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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Wildsilver,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1XoLE50 Shades Of BlueAdult (f)1,6337501
joXt3Twilight - Last Blue MoonAdult (m)3,8476840
RNLgVRen LegevAdult (f)2,6926710
r2LWtRez LewtAdult (m)4,3657504
qKSU4The Time GlassAdult (m)3,5188335
nltv0Time Marches To DisappointmentAdult (f)4,1798751
VU4nPTiny HourglassHatchling (F)2,4205340
HYVYEHeyveAdult (f)3,1627061
fuSiwAeroblastsAdult (m)3,7597832
XkHGuXekehAdult (f)3,0367121
pta78Snow Flurry And BlizzardsAdult (m)3,2127222
0mgGAAridceAdult (f)3,1948058
aKDtIAlbino FlareAdult (m)2,9389284
qaifpQuaifAdult (m)3,5467102
5uoRUSuoruAdult (f)3,8187791
THjGaGr33n Is Not A Creative ColorHatchling (m, F)2,8536191
jH7bJJhet BahjAdult (f)3,3827531
sYWycSly WickAdult (m)3,5386752
vnQFqVen QuifAdult (f)3,1097531
KAIZnKaiizenAdult (m)3,6457230
DGeAsSunset SereneHatchling (f, F)2,8496181
rpZqqRepzeqAdult (m)3,7508511
K4rGbMoist DreamsAdult (f)3,8497700
sm8UpSmateupsHatchling (m, F)3,0277531
z9jZvThis Water's Too SaltyAdult (f)3,9128792
tCadcNot Salty EnoughAdult (m)3,9088390
1ndkSPink Is The New WhiteAdult (f)4,3846392
cVw7GStanding Pretty In PinkAdult (m)4,3986201
N24PtNtw'fouptAdult (f)2,4926631
lvg5pConstant ConcussionsAdult (m)3,2676301
X6U5DBaby Brain DamageHatchling (m, F)3,5147321
koDBXHikaru the WinterbornAdult (m)3,2817221
yPSPSYepsepAdult (f)3,8208242
LoYiYShark Bite Shark NightAdult (m)3,4978421
aJHlpAhjahlepAdult (f)3,8927061
7F1xYTifixyAdult (m)3,8747880
jWRoaDarkness FearAdult (m)7,2192,05416
aeQr7Black fyre phlamesAdult (f)1,5625830
K2MF2Stigr The VanirHatchling (F)2,9455970
RbnVpRebenvepHatchling (m, F)3,4637210
LHAQpChaos TheroyAdult (f)2,2368133
Oxk6mPain In My Ass To BreedAdult (m)3,8488371
cIuJUThe Littlest Night FuryHatchling (f, F)4,3877953
0w6uTCosentino's Dragon TricksAdult (f)2,2168262
fdjLRTea For The BritishAdult (m)4,1318212
QSwnDRay the RayquazaAdult (m)2,2798453
6hKFVBeh KefevAdult (f)4,1717451
IiysJBlukoiAdult (m)1,9417211
jVcgBJevchAdult (f)3,8838072
RSv23Res VezeeAdult (m)2,1695992
CcmLCBloodbourne TideAdult (f)3,5388332
ZWVcvZew VecevAdult (m)2,6346540
O0aIa0oh LalaAdult (f)4,1437300
RR7lIRatleliAdult (f)4,6217963
R587ERacing Away From My FeelingsAdult (m)3,9669491
TGmUJBluna Bluna BlueAdult (m)5,1471,3599
qrH0zBlue Bluna BlunaAdult (f)5,4851,0293
kTmDPCoastal BrinewatersAdult (m)2,4389073
T4DuTTadutAdult (m)3,7267682
9BRonStatic ScreechingAdult (f)3,5048270
XdIvNXedlvenHatchling (m, F)3,0636901
Bcg8YBeck GatingAdult (m)1,8557921
gY5xsClimbing to CanopiesAdult (f)3,5027902
CfN8fLeiperierAdult (m)2,7979604
17OIOArcane FiresAdult (f)3,0058251
SvtEbSevetebAdult (m)2,2895511
WomITWomitAdult (f)3,8938010
CbipQChipQueueAdult (f)3,7746941
HSPiNThe Hissing Pin of DoomAdult (m)2,7528353
x6WiwXeb Wiew'rAdult (f)4,2947690
DfMsQI Set The Curtains On FireAdult (f)4,2787633
RxnuoPenk Nebulous DangerAdult (m)4,2509460
CDGysCed GysHatchling (f, F)3,9517940
qHoy6QuahoyAdult (m)3,4027491
oChQjOchequjAdult (f)3,5777121
HSc22Return The ShrubberyAdult (m)3,7737743
kx9lgKaxelAdult (f)2,9516301
uB0bLThe Little ConsellationHatchling (f, F)4,7588260
RfgdUDragon Cheese and BaconAdult2,9569337
68AVCDeck The Hall With Holly DragonsAdult (m)3,7368403
E8CWJDing Dong Merrily On HollyAdult (f)2,7286151
kELOCSo Gay You Don't Even KnowAdult (m)2,1098840
GlgWMUltra-Gay Yuletide BluesAdult (m)1,3277192
ZueAnThe Specialist Of SnowflakesAdult (f)2,2128800
dxtTWSnow Angels Falling From The SkyAdult (f)1,2877162
EvIjuGoddamn It Stop Getting TangledAdult (f)2,1749023
VQSw6You Can't Tell Me How To LiveAdult (f)1,6067771
1HvrPElder Scroll Spirit GuardianAdult (m)3,3541,76030
5KaLyMagical Winter SnowAdult (m)1,3077071
mqqL9Stop Stealing My Wrapping PaperAdult (m)2,3268350
aRYDHGive Me Back My Wrapping PaperAdult (m)1,1986463
diS00Great Balls Of IceAdult (f)1,5926911
PgvmYGreat Golden AntlersAdult (f)1,9777872
2HW7jKissing Underneath The MistletoeAdult (m)3,7938271
iUNtwKiss Me Baby One More TimeAdult (m)3,7658512
1AOzVI Roasted The ChestnutsAdult (m)2,5516433
hv61gI Bite People's NosesAdult (m)2,4996582
o0N8oMy Stockings Are Better Than YouAdult (m)3,3257790
nVRbVI Can Do Anything Better Than UAdult (m)3,4737642
9oC52Help I'm Allergic To HollyAdult (f)3,4457583
L35fQThis Garland Is ItchyAdult (f)2,9696840
gcMTmLook Ma A Shiny ThingAdult (f)3,1649021
8tPSmWho Invited This PoserAdult (m)3,6179900
XmftrPrettier Than Your DragonAdult (m)3,4949320
aHtDNCoastal Wavedancer of LifeAdult (m)2,5539070
DPOtFJust Smile And Wave BoysAdult (f)5,0229404
VTD4NVetadanAdult (f)3,3667312
tDyO2Ted YozAdult (m)4,2687620
VHtffCoppergold VetiffAdult (f)3,9096681
mpago(mpago)Adult (m)3,6428102
pF03N(pF03N)Adult (f)3,7778471
g6y20VineraryAdult (m)2,2038492
RMQkWRimquiwewAdult (f)1,4667201
VznQsWhy Do I Keep Getting TangledHatchling (m, F)2,7238960
Akc7HCloud WhispAdult (f)2,4207413
vvU7pDaydreaming Cloud StrikeAdult (m)2,4198443
ho0NtSub-Sea Frost GlowAdult (f)3,8741,1204
0DFEtSub-Sea Glow FrostAdult (m)3,7821,0995
7p65DStop Stealing My FlamingosAdult (f)3,6737482
kAHgEKahgeHatchling (f, F)3,8986850
N1y8vCan't Touch This MasterpieceAdult (m)4,7219133
ppev0WavestrideAdult (f)4,6899530
ctRVNHyperGreymonAdult (m)5,5109972
ZKzB2Gundam Red LionAdult (f)4,3429072
vu0JFVuojaHatchling (m, F)4,6848611
sXBt1CequoredAdult (f)2,2838282
M93cEMegeeceAdult (m)2,4199242
fXE5kSpark WhispAdult (m)2,4157233
DBSEbDeadly StaticAdult (f)2,5048112
o48KCBlack Ember FlareAdult (m)3,2579993
vwbFvCinder Fall EmbersAdult (f)1,5156414
p4BmSPabmesAdult (f)3,6287172
g43FZGae FetzAdult (m)3,1197220
vGihJIs It Gif Or JifAdult (m)3,7927662
qRwHURhinoceros BeatsAdult (f)3,4058111
tq3LUTequeilAdult (f)3,4387563
2WCrVTwocorvAdult (m)3,5166961
IIlKFFlamingo FireAdult (m)4,2491,3195
cSd3eCesed ThreeAdult (f)4,2097071
6nieaGenieaAdult (f)2,1827581
9eOWtGeowhutAdult (m)3,4658161
5AZveSazveAdult (m)3,6997271
t2X17TexitAdult (f)3,7147381
CtXSVDo You Like My FrillsAdult (m)2,8876541
HnevbHenevbAdult (m)3,4867374
Z1fcgZif CogAdult (f)2,3056021
Pi74ZTiny Frostbitten AngerHatchling (m, F)3,1886571
rCqUjRecqujuAdult (m)2,5316522
NZZH8Galvantic DreamsAdult (f)3,7817832
FXnIBFexnibAdult (f)3,8258151
C3Fv2Glimmering HydraAdult (m)3,3418210
nvoJvPeridot WishesAdult (m)3,6507870
hC4z5Ruby WishesAdult (f)4,2517162
MIwiGLapis DreamsAdult (m)4,1268113
pq6eiAzureiteAdult (f)4,1638521
y01r0YolroHatchling (m, F)2,3726080
5lpYeSapphire WingAdult (f)2,7909534
uWH7iOohwhuuAdult (m)3,6418162
7F5CbTefsecbAdult (m)3,0167061
R3VrcRevrickAdult (f)3,7627271
DElgpGlory Of Day DrakeAdult (f)2,1647292
XkXIBShimmering Bright IvoryAdult (m)3,5867743
CW8BCGlory Of Night DrakeAdult (f)2,7768191
8D0TcFading Dark EbonyAdult (m)2,3676911
FZlNPTwinkling Gold GloryAdult (m)4,4171,0437
h53iQHisseiqueAdult (f)4,8978351
t03d0Splashy SplashynessAdult (f)1,8607502
rb3vSSplashyness SplashyAdult (m)2,4927370
K0KXqTornado Fire StormAdult (f)2,6619153
bysLuByeslueAdult (m)4,3027731
iLoovIlooveAdult (f)3,4547132
RlHT0Right-oAdult (m)3,6976811
L8t7jEmerald Flare FlickerAdult (f)2,6278622
CTu97Tectonic ShiftsAdult (m)4,6219141
bVHNoBavahnoAdult (f)2,3904100
gwWgGGuardian W WegagAdult (m)4,1108091
bWluXGolden Black FireAdult (f)3,5621,0444
ikaLUBlack Golden FireAdult (m)1,8146723
kKk6TRhydda's WrathHatchling (m, F)3,6537461
w9sIYPum Pum Halloween CannonAdult (m)3,5008720
eOSTnTwirling HarvestAdult (f)4,7091,2913
ePih9Marrow Between The DimensionsAdult (f)3,4031,1711
oDMYBOdamyabAdult (m)6,1071,5652
XDevIEx Devil ThuwedHatchling (f, F)2,3578001
pPUTgThe Dimension ShifterAdult (m)3,3861,2962
nJW1jThe Silent DimensionAdult (f)3,3568230
pYOPCPopping MistsHatchling (m, F)2,3768150
YTmHiNightmare of the CavernsAdult (f)2,3061,0011
mEMONThe Meme DemonAdult (m)1,9375791
LaE8kShadow Grave RobberAdult (m)3,4398560
xhhV5Tricks but no treatsAdult (f)2,4067442
TYv9PGrave Young MistakesHatchling (m, F)3,2028962
mciozMajor MetacrisisAdult (f)3,4698520
EK3VyDespaired ThuwedAdult (m)4,5691,2792
mgznkMagnus HellhoundAdult (m)2,6488200
2sNIDDragon Hellhound's HowlsAdult (f)6,0881,6150
NmkZ4Witchling FrightsAdult (f)6,9191,5471
hv888Hav Triple EightAdult (m)7,7841,8873
q6CP3Quex CepeeAdult (m)7,9541,9161
z3u9wOmens of a Better TimeAdult (f)2,0377102
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