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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Soulsborne,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
EOGZFII Dark Sun MantleAdult (m)10,0401,4126
UOpBWI Dark Moon UOpBWAdult (f)9,2871,3185
TwOb2II Dark Moon TwOb2Adult (f)8,0051,2145
fbEy3I Dark Sun fbEy3Adult (m)8,0721,3044
vupGTII Dark Moon FlakeAdult (f)8,0801,4506
4YC8DIV Dark Sun ManiaAdult (m)8,8421,5328
IWWVAII Dark Sun IWWVAAdult (m)8,4201,2414
lrIchII Dark Sun lrIchAdult (m)8,0191,1942
2hLjPI Dark Moon 2hLjPAdult (f)9,6561,1943
fx23VI Dark Sun fx23VAdult (m)5,0151,1214
ngxrlII Dark Sun ngxrlAdult (m)7,4961,2274
83PDXII Dark Sun 83PDXAdult (m)7,2471,1832
fqNx8II Dark Moon fqNx8Adult (f)6,9851,1443
gu6cNIII Dark Moon gu6cNAdult (f)7,3811,2262
FfN7CII Dark Sun IceboxAdult (m)8,0971,2236
VARDZIII Dark Sun VARDZAdult (m)7,5441,1344
l9nJlIII Dark Sun l9nJlAdult (m)7,5721,1085
P3v64IV Dark Moon P3v64Adult (f)9,8251,3824
Lp3n3I Dark Moon Lp3n3Adult (f)8,7061,4055
uYN6AI Dark Sun uYN6AAdult (m)7,2001,4596
X34ZM(X34ZM)Adult (f)6,2741,2088
ProNQI Dark Moon ProNQAdult (f)8,0421,3316
utkunI Dark Moon utkunAdult (f)2,06451014
sPVA3I Dark Sun sPVA3Adult (m)9,8131,4454
MUtZiII Dark Sun MUtZiAdult (m)9,6801,4714
BDD7NIV Dark Moon SpecterAdult (f)6,7241,6157
H7IJYI Dark Moon PhantomAdult (f)6,7621,6145
SPkI5IV Dark Sun SilenceAdult (m)6,4101,61411
Tam3PIV Dark Sun ElementAdult (m)1,7716658
saPSSII Dark Sun ApparitionAdult (m)8,0802,0008
rU6IuIV Dark Sun ShadowAdult (m)5,1761,4374
ASgECII Dark Moon PartingAdult (f)4,4431,2734
vYy49IV Dark Sun LanternAdult (m)4,9041,3184
FdggJIII Dark Sun FdggJAdult (m)5,4431,4943
ohalVII Dark Sun ohalVAdult (m)9,0361,1686
FAQElI Dark Moon FAQElAdult (f)10,9011,4648
RfSymII Dark Moon RfSymAdult (f)6,7041,43012
k5MW2IV Dark Moon k5MW2Adult (f)8,8491,4546
8yWCtV Dark Moon 8yWCtAdult (f)8,6131,4659
n1kiAII Dark Moon n1kiAAdult (f)7,5781,4604
nsA2jIV Dark Moon nsA2jAdult (f)9,9931,91210
jRBUFIV Dark Moon jRBUFAdult (f)6,2981,7358
tG2fWIII Dark Sun tG2fWAdult (m)7,5251,5179
8jl6NIII Dark Moon 8jl6NAdult (f)7,2121,4055
uO9miIII Dark Moon FigurineAdult (f)9,5431,68912
WRnHRII Dark Moon WRnHRAdult (f)7,4261,4697
wrW46IV Dark Sun wrW46Adult (m)8,7761,3395
qt3nDI Dark Moon CompassionAdult (f)6,4641,51612
xXWA2I Dark Sun SterlingAdult (m)6,3601,49311
JqYHrI Dark Sun JqYHrAdult (m)9,1911,3738
JHozzIII Dark Sun JHozzAdult (m)7,2721,34010
bCLZQII Dark Moon bCLZQAdult (f)7,0441,3036
kNqL0II Dark Sun ProsperityAdult (m)8,4621,3168
xMtmEII Dark Moon xMtmEAdult (f)9,2581,3413
C6cryII Dark Moon C6cryAdult (f)9,1541,46511
UNoLRII Dark Sun UNoLRAdult (m)7,2581,5155
xCI4yII Dark Moon xCI4yAdult (f)9,0331,4617
AyfUWIV Dark Sun AyfUWAdult (m)10,5411,2736
Jq6unII Dark Sun Jq6unAdult (m)7,5611,3569
UuiJBII Dark Sun UuiJBAdult (m)9,6101,4705
xxfSfII Dark Moon xxfSfAdult (f)8,0741,2876
yFGv6I Dark Moon yFGv6Adult (f)4,38574913
UU2mHV Dark Sun UU2mHAdult (m)6,7401,1266
z4GRJII Dark Sun z4GRJAdult (m)7,8751,2404
YjUh5III Dark Sun MedalAdult (m)7,8941,2422
eFWHjI Dark Sun TreasureAdult (m)7,5121,2094
3TbBZII Dark Moon 3TbBZAdult (f)7,4371,2883
zbYGDII Dark Sun zbYGDAdult (m)8,0411,1312
lthXAII Dark Sun lthXAAdult (m)7,6751,1414
XiLPDIII Dark Moon XiLPDAdult (f)8,6041,1064
4PTlUII Dark Sun 4PTlUAdult (m)8,8621,3203
dfb9SII Dark Sun dfb9SAdult (m)8,9541,3243
sp8mAIII Dark Moon sp8mAAdult (f)8,0221,3135
Bs67xIII Dark Sun Bs67xAdult (m)7,5981,2665
ta3ywII Dark Sun ta3ywAdult (m)8,1311,3246
X13B8II Dark Moon X13B8Adult (f)8,5851,2994
39AsNIII Dark Moon 39AsNAdult (f)6,7571,2313
ZmJ9jI Dark Moon ZmJ9jAdult (f)6,6131,4223
GmczHIV Dark Sun GmczHAdult (m)6,6501,3474
QzylpI Dark Sun TragedyAdult (m)
chSATI Dark Sun chSATAdult (m)
eS8t0I Dark Sun eS8t0Adult (m)
4cOUCI Dark Sun 4cOUCAdult (m)6,4551,19610
cApf7I Dark Moon cApf7Adult (f)7,3151,2697
gQDXzI Dark Moon gQDXzAdult (f)9,1761,5518
JiAQ8I Dark Sun JiAQ8Adult (m)11,3391,6956
weIc8I Dark Moon weIc8Adult (f)3,7048021
na5DQII Dark Sun na5DQAdult (m)7,2361,1333
AiB2cI Dark Moon AiB2cAdult (f)10,1211,71713
rY07tI Dark Sun rY07tAdult (m)10,5311,5196
dEiLlI Dark Sun dEiLlAdult (m)5,7961,1951
SZectI Dark Moon SZectAdult (f)8,1511,4096
3l2osI Dark Moon 3l2osAdult (f)8,0981,4796
iImYuI Dark Sun iImYuAdult (m)8,1571,4574
q8gpiI Dark Sun q8gpiAdult (m)7,2771,3736
RAY3jI Dark Sun RAY3jAdult (m)6,3671,2932
na9cQI Dark Sun na9cQAdult (m)6,7161,3212
cNj4ZI Dark Moon cNj4ZAdult (f)7,1301,1031
vostOI Dark Moon vostOAdult (f)7,8371,3332
3wKp0I Dark Moon 3wKp0Adult (f)8,9511,1433
00XPPII Dark Sun 00XPPAdult (m)7,9371,0795
HQoHEII Dark Sun HQoHEAdult (m)7,7831,1575
N9LveI Dark Sun ZephyrAdult (m)8,2551,3806
i3cRuII Dark Moon i3cRuAdult (f)8,5781,4836
6kLySII Dark Sun 6kLySAdult (m)7,8541,1995
gRqBhII Dark Moon KnowledgeAdult (f)7,9831,4769
mqJPPI Dark Moon MineralAdult (f)6,7431,5756
qHStaII Dark Moon MeaningAdult (f)8,1581,4104
hrlVaII Dark Moon IntegrityAdult (f)8,0661,4724
1IJ7NII Dark Moon SenseAdult (f)8,6291,5125
bpLVkI Dark Moon EssenceAdult (f)7,1221,6526
1tZQuII Dark Moon GraspAdult (f)6,3251,3394
J1ER8II Dark Moon OrderAdult (f)6,9721,3322
mJObUII Dark Moon FitnessAdult (f)6,9111,3263
boNVQIII Dark Moon boNVQAdult (f)8,1871,1993
moUl0III Dark Moon moUl0Adult (f)8,8101,2238
axZQoII Dark Moon axZQoAdult (f)7,4691,4412
Zjj8HIII Dark Moon Zjj8HAdult (f)7,2341,2703
6Q4HTIII Dark Moon 6Q4HTAdult (f)6,5161,2022
23gJtIII Dark Moon 23gJtAdult (f)6,9141,2082
eICmvIII Dark Moon eICmvAdult (f)7,3621,1825
OOXsnII Dark Moon OOXsnAdult (f)6,9781,1582
KCtxsII Dark Moon KCtxsAdult (f)6,8821,1664
YXZOJII Dark Moon YXZOJAdult (f)6,8151,1292
Mgkx4I Dark Moon Mgkx4Adult (f)9,9061,5534
ZP1sKI Dark Moon ZP1sKAdult (f)7,6131,3433
jKV4zIII Dark Sun jKV4zAdult (m)7,4151,4786
e3JFZI Dark Sun e3JFZAdult (m)7,6141,3964
Ag7k3II Dark Sun Ag7k3Adult (m)6,5301,1923
Qd9PPV Dark Sun Qd9PPAdult (m)8,5781,2273
zjAO4I Dark Moon zjAO4Adult (f)7,3301,3161
KgXXNII Dark Moon KgXXNAdult (f)7,7551,1175
lGklWI Dark Moon lGklWAdult (f)7,8081,4745
P1gQyI Dark Sun P1gQyAdult (m)9,3221,2844
x9ISRI Dark Moon x9ISRAdult (f)8,7471,3994
pFSzXI Dark Sun pFSzXAdult (m)9,0091,4345
PKdKaI Dark Moon PKdKaAdult (f)7,1271,3871
uJy5zI Dark Sun uJy5zAdult (m)7,9891,2454
8xUJaI Dark Moon 8xUJaAdult (f)8,5861,2556
2VuOfI Dark Sun 2VuOfAdult (m)7,8191,2894
0mDYnI Dark Moon 0mDYnAdult (f)6,9241,3041
6dalkI Dark Sun 6dalkAdult (m)6,4091,1583
g7qdVI Dark Sun g7qdVAdult (m)8,3281,3362
BbjjSII Dark Moon BbjjSAdult (f)8,0851,1263
OwD9jI Dark Moon SpiritAdult (f)9,2801,4639
QUDeFI Dark Moon WardenAdult (f)9,3411,5804
qoiD6I Dark Moon qoiD6Adult (f)7,9971,2232
raJk1II Dark Moon raJk1Adult (f)5,3181,0035
vynkOI Dark Sun vynkOAdult (m)7,6381,2745
e8kxeI Dark Sun e8kxeAdult (m)6,7261,1412
maNmVI Dark Sun maNmVAdult (m)6,5681,1032
qqIBDI Dark Moon qqIBDAdult (f)10,9411,4194
xd7KbI Dark Moon xd7KbAdult (f)7,7811,1625
WbCCNI Dark Moon WbCCNAdult (f)10,4911,2693
p2NZrI Dark Sun p2NZrAdult (m)8,3161,4124
AEaQ9I Dark Sun AEaQ9Adult (m)7,6081,2793
4bv2UI Dark Sun 4bv2UAdult (m)7,1771,3583
0Ox4sI Dark Moon 0Ox4sAdult (f)3,5298495
5DkhbV Dark Sun SymphonyAdult (m)8,2421,4432
kEj4NI Dark Moon kEj4NAdult (f)9,3811,5258
9ea23I Dark Sun 9ea23Adult (m)8,2871,4101
h0ntnI Dark Moon h0ntnAdult (f)6,6691,3081
m3lZiI Dark Moon m3lZiAdult (f)7,5281,3664
HFo86I Dark Moon HFo86Adult (f)7,9801,2524
lfo2II Dark Sun lfo2IAdult (m)8,4331,2342
4LCzvI Dark Sun 4LCzvAdult (m)5,6728903
ub7BMI Dark Sun ub7BMAdult (m)6,9621,12114
QPUcHI Dark Moon SerenadeAdult (f)7,2431,11710
I22JHI Dark Sun I22JHAdult (m)7,2631,0969
Thv0pI Dark Sun Thv0pAdult (m)6,9961,0838
atBpwI Dark Sun atBpwAdult (m)5,23298111
xw0PdI Dark Sun xw0PdAdult (m)7,5601,2059
su76hI Dark Sun su76hAdult (m)4,2556344
AxEMGI Dark Sun AxEMGAdult (m)9,0051,19811
ffykMII Dark Sun BehemothAdult (m)8,2971,3787
0UOEJII Dark Sun 0UOEJAdult (m)8,6911,1426
CeWOtII Dark Moon CeWOtAdult (f)8,0451,2596
N1RcgIII Dark Moon N1RcgAdult (f)8,4961,1583
N1emqII Dark Moon N1emqAdult (f)9,0351,1432
zbVZDII Dark Moon zbVZDAdult (f)9,1731,1332
LfIrPII Dark Sun LfIrPAdult (m)10,3721,3014
jxgQEI Dark Sun jxgQEAdult (m)9,1461,4212
347xoIII Dark Moon 347xoAdult (f)9,8231,4017
GfYHNII Dark Sun GfYHNAdult (m)8,6571,1454
oJFUZIII Dark Sun oJFUZAdult (m)9,4791,2704
qiP4QII Dark Moon qiP4QAdult (f)3,4517528
lshFqI Dark Moon lshFqAdult (f)10,3661,2654
nK1dqIII Dark Sun nK1dqAdult (m)7,6961,2472
oU6xoII Dark Moon oU6xoAdult (f)4,7247835
8SrzTI Dark Moon 8SrzTAdult (f)7,3161,1521
Scw0GII Dark Moon Scw0GAdult (f)8,3631,2575
Aj0MAII Dark Moon Aj0MAAdult (f)7,5221,2032
ATYQWI Dark Sun BandingAdult (m)10,5731,6807
zx4SfI Dark Moon KittenAdult (f)12,1771,8167
8Aaa2I Dark Sun PatternsAdult (m)8,7951,5052
qkwS7I Dark Moon qkwS7Adult (f)7,2221,3753
PB5YaIII Dark Sun PB5YaAdult (m)7,7921,4535
ft6quII Dark Sun DeliriumAdult (m)9,1721,3503
TAlXGI Dark Sun TAlXGAdult (m)8,1711,3254
YvpG4I Dark Moon StreakAdult (f)7,3241,1951
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