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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pikabubba,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
HIt2r(HIt2r)Adult (m)4,9361,5287
gkPJ6Berry FlavoredAdult (m)2,6961,13031
NIpFbBlueberry BumAdult (m)2,2161,12622
udg6w(udg6w)Adult (m)1,4365953
KTOlZNaughty ButtonAdult (f)2,8911,19920
U0LgpDo Not EnterAdult (f)3,9081,0696
8pMNUOuter BanksAdult (f)5,9671,6528
TSjUd(TSjUd)Adult (f)4,8501,01914
8K3Qv(8K3Qv)Adult (f)4,82396312
9MOA6Blueberry Basket SoulAdult (f)4,1041,35610
k7wvN(k7wvN)Adult (m)2,1226844
U6dvInflubateAdult (m)2,1851,21848
mLv6French Fried FingernailsAdult (m)2,9051,26440
oT1YBalls In a BowlAdult (m)3,0451,29238
V1YuEyeballs on ToothpicksAdult (m)2,6021,14638
qFjBForks In Your EyesAdult (f)2,5231,01927
YTv0Sharpen My AxeAdult (f)1,62693233
lSpLHead On a PlatterAdult (f)1,9951,05456
JU0gChainsaw PartyAdult (f)3,0041,18541
2MaHqCutletAdult (f)4,2853833
9MS12(9MS12)Adult (f)2,6251,1681
1BQ65(1BQ65)Adult (m)2,3891,1322
kWxi0DibblesAdult (f)1,7607610
wud4K(wud4K)Adult (f)2,8568643
WNqis(WNqis)Adult (f)7,3046416
9MtyM(9MtyM)Adult (f)5,5597325
Y1p56(Y1p56)Adult (m)5,9738666
YDR9sSqueezerAdult (m)1,6617421
TTyc3(TTyc3)Adult (m)6,2311,0464
etVge(etVge)Adult (f)3,1847424
gkS1u(gkS1u)Adult (f)4,4106974
KcAMP(KcAMP)Adult (m)3,9158859
e1i2D(e1i2D)Adult (m)2,3136965
aHlHBlissful BellaAdult (f)1,6107004
4QF3Blissful LadyAdult (f)1,7248536
5hlQBlissful NeilaAdult (f)1,7667553
Wqq58(Wqq58)Adult (m)5,6831,24421
O1NOBlissful CainAdult (m)2,7961,05316
WO8oBlissful CujoAdult (m)4,00286310
FltHz(FltHz)Adult (f)1,4135032
4JhVBlissful KarlAdult (m)2,71398518
iLsuf(iLsuf)Adult (f)2,3216445
NJnsSummer's NinjaAdult (m)4,01271017
As5jElemental Lag Spawn DraconnaAdult (m)2,97598738
20ijSnaggleAdult (m)4,1031,08318
M2iREntrail PartyAdult (m)2,5181,30535
pOAAFTo the BrimAdult (f)3,4301,09111
vqjMHatcheryAdult (f)1,5171,00226
WAgFDisembowelAdult (f)2,39998022
pk3HStale CookieAdult (f)3,0948529
CgF2Stale MarshmallowAdult (f)4,5821,33320
kmsKYNo Trampoline EitherAdult (f)2,7337441
CPYhSliding Down My Back Is Not FunAdult (f)4,7491,0668
7pWg9Get to CrackinAdult (f)2,41789911
FCZfSUndercookedAdult (f)1,9226374
U1pIPika wanted meAdult (m)3,20792811
Ik8srMedium-RareAdult (m)4,2021,22812
Hmi2oConstipatedAdult (f)4,1611,0985
QlupdBones of StoneAdult (m)2,0041,0227
4NcicBig Bag Of NutsAdult (m)6,1721,4947
botqNo Slip N' Slide For MeAdult (m)1,43252012
G0JrCareful what is unnamed pikaAdult (m)2,76125214
IH2HBred On Pika's BirthdayAdult (m)2,3201,22887
IbLj7CrayolaAdult (f)4,6861,47511
CO57Moldy Peanut Butter CupsAdult (f)6,6482,03338
nK45Moldy CupcakeAdult (f)4,90679013
b1fEeIuuuuuAdult (f)4,4191,21610
OG0ESMac N' CheeseAdult (f)3,8861,05516
Kmil7(Kmil7)Adult (m)5,5351,35315
ki2UDan Dan NoodleAdult (m)2,3861,04619
P1brDHatchyAdult (m)4,8171,7578
2SFgQ50 Shades of DCAdult (m)2,5837746
rsd5DanimoAdult (m)93555214
pOQgSong Of Morning DawnAdult (m)3,4401,13922
hKuWM(hKuWM)Adult (m)3,8871,13914
Rf46Captain  SpauldingAdult (m)2,3681,06421
Kf3ZgOnion RingAdult (m)5,7831,23112
shYLOtis B DriftwoodAdult (m)2,9111,28637
9WarkPugsley AddamsAdult (m)1,6903904
lgPqMother  FireflyAdult (f)2,5131,23150
eqATVera Ellen  Baby  FireflyAdult (f)2,8241,23130
mregnMorticia AddamsAdult (f)5,9061,96627
OhNSmIncuhatchAdult (f)6,1961,3752
zcwyB(zcwyB)Adult (f)2,6696512
Oi76kInstahatchAdult (f)3,7401,22614
aYTLa(aYTLa)Adult (m)2,3348834
pvcsJ(pvcsJ)Adult (m)2,0317973
P3HYc(P3HYc)Adult (m)3,2646963
66732(66732)Adult (m)2,5516663
dcXyc(dcXyc)Adult (f)2,5355593
2aCpv(2aCpv)Adult (f)3,9761,1735
2WpY5(2WpY5)Adult (f)2,2177812
T8S6i(T8S6i)Adult (f)2,7816892
gAMQ8(gAMQ8)Adult (f)1,9775822
fqvOKFlo-MingoAdult (m)3,09097510
UonY2TubeAdult (m)5,3569967
QZIcSinful SangriaAdult (m)2,94397025
Y0igj(Y0igj)Adult (m)2,3787621
6AgSuVaporubAdult (m)8,2601,33012
7gFLRdothefreddyAdult (f)1,9838849
fTXULowlifeAdult (f)97565642
5uhZl(5uhZl)Adult (f)3,8301,1659
r95VCosmo CarnageAdult (f)2,67592924
jAoDu(jAoDu)Adult (f)2,3156492
V5oRO(V5oRO)Adult (f)2,6356532
PKLA6FatticusAdult (f)3,3971,3476
mC1gDirty PillowAdult (f)3,3231,44468
Q7EYBrushie BrushieAdult (f)3,5111,51460
V4EsDGreasyAdult (f)5,1401,70010
46tTeCreamerAdult (f)3,1221,33019
2GmVGoochAdult (f)6,1441,49083
6fTkJ(6fTkJ)Adult (f)3,9379279
9Z0fDevil BunnyAdult (m)8,4151,83265
kNZhFlea BagAdult (m)3,8931,28930
BiUA9BaconAdult (m)2,00294516
CPVa5CoffeeAdult (m)2,4091,20313
Gc7hCadbury Bunny On CrackAdult (m)6,2251,89223
a58Xv(a58Xv)Adult (m)3,5538432
DaKSPIKA'S CB PINKSHatchling (F)1,84846321
49jo3Pink BananasAdult (f)2,1471,20521
PcLEI Wear Pink EarmuffsAdult (f)1,21234413
rBDq7Micro MachinesAdult (f)7,7321,47512
3lXb7GustyAdult (f)5,2691,3847
JUTl1(JUTl1)Adult (f)2,2339292
Zh6v3(Zh6v3)Adult (m)2,2137510
s1AkbTaperedAdult (m)3,3291,2159
mZ887DaimyoAdult (m)2,4461,08512
EE1PZ(EE1PZ)Adult (m)4,8161,11913
QtrrI Wear Pink KnickersAdult (m)2,28693329
t2mjPinkie Pie's PartyAdult (m)1,72498240
k4EXI Wear Pink TiesAdult (m)3,5601,06510
aAcNTShhhAdult (m)2,9271,24511
2vshPIKA'S 2ND GEN PINKSHatchling (F)2,0186042
pWSCShake ya bootyAdult (f)1,50989145
hLxoKPlastic TuxedoAdult (m)4,8081,3323
Wg3qRosea AmoreAdult (f)7,2461,03832
KYT0Y(KYT0Y)Adult (f)3,3648039
AlhaFForgotten TransferAdult (f)3,7781,1493
T6OESpewAdult (m)2,1581,46040
dQlpSip Of BourbonAdult (m)2,26496554
EcJTCheers to the 5thAdult (m)1,9391,00343
SS0dI Wear Pink SuspendersAdult (m)5,1821,29413
SQqQjPIKA'S STAIRCASE PINKSHatchling (F)1,8362399
fKsoBThe Pink StinkAdult (f)4,8731,38410
umgqPinkbuttAdult (f)2,6831,37646
7cB6uBlistertailAdult (f)2,2721,14424
lO1i6(lO1i6)Adult (f)6,4291,43411
qnUeWorcestershireAdult (f)2,0721,35825
QVBiUPink FailAdult (m)2,0491,04512
ZoKBUDanyo S'aarAdult (m)2,0961,15730
WlOLI Wear Pink SocksAdult (m)3,4571,0546
r6ZYtPIKA'S EVEN GEN PINKSHatchling (F)3,7262502
ant1ISylvia's Pink ButtonAdult (f)2,5521,23921
737UToxic BootyAdult (f)2,1771,32829
eN0TPonybuttAdult (f)2,0631,19036
e7hVa(e7hVa)Adult (f)3,7011,3886
24H0q(24H0q)Adult (f)5,6161,50774
zIrCc(zIrCc)Adult (m)6,0211,3325
XGYNmPink Christmas BallsAdult (m)5,9161,3527
C8IG4Pink SangriaAdult (m)3,4371,35022
CsOrJElder Angel DanielAdult (m)2,6041,18525
r2o5Bittersweet DestinyAdult (m)2,6519487
8NNm3Adorable ParanoidAdult (m)2,2791,02414
4uXrMORE FOR PIKA'S BSA ABUSEHatchling (F)2,84242910
meeWBuddhamissAdult (f)1,18764311
ITfjGPattyAdult (f)8,6391,66218
jnVDTerms of ServiceAdult (f)3,52642510
fCX2I Wear Pink ShoelacesAdult (f)3,48094711
1h3RI Wear Pink PajamasAdult (f)3,90792115
BrXdKYucky PinkAdult (f)5,4101,38114
qC4uY(qC4uY)Adult (f)6,3771,75616
lHleI Wear Pink HeadbandsAdult (m)3,1235207
VI8n2Pork BellyAdult (m)4,3141,50510
ioQsPro's MarshmallowAdult (m)3,5071,16625
HMY9QI love to singaAdult (m)4,6351,01215
qAkZuAbout the moon-a and theAdult (m)2,8261,05910
QKjEcJune-a and the spring-aAdult (m)4,2786465
Uq4Qx(Uq4Qx)Adult (m)1,6766913
8gsmY(8gsmY)Adult (f)2,2175405
8V6c3(8V6c3)Adult (f)4,6011,0706
NOG2SI love to  sing-aAdult (f)2,9571,0706
5Wl8eOgres Have LayersAdult (f)3,9921,2845
rvEMRistvak's Booted SunriseAdult (f)1,37548110
QAD9looloolooAdult (f)1,5044465
J7Os5Lil's Purply DerplyAdult (m)5,4161,1285
9QpdRlol lils purple hatAdult (m)1,9411,02115
gUaMTLil Fancies The Purple DrinksAdult (m)2,0021,08935
T6b6nLil's Holiday SpiritAdult (m)1,80599824
HnDGtNickelodeonAdult (m)5,2881,6708
Z0bCLiL's Purple FurballAdult (m)2,65592716
VscYNLil's Purple Popcorn PooAdult (m)5,6521,3438
ePU34Lil's Fluffy Purple SlippersAdult (m)2,6561,32418
jvjeELil's Urple PurpleAdult (m)4,7311,3447
AKN1PurplebuttAdult (m)2,9731,44545
UqLpA1Adult (m)2,0621,36025
LkdeBelchAdult (m)2,1981,48135
OekdGunnessAdult (m)1,8471,10337
ZvN4PoisonbuttAdult (m)2,7161,37826
cTnMNoodlebuttAdult (m)6,2051,69652
CPOhNum  NumsAdult (m)2,10290928
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