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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Wolfs_Bane,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EMEaLMagma Checker Bored 2Adult (f)5,7131,2602
3CHtdMamga checker bored 3Adult (f)6,0501,5191
nlJN3Charcoal Breath CBAdult (m)6,3581,1732
fb0e9Ugly Ash Eater CBAdult (m)6,3831,2021
W0XsOMagma Checker Bored 1st GenAdult (m)5,6561,1652
c8cloAshes To Ashs 1st GenHatchling (m, F)4,6821,1684
NkUBwHeadbutting Crash CBAdult (m)3,2661,1291
JMTTmFighting for love CBAdult (m)3,1951,1361
gZx2fCravenness Mountaineer CBAdult (f)3,2281,1361
AEJGTLady of the Mountie CBAdult (f)3,3651,1321
honaJShe who lives by the Rocky Way CAdult (f)5,1421,2092
GTLzMShe wants your machination CBAdult (f)2,7626361
yvmdSFrist Mate Chad 1st genAdult (f)4,7377152
tjyloWhen Darkness Falls on you CBAdult (f)3,4691,1621
FQwLfThreshold of Madness inside CBAdult (f)3,5431,1890
oCwnFBlackthorn Asylum hospital CBAdult (f)3,3581,1971
HUDAnHidden Path of Shadows CBAdult (f)2,9791,1612
Akd3TDeadly and Sinister Forces CBAdult (f)3,0781,1651
CvtauI am the King of Fools CBAdult (f)3,0751,1541
DmTFzMasque of Pure Sorrow CBAdult (f)3,0581,1591
GF4dIQueen of Fools 1st genAdult (f)3,8649942
ZgA3KEnter the Sanitarium Gates CBAdult (m)3,4711,1801
K9fYmTapestry of Decay and Mold CBAdult (m)3,4081,1770
fn54xI am the Legacy of Darkness CBAdult (m)3,2741,1441
GRtaQFrighting Hidden Horrors CBAdult (m)3,4711,1741
99yqXNightwatcher Of the Gates CBAdult (m)3,0281,1622
lpglDSomething Wicked is coming CBAdult (m)3,0761,1411
4OYsuNoctem Aeternus 1st genAdult (m)3,7479862
A8hEfSlient Full Moon lurker 1st genAdult (m)3,6631,0492
gawhnGlowing Solitary ConfinementAdult (m)5,4851,4113
qQ4YUEarthen Laden CoffinAdult (m)5,1181,4373
kDeaDDangling Dead Feathers CBHatchling (f, F)3,9219631
UOgNvGentel Candlight CBAdult (m)3,9629710
CVOYOSoft and loving Candlelight CBAdult (m)5,1791,0400
RhzOkYellow ki Qays candle stripesAdult (m)3,3447143
aAe7lGhostly Halloween Soot FalmesAdult (m)6,6661,2991
msDj7Dimly Candle Lit Hallway 2nd genAdult (m)7,1011,2902
wpWBMBy candle lights glow CBAdult (f)1,8427370
46e3iStormy Candle Light CBAdult (f)1,8657400
oOEJIDim Candle Light CBAdult (f)4,5781,0191
hfRHfCandle Glowing in the dark CBAdult (f)3,7495390
JtHKNSoft  ki Qays candle glow 1st geAdult (f)3,0696991
XzjeSGS Silver Candle Lit HallwayAdult (f)5,2647835
wRGMkCoco Tented Valentine Candles 2gAdult (f)6,8171,3155
stIDeWater Resistant Flames 2nd genAdult (f)6,7611,3103
5BH6PGentle Orange Flamed Hues 3gAdult (f)7,7121,2731
ikCLnCooling Magma Candle LightAdult (f)6,6941,1324
63DtdFloating Orange Flames even genHatchling (m, F)8,2971,2373
KNnuLuna Tree Top Tall CBAdult (f)6,8191,18656
eE421Cozy Spring Shade CBAdult (f)3,4581,0167
BFh4nLuna Treep Top Tall CBAdult (f)3,6081,0761
RWm28Colorful Green Leaves CBAdult (f)3,3425642
CL6q0Tree Top Guilder CBAdult (f)4,5747562
YAvR2Sunkissed Tree TopsAdult (f)4,3949941
1aK6oSummer Time Tree Top LeavesAdult (f)3,3901,1021
h3S63Golden Rays of Tree Top TallsAdult (f)7,2481,2791
n0WrSShadows Over the WaterAdult (f)3,4309362
HWDcTeddy Tree Top Tall CBAdult (m)3,78694326
Uh6pOTree Top Leaf Flyer CBAdult (m)3,2257733
fio5yHigh Flying Glider CBAdult (m)3,7581,0932
krcwTSoreing through the leaves CBAdult (m)4,6477982
cqlrMike Tree Top TallAdult (m)3,3381,07125
TSvmrMacoy WinterAdult (m)3,7341,0392
qUTSvCatching Shooting Stars 2nd genAdult (m)4,9519155
SZ7QqShooting Star Chaser 2nd genAdult (m)4,8039083
t74F8Blue streaks on the mountainAdult (m)5,6648861
kYlrsBurning Star  3Adult (m)8,8901,4832
3tbCvDeep blue scales of the nightskyAdult (f)4,8789263
dQ9IpGentle Nightsky Gazer 2nd genAdult (f)4,9299161
r9aACSilver Laced Starlight GazerAdult (f)8,6651,3845
IkWoqGentle Stars and Birthday WishesAdult (f)6,7201,1931
ZnzH6Meteorites Stormy SkiesAdult (f)6,3801,1533
lkrWLIntense Flames of SpaceHatchling (m, F)4,8121,1022
yIExaTropical Hunter CBAdult (m)3,0677520
dNqiHFeeling for your life CBAdult (m)2,4097260
x8RFESafe your life don't fight CBAdult (m)3,4159171
D4OfgSense the Senseless CBAdult (m)3,6328941
p2tBCTropical Kill joy CBAdult (m)3,4567355
1NY5JThe Tropics Wobbly BouncerAdult (f)4,3149882
tXndFTropical Stalker 2nd genAdult (f)6,5461,2351
YeiteMagic Drainer CBAdult (m)2,5427390
BYJekMagic draining Fever 1st genAdult (m)4,3331,0012
aIpkuPowerless Yuka CBAdult (f)3,4519262
fXqV5Everything she does is drainingAdult (f)3,8049132
oa9kBPassivising Dead FieldAdult (f)3,1407380
h1OdgDraining Barrier Do not CrossAdult (f)3,1617500
w9WkAMagic Nullifier 2nd genAdult (f)6,1431,3453
NtPMTWater Lurker CBAdult (m)4,5191,3141
Xl6aaDarkness Pouncer CBAdult (m)4,3371,0451
5AqCKHe hides in the dark caverns CBAdult (m)4,5971,1791
glOv7The Bone collector CBAdult (m)4,5041,1091
fBBYYHe who lurks within the shadowsAdult (m)4,5421,3013
UVWLPJeff the midnight hunterAdult (m)4,4471,0473
RrumvMidnight Stalker uneven genAdult (m)4,2648782
TOLJwChristmas Lurking Time StalkerAdult (m)5,0731,4341
GaabrCaverns Lurking MintsAdult (m)4,9681,3331
kNRHBThe Caverns Deadly SunsongAdult (m)5,0421,3562
2qfVQShadow Lurking at DawnAdult (m)5,0711,3665
tqc6tShadows lurking under DiamondsAdult (m)5,0451,3663
U5pV3She who lurks outside CBAdult (f)4,6761,3332
4EdsPShe who hides inside the cave CBAdult (f)4,6311,3104
aL6rAThe darkness that hides withinAdult (f)4,6011,3473
XSVkFShe who lurks within the caveAdult (f)4,5311,2962
7s8LECavern Lurker within the darkAdult (f)4,6321,1863
3FpWWSpooky Halloween lurkerAdult (f)4,5571,1702
3aMNKGlowing red eyes in the darkAdult (f)4,6071,1981
GUP1uLuna Lukering Gypsy SpellAdult (f)5,7141,4435
1SMCpFreaky Oiled Lurking DarknessAdult (f)6,2431,5591
F2KHgChristmas Lurking ShadowsAdult (f)5,0591,4252
6mG2eLurking to star gazeAdult (f)5,1281,3772
OtXa8Standish's Lurking TeasAdult (f)5,1641,3811
302vCDark Brusting Force 1st genHatchling (f, F)4,6299863
aTl9IPeople Are strange 1st GenHatchling (m, F)4,2509622
w1mPjMilkyway Road CBAdult (m)3,2428542
tnX29Ice Blue Starfruit CBAdult (m)3,3888481
YhV6ZSoft Glowing Starlight CBAdult (m)3,8371,0452
oUmQ3Starlight Shimmer CBAdult (m)4,0449473
SyZ3tShiney Christmas Starlight stairAdult (m)4,0548431
0wDGZStarlight Glow 1st genAdult (m)4,0869872
RZxZeStarlights Peace reverse stair sAdult (m)4,2751,0071
pw4oJClear Starlit Waters 1st genAdult (m)4,4908212
9tVgACelestial Glowing Stars CBAdult (f)3,2488581
JMINmConstellation Star way CBAdult (f)3,2488491
q4bN0Celestial Stars on a dark nightAdult (f)4,4641,0802
fx1IFStarlight Spirit 1st genAdult (f)3,6448431
8qL3nCelestial Horse Head Nubula 1Adult (f)3,7188341
pLBEzCelestial Guardian Soul 1st genAdult (f)3,6348421
Iq8XqStarlight Glimmer Cocktail stairAdult (f)4,1868461
XinM0Starlit Oceanic Waters 1st genAdult (f)4,3678312
vN6A6Moutian Side Starlit clearing 1sAdult (f)4,3638292
ZYg6LStarlit Beach Walk 1st genAdult (f)5,0788221
uyz1WCrystallized Starlight Being CBHatchling (F)1,7415161
xodpAFrozen Starlight BodyHatchling (m, F)4,2698873
AJ1uNew York's Style Cheese CakeAdult3,19292145
TQVuMarble Cheese CakeAdult3,12227719
fs8mPhiladelphia Style Cheese CakeAdult3,28445016
L9INFrench Style Cheese CakeAdult1,83749812
ZaeZItalian Style Cheese CakeAdult1,97481013
8eX0Baked Cheese CakeAdult3,70792016
MrO2Farmer's Cheese CheesecakeAdult4,78872411
DMjSPCountry Style CheesecakeAdult4,9641,1254
TpYh0Red Velvet CheesecakeAdult3,8959084
WDFOAAncient Roman Style CheesecakeAdult5,2461,1357
OV8NkSour cream Style CheesecakeAdult3,8191,1794
U5BgkBulgarian Style CheesecakeAdult5,1571,4036
4UpCVGerman Style CheesecakAdult7,2201,5518
ea1pXPolish CheesecakeAdult6,7591,4024
6Vdp1Strawberry Topped CheesecakeAdult5,0961,0235
DPN70Raspberry Swirl CheesecakeAdult6,3231,4275
o4DpkWalnut Topped CheesecakeAdult5,2249067
s9a7rWalnut Crusted CheesecakeAdult5,2441,2026
v8A3MBlackberry toped CheesecakeAdult4,5129524
loRY5Japanese style cheesecakeAdult7,0981,3744
msB43Raspberry Smothered CheesecakeAdult5,9661,1636
hDVP4Chocolate Covered CheesecakeAdult7,0489846
WEspHFrozen Raspberry CheesecakeAdult5,4609412
ElEPaCandy Topped CheesecakeAdult5,0939252
JaGHvMini Chocolate Chip CheesecakeAdult7,4361,3937
uEhOvBlueberry Fused CheeseCakeAdult7,7201,1497
npnl0WildBerry Topped CheesecakeAdult5,8269034
YTXFqCherry Infused CheeseCake CBAdult4,2991,3455
zQIQwWarm Gooey Cheesecake CBAdult3,8111,0743
OdnTQCherry Dipped Cheesecake BitesAdult5,9331,1445
ZhROSRich Strawberry Cheese Cake CBAdult6,5311,1285
nOrwrMarbled Cheese Cake CBAdult6,7691,1203
wpaHPDoubled Dipped Cherry CheesecakeAdult7,1681,1653
F7J3Greek Style Cheese CakeHatchling (F)1,58946112
5Uk8vFrozen Mini Cheesecake BitesHatchling (F)1,4465351
0nEoOPleasant Beach CBAdult (m)6,0051,5994
P14FOcean Spray BlueBerry CBAdult (m)2,52390428
oCASRSea Ray Wave Runner CBAdult (m)5,9219472
i8haTNight time Ocean Mist CBAdult (m)6,0071,0104
cMBPiSurf's up man CBAdult (m)8,0781,0753
FD3O2Dark Ocean Water CBAdult (m)8,1111,0641
uvb1EOceanic Weather BalloonAdult (m)8,1721,1061
qsB7kGlideing along the wavesAdult (m)7,5721,0581
CsGQVFlamingo Beach PartyAdult (m)5,8711,2253
9fSiMRed Ocean Waves ZXAdult (m)4,9189532
nsG31Freaky Moonlit Ocean Spray egAdult (m)12,0541,5203
LTRd3Pebble Beach CBAdult (f)5,8471,4593
AW7ROcean Spray CranBerry CBAdult (f)2,61790925
KcgZrSeado Wave Runner CBAdult (f)5,8039773
pTsrZRide the waves baby CBAdult (f)7,7141,0362
2FMYeShimmer Blue Wave Runner CBAdult (f)7,7301,1403
n1hXGCoastal Ocean Water Spray CBAdult (f)7,0509842
icORYBlue Crush Rider CBAdult (f)9,2581,2413
c59U4Tastey Surf Man CBAdult (f)9,4401,3502
Y8GRmCranApple Ocean Spray CBAdult (f)4,6997874
YZ5a6Point Blank CBAdult (f)5,1038541
wTpgvSugar Free Cranberry Ocean SprayAdult (f)4,7777622
gPGfKCranGrape Ocean Spray CBAdult (f)3,6165541
MUqC2Moon Light Ocean Water Even GenAdult (f)8,2541,1181
ugYUFDite Ocean Spray BlueberryAdult (f)6,6801,4736
alerFirey Ocean Of The SwampAdult (f)5,0351,04618
WquliThe Light Shiney Wave RunnerAdult (f)6,2221,0353
kMBqJSea Breeze ContrasAdult (f)5,0551,1791
YofO1Long and Messy Gen Ocean MistAdult (f)6,0029732
9Ki2Frozen Ocean SprayHatchling (m, F)3,5161,4005
NCplgThin Copper Wire CBAdult (m)4,2931,5063
aarD7Rusty Cooper Wings CBAdult (m)4,1491,4533
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