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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Egg Basket
  • 2019 Valentine’s Day
  • 2018 Halloween Event
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  • 2017 Halloween Event
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Rokkan,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
ZKX5Nyada lin RokkanAdult (m)1,79989334
tbsVOyuda lin RokkanAdult (m)34,07913,60291
XBM1Paris lin RokkanAdult (m)1,97785761
qZqWKanlight mix RokkanAdult (m)1,73177941
ZmgERohan mix RokkanAdult (m)1,46570156
wqNZBRubicha RokkanAdult (m)3,0831,0190
rxxPSatria SwiockeAdult (m)30,04512,13958
pG3iTemujin DarreddonAdult (m)9,9453,82858
D5aJUaithne D'GoldAdult (m)1,71179437
bn4gVulcan ScanemoAdult (m)2,18495655
XOuNWillcon MornnessAdult (m)1,67981685
i1slXenon de BanAdult (m)1,57976746
fPGTYannick Rokkan D'GoldAdult (m)1,7891,023106
cRSlZack CarilenAdult (m)1,46277261
8qlSOXenartz RokkanAdult (m)4,1254563
4gT1Alain DeutriensisAdult (m)1,89389552
E9mmAsha MaizugaAdult (m)1,51976928
vdoUDaxon CareddonAdult (m)3,6946105
V1GVKersos Lars RokkanAdult (m)1,44871944
eE3RMarcus RobianAdult (m)1,34767050
bN20Ronan Black BumbleAdult (m)1,75587454
4LhQWartorn Galeese mix RokkanAdult (m)1,91090179
Ta8PGAeryn cab RokkanAdult (f)4,5571,0560
9TScEAliona RokkanAdult (f)2,5364182
vHs5Andromache KatsanAdult (f)27,16610,63557
8d3yMAranflai RokkanAdult (f)5,0938610
JgE6Balthesezja CasanceAdult (f)31,74112,714112
2xisCasey mix RokkanAdult (f)36,73014,796165
2h7rDrea HereddonAdult (f)26,40910,36556
CMc7Dienah Wiltsight RokkanAdult (f)6,2925571
5uBFEnyo KatswraithAdult (f)25,24210,01874
uLwqFathia MysteddonAdult (f)22,3849,00569
ljkB9Gamory RokkanAdult (f)3,1875610
HZ1yGeddon lin RokkanAdult (f)41,23216,406267
xtPNGezana LynnreddonAdult (f)22,0068,87987
2lMV2Hollybay RokkanAdult (f)4,4403781
oKmDHowea OcidoreAdult (f)21,5248,68896
dVZ6Inanna CasareddonAdult (f)20,2048,17483
ujIjJianna RokkanAdult (f)1,47873454
UMiPJuno HereddonAdult (f)18,7297,60377
CzO1Kimbellona BijureddonAdult (f)18,1007,20269
tC6KLaquinta OcidoreAdult (f)14,8065,76464
TdlENLychri RokkanAdult (f)4,1969700
XPffwLyclun RokkanAdult (f)4,5579051
VnfyMaya CareddonAdult (f)10,7394,17656
Y6T8Nekoda CarwraithAdult (f)22,7889,15579
ivk5Odyssea BlinchoAdult (f)3,7771,37250
LdzMPhenyo RokkanAdult (f)2,1451,01576
xQJmQuinn RokkanAdult (f)1,79785356
ESl5Raz HereddonAdult (f)27,67711,19146
538vSeibena Lars RokkanAdult (f)1,44271433
l8lCSen DarkstarAdult (f)1,03358231
sG4GSevera CareddonAdult (f)2,1405352
DZEofSilhri RokkanAdult (f)3,4979320
1xueVSillun RokkanAdult (f)4,1279320
TDIjTamesis MystentAdult (f)36,12314,589160
WcsIUhura JunyAdult (f)1,83984644
a6hRViriandra HamberAdult (f)1,84485438
H8IKWylla Midnight ShadowAdult (f)2,4501,20174
C0TTUlaylia Rokkan LarsAdult (f)1,83184131
FdsKXena HamemoAdult (f)1,84386637
rNvUYelena BriosAdult (f)1,00447935
pCEkZyanya D'Gold RokkanAdult (f)1,57979154
KRIZjAskham RokkanAdult (m)2,8714921
GbtLFCamphor RokkanAdult (m)4,6718040
2Gn1gFenrirn RokkanAdult (m)6,3298320
Hor9mGeolliam RokkanAdult (m)6,8218260
BFoGdGreytayst RokkanAdult (m)3,5921,0000
UAwd4JoySongSorrow RokkanAdult (m)2,8964280
Z4tx8Lantean cab RokkanAdult (m)1,9904020
2TsHrPulipton RokkanAdult (m)2,7693661
LEQDYSilverskin lin RokkanAdult (m)4,2749641
biDo7Yashin RokkanAdult (m)4,1824231
4KtoCAlatow RokkanAdult (f)3,5567530
odohCCamdor RokkanAdult (f)3,3394131
1UQihHornbite RokkanAdult (f)2,9603611
MUHlYLanfor lin RokkanAdult (f)4,5401,0080
ebv0YLanskin mix RokkanAdult (f)4,6089970
ptFkFLunar RokkanAdult (f)5,0334012
XfCtqAliamin cab RokkanAdult (m)2,7903640
KxFOtCaliph cab RokkanAdult (m)3,6653862
XPufFellameir mix RokkanAdult (m)4,2593873
4PjuFAlameir mix RokkanAdult (m)3,3644680
QHQr9Follon cab RokkanAdult (m)4,1424980
6OvT7Kennash cab RokkanAdult (m)3,9133831
WiV5eGerameir mix RokkanAdult (m)4,2384480
BmTvsMarsion cab RokkanAdult (m)2,5734241
rV4vMeir mix RokkanAdult (m)8,1796473
TbxEQRakfro lin RokkanAdult (m)4,1968300
8nmhdRecorino cab RokkanAdult (m)5,0813790
JhcEsSnuver lin RokkanAdult (m)3,6679181
ECNmLTrevwing cab RokkanAdult (m)2,8528120
SE5r6Callin cab RokkanAdult (f)3,7454801
M6VJVGoranien cab RokkanAdult (f)2,8907990
A3Wc6Hehclaw mix RokkanAdult (f)3,7733100
JVA8JHesmile cab RokkanAdult (f)2,0357160
DWjBkKarima cab RokkanAdult (f)2,4593641
tNpjvKarenina cab RokkanAdult (f)3,7755410
wf3AZMindepp cab RokkanAdult (f)3,9058930
QaigOMeridian cab RokkanAdult (f)2,3113401
ZXGu1Morinear cab RokkanAdult (f)2,9223211
qXiGqPealfor cab RokkanAdult (f)1,8863562
PRIAxSeiaffy lin RokkanAdult (f)2,5732971
zcB71Skizansee cab RokkanAdult (f)5,0969450
j74eEStarnise cab RokkanAdult (f)3,1703541
8bk1GWhitehawk lin RokkanAdult (f)7,1546611
X4SwsDdisandryn cab RokkanAdult (m)2,0413531
Nl9otScorpius cab RokkanAdult (m)4,5111,0540
htYIRXanthan lin RokkanAdult (m)2,9694501
WohuDIllard mix RokkanAdult (f)4,6269020
UMrZUAmaryllis cab RokkanAdult (f)4,6423752
PD6IKerala cab RokkanAdult (f)3,3406351
YNypiChrissen cab RokkanAdult (m)2,1213612
2O2TiGosland mix RokkanAdult (m)6,0175072
E0h3EIbntyr mix RokkanAdult (m)4,3453300
8SQgSCrichton cab RokkanAdult (m)3,8161,1530
KqO6qGolencell cab RokkanAdult (m)4,5236563
AkyfDSilryn mix RokkanAdult (m)4,3079520
ZopPnWateryn cab RokkanAdult (m)3,5389370
00Pk5Syrillian cab RokkanAdult (f)5,3529600
CcFNhTrenow mix RokkanAdult (f)4,3429740
p1xMIUndere cab RokkanAdult (m)5,3589362
7cIMeAlamo cab RokkanAdult (f)3,9745061
YdNjYArrimbah cab RokkanAdult (f)4,1929160
0VBMiKitty lin RokkanAdult (f)4,0184914
u8GRlMatahiti cab RokkanAdult (f)5,3045360
7JU7vOuzo cab RokkanAdult (f)6,2354991
3v8j7Twintail lin RokkanAdult (f)3,6735381
vBC99Akelan mix RokkanAdult (m)3,9054502
fGdc2Bleisaan cab RokkanAdult (m)3,9954312
tXiEEDuotail cab RokkanAdult (m)1,9378940
G8KS6Howlen cab RokkanAdult (m)4,2243830
rx8kmKravmagai cab RokkanAdult (m)4,9784142
CIQmvNariyian mix RokkanAdult (m)4,9523590
7E15FFlametail mix RokkanAdult (m)3,4414410
usF3lTwinshoot cab RokkanAdult (m)2,8284092
Y54M1Abhiive lin RokkanAdult (f)4,8374151
5mYSZAshareen cab RokkanAdult (f)2,3813662
a7Yl3Dublion mix RokkanAdult (f)5,4173621
OhCQ9Freevale cab RokkanAdult (f)3,2014681
o5ZiZLuna cab RokkanAdult (f)4,2694060
PEuGcGaylean cab RokkanAdult (f)3,7853871
gHkq2Letravelyan mix RokkanAdult (f)3,5973430
VUOZDPiroka cab RokkanAdult (f)4,9444072
pQfH0Tidethrall cab RokkanAdult (f)4,3424090
8LIlYAfinim mix RokkanAdult (m)5,5576762
hPnP1Benror lin RokkanAdult (m)3,8964490
2IzDMFarfrom cab RokkanAdult (m)4,0171,0030
cHVQWFreyden cab RokkanAdult (m)6,2134670
Sv8o3Ibnkuro mix RokkanAdult (m)3,3543591
qisiyGohara cab RokkanAdult (m)4,8798650
R1ClGMagmaruan lin RokkanAdult (m)6,8517062
P0k7iJonah cab RokkanAdult (m)3,5654580
6ba89Kallitail cab RokkanAdult (m)2,0781,0600
ds6VoKirim cab RokkanAdult (m)4,1314610
i3vu0Kiroka pur RokkanAdult (m)4,0414541
eovG8Kimbal cab RokkanAdult (m)3,9344480
B5lqOLeverisa lin RokkanAdult (m)3,2644331
N46LTAcymbryann cab RokkanAdult (f)4,5483880
LO1irAmber cab RokkanAdult (f)4,7694031
P9a4DCarryonne cab RokkanAdult (f)5,2143840
4jhvcDrement cab RokkanAdult (f)3,8774631
cV4E1Fairverona cab RokkanAdult (f)2,7013420
BOBPOGleeniss cab RokkanAdult (f)3,1008310
y04JvLavatail cab RokkanAdult (f)3,1131,0210
70YY0Rapscallion cab RokkanAdult (f)6,2374990
6L5riWarsh cab RokkanAdult (f)4,0514051
Bf7o6Driver cab RokkanAdult (m)4,2483172
NGdGwInthebreeze cab RokkanAdult (m)3,3587450
BEJiVIsaac cab RokkanAdult (m)3,6015300
W3quHKnightmaker cab RokkanAdult (m)4,7413781
o1IpHLaebody lin RokkanAdult (m)2,9187636
CuNVTNortail pur RokkanAdult (m)4,9844280
A3V7aSpritz mix RokkanAdult (m)5,9724912
9KZusTreare cab RokkanAdult (m)3,6475270
7TdJdWarfel mix RokkanAdult (m)3,8023973
K4j7ATanzanite cab RokkanAdult (m)3,2155491
gnZ3jSplash mix RokkanAdult (m)4,2154020
7p0UdIsaery mix RokkanAdult (f)4,5164630
cd7PdRomery mix RokkanAdult (f)3,00648612
SmiaxAnabah mix RokkanAdult (m)4,2079700
2HJylAnagam mix RokkanAdult (m)3,5129190
NJE0jAnarh mix RokkanAdult (m)3,5029470
iWF5TSalvilan cab RokkanAdult (m)3,5799470
Mf6JPSillan mix RokkanAdult (m)4,2679640
HBmhBTinlan mix RokkanAdult (m)4,6448950
fWbXQAnafre mix RokkanAdult (f)4,0839400
JncyeAnavek mix RokkanAdult (f)4,6028960
ciOxmAegia lin RokkanAdult (f)4,8851,0371
wJn5iTino cab RokkanAdult (m)2,9634541
zSZBqValentino cab RokkanAdult (m)3,4294850
656AGAuriqi lin RokkanAdult (f)3,3174881
IQjGvUnsprosa lin RokkanAdult (f)3,7184910
xu1YRVioletto lin RokkanAdult (m)2,7704511
ykV2LRemy cab RokkanAdult (m)3,9639592
5d2RlLoui cab RokkanAdult (m)3,8899691
OXXJgMikael mix RokkanAdult (m)3,1314670
kxXTyFromlove lin RokkanAdult (m)3,7045030
hYwkpAnklix mix RokkanAdult (m)3,2925511
nMh0zCharcash pur RokkanAdult (m)3,2459171
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