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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Shadoe666,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0PBpILucky God of the Eastern-SkiesAdult (f)8,4421,67315
T9LxnFrom One Shining-Sea to AnotherAdult (f)5,4931,3857
rJuUjA Marbled EffectAdult (m)8,5699488
3C9DLStalking in the Name of LoveAdult (m)7,7881,3195
RIuN4Fiery-Anger of the Low LuckedAdult (f)8,7571,25126
w4FWZAsian Bronze New-Years DancerAdult (m)6,0681,42916
67k1sHard-Heart of Shadowed StoneAdult (m)6,6201,32410
hNRdCLion Hunter the NinthAdult (m)8,6031,1139
VmuAlThe 7 Mystic SeasAdult (m)5,0401,3866
SsN6dPurple-RibbonAdult (m)4,1661,0632
UnGcfViolet-PinAdult (m)3,5311,1092
28Bb8Imperial-Purple ApothecaryAdult (m)2,5158582
UgnEwDoctor's-Nurse and LoverAdult (f)4,01690510
D2Dz3Forgotten Lost Love Black-HeartAdult (f)4,4971,0193
Tg4wXPurple Rhymes with MurpleAdult (m)8,3271,5264
PbEqqA Miniature PumpkinAdult (f)7,0121,3812
Hv95LWee Little HummingbirdAdult (m)3,1016028
kiKcrPygmy Orange PumpkinAdult (m)4,3189362
T0OQDBright-Flame that Attracts MothsAdult (m)4,8241,0261
6PMfLEncompassing Glow of the SunAdult (f)3,3164571
1kTeLA Thousand Miles to Call on YouAdult (m)6,7921,3595
NgYY3Candles Burn Brighter if DarkAdult (f)5,2021,1186
jn210Shadow's-ShadeAdult (m)4,1001,0574
kxiIWstarting pair male 1 xAdult (m)4,3221,3302
Qlvzostarting pair male 2xAdult (m)4,7361,4194
hzEGrstarting pair female 1 xAdult (f)5,2271,4492
Mxq8Jstarting pair male 3xAdult (m)4,5011,2312
GYNchYou Know the TalesAdult (m)5,0871,0646
H5qSMstarting pair female 15Adult (f)4,1629915
64soLstarting pair female 3xAdult (f)8,5171,5744
rMy9qstarting pair male 8 xAdult (m)2,6966841
0N1olstarting pair female 5Adult (f)4,2353174
Zk9Ykstarting pair male 4 xAdult (m)3,3462403
k62THstarting pair female 6Adult (f)3,8113713
M7Os4starting pair female 7 xAdult (f)4,3497393
tGKulstarting pair female 8 xAdult (f)5,8361,0952
DHMHistarting pair male 5Adult (m)4,7001,1281
VUSLFstarting pair female 9Adult (f)7,3981,1301
K0gRwstarting pair female 10Adult (f)2,1485591
0MdDkstarting pair female 11Adult (f)3,8664354
fTMr5starting pair female 12Adult (f)3,6697132
Qg12astarting pair male 6Adult (m)2,9805522
L8fiRstarting pair female 13Adult (f)2,5005022
kSDRJstarting pair female 4 xAdult (f)3,4949481
3bynEstarting pair male 7 xAdult (m)3,8429123
Cl7Jqstarting pair female 2xAdult (f)6,4541,2942
oz4bIstarting pair female 16Adult (f)5,2299032
aOju6starting pair male 9Adult (m)5,3049292
KqUCvStarting Pair male 10Adult (m)7,7821,0623
05q1pstarting pair male 11Adult (m)7,1941,3053
JwPWk2 gen mist 1Adult (m)7,5451,2463
OSc5l2 gen mist 4Adult (f)7,8031,2532
JRWZV2 gen mist 7Adult (m)7,5621,2264
m30TfA Broken CallAdult (m)7,3911,2804
TQXdIstarting pair male 12Adult (m)5,6571,3084
GNnTZstarting pair female 17Adult (f)4,6059933
xhR7EStarting Pair Female 18Adult (f)3,5913713
CW9Z3starting pair female 19Adult (f)6,6321,0656
BVL3sstarting pair male 13Adult (m)2,4047363
crNmkstarting pair male 14Adult (m)3,8341,0453
FlLIzstarting pair female 20Adult (f)4,2961,1073
5oymnstarting pair male 15Adult (m)6,7591,1153
O1BBIA Dark Hallows EveAdult (m)8,1901,1903
LFcYtstarting pair female 21Adult (f)7,2101,3172
0Ae4nstarting pair female 22Adult (f)6,0941,4653
8cAaEstarting pair male 16Adult (m)5,3551,4432
Lp3wRstarting pair female 23Adult (f)4,2718801
nk1Erstarting pair female 24Adult (f)4,4408701
aDIi4starting pair female 26Adult (f)5,0081,2142
E0m0Kstarting pair female 25Adult (f)4,9661,2093
hN0WJstarting pair female 27Adult (f)3,0544775
WQ6ZBstarting pair male 17Adult (m)4,6348985
aHLCIstarting pair female 28Adult (f)6,7931,5136
ALNk8A Bright Candle in the JackAdult (f)3,0056662
bKovJ2 gen mist 2Adult (f)3,5948042
HFsVV2 gen mist 3Adult (m)3,7258531
VzY3T2 gen mist 8Adult (f)3,5868292
uM9bestarting pair female 29Adult (f)4,4639636
dufqnStarting pair male 18Adult (m)5,5871,2175
DqVvJstarting pair male 19Adult (m)5,6501,4194
FdrZjHallow'een Ghost StoryAdult (m)6,3721,1922
nY83uPumpkin Without a CandleAdult (f)5,4331,1622
CMan9An Unlit Lantern on a Bad NightAdult (f)6,1991,1391
wzMzwstarting pair male 20Adult (m)5,5901,2343
3krjTStarting Pair Male 21Adult (m)3,47970211
QhzPp(QhzPp)Adult (m)5,2831,2544
mni1MSmall-Flame of Great HeatAdult (m)2,7828805
s1qZEThis Tiny-Dragon is HEAVYAdult (m)4,9481,0301
T63BsPeriwinkle Size Periwinkle BlueAdult (f)4,6281,1546
LYHHM(LYHHM)Adult (m)3,7588261
Lc22oSea Pearl of the Sand and SprayAdult (m)2,9238551
frW46Ocean Wyrm PygmyAdult (f)4,8001,1962
KWkpB(KWkpB)Adult (m)2,1176492
cIb2t(cIb2t)Adult (m)3,2908202
zrncM(zrncM)Adult (f)2,6517581
GHxwj(GHxwj)Adult (m)2,5747864
zU3yB(zU3yB)Adult (f)3,3368254
h21SRTo whoever who has found thisAdult (m)4,4921,0571
eCZTeEgg's-CaretakerAdult (m)3,2621,0512
wykuqFlameless-RubyAdult (f)3,0981,0681
gtwyiRuby-FlamesAdult (m)2,6589841
s8emOEgg-WarmerAdult (f)4,0911,1863
EJRQhthe AP- so someone could have anAdult (m)4,2101,0911
8Sd4AA Kind Loving-FatherAdult (m)3,6748822
SCeBhUnrequited-Love of Fire and IceAdult (f)3,3709072
pAc0BBloody-Victory of WarAdult (f)4,5321,0693
T9FkUHot-Weather Climate TreesAdult (f)4,5209123
WWVxqBig and Lazy and IncubatorAdult (m)2,7847921
kdOgZextra incubate- please love itAdult (f)3,1568031
MG3KOThree Kilometers till HomeAdult (m)2,9711,0401
VAHdSBroken CheckerBoard in FlamesAdult (m)8,7861,2173
W7SqSegg- I have bred this just forAdult (f)6,1406624
SBtwvFlames semalFAdult (m)4,8401,4164
T3nqBJazzy Dance of FlamesAdult (f)4,4898332
dRcA9The Army of FlamesAdult (f)3,8816912
cISQxand maybe even give it a nameAdult (m)4,8491,0884
JWxLDENJOY-Shadoe666Adult (f)5,0471,1106
brmolLattice WorksAdult (f)6,4926395
Olq6jHidden in HistoryAdult (f)6,2531,1455
MAB3KUnbelievable IncubateAdult (f)6,5271,1933
t1TlYRed-Orange Means Very Hot FlameAdult (f)7,0337652
KQeifMagma and Ice Give Life to FlameAdult (m)6,5881,1164
Y4SbCBroken Dance and Tired ClawsAdult (m)5,4916601
tsSBcI Get the Job DoneAdult (m)5,5901,0374
LC6nQA Useful Christmas PresentAdult (f)6,2601,3615
3exAxIt's UnbelievableAdult (m)5,6761,1193
waCPcPuff Smoke on the EggsAdult (f)4,9961,2253
PkFGWFauna-RidgeAdult (m)3,4361,0631
XFa9YWounded-FlightAdult (m)4,5301,1323
ddr6dDream-Catcher and KeeperAdult (m)3,1021,0551
xIbtUShining-Dancers Have Nothin onMeAdult (f)4,2358562
z0k00Z0-k00l I've got WingsAdult (m)3,7388656
pOgD2If Dreams-Die I Cannot FlyAdult (f)3,4131,0601
fFyEbPale-Golden LiningAdult (m)7,0311,6429
x7cIqGold Flecks in the Great SandsAdult (f)4,9941,2316
GNDRGPale Winds On the MountainsideAdult (f)6,7751,3792
dMqFpBlue-SpiralAdult (m)3,7311,0902
fCxDoSilver Thunder-Cloud in the AirAdult (f)6,3871,5352
iKMu7Tinsel-Star of the TwilightAdult (f)5,4581,4632
XsHfZStar-Gazer of the Royal BluesAdult (f)4,1411,0993
VkpkfMoonlit-Star of Royal MagicAdult (f)4,8581,3184
I6p5EReflections Invert the TrueWorldAdult (m)6,8911,0571
4x5gT4 Moons in a Cloudless SkyAdult (m)3,9181,0961
xS0VSScarlet-Royalty IIAdult (m)2,6971,0632
2NCjDScarlet-Letter of Broken RoyalsAdult (m)2,9015721
2c09YRoyal-NapTime Lazy RedAdult (m)2,8727021
A4t0oScarlet-Star of a Moonlit PastAdult (m)4,2281,1015
hgTLQBloody Luck and GloryAdult (f)2,6326782
lyItJDim Light Shining TonightAdult (f)2,4025222
DmvduRoyal Red Star of the Night SkyAdult (m)4,0599933
1QacHEastern and Western Royal PrinceAdult (f)7,5511,2561
0XSDdLazy Progress of the MoonAdult (f)8,2071,1052
ZhP9XA Bloody Compass RoseAdult (m)8,0951,3214
OCbZaRed and Gold Baubles on a WreathAdult (f)5,2931,4845
iK1fGSpring's Warm LaughterAdult (m)4,1338362
y6dXBSpring Shoots Bloom into FlowersAdult (m)3,5579682
Ze88KWith Melting Snow Comes SpringAdult (f)4,9881,3694
J9wxcWings of MadnessAdult (f)9,6038911
C0WWwA Spring CowAdult (m)5,0537152
nchpsThe Beginning of a New SpringAdult (m)4,7927785
sQ1ikThe Changing World ThuwedAdult (m)4,9411,0876
kvTYNA Set Apart SeasonAdult (m)6,3381,0612
sINaRDelicate Pink FlowerAdult (f)7,4491,3883
x7Sy7Fragrant GardenAdult (m)5,1908082
zfycdLate Spring DorkFaceAdult (f)6,7771,3882
poy0GFreaky HumidityAdult (f)6,7301,3555
di0TULost Memories of YouthAdult (f)3,1981,2416
jA2VzCherished Memories of HappinessAdult (m)3,2731,2693
yegc9Autumn Leaves Lost on the TreesAdult (f)3,4501,2082
tYQWZSum-mer-tiiiiimeAdult (m)5,3411,2254
1Y5E6Summer Sun in the FunAdult (f)6,6491,3012
NR91A42 Bunches of Leaves on MeAdult (m)6,2111,2622
CVwxEAnd the Living is Ea-syAdult (f)5,8021,3321
xLJVHIs it bad to be differentAdult (f)3,2309191
3HcGI(3HcGI)Adult (m)2,3065524
o61PyAutumn's-LeavesAdult (f)3,3239875
lA42hVivaldi's-WinterAdult (f)3,7921,1852
UG3hnIn the Pure-White SnowAdult (f)3,5501,1723
UI7FfA Golden-Shine on Winter SnowAdult (f)4,5481,0513
ERUEOFeathery Snow-Gale over EuropeAdult (m)3,8098372
mPKhAVivaldi's SeasonsAdult (f)3,6713956
LCT3OWar-BeakAdult (m)4,8361,1924
xfsqAFight-Bite Claw for Your LifeAdult (f)4,7901,0424
27JM5(27JM5)Adult (m)2,7954773
kF9VTSilver-Lining of AshThunderCloudAdult (m)5,7771,2485
XAF2ZExcess-Frills onthe Silver DressAdult (f)6,0591,4894
bGnwPSilver-Leaves on the GlowingTreeAdult (f)4,3401,1839
XeCDGAg Argentum Healing-GlowAdult (f)5,5841,05214
SRMD8Treasure in the Strangest PlaceAdult (m)3,4597038
473VwTums Cures my Stomach AchesAdult (f)6,7861,40312
rYJMtSilver PinesAdult (m)7,7381,2076
Yyi4I(Yyi4I)Adult (m)6,1921,15512
xLz6T(xLz6T)Adult (f)6,9511,05311
TvjCMA Glowing LoveAdult (m)5,3841,23412
fJFDpA Glowing HeartAdult (f)5,1801,26012
VKUkXShifting in and Out of the MistAdult (f)6,0081,3777
x1aqvThe Treasure of FriendshipAdult (m)4,5194888
6fjOlLast GlowAdult (m)4,5919118
H18sAGlowing in the DeepAdult (f)2,72834111
VAXdSGlow of IlluminationAdult (f)5,3271,2956
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