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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Soulsborne,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
N7UYwI Dark Star ManchegoAdult12,2311,64413
inPKgI Dark Moon inPKgAdult (f)6,3001,2422
yB5Q0I Dark Sun yB5Q0Adult (m)6,2951,2443
aNpXoI Dark Moon aNpXoAdult (f)1,8813995
pYD4XI Dark Moon pYD4XAdult (f)8,1571,3095
10CIjI Dark Sun 10CIjAdult (m)8,1451,4403
pz2TGI Dark Sun pz2TGAdult (m)7,4411,3704
tNhUMII Dark Moon ReasoningAdult (f)11,7371,1904
5SaIdI Dark Moon 5SaIdAdult (f)8,5841,3307
6YHtVI Dark Sun 6YHtVAdult (m)8,3461,2504
T3IXKI Dark Moon T3IXKAdult (f)9,1331,2233
M3duRI Dark Moon M3duRAdult (f)7,2791,3275
CQ8leI Dark Sun ArtifactAdult (m)8,2231,3756
cPJdRI Dark Moon cPJdRAdult (f)6,3151,2117
tKBAqI Dark Sun tKBAqAdult (m)8,8551,5405
yIOzj(yIOzj)Adult (f)8,4631,5082
bBncjI Dark Sun CorrosionAdult (m)2,74251923
4PbmUI Dark Moon 4PbmUAdult (f)7,4181,1919
QeZk9II Dark Moon QeZk9Adult (f)8,5791,3777
NHPdOII Dark Sun NHPdOAdult (m)9,0041,5209
5R64cII Dark Moon 5R64cAdult (f)8,6181,3946
wdQsRIII Dark Sun wdQsRAdult (m)6,2491,1521
1zAMlIV Dark Moon 1zAMlAdult (f)6,3011,1413
YJsOcIII Dark Moon YJsOcAdult (f)10,2681,2555
5s9WTII Dark Moon 5s9WTAdult (f)8,4911,1243
34nv3I Dark Sun 34nv3Adult (m)6,6661,3323
eyt0yI Dark Moon eyt0yAdult (f)6,5861,3666
gn46nI Dark Moon gn46nAdult (f)6,5131,3194
WUgzHIII Dark Moon WUgzHAdult (f)8,6001,1824
Sbj6pII Dark Moon Sbj6pAdult (f)8,4001,1671
7rgBOII Dark Moon 7rgBOAdult (f)7,6271,1992
Lk2KAVI Dark Moon Lk2KA ThuwedAdult (f)8,7941,6028
MuA0kI Dark Moon MuA0kAdult (f)7,4041,3146
l22OPI Dark Sun l22OPAdult (m)6,4881,3214
iNqNPI Dark Sun iNqNPAdult (m)8,4641,3394
zUFSfI Dark Sun zUFSfAdult (m)8,1171,2278
uuRLnI Dark Moon uuRLnAdult (f)8,1431,2479
S3Z6II Dark Moon S3Z6IAdult (f)9,1061,1293
YAQXsI Dark Sun YAQXsAdult (m)9,3851,1775
2i4UjI Dark Moon 2i4UjAdult (f)3,9568763
pR4yDI Dark Sun pR4yDAdult (m)6,1568931
8zpswI Dark Moon 8zpswAdult (f)7,5541,2561
kx4gaI Dark Sun kx4gaAdult (m)7,6721,2241
VFnxKII Dark Moon VFnxKAdult (f)9,2131,1273
XF1sEI Dark Moon XF1sEAdult (f)8,4961,4468
QrZOWIV Dark Sun QrZOWAdult (m)7,8751,3434
tl2IFI Dark Moon tl2IFAdult (f)11,4781,7006
wSAHlI Dark Moon TerritoryAdult (f)9,7831,4045
jUValI Dark Sun jUValAdult (m)7,9831,3325
LVTxFII Dark Moon LVTxFAdult (f)5,9401,0323
JkbjpIII Dark Moon JkbjpAdult (f)6,5991,0512
OI1RyII Dark Moon OI1RyAdult (f)9,7181,4808
wsUFUII Dark Moon wsUFUAdult (f)7,6271,39310
ik53MI Dark Moon ik53MAdult (f)9,5491,5465
6Qri5I Dark Moon 6Qri5Adult (f)7,2881,4572
ivRXUIII Dark Moon ivRXUAdult (f)8,2741,4787
XRorxIV Dark Moon XRorxAdult (f)7,7621,4405
qLWDNI Dark Moon qLWDNAdult (f)6,4581,2992
nsTEiII Dark Sun ReverieAdult (m)8,7741,1332
Vqgb7II Dark Sun Vqgb7Adult (m)8,8971,3132
OZTmRII Dark Sun OZTmRAdult (m)9,1601,2883
9jOSTII Dark Sun 9jOSTAdult (m)6,5921,33534
rayJqI Dark Moon LeviathanAdult (f)6,9461,2307
kqVtSV Dark Sun OccultismAdult (m)8,1451,90418
xBeATI Dark Sun OffbeatAdult (m)6,4331,6267
3NOl2II Dark Sun DownfallAdult (m)6,3201,50410
zcsPaIV Dark Moon EmpressAdult (f)7,2361,8416
GOPJGI Dark Moon DespairAdult (f)6,5371,7703
qwyobII Dark Sun qwyobAdult (m)5,5191,5264
1r9wYII Dark Sun 1r9wYAdult (m)5,4731,5264
HJtrUIII Dark Moon HJtrUAdult (f)8,0701,2945
r1pABII Dark Sun r1pABAdult (m)7,2471,32611
kv7uFIII Dark Sun kv7uFAdult (m)6,8971,3955
Nh7xDII Dark Sun Nh7xDAdult (m)9,0101,4947
imVHuII Dark Sun imVHuAdult (m)10,1131,3008
Iba3LIII Dark Moon Iba3LAdult (f)9,2871,2184
GdRA0II Dark Moon GdRA0Adult (f)6,4871,1193
KaJ0HII Dark Moon KaJ0HAdult (f)6,6831,1591
on6S1I Dark Sun on6S1Adult (m)8,3421,1385
l7j8UII Dark Moon l7j8UAdult (f)9,0251,2005
B6gyqI Dark Sun B6gyqAdult (m)9,4171,1685
OW5oxIV Dark Moon OW5oxAdult (f)10,2461,2744
PgSpKII Dark Sun PgSpKAdult (m)8,3151,2351
pocbZI Dark Sun pocbZAdult (m)6,5691,0545
g6CGvI Dark Sun g6CGvAdult (m)6,1891,1502
CCPUCI Dark Sun CCPUCAdult (m)7,6701,4224
XDqeYIII Dark Sun XDqeY ThuwedAdult (m)7,2011,5426
DXGnIII Dark Sun DXGnIAdult (m)8,8421,4278
2F8UEI Dark Moon 2F8UEAdult (f)9,5071,2117
zo7qLII Dark Moon zo7qLAdult (f)9,9501,2166
2IZnJI Dark Moon 2IZnJAdult (f)7,6521,1595
qKPDII Dark Sun qKPDIAdult (m)7,8361,3473
cCaaqI Dark Moon cCaaqAdult (f)7,8921,3203
yBENSI Dark Sun yBENSAdult (m)8,3581,2752
N9Dp3I Dark Sun N9Dp3Adult (m)9,3501,1708
mdL7CI Dark Moon mdL7CAdult (f)8,5911,3976
kdvlqII Dark Sun kdvlqAdult (m)9,7851,2664
m5JyYI Dark Moon DynamoAdult (f)8,5551,4154
dnBlFI Dark Moon SparkAdult (f)7,5311,3275
9tS7JI Dark Moon 9tS7JAdult (f)7,6241,3072
uqa8vI Dark Sun uqa8vAdult (m)8,4191,2094
oTDgC(oTDgC)Adult (f)7,4441,2682
FXL0yI Dark Moon GlimmerAdult (f)11,1901,7007
JWpBnI Dark Sun JWpBnAdult (m)9,6061,4804
J3V7CIV Dark Sun J3V7C ThuwedAdult (m)7,2021,2788
gIhSKI Dark Sun gIhSKAdult (m)8,3421,2031
iEb2UII Dark Sun iEb2UAdult (m)8,7511,2215
AoBRKI Dark Sun AoBRKAdult (m)7,1121,3796
PAGIEI Dark Sun PAGIEAdult (m)7,1561,3265
pmOzrI Dark Moon LimboAdult (f)10,5771,6044
LkxUlI Dark Sun LkxUlAdult (m)8,1191,5594
B63YZIV Dark Moon B63YZAdult (f)8,4561,3814
owzYmI Dark Sun owzYmAdult (m)8,7931,2525
9UL6KII Dark Moon GratificationAdult (f)8,2651,2667
uDcYfIV Dark Moon uDcYfAdult (f)7,8341,3334
mZfMJI Dark Moon mZfMJAdult (f)6,6941,1451
FNi4UII Dark Moon EdenAdult (f)8,3271,30512
3ruPQI Dark Sun 3ruPQAdult (m)8,6461,1114
c9CpYII Dark Sun c9CpYAdult (m)9,1951,1382
y3nnnII Dark Moon y3nnnAdult (f)7,5981,1262
lYWBSII Dark Moon lYWBSAdult (f)8,3291,2714
xBkWeII Dark Sun xBkWeAdult (m)9,7441,2365
KelGeI Dark Moon KelGeAdult (f)8,2711,3866
5J7dgI Dark Sun 5J7dgAdult (m)9,1051,4125
fVjgjI Dark Moon fVjgjAdult (f)8,6111,4651
B6Ad2II Dark Moon B6Ad2Adult (f)8,4641,4096
GnOxVIII Dark Moon GnOxVAdult (f)6,8251,2993
fuguYI Dark Moon fuguYAdult (f)6,8421,0972
pp95pII Dark Sun pp95pAdult (m)5,7591,1667
7D6AUII Dark Sun 7D6AUAdult (m)8,0651,2488
1bYdDI Dark Moon 1bYdDAdult (f)7,8069994
Djoc0I Dark Sun Djoc0Adult (m)9,0131,5577
INZgtI Dark Moon INZgtAdult (f)10,8001,5613
I9WrDI Dark Sun I9WrDAdult (m)8,7421,4496
YGj0eII Dark Moon YGj0eAdult (f)9,1021,3743
79KzKII Dark Moon 79KzKAdult (f)8,3341,0833
ijW40II Dark Moon ijW40Adult (f)10,1681,1955
zhgARII Dark Moon zhgARAdult (f)8,4601,2643
rN58gI Dark Moon rN58gAdult (f)8,0511,2223
ppHyQIII Dark Moon ppHyQAdult (f)8,3211,45912
DfncjII Dark Moon DfncjAdult (f)8,2741,4919
0QJMFI Dark Sun CombustionAdult (m)6,1971,20614
MhAyaI Dark Moon EmeraldAdult (f)8,3511,3633
zU20QI Dark Moon TriumphAdult (f)8,2211,3902
UNwWjII Dark Moon VillainAdult (f)7,3631,1094
i4ftwII Dark Moon BoycottAdult (f)8,5941,17810
lTQ3LIV Dark Sun lTQ3L ThuwedAdult (m)8,0771,4507
VwBsVI Dark Sun VwBsVAdult (m)8,4811,2714
I1RUrII Dark Sun I1RUrAdult (m)5,1639493
COgG1I Dark Sun PerfumeAdult (m)6,4881,3367
jvmvaII Dark Sun HonestyAdult (m)6,4661,34412
QD2KBII Dark Sun DecorumAdult (m)6,5541,3604
lpRf6I Dark Sun AromaAdult (m)6,6131,6246
hPrnhII Dark Sun ModerationAdult (m)3,6859095
NHmN7II Dark Sun ProprietyAdult (m)8,0431,5467
bc4qpII Dark Sun VeracityAdult (m)6,3751,3857
arfWPII Dark Sun arfWPAdult (m)7,9681,1635
Y2GMDII Dark Sun Y2GMDAdult (m)7,9601,1754
XCNXMII Dark Sun FortuneAdult (m)5,7381,0673
1byeUII Dark Sun 1byeUAdult (m)7,9131,4544
uxLamIII Dark Sun uxLamAdult (m)7,4951,4062
XHUKGIII Dark Sun XHUKGAdult (m)7,9301,4551
sEyzyIII Dark Sun sEyzyAdult (m)7,8321,4563
cynQIII Dark Sun cynQIAdult (m)7,4711,2213
w4s1HII Dark Sun w4s1HAdult (m)6,7981,1401
DqTPzI Dark Moon AmethystAdult (f)7,8731,2596
Zl1uPI Dark Sun Zl1uPAdult (m)9,4141,6408
8DyQRII Dark Sun 8DyQRAdult (m)6,6551,4928
2siTTII Dark Sun 2siTTAdult (m)8,6081,3942
4OwZDII Dark Sun 4OwZDAdult (m)8,7601,4927
NEjNaII Dark Moon BeaconAdult (f)8,0271,2306
agqeOII Dark Sun agqeOAdult (m)7,0971,2215
VnBkEI Dark Sun VnBkEAdult (m)7,4531,1333
hechwII Dark Sun hechwAdult (m)10,6281,1072
QLYOMII Dark Moon QLYOMAdult (f)8,2101,1568
VqkxXI Dark Moon VqkxXAdult (f)5,9639135
okdgKI Dark Sun BloomingAdult (m)5,5691,06420
i31tMII Dark Sun i31tMAdult (m)7,7921,5437
crlmVII Dark Sun crlmVAdult (m)6,9021,5347
bg3DpII Dark Sun bg3DpAdult (m)7,9921,1637
IBSCmII Dark Sun FeatherAdult (m)8,2221,4444
ABXyRII Dark Sun ABXyRAdult (m)8,0781,4205
mbc3gIII Dark Moon mbc3gAdult (f)7,9151,3295
Ym0h8II Dark Sun Ym0h8Adult (m)8,4021,3867
GcH8HIII Dark Sun GcH8HAdult (m)5,5701,2263
RwA8lI Dark Sun RwA8lAdult (m)8,8901,2093
SnKm9I Dark Sun SnKm9Adult (m)8,8561,4463
8vg6vI Dark Moon 8vg6vAdult (f)10,0281,2163
faY5oII Dark Sun faY5oAdult (m)8,6831,1711
uvBXgII Dark Moon uvBXgAdult (f)9,7011,2362
veSlUII Dark Moon veSlUAdult (f)7,4811,2534
md5d9II Dark Sun md5d9Adult (m)8,2741,3286
FsN8VI Dark Sun FsN8VAdult (m)7,7341,3744
QDtlhIII Dark Sun QDtlhAdult (m)9,0031,46511
kpZgEIII Dark Sun kpZgEAdult (m)8,7121,3655
4sV2wII Dark Sun 4sV2wAdult (m)8,4111,35711
dYowHII Dark Moon dYowHAdult (f)8,7401,5397
ExRbGI Dark Moon ExRbGAdult (f)7,7431,2922
WuxSsII Dark Sun WuxSsAdult (m)6,7071,0713
5iwglII Dark Sun 5iwglAdult (m)8,6451,2641
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