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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Platinum Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2016 Valentine’s Day
  • 2015 Holiday Event
  • 2015 Valentine’s Day
  • 2014 Holiday Event
  • 2014 Halloween Event
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
  • Beat the Heat Summer
  • Magikarp
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Smurf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
p2QMf(p2QMf)Egg (F)
4fMkr(4fMkr)Adult (m)4,5667253
VrwiC(VrwiC)Adult (f)3,4587584
W6j3z(W6j3z)Adult (m)3,0526282
B5Gwu(B5Gwu)Adult (f)3,1226292
A0r4j(A0r4j)Adult (f)2,9956130
E208x(E208x)Adult (m)3,0666212
T0aSG(T0aSG)Adult (m)3,1246403
QjWmc(QjWmc)Adult (f)3,1406382
kql5Y(kql5Y)Adult (m)2,9156150
YJE0x(YJE0x)Adult (f)3,0766162
kSb1m(kSb1m)Adult (f)3,8227893
7c5rQ(7c5rQ)Adult (f)3,1156883
KZBvW(KZBvW)Adult (m)3,1276891
95Gt7(95Gt7)Adult (f)3,1777103
ZkSLb(ZkSLb)Adult (f)3,1716871
Bv4aZ(Bv4aZ)Adult (m)3,2127101
TcqNy(TcqNy)Adult (m)3,0607111
XxY1R(XxY1R)Adult (m)2,7966460
KznlA(KznlA)Adult (m)2,6086450
cDuD4(cDuD4)Adult (m)2,7536381
X8IPg(X8IPg)Adult (m)2,7366641
RguMG(RguMG)Adult (f)2,7656582
ajkn2(ajkn2)Adult (m)2,7536181
RLWCM(RLWCM)Adult (m)2,6836441
cLGV0(cLGV0)Adult (m)2,7606560
IaK1J(IaK1J)Adult (f)4,0006763
zSgcK(zSgcK)Adult (m)4,3097041
kpvHL(kpvHL)Adult (m)4,1547092
ghwmu(ghwmu)Adult (f)4,1747160
wBNVM(wBNVM)Adult (f)6,0838343
doR5k(doR5k)Adult (m)3,6658011
OavP8(OavP8)Adult (f)3,4667672
dlO9o(dlO9o)Adult (f)3,6318210
5DQFC(5DQFC)Adult (f)3,6417822
mz1U7(mz1U7)Adult (f)3,4787722
oQc91(oQc91)Adult (f)3,6317901
xL9EB(xL9EB)Adult (f)3,5587771
hFykZ(hFykZ)Adult (f)4,1068571
FfyWR(FfyWR)Adult (m)3,4018440
1hXIQ(1hXIQ)Adult (f)4,1587075
66nVE(66nVE)Adult (m)3,0356142
MPki6(MPki6)Adult (m)3,1116102
muedq(muedq)Adult (f)3,0306121
msoaJ(msoaJ)Adult (f)3,4077024
epGbl(epGbl)Adult (m)3,4727024
CrfDx(CrfDx)Adult (f)3,4276653
dwsvj(dwsvj)Adult (f)3,2876772
K3sJe(K3sJe)Adult (m)3,2796943
0ShFq(0ShFq)Adult (f)4,4776403
ZiuJ1(ZiuJ1)Adult (f)3,1377272
YtWoM(YtWoM)Adult (f)3,6176623
Q0pwG(Q0pwG)Adult (f)3,5606464
1IP2h(1IP2h)Adult (f)3,7046531
cHFDD(cHFDD)Adult (m)4,4979201
UzVUK(UzVUK)Adult (f)4,5099212
gv7c8(gv7c8)Adult (m)4,1498661
ak08t(ak08t)Adult (f)3,7097233
DUBCY(DUBCY)Adult (m)2,8537351
ntJ8a(ntJ8a)Adult (f)3,1537852
4HpkT(4HpkT)Adult (m)3,2296824
gyE29(gyE29)Adult (m)3,3116684
wpT28(wpT28)Adult (m)3,2206762
PMgPA(PMgPA)Adult (f)3,0336314
0mOJX(0mOJX)Adult (m)4,3498412
n18GQ(n18GQ)Adult (m)4,1336414
e9TAg(e9TAg)Adult (m)3,9676564
V3uo1(V3uo1)Adult (m)4,0816652
AekdM(AekdM)Adult (m)4,7197083
WUIX2(WUIX2)Adult (m)4,5486951
T9iwJ(T9iwJ)Adult (f)4,4487023
lNqek(lNqek)Adult (f)4,4916682
GYkq9(GYkq9)Adult (m)6,2489404
3iGDX(3iGDX)Adult (f)2,8666491
UOBeL(UOBeL)Adult (f)4,3287133
KV7oP(KV7oP)Adult (f)3,3706812
8O8n3(8O8n3)Adult (f)2,9446641
OvMtM(OvMtM)Adult (f)2,70855710
p9HVt(p9HVt)Adult (m)3,3686373
1bRYN(1bRYN)Adult (f)3,8578312
ok8vK(ok8vK)Adult (m)3,3697511
zPede(zPede)Adult (m)3,6217991
l8UNj(l8UNj)Adult (f)3,3567472
jgTJs(jgTJs)Adult (f)3,0977481
7h6SP(7h6SP)Adult (m)3,5847763
CMHl2(CMHl2)Adult (f)3,4947791
KnQyo(KnQyo)Adult (m)3,6387722
FBTzPSmurf's Yeezy CBAdult (m)2,6798541
kFQlpSmurf's Ruby CBAdult (f)2,4357911
5DFt4Smurf's Laurel CBAdult (f)2,2377282
i1QBWSmurf's Raja CBAdult (m)2,6756572
nGGoDSmurf's Clara CBAdult (f)2,4137671
ccQEvSmurf's Daylily CBAdult (f)1,8156593
lrVD6Smurf's Feipu CBAdult (m)2,5907172
djidLSmurf's Kasai CBAdult (m)2,8317524
T8LPzSmurf's Sienna CBAdult (f)4,0656836
BBpCDSmurf's Matsu CBAdult (f)3,58066610
emZqUSmurf's Uzumaki CBAdult (m)3,8509802
TLrRWSmurf's Adrianne CBAdult (f)3,0546816
A3rkVSmurf's Zinnia CBAdult (f)2,8346804
MBv1aSmurf's Slade CBAdult (m)2,6816925
JDEVNSmurf's Raaya CBAdult (f)3,2127745
BjY3ISmurf's Erik the Red CBAdult (m)3,5556365
XklswSmurf's Vahlok CBAdult (m)2,4716675
U54lhSmurf's Kaddar CBAdult (m)3,8797664
f591bSmurf's Raptor CBAdult (m)2,7068933
pvaASSmurf's Lysa CBAdult (f)2,6908543
ILJvqSmurf's Hestia CBAdult (f)2,5548334
z4nSSSmurf's Murdock CBAdult (m)2,7826866
KxcyrSmurf's Karenina CBAdult (f)2,5046887
kAaMUSmurf's Valentia CBAdult (f)3,2775103
im4qQSmurf's Yachi CBAdult (f)2,8055151
rhJ4SSmurf's Eggroll CBAdult (f)2,0446801
sC9RxSmurf's Carnelian CBAdult (f)4,0028592
yTLx9(yTLx9)Adult (m)3,2857691
WWVAGSmurf's Beau G1Adult (m)2,6177171
xgzJhSmurf's Khan G1Adult (m)3,4177203
Qah2oSmurf's Tauren G1Adult (m)2,2056222
5uvRzSmurf's Pan G1Adult (m)2,6557738
R78sZSmurf's Gaara G1Adult (m)3,1886406
AJ2uqSmurf's Leonard G1Adult (m)2,5296935
GvWrpSmurf's Balgruuf G1Adult (m)2,5967086
c8kQPSmurf's Mars G1Adult (m)3,4878084
12Zs2Smurf's Zazu G1Adult (m)2,6838546
NYMecSmurf's Apollo G1Adult (m)4,9081,0252
BbIHHSmurf's Tyranus G1Adult (m)2,4237704
IFSXLSmurf's Rodimus G2Adult (m)3,03091112
JlevRSmurf's Starfire G2Adult (f)2,8607803
nITUwSmurf's Deadpool G2Adult (m)2,6876924
bjMsrSmurf's Sage G2Adult (m)3,5818075
uOjF0Smurf's Anastasia G2Adult (f)3,4727434
lGJtBSmurf's Azalea G2Adult (f)2,8098282
CwCwXSmurf's Davy Jones G2Adult (m)2,4248349
bB5w3Smurf's Nero G2Adult (m)2,7956470
WAc9ZSmurf's Merric G3Adult (m)3,1158076
66hWUSmurf's Rosemary G3Adult (f)3,4668304
8lqFESmurf's Agrippina G4Adult (f)2,9867252
XB062(XB062)Adult (f)3,0637342
SxHgo(SxHgo)Adult (m)4,5516031
ZltkSmurf's Bowtie CBAdult (m)2,6625245
0dcWSmurf's Pasta CBAdult (m)2,2823966
60abSmurf's Elmo CBAdult (m)2,02138018
76kMcSmurf's Lancaster CBAdult (m)3,19189611
Xz1VcSmurf's Faramir CBAdult (m)2,7736366
SjXfuSmurf's Jorn CBAdult (m)2,6036007
eqK3xSmurf's Akbar CBAdult (m)2,0806805
yTx35Smurf's Llywelyn CBAdult (m)3,1607443
bFVcJSmurf's Baymax CBAdult (m)2,5506731
PcpbTSmurf's Kenshin CBAdult (m)3,5478543
fuUQySmurf's Topaz CBAdult (m)2,1937041
QgqOySmurf's Rocky CBAdult (m)3,1185301
4J6rzSmurf's Skeletor G2Adult (m)3,1848354
JEfVSmurf's Seelie CBAdult (f)1,51260330
1UsQSmurf's Sara CBAdult (f)3,55077126
2rR3Smurf's Petite CBAdult (f)3,51872020
L9i90Smurf's Hannah CBAdult (f)1,9676033
5O9hiSmurf's Eowyn CBAdult (f)3,0806487
QOItdSmurf's Jodha CBAdult (f)2,9408197
5DvTlSmurf's Cupcake CBAdult (f)2,3346302
Nu4bJSmurf's Siobhan CBAdult (f)2,4826142
nReWASmurf's Kaoru CBAdult (f)3,3806906
nJmyjSmurf's Rhiannon CBAdult (f)3,7568936
bFWk8Smurf's Kagura CBAdult (f)2,3696735
zTM2OSmurf's Delphi CBAdult (f)2,2717942
6JnaDSmurf's Glory G1Adult (f)2,1057372
ze0olSmurf's Rosie G1Adult (f)2,4636892
zKOuPSmurf's Mai G1Adult (f)2,7867943
3qZgvSmurf's Eleanor G1Adult (f)2,1216415
Q9MopSmurf's Yuuhi G1Adult (f)2,4376603
Tkv7YSmurf's Iona G1Adult (f)3,0567732
zbC3pSmurf's Tali'Zorah G1Adult (f)2,5586674
Sod0sSmurf's Meredith G1Adult (f)3,5348202
1wjYlSmurf's Tabula G1Adult (f)2,5877877
z19JqSmurf's Noelle G1Adult (f)2,4987826
mQebNSmurf's Marilyn G1Adult (f)2,4467436
IosQdSmurf's Korra G2Adult (f)3,1498111
PtEtQSmurf's Selena G2Adult (f)3,2497732
8Fvr9Smurf's Gon CBAdult (m)3,9295143
6Fel9Smurf's Metallica CBAdult (m)2,5347635
E2o8iSmurf's Septimus CBAdult (m)2,2226421
KmlCySmurf's Kail CBAdult (m)2,4095631
ytMA5(ytMA5)Adult (m)3,7655012
4VwMY(4VwMY)Adult (m)3,8488251
MPhIUSmurf's Calico CBAdult (f)2,4376823
N7qnD(N7qnD)Adult (f)4,8686622
VosfRSmurf's Jade CBAdult (f)2,4267572
kyvZE(kyvZE)Adult (f)3,4107391
EYiUNSmurf's Faunus CBAdult (m)2,5768311
9A4uwSmurf's Loki CBAdult (m)3,0328231
eSTT6Smurf's Vol'jin CBAdult (m)3,2557573
IZJcpSmurf's Riddler CBAdult (m)3,1906293
QwOVdSmurf's Joker CBAdult (m)2,7166293
XVzIRSmurf's Titus CBAdult (m)2,8226926
yovXQSmurf's Soren CBAdult (m)2,6656871
RIlb9Smurf's Tenzo CBAdult (m)3,1728265
3nnF2Smurf's Bruno CBAdult (m)3,3147932
Nyb9cSmurf's Hermes CBAdult (m)2,6286343
vEXXlSmurf's Taka CBAdult (m)2,9556625
nqs3DSmurf's Thror CBAdult (m)5,1921,1834
EPr3eSmurf's Vladimir CBAdult (m)4,3397993
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