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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shinys-Mind-Palace,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
z079yCribmiz TreeEgg (F)
sefpMPowderpuff Dragon -SMPAdult (f)3,3925520
U0tQ0Luminous FeatherbuttAdult (f)2,8885820
rOK11Superluminous FeatherbuttAdult (f)3,3875121
1VcFu(1VcFu)Adult (f)3,8944621
7RyPXWill O Whip itAdult (m)3,0145241
id8CiMcGrittleAdult (m)3,7514831
7OJp0Ojopo the BrightAdult (m)3,1694322
A8MwbAbwumb the CandleAdult (m)4,2014582
NUfwXNufwix the LustrousAdult (f)3,3694372
G3fT5(G3fT5)Adult (f)3,9104352
fOAQ0(fOAQ0)Adult (m)8,1047333
roUQY(roUQY)Adult (f)7,2767130
nAq7l(nAq7l)Adult (m)8,3798120
Q4bpNQuabpan the RighteousAdult (m)10,1897211
vHWaUA um FadbAdult (m)5,9831,46821
tLpR2I am pinker than youAdult (m)3,7314971
sHjbWAtlas of PebblesAdult (f)4,1801,11322
DFwXmAtlas of StonesAdult (f)4,7111,29720
Dn8gcThe Tiniest BabAdult (m)4,1913962
K2rXfFlare Ribbon FinsAdult (m)5,9587391
bbFQB(bbFQB)Adult (m)3,5764061
6P5nn(6P5nn)Adult (m)3,6543645
mfyxG(mfyxG)Adult (m)3,4844051
VtcCq(VtcCq)Adult (f)4,0934421
5fpGY(5fpGY)Adult (f)3,6124653
Ai5ODVitiligo WyvernAdult (m)3,8735441
p3cypPecyp the WondrousAdult (m)4,7384392
uWnDO(uWnDO)Adult (m)3,4384451
1zoaX(1zoaX)Adult (m)3,7574501
oGFPf(oGFPf)Adult (f)3,6494722
DQ6Yg(DQ6Yg)Adult (f)6,1418982
wyO1AGuardian of My GalaxyAdult (f)2,9304642
XiNMp(XiNMp)Adult (f)3,4794342
0bLDc(0bLDc)Adult (f)4,5834251
nUH2gDead NuhgAdult (m)3,4724841
iIEqU(iIEqU)Adult (m)3,5804652
LNHjQVitiligo WyvernessAdult (f)3,6064851
0vIBP(0vIBP)Adult (f)2,2006222
gppptGuppeptAdult (m)3,5364623
n1fF9Ultraluminous FeatherbuttAdult (m)2,5155290
TsjrnHyperluminous FeatherbuttAdult (m)2,5335450
Netg0Tinsel Terror of PaperAdult (m)2,9896744
LqRAV(LqRAV)Adult (m)3,8723703
UkrIr(UkrIr)Adult (m)3,3254762
TyqOT(TyqOT)Adult (m)3,5224931
PvCQR(PvCQR)Adult (m)7,3401,0678
Y5u8Q(Y5u8Q)Adult (m)5,1706402
aALqf(aALqf)Adult (m)2,0575072
p58fa(p58fa)Adult (m)2,0285242
lCvytI grabbed  the worng eggAdult (m)4,6884671
ELGC7(ELGC7)Adult (f)7,2941,0932
gqazXA Drab DuskkAdult (f)7,3751,1925
uMNZoI AM THE NIIIIGHTAdult (m)4,2033642
BEYnNDusky Dearest -SMPAdult (m)2,9934822
iX524A Real Crested GeckoAdult (m)3,7153802
BIMrcRedddish bububuAdult (m)2,8814761
7EXDVTedTalk on LoveAdult (m)5,2817902
CmpRDCumprid the RomanticAdult (m)3,8724152
Bn2bK(Bn2bK)Adult (m)3,5193812
ycG09Bordeaux BilAdult4,3123953
RefH8Terezi's Pyralspite hek yeAdult (m)7,1751,1433
hF8yVA Crystal Gem AGrnetAdult (m)4,7025300
SYOQfPyralspite TereiAdult (f)3,9595761
sNNtzTourmaline EbaliteAdult (m)4,3185911
2hW7TBloodred Beats tiny feetsAdult (f)4,6028576
oJjAtTiny feets bloodred beetsAdult (m)3,8426612
4NUQbBloodred Banded BeautAdult (f)3,9805512
VRbpj(VRbpj)Adult (f)5,0595231
aEePp(aEePp)Adult (m)5,2295412
EtoL6Ambertail the RedAdult (f)2,32081027
DFCIjJasper of DweAdult (m)5,36376911
d32cGDaegon the shimmershinyAdult (f)3,0854751
d5WjS(d5WjS)Adult (f)3,0604432
N0fYv(N0fYv)Adult (f)3,6514442
HMe3JSuper duper warmAdult (m)4,6293582
ePF2xStriped Red REdAdult (f)3,9704471
vLVHnI'm so violently orangeAdult (f)3,4293762
4MYO7Beautiful orange nightmareAdult (f)3,0054751
4GycdApophet the MildAdult (m)2,8594511
KHH5CTeleporter nombra broAdult (m)2,4894570
TFMKvmagicians get all the loveAdult (m)2,6664810
wB7Mr(wB7Mr)Adult (f)3,9424761
LkDjt(LkDjt)Adult (f)3,4533961
pEYIWPetty Angry HorseAdult (m)3,7935632
RgAlpI am SO better than youAdult (m)2,8214722
jr860Kilauea the BaeAdult (f)5,71583411
7j1RBAahhhAHHHHHHAdult (f)3,9514094
iRCRzEmberharth glowAdult (f)3,3194372
XEc3e(XEc3e)Adult (f)3,5304303
Jvkro(Jvkro)Adult (f)3,9206112
03oUDName To your hatchlingAdult (m)3,8664953
hY1gt(hY1gt)Adult (m)5,4866743
iWD1sToo bad so sad I'm deadAdult (f)4,0194244
sAG82SuperNotDeadAdult (f)3,4344571
YL2ZISmells like YlizziAdult (f)4,3195442
ekqlCVampiric Spurs and DelightAdult (f)3,4433902
dnAoLDNAOL Backwards compatibilityAdult (f)3,6754211
Y1hvz(Y1hvz)Adult (f)4,0704012
N0LylWinter's Rage FlurryAdult (m)2,6134840
9fhokCareening GrinAdult (m)2,6955341
EpPX9Expec the ToxinAdult (f)2,7615071
SFBfSSbefs the SolitaryAdult (f)3,5524671
JLJ79Jiliq of PoisonAdult (f)3,5574901
hkqRL(hkqRL)Adult (m)3,5154500
8M9OJBomgoj the BloomingAdult (f)4,2524731
UylTC(UylTC)Adult (f)3,7923291
aBTtaFuzzy BabyAdult (f)3,4804970
XyMx3(XyMx3)Adult (f)5,4756723
UBd25(UBd25)Adult (m)4,2274381
s8g4T(s8g4T)Adult (m)4,1463721
RkaiRRakairAdult (f)3,9814871
t1wUA(t1wUA)Adult (f)3,2174141
KonDIKondi the LiftedAdult (f)4,2814431
ejCF3(ejCF3)Adult (f)4,4684351
AI5z4(AI5z4)Adult (f)3,5714091
kaCBE(kaCBE)Adult (f)3,6484201
glCRpSpessartine DelightAdult (m)4,6314891
6kCfBSunset Winged StripesAdult (f)4,3035542
75xm5Flaming String of FireAdult (m)4,2724054
g60QQPyral RulesAdult (f)3,3055211
u63ur(u63ur)Adult (f)5,3173892
Ez5ef(Ez5ef)Adult (f)7,0415613
vqzKa(vqzKa)Adult (f)4,6203893
4CPpSSalsa Dancing DragonAdult (f)3,2734391
y9n2rDesipis the Overwhelming OddsAdult (m)3,0915052
czI0DCrystallized DestructionAdult (m)2,7555243
31irb(31irb)Adult (f)5,0425461
JHfw0Delightfully SnappyAdult (m)3,5234024
HX2bGSalsa in FallsaAdult (m)3,6845321
CPNSJFallsa in SalsaAdult (m)3,9384734
g0zqRSalsa in FallAdult (m)3,8124692
KdsYD(KdsYD)Adult (f)3,7175251
rimaaBurnabus of FireAdult (m)1,03053623
wIvzgWivzg the InfernalAdult (f)3,5774601
N9OCUNicouuAdult (f)3,8355132
wDAPxHelp I'm Shy And CuteAdult (f)2,5534162
S3FMKGravely StayingAdult (f)3,3575591
wsrD4Gravely ComingAdult (f)2,5335201
YWRBwSomber Forest FlamesAdult (f)3,8284310
vemvB(vemvB)Adult (f)2,8704661
OxiScMy Future MagikarpAdult (m)4,6354231
0sAwLOsawl the LustrousAdult (f)3,9764561
VIK2o(VIK2o)Adult (f)3,0993911
6EgVm(6EgVm)Adult (m)2,2205691
FlrWZ(FlrWZ)Adult (f)4,0104781
S3zUF(S3zUF)Adult (m)3,7914401
VY8A3(VY8A3)Adult (f)3,2495611
AiDfq(AiDfq)Adult (m)3,8003861
6P9IR(6P9IR)Adult (f)3,0915301
NHxEe(NHxEe)Adult (m)3,7203941
SyOS8A disciplinary action noodleAdult (f)3,2365141
6gBpmI might be disciplinary actionAdult (m)4,7955011
qZlnJGravely GoingAdult (m)2,8415381
KbHLCKib HelcAdult (m)3,7704770
0uQkg(0uQkg)Adult (m)2,7974491
cp8jh(cp8jh)Adult (m)2,6244691
Om68mOmbibimAdult (m)3,9083201
lanvR(lanvR)Adult (m)3,7583212
KCuzZ(KCuzZ)Adult (m)3,6763453
zwdaa(zwdaa)Adult (m)4,1224264
8yG9sGilded Golden GatesAdult (m)3,6194765
8y9PFYepf the RoyalAdult (m)3,2404251
5lKJj(5lKJj)Adult (m)3,5925434
XRyg8(XRyg8)Adult (m)3,6683971
FZRWAFalls With AngelsAdult (f)2,8515342
w2Mx8Rises with DemonsAdult (f)2,6815681
noqtgFalls with SinnersAdult (f)2,5365322
Bsb9U(Bsb9U)Adult (f)2,7144502
C59bv(C59bv)Adult (f)2,4465041
HUWq4Lilly the FlutteryAdult (f)1,31060919
DpjC4The Tiniest B abAdult (f)3,4114191
k88MZSuch as death of the dragonAdult (f)2,9504580
ZaxK6Yay for pygmiesAdult (f)3,8505341
UUorWWiddle WarriorAdult (f)3,9414011
urzzvThe teeniest bbuAdult (f)3,3654192
AAuu9Tiny Tiny LoveAdult (f)3,5164822
WyeTOTeeny Tiny LoveAdult (f)4,0754311
NseZYPinky the ButterwingAdult (f)3,3574970
0QUDJ(0QUDJ)Adult (f)6,7976341
0jUd4Smaller than ExpectedAdult (m)3,7245571
QJPxlThe Smollest DragonAdult (m)3,1745221
qa2CGQac the SmolAdult (m)2,9425221
IWPAY(IWPAY)Adult (m)3,5114502
gGXZs(gGXZs)Adult (m)3,0704200
MLFZWAngery FireryeAdult (f)2,6764463
QlSieQisie the FuriousAdult (f)3,6524212
byY4r(byY4r)Adult (m)3,9464793
XS6IM(XS6IM)Adult (f)3,9874231
mlsvg(mlsvg)Adult (f)5,0844402
ML6EsBlooms with AtrophyAdult (m)2,6025452
dMiFG(dMiFG)Adult (m)4,4496630
VlGuv(VlGuv)Adult (m)4,1266680
c0bUJCubuj the GloriedAdult (m)5,5287712
rebkw(rebkw)Adult (m)3,8004162
CuxKY(CuxKY)Adult (m)4,9655372
dSjqH(dSjqH)Adult (m)3,3735771
i3Xrc(i3Xrc)Adult (m)3,2205291
Uy0cjBinaries are lameAdult (m)4,9624871
JkkAfI am so many colorsAdult (m)4,1864722
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