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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rokkan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
SJugfArboriaum cab RokkanEgg (F)
I3YbzArchangel mix RokkanAdult (f)8,1521,4667
PxYaBMicsed mix RokkanAdult (f)3,1884663
dlvuFFalaon cab RokkanAdult (f)5,6666873
rDoMwAlana cab RokkanAdult (f)4,6105902
9t8VTTaite cab RokkanAdult (f)
h95pvGifina mix RokkanAdult (f)4,7405944
wALRMHepces mix RokkanAdult (f)4,8325894
Y05lpTroudini pur RokkanAdult (f)5,2385963
HmaLGEllifore lin RokkanAdult (f)5,2186196
SZ9EbSeezee cab RokkanAdult (f)5,3605974
JuA66Juana cab RokkanAdult (f)4,0715043
Z2R85Torate cab RokkanAdult (m)4,1064893
eFcNwFacen cab RokkanAdult (f)4,6287675
08sLeSilo cab RokkanAdult (f)7,6631,1273
22hkUNunchuku cab RokkanAdult (f)7,5321,1003
wntK1Merana lin RokkanAdult (f)4,1665123
vjoLyOrle cab RokkanAdult (m)7,6891,1253
o8ZxGObie cab RokkanAdult (m)5,4866354
yj1YZZhiday lin RokkanAdult (m)4,2905361
utLZLAroana mix RokkanAdult (f)4,1785191
B32R0Rounan pur RokkanAdult (m)5,3909461
MqPJBMajesty cab RokkanAdult (m)4,4175531
dcRrYStaffern mix RokkanAdult (m)4,6316836
Xw2RZExtra cab RokkanAdult (m)3,7245812
lTrI5Numeral cab RokkanAdult (f)4,1146262
xRzKeXerxes mix RokkanAdult (m)4,3618384
0oRgQOregano cab RokkanAdult (f)6,4291,0722
7qchMBayt pur RokkanAdult (m)6,6941,0731
nLettNettle cab RokkanAdult (f)6,3991,0661
sKWW8Skewer cab RokkanAdult (f)6,3991,0533
MKa1QWinlino lin RokkanAdult (f)5,2509363
TCevQSveyss pur RokkanAdult (m)5,2178982
kTzS3Kitz cab RokkanAdult (m)4,0415843
d3TPTVowlia lin RokkanAdult (f)3,4785973
UvyhDGemxou lin RokkanAdult (m)3,5415924
yrIWnOwain cab RokkanAdult (m)5,6808383
P59rAPras cab RokkanAdult (m)4,93285715
91biiRueso lin RokkanAdult (f)3,4698134
mH9eKEpicakes lin RokkanAdult (f)7,5579055
wVjjKLunamoon lin RokkanAdult (m)7,2228582
JxnnNFlowerbird lin RokkanAdult (f)3,4258123
V586eYouate lin RokkanAdult (f)3,5098083
YbDTzBadell lin RokkanAdult (f)3,6858113
iiA55Solemn cab RokkanAdult (m)4,2995904
baPvbPavon cab RokkanAdult (m)4,4215850
7eZPxSensei cab RokkanAdult (f)4,8106412
qW9TmJung lin RokkanAdult (f)5,9841,0423
YxC2AYxcano lin RokkanAdult (m)5,7631,0071
sWDd7Sewen cab RokkanAdult (f)7,2631,1233
y2drDYoda cab RokkanAdult (m)7,2971,1811
vMCRZVidemeo cab RokkanAdult (m)4,2635402
GnCXeGennysis mix RokkanAdult (m)3,7265372
fZzQjFizzo mix RokkanAdult (m)3,5075282
HDEOhWignall cab RokkanAdult (m)4,1955531
htYdnMerula cab RokkanAdult (f)4,3645501
4XnH9Howancy mix RokkanHatchling (f, F)3,7184862
uTm5iPaper Mystic lin RokkanAdult (f)7,3659833
nLy2FIvey cab RokkanAdult (m)4,5638543
5uWOUChill cab RokkanAdult (m)5,7989241
YRrNVIrviku cab RokkanAdult (m)4,4725441
3cHStGeaks cab RokkanAdult (f)4,4565561
O9bLOMilore lin RokkanAdult (f)4,3595691
87jFXEneffex cab RokkanHatchling (f, F)5,0618621
cFD76Stiefell cab RokkanAdult (m)6,2121,0511
5D00tAviri lin RokkanAdult (m)6,6321,0722
AEJv4Catius lin RokkanAdult (m)7,3291,1741
g7RpJAderan lin RokkanAdult (m)4,1115403
cVp2fEskeo lin RokkanAdult (f)3,9065001
yeMRiEcko cab RokkanAdult (m)4,7617251
83ERQAntinaddi lin RokkanAdult (m)4,6617451
gIbOkInebok cab RokkanAdult (m)4,4445651
OZPKkBanoza cab RokkanAdult (f)4,3465821
2Ek9fMixek cab RokkanAdult (f)4,4705831
qfijuAbonsu mix RokkanAdult (m)4,7205791
y3OO2Carive lin RokkanAdult (m)4,2765552
JAVPILeafell lin RokkanAdult (f)5,0737743
D3JdTSinstrife lin RokkanAdult (m)4,7168163
hwdxjTrebuchet cab RokkanAdult (f)7,3621,0862
pIkiKSimlam lin RokkanAdult (f)7,2221,0723
4uNgRGranun cab RokkanAdult (m)5,2419373
vgikPXalin lin RokkanAdult (m)4,6518206
flRGeForge cab RokkanAdult (f)5,7797293
DrQM1Drachma cab RokkanAdult (f)4,8616321
I77kNIkken cab RokkanAdult (f)4,8916192
Yc5lfGozee purlin RokkanAdult (m)5,2758534
EAlzMKaliborn mix RokkanAdult (m)7,4168603
RJXpCAtomena mix RokkanAdult (f)3,96675510
8jo7XRyusoul lin RokkanAdult (f)5,7228533
O79fTObiron lin RokkanAdult (m)5,8198822
4o8oOFespehr pur RokkanAdult (m)5,1076701
gTeaqPinkrock lin RokkanAdult (f)6,9061,3196
MKWwCEmerrick cab RokkanAdult (m)4,8296452
Y5XOaOxys cab RokkanAdult (f)4,8026451
zZpioSmallstrings mix RokkanAdult (m)2,8956643
iJAd7Hipettin cab RokkanAdult (m)4,8258071
JrAOIEadmans cab RokkanAdult (m)5,1618901
XUpPFTemoreau cab RokkanAdult (m)3,1565771
LcqFjFlay cab RokkanAdult (f)4,5417652
nz5FQOwce cab RokkanAdult (m)4,6167951
V4BdAAmarco cab RokkanAdult (m)4,8308264
ncmh0Herkla cab RokkanAdult (f)4,7798163
Gs9SdBhusatu mix RokkanAdult (f)2,2875128
1tzAYCeleton lin RokkanAdult (m)3,2378033
xqsn1Tampling cab RokkanAdult (m)3,2454932
nXaQGOceanawing pur RokkanAdult (f)4,7211,1253
x5FGvScyte mix RokkanAdult (m)6,2788172
V9wBYTraifore mixlin RokkanAdult (f)4,1336521
ytEi6Bigfoot cab RokkanAdult (m)4,3306531
tw5teRammal mix RokkanAdult (m)7,5888762
2FD6mUhrim mix RokkanAdult (f)5,5158413
3BE34Eraphius cab RokkanAdult (m)3,6565391
RmMYhGohuke mix RokkanAdult (m)4,0125713
iwOuiMouierte cab RokkanAdult (f)3,2354703
hJtERJerin cab RokkanAdult (m)4,1806051
27OqNBeefcake lin RokkanAdult (f)3,7417784
zDzV4Dazince cab RokkanAdult (f)4,6486452
aseaoAsencion cab RokkanAdult (f)4,5926312
XZr4MZarima cab RokkanAdult (f)3,8475452
cs4M5Herrco pur RokkanAdult (m)3,8665672
CpRhVKamflu mix RokkanAdult (f)4,2846143
kFMetDala lin RokkanAdult (m)6,8061,1252
BROATBroat cab RokkanAdult (m)5,0471,0083
Ts78YMoonlight mix RokkanAdult (f)5,2249592
Ux1wKCerelego mix RokkanAdult (f)5,2639083
n1WeLKeepvows lin RokkanAdult (m)5,1179503
pZ7AmPazam mix RokkanAdult (f)5,2599172
5w9JLScyryn mix RokkanAdult (f)7,4391,1942
ZnTkxDramac pur RokkanAdult (m)7,4011,1813
PiQrGFesini pur RokkanAdult (f)7,2081,1351
BBbXsBebate lin RokkanAdult (f)5,5431,0293
GKICZGemino cab RokkanAdult (f)4,6606631
kG5n0Princeling cab RokkanAdult (m)4,6886520
WApoaPowah cab RokkanAdult (f)5,4856843
gHhEbHebrazah cab RokkanAdult (f)5,6687281
krnQqKirnel cab RokkanAdult (f)5,9258243
X3FXlIceheart mix RokkanAdult (f)2,9655743
L8AlZEaglehawk mix RokkanAdult (m)2,9085873
2OqppSegrau mix RokkanAdult (m)2,6645323
Ym8qbDoorsin lin RokkanAdult (m)2,8195453
NYozSPearl lin RokkanAdult (f)3,0094681
xm4XQTreasurehoarder mixlin RokkanAdult (m)3,0394782
NYVLMFrozen Blessing lin RokkanAdult (f)5,0269322
oXc5NOcseania cab RokkanAdult (f)4,4926481
mtNouMdew cab RokkanAdult (m)4,6146152
W6uojBebvet mixlin RokkanAdult (f)4,4266292
IFMuCGemlah mix RokkanAdult (m)4,5686172
ZLP1yZippy cab RokkanAdult (f)3,4465472
mztzMMirarem pur RokkanAdult (f)7,9758695
8dsFcDrickacht cab RokkanAdult (m)3,7617023
UWaK3Rimania mix RokkanAdult (f)6,8671,0151
G75SmKarere pur RokkanAdult (f)4,0457341
YOVF8Vesper mix RokkanAdult (f)4,3797701
a2ko9Sagewish lin RokkanAdult (f)4,4708283
6XiiRRoman lin RokkanAdult (m)4,3068482
MjdGvGelmon purlin RokkanAdult (m)7,5961,1752
CcuARCasala mixlin RokkanAdult (m)6,4099421
spTQQThermopylae cab RokkanAdult (f)5,3286721
FbuZTGallipoli cab RokkanAdult (m)5,2366812
dV7gVGaszlin cab RokkanAdult (m)4,6537775
6QbJsShield's Grace mix RokkanAdult (f)3,6557152
zpBNwDreameater lin RokkanAdult (f)5,3981,0412
lRA1EIrae cab RokkanAdult (f)6,2319841
TYO5vTralyn mix RokkanAdult (m)6,0879701
FErnZFernzy cab RokkanAdult (m)4,8567171
hD8isHovral mix RokkanAdult (f)3,3996552
FIpagGozan mixlin RokkanAdult (m)4,0307311
aI88VRimtom pur RokkanAdult (f)7,5171,0602
Ha4BfHalflife mix RokkanAdult (m)3,7187212
8j2d3Orper mix RokkanAdult (f)3,6686381
Fw2JCScynia mix RokkanAdult (f)6,4151,0210
BdmDAIvere mix RokkanAdult (f)3,6126041
ByXcZSavery lin RokkanAdult (f)3,5806131
1GOumNebulight mix RokkanAdult (m)2,9345272
O0ZYGLolzies cab RokkanAdult (m)3,5807002
gEm7CXaval mixlin RokkanAdult (m)3,9367103
u61alYusix cab RokkanAdult (f)5,0029592
cxcTHCrimi cab RokkanAdult (f)5,1949933
bcQjiBeezsie cab RokkanAdult (f)5,3779723
zCrxqGwepin lin RokkanAdult (f)3,1726232
yOS6sKnowbuild mix RokkanAdult (f)3,1196002
CVzc5Boggart cab RokkanAdult (f)4,8657021
CExIrElixir cab RokkanAdult (f)4,8867083
sDw3CJamige mix RokkanAdult (f)3,9896652
0Z3SfNebulous Dreamer lin RokkanAdult (m)4,1106442
0fcI8Pictsie cab RokkanAdult (m)4,7456772
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