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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2015 Halloween Event
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  • 2014 Valentine’s Day
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  • 2012 Holiday Cooking
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Saixmedrik,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
0P4uNCB SnegAdult (f)2,6028442
0LO9F(0LO9F)Adult (f)3,5259990
dSBjt(dSBjt)Adult (m)4,1129180
EQlUn(EQlUn)Adult (f)3,6439130
2sG24(2sG24)Adult (f)4,8169681
lSqwZ(lSqwZ)Adult (m)4,9198560
5CysS(5CysS)Adult (m)5,3298051
VdlGq(VdlGq)Adult (f)5,5809472
2VtMO(2VtMO)Adult (f)6,7316400
CbgOF(CbgOF)Adult (f)5,8526320
mkJuF(mkJuF)Adult (m)6,7245650
VPedM(VPedM)Adult (f)6,0421,1293
x1yYg(x1yYg)Adult (f)5,0879671
dC2MP(dC2MP)Adult (f)5,0701,0310
dMpbN(dMpbN)Adult (m)5,0441,0271
ZHPKO(ZHPKO)Adult (m)3,7038810
tB1he(tB1he)Adult (m)3,5517740
C9ejI(C9ejI)Adult (f)3,6918131
67tl(67tl)Adult (f)2,2417230
TdTt(TdTt)Adult (f)2,7708324
SVji(SVji)Adult (f)2,5528053
SfKE2Azuria AngelAdult (m)4,3914372
Jxh3eBlue Heaven IIAdult (m)4,6936581
B6OVOPB White-2-Blue IIAdult (f)2,1566161
yUjdC(yUjdC)Adult (f)3,6457341
PAr8(PAr8)Adult (m)2,1597481
lPLj(lPLj)Adult (m)2,0546914
mHNP8(mHNP8)Adult (f)6,6571,2563
CZ9WYScarlet Angel IIIAdult (f)5,5788700
mmNWj(mmNWj)Adult (f)5,2356630
Sj0vhPB White-2-Red IIAdult (f)1,5875840
FpHq(FpHq)Adult (f)2,1478115
09cB(09cB)Adult (m)1,9017263
AsZq(AsZq)Adult (m)2,7059501
1xzUTForest Stripes IIAdult (m)3,4937971
3o6fW(3o6fW)Adult (m)2,6366511
sraxT(sraxT)Adult (m)4,6631,3463
O3VcrDark Angel IIAdult (f)5,2593510
SjhJ1(SjhJ1)Adult (m)3,8674933
ys6tiMidnight Angel IIAdult (f)4,3147063
iJeeqKuro Pride IIAdult (m)3,4457750
Uu4fcPB Fading WhiteAdult (f)2,6376673
NdFVn(NdFVn)Adult (f)3,0651,0480
6ebUG(6ebUG)Adult (m)3,0661,0410
yOEeE(yOEeE)Adult (f)5,5285960
K1rJ6(K1rJ6)Adult (m)5,6085790
yauMb(yauMb)Adult (f)3,6677860
lvMX(lvMX)Adult (m)1,8206716
lPSD(lPSD)Adult (f)1,5677282
sHm4(sHm4)Adult (m)1,7516833
RcDhhCB Dawn GloryAdult (m)7,0851,0497
7XOAsCB Dawn DreamAdult (f)5,1516374
4cmMKCB Dreamy MorningAdult (f)5,0987842
3oDdNCB Morning CurtainAdult (m)3,6444260
ZiK7YCB Dawn FallsAdult (f)4,1023524
D9Q49CB Dawn DaughterAdult (f)7,8609194
AHMVLCB DawnsonAdult (m)3,8748102
egtwW(egtwW)Adult (m)3,9498780
0nrVY(0nrVY)Adult (f)5,4347900
aAvSCB Sunset SoarAdult (f)1,72584810
kqOm(kqOm)Adult (f)1,2016158
FYYC(FYYC)Adult (f)2,0297445
79t04CB Sunset RoarAdult (m)7,8938360
BpVmOCB Sunset PrideAdult (m)5,2124081
vBOXeCB Sunset SliverAdult (f)6,5327894
Ms8XcCB Dusk TrailAdult (m)7,4065831
S707rCB Seventh SunsetAdult (f)4,1073331
8HQXcCB DuskaAdult (f)5,5993740
eeTwaCB Death of SunAdult (f)3,5433721
CtECD(CtECD)Adult (f)6,7171,3663
Kn6Z6(Kn6Z6)Adult (m)9,5207450
WiBs6(WiBs6)Adult (m)3,4948170
aqD1T(aqD1T)Adult (m)3,0097320
ZGjHL(ZGjHL)Adult (f)6,8251,0853
S4SrCB Golden VioletAdult (m)4,0849674
gek0CB Amethyst GoldAdult (f)7,4629391
XoZh(XoZh)Adult (f)3,0765101
gEico(gEico)Adult (m)7,0621,0310
KQuai(KQuai)Adult (m)8,8351,3523
l5goKElementra Sky IIIAdult (f)4,2035071
7eLCaCB Violet LightAdult (f)5,8149740
3PbSrCB Night FadeAdult (f)5,8849840
S1K7dCB Violet DuskAdult (f)3,6165324
rhPW3CB Eternal DuskAdult (m)3,0607220
84F0OCB Morning LightAdult (f)5,1556951
DXvvI(DXvvI)Adult (m)4,5361,0111
HDLy4(HDLy4)Adult (m)4,8878571
lWtW1(lWtW1)Adult (m)4,5488453
nSGQD(nSGQD)Adult (f)4,1407650
85zHV(85zHV)Adult (f)7,9408371
pRr4m(pRr4m)Adult (f)4,2324221
066KFCB Amber BorisAdult (m)4,5133880
VGIh0(VGIh0)Adult (m)3,0514471
HNhhgCB Fire AmberAdult (f)6,5671,2821
R3kYACB RekyaAdult (f)6,0749291
FFSxE(FFSxE)Adult (m)4,5699391
nughGCB Blue BetaAdult (f)3,8644960
SDao1CB TwintailsAdult (f)3,3274411
CFc44(CFc44)Adult (m)4,2624001
RWj26CB BrightonAdult (m)4,6084580
pbC9sCB DualityAdult (m)4,3093663
dm013(dm013)Adult (m)4,7359870
5CNT9Chrismas Candy IIAdult (m)4,6878975
njp17Lavender Candy IIIAdult (m)5,0969193
kMB7B(kMB7B)Adult (m)3,8961,4362
k3g8T(k3g8T)Adult (m)3,8701,0971
1kTJm(1kTJm)Adult (m)3,1961,2072
Kxx1e(Kxx1e)Adult (m)4,7918270
myylACB Sugary AmaranthAdult (m)3,7891,0032
diXUoCB Pink SaccharinAdult (m)3,5009870
TmQtP(TmQtP)Adult (m)3,2918241
GQig6(GQig6)Adult (f)3,3218200
swuvv(swuvv)Adult (f)6,0781,0093
4JpYx(4JpYx)Adult (m)6,2931,0252
2duWL(2duWL)Adult (m)3,4157880
7yPvG(7yPvG)Adult (m)3,7607641
MKmjCB DoeAdult (f)6,4438544
HfOHS(HfOHS)Adult (m)7,3418031
7sVvCB TerraAdult (m)3,5309793
tGiNSCB Green HillAdult (m)5,4429533
PWOn2(PWOn2)Adult (f)5,3887960
KKCXj(KKCXj)Adult (m)5,7228010
rGcM8(rGcM8)Adult (f)5,8836791
jbtHe(jbtHe)Adult (f)4,7988571
6BwWS(6BwWS)Adult (f)3,4908291
NDjbk(NDjbk)Adult (m)3,6258502
rpfXu(rpfXu)Adult (m)5,8311,3016
YTtJd(YTtJd)Adult (f)2,26271212
Acs8BCB Yellow OperaAdult (f)4,0975492
tmLimPB Approaching Thunder IIAdult (m)3,9614385
HTgHdPB Thunder Opera IIIAdult (f)4,2164063
uQwj1(uQwj1)Adult (m)3,3738322
TzHLV(TzHLV)Adult (m)6,8601,4211
rUMPyCB Thunder ScreechAdult (m)4,4991,5813
EO29YCB Solitude StormAdult (f)4,2131,0410
XhdDR(XhdDR)Adult (f)5,6865840
W4KEv(W4KEv)Adult (m)4,0901,0741
VCk5iCB Gray EmpressAdult (f)4,2539848
t9BdSCB Neutral GloryAdult (m)5,9956415
BHYf0CB Tawny CloakAdult (m)4,0784673
GROaYPB Gray CloakAdult (f)3,8134821
FvjQSPB Gray GloryAdult (f)3,7363741
MuAbl(MuAbl)Adult (m)4,2654891
uRAlDCB UraidAdult (f)4,2084683
8cdMNCB Mono CloakAdult (m)5,9518522
LZtaaCB Brown CapeAdult (m)4,5628357
PvDZlCB Gray GirlAdult (f)4,6858496
bLUZZ(bLUZZ)Adult (f)5,6601,3510
IGggx(IGggx)Adult (f)5,0968210
pEI8V(pEI8V)Adult (f)3,0725950
Tdo0X(Tdo0X)Adult (m)5,1199241
hPBFjCB Sea GliderAdult (m)7,4141,5394
jMUX6CB Ocean BreezeAdult (f)6,7601,4490
Hape6(Hape6)Adult (m)5,0547297
aAGbT(aAGbT)Adult (f)5,8325111
56K1KCB Beach GliderAdult (f)5,0257460
LhdjAOcean Angel IIAdult (f)4,4244014
LsK0oCB Tsunami SurfAdult (m)5,2815877
6KUpe(6KUpe)Adult (f)4,1987130
tpTNz(tpTNz)Adult (f)4,5603040
g0Yr8CB Spotty GlideAdult (f)3,5427850
jv2ANCB Blue DotsAdult (m)2,9596240
Jrrsh(Jrrsh)Adult (f)5,4268450
LZHs2(LZHs2)Adult (f)5,1197790
iNk2J(iNk2J)Adult (m)4,4411,2920
Z9nWD(Z9nWD)Adult (f)4,8769850
TrZ1C(TrZ1C)Adult (f)5,2557911
kO1dU(kO1dU)Adult (m)5,2157962
KKAkk(KKAkk)Adult (f)5,2975720
toaBA(toaBA)Adult (m)5,3625370
gPD6D(gPD6D)Adult (f)5,6841,1062
y9fTK(y9fTK)Adult (m)2,7404931
hP5yf(hP5yf)Adult (m)6,9661,0454
KkR1cCB Dotty WingsAdult (m)4,4494541
vv1HgCB Pine NestAdult (f)3,7354961
QvgX3(QvgX3)Adult (f)3,4574581
IrWMbCB ScentAdult (f)3,4335311
joGbvCB Lingered ScentAdult (m)4,4744470
Aqqat(Aqqat)Adult (m)4,4468721
5pP3(5pP3)Adult (f)1,5518046
lMLN(lMLN)Adult (m)1,4037292
22cD(22cD)Adult (f)1,6957033
XWlf(XWlf)Adult (f)1,1415291
PJd3(PJd3)Adult (f)4,8065410
s5CSbBlue Orca IIAdult (f)5,2003580
loB72(loB72)Adult (f)4,8863260
1SBkPSea Wind IIAdult (f)4,4268414
8UEEMLiquid Blue IIIAdult (m)3,6419051
wSVRu(wSVRu)Adult (m)5,4639010
cSJr9CB Twin MercuryAdult (f)3,7921,1061
abJ8nCB Steel GeminiAdult (m)4,2468631
k8o8t(k8o8t)Adult (f)2,1775730
4f710CB Metallic MonsterAdult (m)3,4411,0904
g2TmT(g2TmT)Adult (f)3,4507170
LjyU8CB Cloudy TwinAdult (f)4,2629630
zSRtR(zSRtR)Adult (f)4,3851,6182
j7BeX(j7BeX)Adult (f)6,3116420
4OIGq(4OIGq)Adult (m)4,5971,1460
JiRQ2(JiRQ2)Adult (f)5,5886160
ihxUm(ihxUm)Adult (f)4,5288692
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