)4,8307127
CGuyxLuna ChronoAdult (f)4,0558453
fxx5xShade ChronoAdult (m)5,9786675
6ZTeGZelda ChronoAdult (f)6,0798193
9L8muLink ChronoAdult (m)3,9797587
OoGI0Mana ChronoAdult (f)4,8558684
tWp08Auxessia ChronoAdult (f)6,2107462
CdaXaKairos ChronoAdult (m)5,4128042
awGkW(awGkW)Adult (m)2,6497102
jgAHlKeith GaiaAdult (m)5,5638018
hA735Ace GaiaAdult (m)5,1467454
oqCIwFleur GaiaAdult (f)5,2437484
m7s1DGnome GaiaAdult (m)5,18079910
1l7KyDryad GaiaAdult (f)4,9747264
dOAuEAlia GaiaAdult (f)7,2156913
XP6thDaniel GaiaAdult (m)7,4797901
6vCqm(6vCqm)Adult (f)5,7228552
wVCb9(wVCb9)Adult (m)2,9045640
vSMi9Aveline AstrapiAdult (f)5,1948013
j2p5tWisp AstrapiAdult (f)4,8417534
EudBPJinn AstrapiAdult (m)5,2087819
L65zX(L65zX)Adult (m)3,7727021
IgXmf(IgXmf)Adult (f)2,0036150
pGinIAxel PyroAdult (m)4,3707782
VtpnfAshe PyroAdult (f)5,55958013
5LHSXSalamando PyroAdult (m)4,4567623
EuH29Yeronoco's Blue YoshiAdult2,6788926
9w3BsYeronoco's Green YoshiAdult1,93763626
1mdHdYeronoco's Second Green YoshiAdult2,1526288
KXOhAYeronoco's Purple YoshiAdult4,1599116
a8H36Yeronoco's Red YoshiAdult3,5291,17413
tuNqHYeronoco's Yellow YoshiAdult4,8571,04815
0oPV4Yeronoco's Gorgeous Yellow DinoAdult6,0519044
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