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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shadoe666,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Vw8IAArgentum AmoreAdult (m)5,3271,2526
6nzFQSand Polished ScalesAdult (m)5,8306496
22F0jFire Shone ScalesAdult (f)5,3526827
TC5ylPrisms of SandAdult (f)5,06687318
5qdTCStratus-WingsAdult (m)3,7417923
xQYEXSunny-SkiesAdult (m)3,3375236
ytKv88 KiloWatts in the WaterAdult (m)4,6531,02520
FcaMMPractice makes PerfectAdult (m)3,5978262
NcczVCodes are CoolAdult (m)6,7401,2223
dwyD3Soul-WhispererAdult (m)4,7241,4524
DVv2wSpirit-SoulAdult (m)3,1761,2501
HwjAnTreasured-Magic of HealingHeartsAdult (m)5,5191,3608
P6DoWPearlescent Flute of Dream SongsAdult (f)6,6419875
kcLekThe Whispering of Song in SoulsAdult (f)6,6491,3364
ABwM3(ABwM3)Adult (f)3,9191,2822
dB06T(dB06T)Adult (m)4,9391,3167
daK0UFool's-Golden TreasureAdult (f)3,4499892
feZABRough-Yet ShinyAdult (m)5,1881,0251
sjajvSpeckled Throat and Shiny ScalesAdult (m)5,0541,0561
0AbTIShining Jewel in the NightAdult (f)4,9051,4044
fZksCNot THAT kind of STDAdult (m)5,9001,1025
zoUxONo-I am not AIDs or HerpesAdult (m)5,8731,1193
IHPHIMirrorMirrorrorriMrorriMAdult (f)7,5981,0213
35PmiFalse Arum ShineAdult (m)6,4881,3253
NexMtC h e c k e r sAdult (m)6,6891,5343
Yx8HSReflectionssnointcelfeRAdult (f)5,2471,4092
Ewcd4Like a Rock Crushing A BirdAdult (m)3,1851,0622
voccYRockslide on the MountainAdult (m)3,2678922
MDzVgLand FallAdult (m)5,5511,1073
t6QYxGolden-SnowflakeAdult (m)3,9141,0541
CZRWPAurora-SnowAdult (f)3,2591,0041
21V6NTiger-Flower of Dorkface ThuwedsAdult (f)4,5151,0383
6ST5CClouds Before the Thunder-ClapAdult (f)5,2161,2592
0BDRlGolden-Shine on Puffy CloudsAdult (m)6,2241,0055
2C6blThis Dragon Has Bright-StripesAdult (f)3,8889062
Lj8AvPure White-Paper Lined With GoldAdult (f)4,7541,0422
nvzsqSnowflakes on EyelashesAdult (f)4,0471,0441
2iMfWLetter StationaryAdult (f)7,9731,3581
Jt4a8A Mirror into the PastAdult (f)5,9941,0721
Tr58dLemon and Peppermint Candy StickAdult (f)7,0971,0901
YcmdlStripes and SpotsAdult (f)6,6991,4163
KetHzGolden-PoisenAdult (f)3,0739952
lmWRGShadow-GoldAdult (m)2,7451,0433
JQwVSGolden-ArsenicAdult (m)3,5611,3162
whkrTColorful Burns on Pale ScalesAdult (m)3,5209072
9S9NiWarmth Comes from WithinAdult (f)3,2059453
p3evoDawn-SongAdult (f)4,8721,2983
QjnM0(QjnM0)Adult (f)2,8957275
2ku41Twilight-HorizonAdult (m)3,6638022
ISRKQNight-SongAdult (f)4,1881,1062
hvSzjEvening-StarAdult (f)7,9031,7672
nZDNBForbidden-Love of Night and DayAdult (m)5,3341,1452
XnoxoLost Nighttime-Dream of ThuwedsAdult (m)3,6477593
QY7vjGolden-Sunset of the HeavensAdult (m)7,1248651
SV179Sinful Love at SunsetAdult (m)5,6691,2013
eY4ZEAn Eternal SunsetAdult (m)2,8517594
TGBwrRadiant Sunset of SummerAdult (m)8,54686912
J8GzWDawn's-Glory of the Great Iota'sAdult (f)3,7049554
aJKYARadient-StreakAdult (m)3,5001,0851
MRAKvIridescent-Gold SunAdult (m)5,2201,0323
ji0cDFlashy-Vanity Aren't IAdult (f)3,3061,0262
WWVPbAmphitheater of Silver NotesAdult (f)9,2491,5753
5BF1vLucky SerpentAdult (m)4,4781,1823
AOYLcSun Song after the Thunder SongAdult (f)6,1787411
DEKxHStorm and Sun SongAdult (m)5,5557601
ivKXHThunder During a Sunny DayAdult (m)6,6321,3474
OePgiThe Sun Shall Never SetAdult (m)6,1641,4114
IHPVUCycle of Sun and StormsAdult (m)5,3731,1652
MaqTVFlashy Lightning in a StormAdult (f)5,0061,2733
7ROeTDecreasing in IntensityAdult (f)4,8081,3135
Ix9km(Ix9km)Adult (f)2,4025781
sjFg7Ember-StoneAdult (m)3,4578944
e6OO7Appolo's-SteedAdult (m)4,4191,1591
smjCdSun Warmed StoneAdult (m)5,5221,3441
LOizoLazy Cat in the SunAdult (f)2,8715639
3NoZYHighly NozyAdult (f)2,5735708
EkSHiTropic-SongAdult (m)3,7839823
cJFe0Swallowtail-Jig of Two ViolinsAdult (m)3,2889592
5a4WgThree-Elements Water Earth WindAdult (m)3,1196441
1qdBXTwin-Tails of the GreatMigrationAdult (f)6,2061,3915
Jdti4Schizanthus-Porrigens FlowersAdult (f)4,6569533
wOHWqA Small Butterfly on the StoneAdult (m)5,9495123
SGFE3Light Passing Through Thin WingsAdult (m)5,4248451
kWDFPButterfly's Dragon WingsAdult (f)4,6738461
ZyMNcFragile Wings-Iron WillAdult (m)3,1708733
Lx2DkDull-Yet SweetAdult (f)5,2221,3083
e02H8A Butterfly With Stony WingsAdult (f)4,8119472
P1oavSparrow Tail DragonAdult (m)3,1598185
h8XIDIn Case of an EarthquakeAdult (f)3,0678135
sKCEaTemptation of Gold FruitAdult (f)3,8759251
1y7G6Green Things can SparkleAdult (m)3,6078213
0xWWgFruits Make You ShineAdult (m)3,7147861
ubC12Golden Cornucopia of ProvisionsAdult (f)3,6598132
gCFsmChrome's-FirstAdult (m)4,0601,0962
7eN5dStrange Koi Fish in a Sea PondAdult (m)7,1331,0771
fS5csKoi EggsAdult (m)6,7431,3693
TRtYqFrilly Fishy With Shiny ScalesAdult (f)5,7591,1598
HEOLEHEOLEAdult (m)4,7271,2274
SUtIXXX Took My Wings or Lost-WingsAdult (f)4,2521,1537
RIBPGGreen-Leaf TimeAdult (m)3,1721,0751
GTMzRStory of the Thunder-God StormsAdult (m)6,5161,2257
1bY2dMonseir-Aremis the FaithfulAdult (m)7,9041,5126
30Of6Assasin-Lord of the ThunderfieldAdult (f)3,7101,2249
cvqFLLiberty Song in the Storm-RuinsAdult (f)5,6421,5645
VSrTDQueen Catherine de MediciAdult (f)4,1775802
IQKNxGreat Mind of the Great PowersAdult (f)3,6981,1653
9qNHOLucky Storm on the DroughtAdult (f)5,6921,2422
MGTOgKing Henri II of FranceAdult (m)5,1411,4094
t7oECLightning in the Dark CloudAdult (f)5,4211,1343
7W2pRBloody-SoulAdult (m)4,6171,3712
pwJGfSunny Coasts and Clear Red-SkiesAdult (m)4,3681,0325
X5NfhThe Sunset on Turning-TidesAdult (f)3,6749103
xkS6AClear Skies Raining BloodAdult (m)3,5108770
yquINQuin Scallops in the BayAdult (m)3,3948762
2RADs2-Rad for FlyingAdult (f)3,4347763
KMvmMAgressive-CharmAdult (f)4,3031,1741
j464XThree-SwordsAdult (f)2,9321,0372
NSOZyWar of the Horned-HurricaneAdult (f)4,2889237
shEgmWarning-BITESAdult (m)7,9395453
uEZA5Strange Arcane SymbolsAdult (f)4,7997833
C8EdQTyphoon-EyeAdult (m)2,7139452
YEH91Great-TidesAdult (m)3,5031,0094
8WKnLRipples before the Giant-WaveAdult (m)5,7131,6152
ih4jQGolden SunShine onthe Blue-OceanAdult (m)5,4581,3715
xIJAOMirages on the Shiny-BeachAdult (m)3,8271,0673
KTiukDangers of the Enchanting-SeaAdult (m)2,9757203
HLIojHello Shadow-Wave of Wee DragonsAdult (f)6,2861,7251
u6xjvShimmer-Wave the TenthAdult (f)3,6029232
vXq5YOutcast-GemAdult (m)4,1711,1104
cPM9qand if you wrong us do we notAdult (f)2,60654710
VAlQXNothing Wrong with being WierdAdult (m)3,8368873
Dv5oHDull-BrillianceAdult (m)4,2031,3521
yLRqvPatch of Blue in the StormAdult (m)3,3961,0942
3Mu6YQuad-Wings and Quad-StripeAdult (f)5,7731,1293
F0GQoFoggy-BrillianceAdult (m)4,9751,3514
TMdGkTradeMark Epic Tinsel-WingsAdult (f)5,2101,0457
wsu4jForgotten-GloryoftheIncomingNewAdult (m)8,7621,3282
vEZzXBright-Blue and Purple ShimAdult (f)5,7461,2693
yjioBNeo and Nhio-Whats da DifferenceAdult (m)7,4961,3032
Z5DSlNoble Mage of Many MarksAdult (m)6,0911,0453
Q4ACDStripes of PowerAdult (m)6,2821,1802
NM9AoPractice makes PermanentAdult (m)3,4459122
7fRw7Butt StripesAdult (m)3,1678605
Bzm1bInvisible-SpectrumAdult (f)2,9381,0452
F73ExUndine DragonsAdult (m)1,9446623
nSrfaWater ManipulatorAdult (f)3,3009801
EmnaYMage of All MoistureAdult (m)3,5399611
YiTiYWizardry of WaterAdult (f)3,3589744
K0TqvWater SpeakerAdult (f)3,4699883
2c34EGreat Monster of Loch NessAdult (f)3,3839573
dDlEsDragonic Water NymphAdult (m)3,4579794
nAfguUndies on the Laundry LineAdult (f)6,3011,2111
KkKpeSoggy PantiesAdult (f)5,0041,1892
uMkKfMy Panties are SoakedAdult (m)5,6301,1721
GQ6GHI See Your Wet UnderpantsAdult (f)4,8431,3928
PPjkZI See London-I See FranceAdult (m)4,8411,3787
k86fTMy Name is Already in UseAdult (f)6,4391,2325
m8YaJMUST PRACTICEAdult (m)3,1518772
4UsriTorn UndiesAdult (f)3,7209623
AoQNHBoxers and BoyshortsAdult (m)5,2311,1411
ShmNE(ShmNE)Adult (m)5,7231,0455
D2cQNBikinis and HipstersAdult (m)4,2439742
ExYGE(ExYGE)Adult (f)5,3141,2762
UrdEaGolden UndiesAdult (f)4,9261,3916
5G6bYGlorious UndiesAdult (m)6,3081,3191
SD37m(SD37m)Adult (m)5,6711,0463
Gfb2SPure-Love of Those Who CareAdult (f)5,9141,5821
TBqr8Gem and Chocolate Loving-PassionAdult (m)7,3311,8504
wg4uBStrong-Survivor of HIVs and AIDsAdult (m)3,6151,2572
rCZrUDark Lost-Love of PastValentinesAdult (m)3,7731,3741
gZbUZSilver Sugar-Cube of TardinessAdult (m)5,6941,7863
oQ5ZLSweet-Laughter Heals HeartsAdult (f)7,2461,8043
ad5xlSmall-Blossom in the Gold LeavesAdult (f)6,0601,8392
uXNWGCarefree-Princess of ManySuitorsAdult (f)5,0868476
f2e2FJoy Felt With Bouquets-n-RibbonsAdult (f)3,8361,2056
SQIwMHidden-Love of All GenderDragonsAdult (m)6,7311,5186
ImLRaAngel's-Heart of Gold PassionsAdult (m)3,2531,0412
xfy7sValuable-Love and Luck of FriendAdult (f)5,6651,6162
mmZoCStrong Greater-LoveAdult (f)4,9841,0104
gKiVHGolden-Triumph of Lost LoveAdult (f)4,8841,5866
gO2HkFirst-Love of a Young DragonAdult (m)5,4071,3713
ms9evBetrayed-Trust and Broken HeartAdult (m)4,7371,2883
XMFU1Death-SongAdult (f)3,5081,0971
Okx2xPhantom-MaskAdult (m)2,9971,0992
x2KoEForgive Me My LoveAdult (f)3,3381,0383
T4Nf6Immortality's-CurseAdult (f)3,0758982
GL6qZTrapped in my MindAdult (f)3,2729293
3L8gYDead-Spirit Living-HeartAdult (f)3,2259672
FpYrFBloody Bruised BiteAdult (m)3,9051,0813
RptEvRepeating-Forever PainAdult (f)2,4408474
cxCW3CX I Remember-LaughingAdult (m)4,0581,0094
WyDlRDomia abr Wyrda My Chosen-FateAdult (m)3,6621,1352
WYf67Bad Luck of the Golden-LightAdult (m)6,1171,0746
AAuwpAlone and Broken-HeartedAdult (f)4,7701,1713
58e6QGhost of the Pains-PastAdult (f)6,4881,8451
SyR44Killing-Forte of the Black MoonAdult (m)3,6746856
3HRQSA Torn Up RoseAdult (m)4,9501,3043
BpsNMFailed Life Painful DeathAdult (m)6,2907816
bN9MD(bN9MD)Adult (f)2,8836103
bOkkYLapis-FinsAdult (f)4,2641,1093
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