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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Smurf,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
XYzkISmurf's Hyrule CBAdult (m)1,9396610
CqdhJSmurf's Sobek G1Adult (m)2,0736531
izgZbSmurf's Sheogorath G1Adult (m)2,8418080
0cBuQSmurf's Ichabod G1Adult (m)2,7217183
uPsx9Smurf's Hook G1Adult (m)2,1536653
erZx4Smurf's Ilya G1Adult (m)3,8359433
p7Gz5Smurf's Lavi G1Adult (m)3,8458734
WLxqMSmurf's Kaneki G1Adult (m)2,8847756
adVhYSmurf's Taro G1Adult (m)4,3698997
c4wRCSmurf's Fisk G1Adult (m)2,5458201
7OwCFSmurf's Captain G1Adult (m)2,2246832
M6fl5Smurf's Plakat G1Adult (m)2,7289354
fQZNMSmurf's Meriadoc G2Adult (m)2,9037593
4QU4cSmurf's Cthulhu G5Adult (m)2,2606263
G0iaRSmurf's Kaizen G4Adult (m)2,4788725
vCNxLSmurf's Delta G5Adult (m)2,8407631
nWX3tSmurf's Odin G6Adult (m)3,9698215
pY84lSmurf's Ra G7Adult (m)2,8174980
bnkYlSmurf's Bok Choy CBAdult (f)2,3306024
0dB3jSmurf's Mera CBAdult (f)2,6968001
KX64oSmurf's Cameron CBAdult (f)2,4567664
jHZiaSmurf's Kaiju CBAdult (f)1,7255821
t3NxNSmurf's London CBAdult (f)2,9307814
n93WpSmurf's Pakura CBAdult (f)2,4966891
j9m19Smurf's Harley CBAdult (f)3,9418847
N03hLSmurf's Chantilly CBAdult (f)2,5627042
oRedpSmurf's Emiko CBAdult (f)3,0167494
AMlgKSmurf's Thayet CBAdult (f)3,89880710
WhZhVSmurf's Yara CBAdult (f)2,2927301
FhJZ2Smurf's Avocado CBAdult (f)2,7015682
wpIx8Smurf's Odette CBAdult (f)3,0885825
VgniCSmurf's Aela G2Adult (f)3,1007823
h17p5Smurf's Chihiro G2Adult (f)4,7281,06329
lkpUBSmurf's Elia G2Adult (f)3,4908085
v8g9KSmurf's Jasmine G2Adult (f)2,8337218
KsmfZSmurf's Wealthow G3Adult (f)4,0486737
2KwfVSmurf's Persephone G3Adult (f)2,3746594
BnRLGSmurf's Tremaine G3Adult (f)3,9068326
aD3CvSmurf's Botan G3Adult (f)4,4839511
yxC6xSmurf's Godzilla G4Adult (f)2,5726292
V3TJ1Smurf's Regina G4Adult (f)4,2066101
s0YXySmurf's Harmonia G5Adult (f)2,6655765
R7kzcSmurf's Frigg G6Adult (f)2,5456321
ESI6rSmurf's Isabel G6Adult (f)3,2946491
3JMfMSmurf's Eloise CBAdult (f)2,7558681
UGah4Smurf's Antoinette CBAdult (f)2,9628072
LppTiSmurf's Lana CBAdult (f)2,7296602
veKCdSmurf's Amphitrite CBAdult (f)2,2667086
sYj9JSmurf's Megara CBAdult (f)2,6857623
lRhVYSmurf's Izayoi CBAdult (f)3,9826973
8aK0ASmurf's Sirene CBAdult (f)4,1491,0085
nfhK9Smurf's Viola CBAdult (f)2,9027825
JdUipSmurf's Isabella CBAdult (f)3,1256788
e0dmISmurf's Ariel CBAdult (f)3,0876776
fLBkdSmurf's Diana CBAdult (f)2,7859094
azgBpSmurf's Mae CBAdult (f)2,3445690
qcVBcSmurf's Morgan G1Adult (f)2,7068132
6p25RSmurf's Ria G1Adult (f)2,1837111
1kEoQSmurf's Katara G1Adult (f)2,9877402
dV8MgSmurf's Lydia G1Adult (f)2,6137312
4sl5ZSmurf's Hydra G1Adult (f)2,9028044
FDK7FSmurf's Kikimora G1Adult (f)3,5919325
A6AgtSmurf's Izanami G1Adult (f)3,8138522
d4v4dSmurf's Aurora G1Adult (f)2,9367435
ijCr7Smurf's Yumi G1Adult (f)3,3017844
SJATlSmurf's Melody G1Adult (f)2,3887984
XOmt6Smurf's Fiona G1Adult (f)3,9888510
mUSQHSmurf's Ophelia G2Adult (f)2,4026858
D7xsZSmurf's Nymph G2Adult (f)2,1586262
xtswFSmurf's Calypso G2Adult (f)2,8708534
xNht6Smurf's Potema G3Adult (f)2,6398964
5x2K3Smurf's Azure G4Adult (f)2,6568174
sm5cP(sm5cP)Adult (f)3,6537961
EhVipSmurf's Viper CBAdult (m)2,6618433
Ceu5LSmurf's Khnum CBAdult (m)3,1396901
wgnlaSmurf's Poseidon CBAdult (m)1,8366392
WD3tdSmurf's Ryou CBAdult (m)2,1266111
ZTU52Smurf's Heracles CBAdult (m)2,8226484
leUAlSmurf's Geobok CBAdult (m)3,4798996
F0VBHSmurf's Krosis CBAdult (m)3,0667625
b62cpSmurf's Kisame CBAdult (m)2,6487074
XMtjPSmurf's Kota CBAdult (m)2,8676796
veUzOSmurf's Olly CBAdult (m)5,2701,0874
MBC7fSmurf's Lars CBAdult (m)2,2537972
lbTtLSmurf's Delano CBAdult (m)2,8116456
WCTSBSmurf's Dwalin CBAdult (m)2,7116558
NEZHcSmurf's Argonaut G2Adult (m)2,7747291
77mrnSmurf's Joren G2Adult (m)3,2178224
Mtt1mSmurf's Koga G2Adult (m)3,8148256
Xw7AaSmurf's Angus G2Adult (m)3,4259593
TJa1dSmurf's Stoick G3Adult (m)3,1388161
ImqABSmurf's Triton G3Adult (m)3,6218515
N5kbvSmurf's Dallas G3Adult (m)2,3697023
0Wb0iSmurf's Mormot G3Adult (m)3,7328126
RYmehSmurf's Leviathan G4Adult (m)2,9438759
xDT6ASmurf's Chrom G4Adult (m)3,8348266
Qd1MCSmurf's Affirmed G4Adult (m)2,6635763
HMkIj(HMkIj)Adult (f)4,0728563
0dE6I(0dE6I)Adult (m)3,7427643
kO104(kO104)Adult (f)3,6298162
ev81m(ev81m)Adult (m)3,6117721
NwUo0(NwUo0)Adult (m)3,6888032
lNdIc(lNdIc)Adult (f)4,1048412
RwljF(RwljF)Adult (m)4,2699033
GAL4O(GAL4O)Adult (m)3,8226223
0MJNn(0MJNn)Adult (f)4,6568851
JVrDF(JVrDF)Adult (f)4,7088941
wZ4CH(wZ4CH)Adult (f)3,2206793
8chv2(8chv2)Adult (f)3,3857191
6iY4F(6iY4F)Adult (f)3,3687121
0H4SP(0H4SP)Adult (m)2,7056583
eDLCy(eDLCy)Adult (m)3,3427650
djWmz(djWmz)Adult (m)3,3837500
22LfJ(22LfJ)Adult (m)3,7288031
WGfR5(WGfR5)Adult (m)3,3956722
qSrtY(qSrtY)Adult (m)3,8688073
CvLvQSmurf's Shishi CBAdult (m)1,8566591
FXcjXSmurf's Jin CBAdult (m)2,1715682
D8aOGSmurf's Sharpedo CBAdult (m)2,5146411
ntrdXSmurf's Aoba CBAdult (m)2,5186454
j8l0VSmurf's Aeneas CBAdult (m)2,8627874
pStDgSmurf's Wrex CBAdult (m)2,9047052
DpDUdSmurf's Wisteria CBAdult (m)3,3808004
JWs8kSmurf's Altair CBAdult (m)3,1887863
EE1rUSmurf's Barney CBAdult (m)2,8006624
oHmJ1Smurf's Nihlus CBAdult (m)2,8938213
UX5ElSmurf's Bradshaw CBAdult (m)2,9498533
XkwYPSmurf's Ozymandias CBAdult (m)3,1705740
1DqCkSmurf's Eomund CBAdult (m)2,7605932
VvSIKSmurf's Inigo G1Adult (m)2,0907312
TEpi8Smurf's Starlord G1Adult (m)2,5837112
higZfSmurf's Sokka G1Adult (m)4,4141,07816
arSPqSmurf's Orsino G1Adult (m)2,1986835
0OurnSmurf's Cyrus G1Adult (m)2,5337053
iQ22kSmurf's Guinness G1Adult (m)2,5546945
EvuO7Smurf's Kirihito G1Adult (m)2,8637464
RpFMESmurf's Saito G1Adult (m)3,5667875
xDYSwSmurf's Dorn G1Adult (m)2,3256823
q2Cc2Smurf's Sentry G1Adult (m)3,1318327
jVD3TSmurf's Genghis G2Adult (m)2,8147656
d0z0OSmurf's Shihuang G2Adult (m)3,9619805
jpxouSmurf's Choza G2Adult (m)3,3507967
wXtNISmurf's Morgoth G2Adult (m)3,3819392
qJ7hsSmurf's Numair G2Adult (m)2,6507491
3nbkWSmurf's Hades G3Adult (m)2,4346733
kTJe8Smurf's Ahzidal G3Adult (m)3,9498367
uECbzSmurf's Cincinnatus G4Adult (m)2,3656375
yNULmSmurf's Mira CBAdult (f)2,4108112
nAi4sSmurf's Marina CBAdult (f)2,4477891
pf9tOSmurf's Diamond CBAdult (f)5,1711,2976
fV9WhSmurf's Azura CBAdult (f)2,1575925
hwQW7Smurf's Dido CBAdult (f)3,76370312
NauaESmurf's Nana CBAdult (f)2,7086913
LIr0gSmurf's Velvet CBAdult (f)2,6356632
lw1i5Smurf's Lotus CBAdult (f)3,0498124
WYk52Smurf's Lavender CBAdult (f)3,2877656
3HQdVSmurf's Elena CBAdult (f)3,2996615
j1IQfSmurf's Sofia CBAdult (f)2,9038263
X4h03Smurf's Unohana CBAdult (f)2,8565467
YgXGkSmurf's Delphine CBAdult (f)2,4155252
Ry6aDSmurf's Atossa CBAdult (f)3,2577630
hZp2f(hZp2f)Adult (f)3,3618241
jC92iSmurf's Estella G2Adult (f)3,1856297
qnYEHSmurf's Xolo G2Adult (f)2,7287536
oW5y1Smurf's Boudicca G2Adult (f)3,4247357
2JABPSmurf's Amora G3Adult (f)2,7987573
aQMM8Smurf's Elenet G3Adult (f)3,5488341
Qa3pRSmurf's Mothra G5Adult (f)3,2327424
F24ik(F24ik)Adult (f)3,0366821
KJM1V(KJM1V)Adult (m)2,3417871
6j4IT(6j4IT)Adult (m)2,0916641
CmDXp(CmDXp)Adult (f)4,4109153
s3B6L(s3B6L)Adult (f)2,8656703
NgKnB(NgKnB)Adult (f)2,8207172
Hc97C(Hc97C)Adult (f)2,9826432
DmTjo(DmTjo)Adult (m)3,3777221
EWnRT(EWnRT)Adult (m)3,4107732
HlwNJ(HlwNJ)Adult (m)4,0288462
uI7Ue(uI7Ue)Adult (m)3,7638402
mgCbe(mgCbe)Adult (m)3,6307632
6bdGx(6bdGx)Adult (m)4,2518672
xKUsQSmurf's Bui CBAdult (m)2,3847552
FeWT4Smurf's Espresso CBAdult (m)1,8577171
6LTwMSmurf's Karma CBAdult (m)2,4206191
b0RWzSmurf's Lestat CBAdult (m)2,9109028
bZdJKSmurf's Xiaoping CBAdult (m)3,07888411
Y1xmtSmurf's Pluto CBAdult (m)3,4729182
VhHxlSmurf's Kanda CBAdult (m)3,5728263
K4R0FSmurf's Blackberry CBAdult (m)3,4627456
SAEOQSmurf's Ciel CBAdult (m)3,4036992
Zb4N6Smurf's Brainstorm CBAdult (m)5,0301,1304
0wU4SSmurf's Yami CBAdult (m)2,3285662
vPT8pSmurf's Aix CBAdult (m)2,2645532
Gmz4gSmurf's Beowulf G3Adult (m)2,6456464
cSVf6Smurf's Dragonette CBAdult (f)2,2987314
piTx4Smurf's Morgana CBAdult (f)2,6537992
xvyUcSmurf's Natasha CBAdult (f)2,9868052
Qx152Smurf's Nasreen CBAdult (f)2,9027901
YYC33Smurf's Rita CBAdult (f)1,7815583
tDaR2Smurf's Hecate CBAdult (f)2,5086426
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