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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2021 Valentine’s Day
  • 2020 Holiday Event
  • 2020 Halloween Event
  • 2020 Valentine’s Day
  • Snow Wars 2
  • 2019 Holiday Event
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  • 2019 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Yeronoco,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SK48G(SK48G)Adult (m)2,2916560
qaJ14(qaJ14)Adult (f)2,2136540
ABRXs(ABRXs)Adult (m)2,4635852
aGN01(aGN01)Adult (f)2,5566110
gqR60(gqR60)Adult (m)2,1405911
0lCmy(0lCmy)Adult (m)2,0445740
VgIQi(VgIQi)Adult (f)2,0745370
EwWVR(EwWVR)Adult (m)2,6776631
B68v8(B68v8)Adult (f)2,1135708
8y6jg(8y6jg)Adult (m)2,7886201
IHnPe(IHnPe)Adult (f)2,4326482
PO8zj(PO8zj)Adult (m)2,0366130
v54Zz(v54Zz)Adult (f)2,1195881
IYnaVLulu KyaniteAdult (f)3,8556960
qD95QHappy KyaniteAdult (m)4,5667290
fXVuaRon KyaniteAdult (m)4,6165741
8YCBj(8YCBj)Adult (m)2,7418091
9jdAHRobin MagelightAdult (f)5,3618001
TaOsWZorro MagelightAdult (m)5,3338050
AeMWUNami MagelightAdult (f)5,3207891
b0kctLagi MagelightAdult (m)5,3327890
GqjFqSuzy MageAdult (f)5,8966433
AR7oS(AR7oS)Adult (m)2,6146324
LCXC6(LCXC6)Adult (m)2,9675501
csmR9(csmR9)Adult (m)2,1657110
vl6sC(vl6sC)Adult (f)2,1875301
mZxll(mZxll)Adult (m)3,0187030
RE9yG(RE9yG)Adult (m)4,4109584
9TDnM(9TDnM)Adult (f)4,4659755
9ljTW(9ljTW)Adult (m)2,4948021
6jzJn(6jzJn)Adult (m)1,7807180
6VQndShillzyAdult (m)1,2976397
96D39Sailor MysfitAdult (f)2,2666840
G4wA5Gina MisfitAdult (m)2,9168261
eOy2xMistakiAdult (f)2,8498451
B2piGSergant MysfitAdult (m)2,7508613
SQF9NAyla MysfitAdult (f)2,2247741
bgJKpLouis MysfitAdult (m)2,7907054
d5LnwDalyn MysfitAdult (m)2,6666301
BK0qNAlanya MysfitAdult (f)4,3769273
jvNCBRhunja MysfitAdult (m)4,7588190
vg95fMion MysfitAdult (m)6,5807771
7DI1S(7DI1S)Adult (f)2,5388102
Eer8I(Eer8I)Adult (f)1,7346450
21IVCShi RyongAdult (f)79858112
GfF8THwa-Mong RyongAdult (f)2,9967064
d4bIMNylilaAdult (f)2,3866132
xYCZiLu RyongAdult (m)6,1045022
ngPRi(ngPRi)Adult (m)5,9534711
9TZ7e(9TZ7e)Adult (m)4,4859465
wnVUo(wnVUo)Adult (m)2,4258071
1CvAS(1CvAS)Adult (f)2,4688020
oMtKB(oMtKB)Adult (f)1,6498091
sNMLc(sNMLc)Adult (m)2,0075823
zivqY(zivqY)Adult (f)1,6536841
djqMh(djqMh)Adult (m)2,3776922
OH2hP(OH2hP)Adult (f)2,2705793
URvxr(URvxr)Adult (f)2,8485843
hXTH3(hXTH3)Adult (m)2,4496441
RufWW(RufWW)Adult (m)3,1905732
q3l49(q3l49)Adult (m)2,5466411
jeYCL(jeYCL)Adult (f)2,2457360
lgUix(lgUix)Adult (m)2,6716764
wRS2z(wRS2z)Adult (f)2,7298051
bFtvFLufysAdult (m)1,2696168
PK1IWPearleyAdult (f)3,9051,1147
zWjRDSweet PearleyAdult (f)3,9926251
XHVISXhivisAdult (m)2,6766331
dBMqhTinywooAdult (f)6,0711,0446
PEFHjSonia PearlAdult (f)6,0367232
fGG9dMaja PearlAdult (f)6,0077210
jZnOiTonie SeawyrmAdult (m)5,7027222
SDP1I(SDP1I)Adult (m)3,1225940
UG4a1(UG4a1)Adult (m)1,7256901
JTjVaAlma AlmandineAdult (f)5,0519603
h8aX0Angus AlmandineAdult (m)4,6879532
HI8L3Peter PyropeAdult (m)4,8099712
yHIp0Phoebe PyropeAdult (f)4,7259712
YkIEpCrystal PyropeAdult (f)3,4151,1830
IFBW5Topas PyropeAdult (m)3,4291,1810
q7LaySheila SpessartineAdult (f)4,7269641
MSsuWShaun SpessartineAdult (m)4,7289670
kyW0q(kyW0q)Adult (f)3,0086903
hOmiQ(hOmiQ)Adult (m)3,0296883
bWux1(bWux1)Adult (f)3,0486771
LKdDb(LKdDb)Adult (f)3,0806832
ngOrx(ngOrx)Adult (f)3,2307031
lsrGi(lsrGi)Adult (m)3,0916831
WJEl6(WJEl6)Adult (f)2,7237111
TrNgR(TrNgR)Adult (m)2,9737033
8kkqa(8kkqa)Adult (f)3,1517072
ddPgx(ddPgx)Adult (m)2,7657035
7Lskk(7Lskk)Adult (f)2,7186726
5Cgfp(5Cgfp)Adult (m)3,5537040
zoUVv(zoUVv)Adult (m)7,5221,2969
qf2V2(qf2V2)Adult (m)2,7488010
ibIN9(ibIN9)Adult (m)2,4446640
sjDMfThe Royal RedAdult (m)4,6713123
9VqpoThe Red PrincessAdult (f)3,2267466
wT5YpRed Royal RockyAdult (f)3,7397844
B4hZ0Red Royal PrinceAdult (m)3,3357615
UuHD4MyLady in RedAdult (f)4,1335842
XuVmNRed SammyAdult (m)2,5067245
9rrxKReddish RedwoodAdult (m)3,3028691
cjmJoCimyoAdult (m)4,0378344
HMkVzRed Red RibbonAdult (f)3,8139673
qRliBReddhinoAdult (m)3,9131,1722
zGy1nRed ReddishAdult (m)3,5841,0311
PxuHaRed RadiantAdult (f)3,2421,0372
ywkkORed Royal AngelAdult (f)4,4357705
kcD5cRed Royal MasterAdult (m)5,7397461
4OqnsRed KarenAdult (f)2,8433062
OEpS9Red JanetAdult (f)2,7193041
EviLFThe Evil RedAdult (f)5,2676662
Taw8DHappy Red TawAdult (m)6,4945993
r013CRoica RedAdult (f)5,0013445
mQEisEis RedAdult (f)7,1894952
eRjfrRed Red HawkAdult (m)5,8716683
bMdPcMarian the Magi-RedAdult (f)4,8077372
JGSPVHanaja RedAdult (f)6,0225902
fCNoiKura RedAdult (f)5,5525932
Id0vcJackass RedAdult (m)6,0516221
2FW01Omega Pete RedAdult (m)5,7906152
yaRGrKilian RedAdult (m)5,9246052
7kBtSPietro RedAdult (m)6,1146060
z9eDRJurillia RedAdult (f)5,5076391
4UuxqMiami RedAdult (f)6,4195521
KJhm5(KJhm5)Adult (m)5,9915221
sogIe(sogIe)Adult (f)6,1125210
pxMik(pxMik)Adult (f)6,4465280
NKRSO(NKRSO)Adult (f)6,0715260
R2jMYMountain Peak IcycleAdult (m)5,6748204
45e7nPeak of the AlpineAdult (f)3,3057244
66XOhPeak IceAdult (m)3,1886952
qeIdCMountain Ice PeacikleAdult (f)2,7437522
Gld9kMountain Ikle PeaceAdult (m)2,0346121
yqugnRidgewing AngelAdult (f)3,7001,1455
wUsg0RidgynaAdult (f)2,5318548
eixm9Ryuk RidgewingAdult (m)3,8041,0435
39w6fJohnathan RidgewingAdult (m)5,4541,0536
VpL8FMina RidgewingAdult (f)4,4447933
0vSejAokiji RidgewingAdult (m)6,5435962
BZlj0Arla RidgewingAdult (f)5,0435711
rFYDR(rFYDR)Adult (m)2,1916442
hNSku(hNSku)Adult (f)2,4946591
66PCTDragonlady NinaAdult (f)5,36335810
g5ZpBDragonwarrior RyuAdult (m)4,1584298
JHfiCLeroy the DragonlordAdult (m)4,4843667
Da2c3Kai the Yorae DragonAdult (m)4,8963718
5lKavShayla the DragonmaidAdult (f)3,8193768
vj7LUBlue Dragon Fou-LuAdult (m)4,1933669
eXEqBCray the DragonheroAdult (m)4,8283717
iJvPkYua the Dragon SorceressAdult (f)3,7813812
7exiWAlex the Dragon SoldierAdult (m)5,0453765
D6DVHSarah the DragonprincessAdult (f)4,5913834
pVa6gLouis of the Dragon ClanAdult (m)5,0284016
ZRcnzLuna of the DragonclanAdult (f)2,3708024
QihOiMary of the Dragon ClanAdult (f)2,7948761
1EUn1Maya of the Dragon ClanAdult (f)6,0476762
Otc5EAl of the Dark Dragon ClanAdult (m)3,4321,0526
kBxW7Leia of the Dark Dragon ClanAdult (f)3,8938083
3LYhcDryla of the Dark Dragon ClanAdult (f)3,0158771
XjQzpLucy of the Dark Dragon ClanAdult (f)2,6097111
sbngbMrs Noble from the Dragon ClanAdult (f)5,4246032
zksX5(zksX5)Adult (f)1,8635990
zNztg(zNztg)Adult (m)2,2966770
ivSmt(ivSmt)Adult (f)2,2125702
488it(488it)Adult (m)1,9065501
FYpCE(FYpCE)Adult (f)1,9856952
wRmv5Ai-Blue SapphireAdult (f)5,6565662
Abo6GShinjay-Blue SapphireAdult (m)5,5625811
YzYGuPaul SapphireAdult (m)6,2965872
pICvu(pICvu)Adult (m)2,7587010
s7gNRIrving ScimitarAdult (m)5,3845700
96f42Charlotte ScimitarAdult (f)5,3335970
jkwEK(jkwEK)Adult (m)5,8405860
9QjRr(9QjRr)Adult (f)5,7406172
njDwh(njDwh)Adult (m)4,9905401
8bzrO(8bzrO)Adult (f)4,8375601
4EMHj(4EMHj)Adult (m)4,9684661
FCTEZ(FCTEZ)Adult (m)4,7474900
MbDhnKing Cherry SpringAdult (m)2,05276411
VOuN4Knight Cherry SpringAdult (m)3,0406993
6oTnLCherry Leaves SpringAdult (m)3,2227621
HR1KaLeutnant SpringAdult (m)4,0146191
ljuopBloom SpringAdult (f)3,8058211
u77ezMyriam SummerAdult (f)2,1319007
LgfwzLloyd SummerAdult (m)3,8691,1293
hclo8Ike SummerAdult (m)4,5509113
LLECVKaren SummerAdult (f)7,2786672
RacO8Raco AutmnAdult (m)2,6707667
Q9tmvLeona AutmnAdult (f)3,6758202
1AsOHSaix AutmnAdult (m)2,8288912
fTdCfColorful Ayla AutumnAdult (f)5,4651,0945
W4tMrMr What AutumnAdult (m)4,5107773
PNMgG(PNMgG)Adult (m)1,8917150
rVEsiRainy SnowAdult (m)3,4844603
KF5fySnowy LegendAdult (f)4,1793504
VxldbEric WinterAdult (m)2,2377074
C2zUqArielle WinterAdult (f)2,3437274
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