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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Wolfs_Bane,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
tSOjWeeping Willow CBEgg (F)
tjkl2(tjkl2)Adult (m)3,6487613
3Y4ci(3Y4ci)Adult (f)6,1781,2663
I5yoa(I5yoa)Adult (m)6,2931,2914
84XaqPezzottaite Forked Tail CBAdult (f)4,5421,3412
8KpYBRotten and rusted water spout CBAdult (f)4,3061,1261
KF6P4Broken Helm Hollow CBAdult (f)5,0498621
iJVOdScreaming Jake CBAdult (m)3,9721,3501
T1ZUzBroken Copper Eternal TideAdult (m)4,8279724
PlTqJSleeping with one eye open CBAdult (m)2,9607553
wkuXxMolted rotten feathers CBAdult (m)9,4371,3732
h5cygStill beating Rotten Heart CBAdult (f)6,8441,2122
tQuiaRotten Mist Stalker CBAdult (f)4,9648414
r0ftSeeing Threw The Dead Ones EyesAdult (f)2,75976231
PWUGeRiseing Dead Under the Full MoonAdult (m)6,5581,2623
WIVX1Rotten Teenage Broken ScalesHatchling (m, F)5,1227475
mtMsqPlayful Night Time Pet CBHatchling (m, F)4,1407471
7JU6jRotting Night Ponderer CBHatchling (f, F)3,5997333
IFJsKWingless Zombie Baby CBHatchling (F)3,1932973
pVwSITime Keeper CBAdult (m)3,3778481
tnMuRHighwind Time Turner 2nd genAdult (m)4,4117633
1fbzvHour Glass Turner 2nd genAdult (m)4,9057372
fi1HBChristmas Time Keeper reverse ssAdult (f)6,7121,3053
3xljcSolar Powered Vilya time tellerAdult (f)11,5261,4522
T8iKZSpace Warper CBAdult (f)6,1891,4165
uaegtSpacy Magic Mana User CBAdult (f)3,5558791
ioBK3Space Alien Magic User CBAdult (m)6,2061,4023
5RfkINightlights of blue Mana CBAdult (m)3,4758711
eAlT3Gale Force Blaster CBAdult (m)4,3541,0142
FkSJTWind Rasing Blaster CBAdult (f)4,8951,0231
JQLeTGlae Force Soul Filled WindAdult (m)6,7981,1371
9UfWUGlae Force Winds with green huesAdult (m)6,8391,1293
AMQQGGusty Wind Blaster CBAdult (f)4,9961,0373
9F3CPIcy Winter Wind Glae Force BlastAdult (f)7,0051,1311
LYBlThe Albino One CBAdult (m)2,99383038
EIAuqClear Oil CBAdult (m)5,0808043
AAVclColorless Oil CBAdult (m)5,2327912
S8eTeOiling coated scales 1st genAdult (m)3,3098081
OqzhlWhite Chocolate EstanesseAdult (m)4,7508344
wOpNMOil Laced Gemstones 2nd genAdult (m)8,3621,3642
iRyskOil Coated Floating TrickAdult (m)8,7871,3673
W3dK9Well Oil ProtectorAdult (m)8,7981,3602
7Ued6Colorless WingsAdult (m)5,8871,1736
C5r7Translosent Skin CBAdult (f)2,26272120
hN02WColorless Scales and Red eyes CBAdult (f)5,7038303
bqY6Look at me I have no Color CBAdult (f)1,9647327
PfEcRColorless Oily Wings CBHatchling (m, F)5,3278821
L1R7gTransient Skin CBHatchling (m, F)5,3239561
tkL8gGem Horder CBAdult (m)5,2159941
hTlQ3Gold and Silver Horder CBAdult (m)5,7119923
0RLkgFloating Speed WingsAdult (f)6,4911,1812
2C2twQuick Mail Discovery CBAdult (f)7,4911,2991
wtHfGGem Stone Horder CBHatchling (m, F)7,8441,0150
yGI19Frozen Gemstone Horder CBHatchling (m, F)7,6979940
Aazf7Almerald Dreams CBAdult (m)4,4299511
dU8mVGreen Gemstone Day Dreams CBAdult (m)4,4029601
8kR3KLovely Green hue CBAdult (m)4,3229701
5k6UWGreen colored daydreams CBAdult (f)4,4159811
rkrjfDark Green Dreams CBAdult (m)3,2838640
h9l1dSilver Laced Fur 2nd genAdult (m)7,7981,3322
d0saXSilver Hued Claws 2nd genAdult (m)8,0181,3262
uBNqCAlmerald Glowing Scales CBAdult (f)3,4668382
K1v4oHealing Dewdrop BlessingsAdult (f)4,9969648
AHt20Crystal Healing WatersAdult (m)5,0089709
hsYcQSmall Healing Spring 1st genHatchling (m, F)5,2927862
UYQ7FSmall healing frozen pond watersHatchling (f, F)5,2427662
yKixUThe Firey Passion of Love CBAdult (f)7,1821,1662
3URBGBurning Flames of Passion CBAdult (f)5,7091,0655
XSbIeFun Loving Party Goer CBAdult (f)3,7018612
67HfwShe will care for you CBAdult (f)3,7898633
sYuVxKind Hearted one CBAdult (f)3,6328600
OrySDEveryday Sun bather CBAdult (f)3,6558680
099q8Sunbathing Meadow Lover CBAdult (f)6,8111,0544
tiTSlHe will Protect you CBAdult (m)3,6308580
7Pn8DLoves to tell Jokes CBAdult (m)3,6478631
rmIAeHappy and fun loveing CBAdult (m)3,8258551
ERK1wFrosted over flowers 1st genAdult (m)3,4987940
UCmd1Dusty Sunbather CBAdult (m)3,2226441
x84G0Feathered Dusty Wings CBAdult (m)3,4286513
Sbj7FHeat Seeking Dessert Lover CBAdult (m)3,2996422
pW1OXYellow Reflected Scales CBAdult (m)2,8827420
FV2D7Her dusty filled wings CBAdult (f)3,4966632
NrAw5She who loves dusty sunbaths CBAdult (f)3,4056391
gMan2Npa Time Dusty Bather CBAdult (f)3,0167550
HWxXADessert Heat Seeker CBAdult (f)3,0507400
Xvmw9Shallow Water Beach Bather CBAdult (m)5,6881,0713
w0hkBBright Blue Scales CBAdult (m)5,8261,0723
bONoFRuby River RocksAdult (m)6,4301,1451
8jWfoGlittering Sunkissed WaterAdult (m)6,4251,1203
ufOwELighting CreekAdult (m)6,6061,1365
nqvrWStunning River RocksAdult (m)6,4161,1213
KjO8jSunny River SongsAdult (m)6,5381,1504
cWjDwSpirit River RocksAdult (m)6,6281,1642
OzjFDSilvery Sea PebblesAdult (m)6,6001,1952
bHqDJSunny Morning River RocksAdult (m)6,4781,1682
SWpu0Dark Spirit River RocksAdult (m)6,4471,1863
4ZQBXRune Stone River RocksAdult (m)6,4181,1772
rbzLJRivers Air DancerAdult (m)6,4631,1414
AQM7ZSparkling Silver RiverAdult (m)6,2801,1153
T2XcsCoral Reef Watcher CBAdult (f)5,7381,0632
0NqF6Iridescent Blues CBAdult (f)5,7501,0392
9zdR7Z'Shiny Blue ScalesAdult (f)5,9111,1401
e07wQGolden River RocksAdult (f)6,5281,1631
HO0gwThin Pianted River RocksAdult (f)6,6431,1353
gCMklHot Spring RocksAdult (f)6,2491,1673
kE30bThick Stone River RocksAdult (f)6,4231,2342
tKY6gBaby River Swimmer CBHatchling (f, F)4,3989021
oB9lzBlue Lagoon Swimmer CBAdult (f)4,6541,0754
2lYyaRiver Water Dweller CBAdult (f)4,9971,0824
b6WMkShallow River Swimmer CBAdult (m)4,4661,0801
arIqIRuby Colored Scales CBAdult (m)5,0351,0911
RCm0YDeadly Little Swimmer CBHatchling (f, F)6,5831,1541
4r2PWVibrant red shallow swimmer CBHatchling (f, F)6,5391,1393
fVC7sThe Master Lord of Illusions CBAdult (m)4,8611,3931
m9pRfSinister Cabaret Keeper CBAdult (m)4,8271,3642
kzyKRCrimson Hourglass Watcher CBAdult (m)3,8191,1871
jy6VxThe Mask of Arcana CBAdult (m)4,2351,2922
cnZ2zRuin Magic Fish FryerAdult (m)5,5701,2701
QK4xzGolden Laced Ruin MagicAdult (m)5,2631,2061
4zwl0Forest Ruins and IllusionsAdult (m)6,1921,2691
ogjYPDeep Jungle Magic and IllusionsAdult (m)6,2771,3171
QVtPNBlooming Rosy IllusionsAdult (m)6,6351,2582
7dt7IShe Makes Smoke and Mirrors CBAdult (f)4,6731,3371
YY9YBShe knows your Dark Destiny CBAdult (f)3,3941,1651
I1SqTShe is the Edge of Darkness CBAdult (f)4,3351,3042
EAkNBShe makes a Shadow Play CBAdult (f)5,0951,4381
S8WQhRose Tinted Magical IllusionsAdult (f)6,7791,2472
qeOsABlack Magic IllusionsAdult (f)6,2271,2872
COErhIllusions within WaterAdult (f)7,3111,4263
zRsGZSoup Bubble IllusionsAdult (f)6,4511,2733
GEvRhDeadly Potion 2nd genHatchling (f, F)4,5521,1203
U14rpSinister Purple FlowersHatchling (f, F)4,0851,0734
lm7vYTime Turning DaydreamsHatchling (m, F)4,2301,0562
ShextAshen Coated WingsHatchling (m, F)4,1391,0664
C2E0zGlowing Fireside MaskHatchling (F)3,8909711
2TzAOlyviaAdult (f)2,35239547
vtITfHer noble return CBAdult (f)3,5361,0514
2URKoPink scales CBAdult (f)3,6041,0332
vyuGxIcey blue eyes 1st genAdult (f)3,9938193
AgNiiPink magic scales with icy huesAdult (f)4,5427432
ePZuCPink roses and golden thornsAdult (f)5,1807482
abgGwHidden Golden Scales 2nd genAdult (f)6,9511,3292
CfYDcLovely tented pink golden scalesAdult (f)6,6661,3071
51LRLFreaky Pink interwoven vinesAdult (f)10,2351,4885
xLBVnSnow Dusted Pink ScalesAdult (f)11,7911,4824
zupssHis frist appernce CBAdult (m)3,5781,0415
8nRuIBright Pink Scales CBAdult (m)4,4671,0151
08DTsIcey Blooded 1st genAdult (m)4,1657952
6CAP6Pink buttercups 1st genAdult (m)4,0157992
8TOx3Hidden Golden Blood 2nd genAdult (m)6,7041,2855
dxxa2Brute Forced Freaky Pink ScalesAdult (m)10,2471,4537
W6OPzPink sugar crusted scalesAdult (m)8,5981,2552
ia1wBVivien Orange hued scalesAdult (m)5,1499461
Iq3DxGentle Pink Scales CBHatchling (f, F)4,8691,0323
F1JKSLovely shades of Blue CBAdult (m)4,1541,0162
7X0bTAqua Diver CBAdult (m)3,9921,0351
8d9wGHiddenDeep Blue Water Dweller CBAdult (m)4,3118141
ypGQdDeep Blue Something CBAdult (m)4,1858090
QqFsKBlue Hued Wings CBAdult (f)3,9821,0192
MOMGJHuge Blue Wings CBAdult (f)4,2488211
gYcJMDeep Water Lurker CBAdult (m)7,0201,3262
iyvbwTwo Headed Deep Sea NightmareAdult (m)6,1951,3083
afpPZFast Swiming Fish Hunter CBAdult (f)6,9571,3181
2pY43Two Headed deep sea DwellersAdult (f)10,0401,3524
WfrzFTwo Headed Thinkers CBAdult (f)7,0431,3163
sYzvfOpal Blooded Deep Sea DwellersAdult (f)8,8131,2855
efybqDeep Water Swimmers CBAdult (m)6,9231,3374
ojYJJTwo Headed Deep Sea Swimmer CBAdult (m)4,7689184
dVrcMBursting Deep Sea LurkerAdult (m)7,8461,0524
Non6YApple Blossom Flower Petals CBAdult (f)4,5521,2243
lqJ4CCherry Blossom Flowers CBAdult (f)4,4721,2462
hOC48Softy sawaying Cherries 1st genAdult (f)3,5768893
hFFZYApple Blossom Shade 1st genAdult (f)3,5209231
uXn1dLemon Blossom NovaAdult (f)3,5469051
OHVDDMcQueens Flower ShowerAdult (f)5,6241,2242
SfmXJLovely flower arragments stare sAdult (f)4,3991,0402
rMsKLBlue Moon kissed Apple BloomsAdult (f)9,7061,8271
WJrovSnow Dusted Apple BlossomsAdult (f)6,6441,3342
6px4fFlimago Feathers Apple BlossomsAdult (f)6,6541,3262
oJSoaFloating Apple Flower PetalsAdult (f)6,3281,1612
W4ejUSilver Laced Apple Flower PetalsAdult (f)6,2711,1402
2Xgw9Spring Apple BloomsAdult (f)6,0981,1502
tiqVkSweet Apple WineAdult (f)6,0891,1012
kQHs7Nebula Apple Tea LeavesAdult (f)8,1791,5811
6eVIaMana Infused Apple TeaAdult (f)7,6911,5742
eokx7Healing Apple LotusHatchling (f, F)2,3538932
zISSrTiny AppleBloom 1st genHatchling (F)1,4865751
JmtodScalesy Face Gentle Kindness CBAdult (m)4,8441,0332
sPSvYScary Face with Gentle Tones CBAdult (m)4,9711,0572
42veIPygmy Taxi CBAdult (f)4,9231,0393
9RS3MQuite in Nature CBAdult (f)4,8731,0333
DHDCIShimmering Crystal Stars CBAdult (f)3,0288172
HjwacShotting Crystal Stars CBAdult (f)2,9628114
JDSzNGlowing Nightime Chaser CBAdult (m)3,0528142
L9octTwinkling Crystal Stars CBAdult (m)3,0488062
TBv7ESilver Stary EyesAdult (m)6,1931,1072
IoaBeSkyblue gifter CBAdult (m)4,7399272
J9BwEGray stormy skies CBAdult (m)4,7389181
2DoNxSkyblue Group Flier CBAdult (f)4,7599192
DyshOBerry Skyblue muncher CBAdult (f)4,7539252
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