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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • 2015 Halloween Event
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  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Saixmedrik,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
f03Gl(f03Gl)Adult (f)8,4631,0580
DA72CB Mini MintAdult (f)1,44870325
vznm(vznm)Adult (m)1,4631,0216
92jvOCB Tiny MintAdult (m)6,3777492
5Sao7CB Mint SyrupAdult (m)4,9316891
NP33wCB Mint LeafAdult (f)4,4909681
evxCBCB Minty SweetieAdult (f)2,4086740
GJI2H(GJI2H)Adult (m)3,6539640
NdmL2(NdmL2)Adult (f)3,6508013
9tETHCB Disco DrakeAdult (m)3,9765450
QCW29CB Rainbow GorgeousAdult (f)3,8395040
1FKksCB Spectrum ScatteredAdult (m)3,8745150
rqHD9CB Mint BreezeAdult (m)3,5674361
RRO8I(RRO8I)Adult (f)6,5858690
pgZi8(pgZi8)Adult (m)4,9718960
PD4m7(PD4m7)Adult (f)3,3087051
hYjNq(hYjNq)Adult (m)3,4597061
eifrf(eifrf)Adult (m)3,8167471
NizJ9(NizJ9)Adult (f)3,7787530
rQAiz(rQAiz)Adult (m)6,9006561
Opl98(Opl98)Adult (f)6,5175280
1rqeW(1rqeW)Adult (m)4,5648440
YXBOo(YXBOo)Adult (m)3,7937440
0wnLb(0wnLb)Adult (f)3,0277641
T7bXK(T7bXK)Adult (m)5,5891,5312
YEgdC(YEgdC)Adult (f)4,8404031
aG56H(aG56H)Adult (f)3,4044673
ZqXDoCB Artemis GuardianAdult (m)5,1097840
8MY65CB Lunar LightAdult (f)5,8208724
8gYOYCB TsukiAdult (f)5,3263560
IeXBJCB CallistoAdult (m)5,1087551
0vg2cCB TitanAdult (m)4,5836160
a6qXJCB White MoonlightAdult (f)3,8544390
W929s(W929s)Adult (f)4,9491,0650
lUIoB(lUIoB)Adult (f)3,0538160
ORwTR(ORwTR)Adult (m)3,1138201
VxVLT(VxVLT)Adult (m)4,3176540
ijcV3(ijcV3)Adult (m)4,0018671
MVuAs(MVuAs)Adult (m)3,1688110
472fr(472fr)Adult (m)3,1648230
20zs0(20zs0)Adult (m)3,6157271
fpETCB Galaxian CloakAdult (m)3,3529662
CfJkCB Nightsky VelvetAdult (m)7,4691,1514
9K40(9K40)Adult (m)4,9036210
pU5p(pU5p)Adult (f)6,1161,0451
aeO5(aeO5)Adult (f)4,0488720
Uqbi(Uqbi)Adult (m)3,9856053
Qqqno(Qqqno)Adult (m)2,9884321
s9IoW(s9IoW)Adult (f)4,3173823
qlgFASolar Velvet IIAdult (m)4,2204251
SglpSCB Astro CloakAdult (f)5,0553370
dMDJC(dMDJC)Adult (f)3,9396363
YsOcYCB Violet GalaxyAdult (m)5,4179412
wHBo9PB Solar Velvet IIAdult (m)3,7144350
GMQ3pCB Oceanic GalaxyAdult (f)6,7287310
1w1lOCB Velvet StarsAdult (m)4,5241,0500
T82QqCB Cosmic BlueAdult (f)4,5581,1172
iMjEACB Violet WaveAdult (m)5,1796610
U60Mo(U60Mo)Adult (m)4,9989630
CXJHC(CXJHC)Adult (f)4,0209321
V3qly(V3qly)Adult (f)4,5209020
19AI(19AI)Hatchling (m, F)5,8597622
cbs5G(cbs5G)Adult (f)3,5193921
t4s6C(t4s6C)Adult (m)5,7971,2856
IYQHt(IYQHt)Adult (f)5,5165972
CWRhR(CWRhR)Adult (m)6,4116865
8oQJACB Solar StormAdult (f)6,7869790
92GusCB StarlightAdult (m)4,5393390
6Aud6Red Storm IIAdult (f)3,3366431
BKhQTCB Red CosmosAdult (f)4,4934090
s72EFCB Cosmic EchoAdult (f)4,4388690
isARpCB Ruby GalaxyAdult (f)5,6469051
51mUvCB Cosmic WaveAdult (f)4,2388920
wumpRCB Garnet AndromedaAdult (f)5,9736330
syXPd(syXPd)Adult (f)5,8898701
66KWS(66KWS)Adult (m)3,4739390
suPnCB Amazon StripesAdult (f)2,9109147
TLOc(TLOc)Adult (f)2,4137873
4p68(4p68)Adult (m)2,1858523
X7WO(X7WO)Adult (m)2,1289592
IH7KH(IH7KH)Adult (f)4,0111,0360
5kBM(5kBM)Hatchling (f, F)2,0726632
DtwxXCB Broken NeutralityAdult (m)3,0438540
tiIzCCB Balance CorrosionAdult (f)3,0568481
k7l8x(k7l8x)Adult (m)3,6287352
IxX5pCB Furious ExistenceAdult (m)4,9186860
6Xq15CB Dual InstabilityAdult (f)4,3096620
d75l5(d75l5)Adult (f)3,9767160
wPBtZ(wPBtZ)Adult (m)4,7226550
MwE9y(MwE9y)Adult (f)4,7516570
TEhqp(TEhqp)Adult (m)5,4315550
3qGGW(3qGGW)Adult (f)4,3187150
XpJp4(XpJp4)Adult (m)3,3627661
EUSAM(EUSAM)Adult (f)3,6308423
X223aCB Majestic PurpleAdult (m)3,2109440
WGRNYCB Royal PurpleAdult (f)3,7648400
OzV0BCB Indigo QueenAdult (f)4,1438420
PbRSbCB Twilight PrinceAdult (m)4,5038720
mK5dc(mK5dc)Adult (m)4,5518881
FmvyuCB Twilight FabricAdult (f)4,2928563
4cHsR(4cHsR)Adult (f)5,6131,1732
RS8y9(RS8y9)Adult (m)4,4569470
862XN(862XN)Adult (m)4,0138820
qf1Z(qf1Z)Adult (f)5,1046310
doPXCB GoranAdult (m)5,1256290
oV1UCCB YamaAdult (m)3,9805500
mDYtHCB PyreneesAdult (f)7,5401,2462
6IH2CB Stone CurseAdult (m)2,1769852
WefJCB Marble WingsAdult (f)2,0669323
JV0v(JV0v)Adult (m)1,3656160
ivYJ(ivYJ)Adult (f)5,7364872
PS8Z(PS8Z)Adult (f)2,8189064
0luOCB Butter DrakeAdult (f)2,6079074
Qsh2CB Cheesy DrakeAdult (m)1,6345872
jr0O(jr0O)Adult (m)2,8719153
ijEm(ijEm)Adult (m)2,8529954
rN9ZCB Caramel DrakeAdult (m)1,7246702
gtdYCB Custard DrakeAdult (f)1,7896952
TYR0D(TYR0D)Adult (f)5,4547353
glxXd(glxXd)Adult (f)4,2459300
lDMts(lDMts)Adult (m)5,5509872
CACvoCB Wild MuskAdult (f)5,9138504
KoSsECB Fierce LeavesAdult (m)5,8768469
2hJAi(2hJAi)Adult (f)5,9919311
YeeV8CB Hidden OliveAdult (m)4,2684140
pRodvCB Musk RiseAdult (f)3,1874470
A1ZIO(A1ZIO)Adult (m)5,2369230
ERoTe(ERoTe)Adult (f)3,3028382
ozPra(ozPra)Adult (m)3,3678350
419u7(419u7)Adult (m)3,3088360
aOX7u(aOX7u)Adult (f)3,2988330
sS9aZ(sS9aZ)Adult (m)3,2808400
1fwBF(1fwBF)Hatchling (F)4,4587832
CDYMCB FluffzillaAdult (f)5,7565041
aq9LCB Fur BallAdult (m)5,2696341
bfA3v(bfA3v)Adult (f)3,9934411
gFOGj(gFOGj)Adult (m)6,5456290
aEd7qCB Fur PillowAdult (m)4,5526890
QBl1ACB QuizillaAdult (f)4,3543740
9TNlp(9TNlp)Adult (f)5,8931,1305
38cSv(38cSv)Adult (m)7,0001,0201
cx60j(cx60j)Adult (m)3,9838752
TJnj(TJnj)Adult (f)1,47971027
AFDRCB Radiant PinkAdult (f)1,66672922
Iwho(Iwho)Adult (f)1,16643927
RuyV(RuyV)Adult (f)1,1168053
20eV(20eV)Adult (m)2,1271,2722
l05ECB Sugar PetalAdult (m)2,9459232
6tPNCB Strawberry CoffeeAdult (m)2,1316962
oHp2(oHp2)Adult (m)3,7797184
oCZrE(oCZrE)Adult (f)4,1433771
IlJOTPB Sugar PinkAdult (f)6,0427851
FdsDt(FdsDt)Adult (m)7,7408381
XO3XLCB Dawn DustAdult (m)6,4571,0360
96GkbPB Radiant DustAdult (m)8,1318652
PAEImCB Cerise SparkAdult (m)6,5496991
n0fDqPB Radiant SparkAdult (f)4,9541,0152
egX4ICB Pink MoonAdult (f)4,8575262
eN0noCB Pink SyrupAdult (m)7,8831,3122
0uTPdCB Breeze of DawnAdult (m)5,6668106
LH9WbPink CoffeeAdult (f)4,1134542
rpTUVBlue Sugar IIIAdult (f)3,9775511
Rf655PB Breeze of MoonAdult (f)3,5654780
vSoQWCB Pink IcingAdult (f)3,7546780
iDRkBCB Pink CurlAdult (m)5,8746530
DTiAX(DTiAX)Adult (m)4,2891,1271
kRSHV(kRSHV)Adult (m)5,5561,3670
KoxHB(KoxHB)Adult (m)4,7271,0650
hFYfy(hFYfy)Adult (m)4,7971,0950
UYLIw(UYLIw)Adult (f)4,2191,0010
mEsYa(mEsYa)Adult (f)6,0858620
UGtL6(UGtL6)Adult (m)3,5729110
REWXG(REWXG)Adult (m)4,2798460
KZY3i(KZY3i)Adult (f)3,5091,2110
0BGQH(0BGQH)Adult (f)4,6391,3035
sc9Kk(sc9Kk)Adult (f)4,7671,2752
NPcZn(NPcZn)Adult (f)4,5301,4320
wohDl(wohDl)Adult (m)4,6439091
z1cpG(z1cpG)Adult (m)3,3289710
AUS2D(AUS2D)Adult (f)3,3769500
zPPJ4(zPPJ4)Adult (m)4,4739350
0Kxl0(0Kxl0)Adult (m)4,2949750
gqvRr(gqvRr)Adult (f)3,7898960
IOsOd(IOsOd)Adult (f)3,9098871
PZlfZ(PZlfZ)Adult (m)5,1358750
B45ZH(B45ZH)Adult (f)4,4631,0480
UuJUX(UuJUX)Adult (m)4,8239120
HLZSq(HLZSq)Adult (m)4,0201,1720
UWMEC(UWMEC)Adult (f)4,9181,0140
F1JOq(F1JOq)Adult (f)5,8617700
mho6R(mho6R)Adult (f)3,2476040
7Hw9A(7Hw9A)Adult (m)3,8187080
ZdM6r(ZdM6r)Adult (m)6,1365181
gVGJO(gVGJO)Adult (f)5,9585240
ZEDP1(ZEDP1)Adult (m)6,0974840
Exw9X(Exw9X)Adult (f)6,3964992
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