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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “RAAMIsABeast,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
1shao(1shao)Hatchling (f)5,9961,23913
pFCug(pFCug)Hatchling (m)5,6781,23215
XxgJV(XxgJV)Hatchling (m)5,9581,20511
nyK2N(nyK2N)Hatchling (m)5,9631,24214
Y5scr(Y5scr)Hatchling (f)5,9171,20213
jUBoH(jUBoH)Hatchling (f)6,3111,25216
6GpHl(6GpHl)Hatchling (m)6,1981,22716
uY6VL(uY6VL)Hatchling (f)5,8701,22518
oL78D(oL78D)Hatchling (f)5,13095810
5o5iU123x - Vermilion TimeAdult (f)2,7366705
NdrED123x - Neon TimeAdult (m)5,1816211
1GRJ0123x - Their TimeAdult (f)2,5055365
1aUIL123x - My TimeAdult (m)3,6735695
q8Hib123x - Night TimeAdult (m)2,6035293
bfvsW123x - Day TimeAdult (f)2,4775753
AF8Ou123 - Autumn TimeAdult (m)2,7046732
xEunO123x - Winter TimeAdult (f)2,8517785
HGZzZ123x - Summer TimeAdult (f)2,7585417
kijO8123x - Sleep TimeAdult (f)3,0224347
dty8H123x - Quiet TimeAdult (f)2,9725562
85bYW123 - Cracks In TimeAdult (m)4,4676201
iFrKI123 - Garnet TimeAdult (m)4,2134734
EyVED123 - Impossible TimeAdult (m)3,5445813
ifEZp123 - If My TimeAdult (m)5,6891,1049
PyAeW123 - Freaky TimeAdult (f)6,7361,13213
wuIpu123 - Lady TimeAdult (f)6,1929654
vmmS5123 - Forested TimeAdult (f)8,3531,2845
nzAZc123 - Nazaria TimeAdult (f)7,3449444
tuiBn123 - Not Enough TimeAdult (m)5,8469664
cBiWT123 - Silver TimeAdult (m)6,8799800
sqZK8(sqZK8)Adult (f)8,1131,1343
r7PW3(r7PW3)Adult (m)8,3501,1632
sB7Sx(sB7Sx)Adult (m)8,2131,1379
EKiiU123 - Blazing In TimeAdult (m)8,0971,2454
p0Zlh(p0Zlh)Adult (m)6,8121,2594
0FVCm(0FVCm)Adult (f)2,9654891
u4I07(u4I07)Adult (f)7,3321,2122
wrV1e(wrV1e)Adult (m)8,1291,20839
BNmeK(BNmeK)Adult (m)7,2431,24522
LiRRn(LiRRn)Adult (m)6,7461,14818
2T3R8(2T3R8)Adult (f)6,7351,13815
5iDwH(5iDwH)Adult (m)8,0991,1723
1d1t0(1d1t0)Adult (f)8,2081,2369
hRKuj123 - Read TimeAdult (m)2,9787805
XXNVV123x - Glow TimeAdult (m)3,8808506
iu8mr123 - Feel TimeAdult (f)3,7147862
LQYMm123 - Air TimeAdult (m)3,6317453
jNSvG123 - Your TimeAdult (m)4,2868974
zs32Q123x - Z' Distorted TimeAdult (m)4,0688986
5KFwn123 - His TimeAdult (m)6,7981,1667
t9XoO123x - A Moment's TimeAdult (f)3,3638455
YqGvD123x - Seeded TimeAdult (m)2,6295567
ImWP1123x - Her TimeAdult (f)3,4067897
LsKpg123 - Play TimeAdult (f)2,7766075
BflR9123 - Ariel GlorisAdult (f)6,5771,24510
W3yEH123 - A Yeh GlorisAdult (m)6,1051,0912
PzSF6123 - Celestial GlorisAdult (f)5,4349062
YPvDa123 - Swirling GlorisAdult (m)4,6248433
WnAf8(WnAf8)Adult (m)8,6181,10515
LvsdF(LvsdF)Adult (m)5,1909301
V8KES123 - Imperfect AetherAdult (m)3,5287853
yT1zF123 - Blue AetherAdult (f)3,2967183
GxXr6123 - Gusty AetherAdult (m)3,9046585
DaQWr123x - Icy AetherAdult (f)2,80871916
Ex5Lw123 - Outlaw AetherAdult (f)4,5987546
IOdy5123 - Iody AetherAdult (f)3,0056144
D31im123 - I'm An AetherAdult (f)3,84188829
4RRv6123 - A Leodon's AetherAdult (m)6,5089662
WnpK7123 - Deep Blue AetherAdult (m)5,3759143
4vuYt123 - A Rather Staggering AetherAdult (f)5,8579413
Zz7zM123 - Silver AetherAdult (f)6,8009762
fstxf123 - The Purest AetherAdult (m)5,9291,0081
5pJCa123 - A Christmas AetherAdult (f)5,5209162
vOy6i123 - Voy AetherAdult (f)5,4819022
uiAMW123 - Rainfur AetherAdult (f)4,3439354
wWiKT123 - Wikt AetherAdult (m)5,0968402
9Ru2q(9Ru2q)Adult (m)6,1791,0253
mDNMz(mDNMz)Adult (f)3,0562835
IJVTa123 - Mr WhiteAdult (m)2,07860913
CHk0I123 - Mrs WhiteAdult (f)4,2836301
NtDgC123x - Very WhiteAdult (f)4,8658904
KDnex123 - Nex WhiteAdult (f)1,7214272
D2ibB123 - Dark On WhiteAdult (f)5,9789661
s7Qww123x - Be The WhiteAdult (m)5,7679251
1DBtO123 - Terrae WhiteAdult (f)5,5148653
s5RS0123 - Canopy WhiteAdult (f)5,6599553
TThmL123 - Valentine Is WhiteAdult (m)4,6638451
hH0LA(hH0LA)Adult (f)5,1501,05810
XGr30(XGr30)Adult (m)6,3359525
kqcKf(kqcKf)Adult (f)7,3671,36611
uSnwj123 - Switching MoodAdult (f)2,9936281
FLkeg123 - Unusual MoodAdult (f)3,4328534
eBqjx123 - Canopy MoodAdult (f)5,5738602
8bVLr123 - Celestial MoodAdult (f)5,6189743
8YzJs123 - A Pure MoodAdult (m)4,7138594
pCYe4123 - Get A Better MoodAdult (m)5,6888271
4GhNT(4GhNT)Adult (f)6,7481,10317
UyGPG(UyGPG)Adult (f)6,7081,23810
YSXmI(YSXmI)Adult (f)9,4501,3123
UGff4123 - Blushing GallAdult (m)3,4057683
jRX0l123 - Queen GallAdult (f)4,3089173
F9Lhg123 - Red GallAdult (m)2,8615311
fI5Ge123 - Dual GallAdult (m)3,5084322
opQoy123 - Aster GallAdult (m)3,7014473
xEuz2123 - A Swallow's GallAdult (m)5,8109732
iFGuY123 - Guy GallAdult (m)6,0359913
a1CmU123 - One Cute GallAdult (m)5,5639322
2Jjzy123 - Dizzy Jazzy GallAdult (f)5,3809472
NypxS123x - A Prized GallAdult (m)5,2458801
fRi5P123 - Frisp Rainfur GallAdult (f)5,7991,1245
qEp6I123x - Nazoranta GallAdult (f)6,0189786
21TmF123 - The 21st GallAdult (m)5,4429121
0CxKx123 - Kiss The GallAdult (f)5,2688641
oLlwr123 - A Greatly Timed GallAdult (m)5,9028181
H6Syx123 - Draguca GallAdult (m)5,5261,1054
toxAA(toxAA)Adult (m)9,0291,2027
JAL9t(JAL9t)Adult (m)7,8541,1974
rczTf(rczTf)Adult (f)6,1481,1085
jFB6N(jFB6N)Adult (f)7,4891,15315
32Kgq123x - Light DesertAdult (f)3,7048044
trACJ123x - Mane DesertAdult (m)2,9326002
qCW7c123 - Orange DesertAdult (f)4,06591611
8dfG8123 - Golden DesertAdult (f)3,7878363
M3tcS123 - Master DesertAdult (m)5,8298433
8FoQO123 - Fly Across The DesertAdult (m)3,7676411
dxMBc123 - Cactus In The DesertAdult (m)5,5618411
zu6Oy(zu6Oy)Adult (f)6,9101,1204
NrTkK(NrTkK)Adult (f)7,1911,0918
rCQtu(rCQtu)Adult (f)7,2041,1573
ZvpSa123 - Z' Coastal IridescenceAdult (f)6,4419993
xUf21123 - Nomadic IridescenceAdult (m)6,8339993
xjkH2123 - Shimmer IridescenceAdult (f)6,2671,0038
1bKRD123 - Shallow IridescenceAdult (m)6,6449914
hhE1p123 - Rainfur IridescenceAdult (f)5,8801,1455
zkeqY123 - Z' Have IridescenceAdult (f)5,3198772
UoHOk123 - We Are The IridescenceAdult (f)5,2019192
XnSoh123 - Soh IridescenceAdult (f)5,5729121
5QSE4123 - The Powerful IridesceneceAdult (f)5,2259232
toiqx123 - Valkemarian IridescenceAdult (m)5,4951,0294
K6rLZ123 - Finned IridescenceAdult (f)5,2148992
hrZG5123 - A Wyrm's IridescenceAdult (f)5,1108512
smmsk123 - No Time For IridescenceAdult (f)5,2118491
vheCy123 - Salty IridescenceAdult (m)4,5835724
2tHhl(2tHhl)Adult (m)7,7241,1291
TgTaP(TgTaP)Adult (m)3,7595943
Msz0e(Msz0e)Adult (f)3,2172876
3DZkY(3DZkY)Adult (m)6,8381,15317
TTdU4(TTdU4)Adult (m)7,8671,2423
ZCvtN(ZCvtN)Adult (m)6,0071,07834
pZ5Zy(pZ5Zy)Adult (f)7,0971,2525
foZ7k(foZ7k)Adult (f)4,1819073
yqcBY(yqcBY)Adult (f)7,7131,2372
eqHzh(eqHzh)Adult (m)8,2981,1605
bfkQ5(bfkQ5)Adult (f)8,3561,2823
RDnjx(RDnjx)Adult (f)8,3871,1712
wYja3(wYja3)Adult (f)7,7151,1683
uaWJv(uaWJv)Adult (f)8,2961,1532
GcIha(GcIha)Adult (f)8,3751,1612
sJwsM(sJwsM)Adult (f)7,1901,1733
9Im1G(9Im1G)Adult (f)7,3371,1092
fcvtu(fcvtu)Adult (f)6,8941,2794
QliOb(QliOb)Adult (m)7,6291,1493
78Rul123 - Rule ArcanaAdult (f)2,6138094
HmXlV123 - Fire ArcanaAdult (f)2,6448051
3Cr4o123 - Cry ArcanaAdult (m)2,5557932
GvUjA123 - Spooky ArcanaAdult (m)2,6888351
Mkjb3123 - Holly ArcanaAdult (m)6,2791,1843
CCHdT123 - Luminous ArcanaAdult (f)5,0138326
ZYcsg123 - Legendary ArcanaAdult (f)4,3811,1378
T3DFE123 - Full Of ArcanaAdult (m)6,4261,5226
aQdLO123 - A Nebula's ArcanaAdult (m)6,2381,4393
YA2ik123 - Ya Truffle Shuffle ArcanaAdult (m)5,3151,1135
FtIte123 - Autumn's ArcanaAdult (f)2,9587198
92TnV123 - Shimmering ArcanaAdult (m)6,4051,3245
APR1H123 - April Rainfur ArcanaAdult (f)5,7231,2097
zCuuf123 - Soft MelodyAdult (m)3,5637284
GnaTW123 - Pink MelodyAdult (m)3,8087894
wsewH123 - Her MelodyAdult (f)3,1004336
5Eg5I123 - Beautiful MelodyAdult (f)3,6398247
KUaf0123 - A Heart Stealing MelodyAdult (m)8,2091,3095
FaGIJ(FaGIJ)Adult (m)8,0571,1782
7p2zb(7p2zb)Adult (f)7,7461,1252
Nin5D(Nin5D)Adult (m)5,4791,1362
Zj8B4123 - Wonderful CompanionAdult (f)7,4881,1334
crxBG123 - Loving CompanionAdult (f)6,8881,1121
sPZwR123x - Flowers From My CompanionAdult (f)5,0709612
DUlep123x - Stair CompanionAdult (f)5,0849691
BSIGb123x - Big Sig CompanionAdult (f)5,0159681
jUnUw123 - A Pyral's CompanionAdult (f)5,9031,0252
JjxLW123 - A Vine Is My CompanionAdult (f)4,8041,0111
a1XQ3(a1XQ3)Adult (f)7,3501,37421
NaONn(NaONn)Adult (f)7,2251,39830
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