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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pikabubba,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
InaVS(InaVS)Adult (f)2,9157370
PRFHRHellHunt FlameAdult (f)2,2791,1585
f4sWaRunnin' With the DevilAdult (f)1,93387918
CZ1ZTLil's Purple In DisguiseAdult (f)3,4341,40824
k4NYiElements of BallsAdult (m)4,9381,54214
g0lEBFailbutt S'aarAdult (m)2,1141,12832
bv1ODFire S'aarAdult (m)2,4021,18312
9PABqBloody FailAdult (m)2,0051,10624
QmfujMelia's Wall of SmokeAdult (f)2,1101,09413
bs3eDMelia's MeliaAdult (f)2,7101,17420
sA1qbCala's Smoky BearAdult (f)2,8651,35718
clha7Emeralds MessAdult (m)2,6031,23112
t5sWoClamatoAdult (m)4,5931,00212
w7z7B(w7z7B)Adult (m)2,5215072
Oixyd(Oixyd)Adult (m)2,7089302
UIkSA(UIkSA)Adult (f)2,4849713
REIPs(REIPs)Adult (m)5,0919631
asYaZ(asYaZ)Adult (f)6,3388443
7hAnVPIKA'S RED SHIMMERFAILSHatchling (F)1,4832995
BVMchRed Silver ShimmerkinAdult (m)2,5058491
GteCH(GteCH)Adult (f)1,8227791
g97cp(g97cp)Adult (f)3,2595172
M8oi0(M8oi0)Adult (f)6,5377460
olHTt(olHTt)Adult (m)5,4388391
N2jbe(N2jbe)Adult (m)3,4505324
KrlGh(KrlGh)Adult (m)2,9396914
zsbka(zsbka)Adult (f)5,4189743
oaYKZ(oaYKZ)Adult (m)1,7497563
MdXeG(MdXeG)Adult (f)3,6078114
b6Rlw(b6Rlw)Adult (m)5,4428831
I0U2PIKA'S MISC LINEAGED REDSHatchling (F)3,10351232
S01ZaTamaroAdult (m)2,2551,15112
gRCSBSpiral gold redAdult (f)1,9156972
fk0Y9(fk0Y9)Adult (m)3,4285654
sBYHe(sBYHe)Adult (f)5,0598751
vwI5Q(vwI5Q)Adult (m)3,5218421
pT9bz(pT9bz)Adult (m)1,7815644
XDBLJ(XDBLJ)Adult (f)5,2921,3705
c6iif(c6iif)Adult (m)3,1548921
2K36F(2K36F)Adult (f)3,3179872
79cei(79cei)Adult (m)2,3815372
agI5L(agI5L)Adult (m)1,8546421
2GGCy(2GGCy)Adult (m)3,1926080
55txC(55txC)Adult (f)4,9461,3021
mAAPCPika RedAdult (f)4,3501,04613
zo1rG(zo1rG)Adult (m)2,8449452
aISs2(aISs2)Adult (m)3,0248363
NdRGKIndustrial PollutionAdult (f)3,3881,02410
U9tWTPitti's Tomato JuiceAdult (f)4,5001,3366
T35CLRoses Are RedAdult (m)4,6391,3827
IqrpbMumfordAdult (m)2,7751,20810
cW6DMichaAdult (f)3,8271,1365
9UtGDRed Is RedAdult (f)4,6981,2755
iDWUw(iDWUw)Adult (m)2,5605251
RiHsjIn the BroilerAdult (m)3,4221,15415
0GXbL3e Onion BreathAdult (m)2,1601,08222
RGnhhMelia's FailAdult (m)2,2241,10514
OmucsBlood PopsicleAdult (m)2,4911,04710
noJPPIvy's Red PepperAdult (f)2,2565776
AjZGHMessy DropsAdult (m)4,7651,1807
r4RV7DimmedAdult (f)3,3411,1515
jaTFClarice MeleeAdult (f)2,13225011
aqK8m(aqK8m)Adult (f)3,1871,0701
LARUmBictAdult (m)5,1232,0068
pD4hHAlmost perfectAdult (m)2,2981,23515
KjCfOne Angry WomanAdult (f)8,7531,19813
v0FuShut Up NatalieAdult (f)1,89633911
UGK9dChestonAdult (f)1,8899306
BdODSmuggling RubiesAdult (f)5,31975126
riEBCannibalcow XAdult (f)2,83770415
4iX43Spicy Jelly BeanAdult (f)2,52690312
gvnLmBeautiful MessAdult (m)3,9861,29012
FAcvoPika's Little Hot MessAdult (m)3,5261,21910
aRsjCayenne CookiesAdult (f)2,12387321
faZhKetchup on BananasAdult (m)2,26165527
cqLTCAPTCHA Gravely InitiativesAdult (m)3,7161,21331
Ca94NSyrupbuttAdult (m)2,6691,31617
nJOdRidiculous Fluffy Bum MonsterAdult (m)2,84693026
tlVrThe Coconut SteamerAdult (m)5,3321,50944
XqmTEat Dat' WatamelonAdult (m)3,8151,12125
JqpdFry Dat' ChickenAdult (m)1,66167335
q058Oogity BoogityAdult (m)3,0151,11935
EGWRGusty's Burnt SausagesAdult (m)1,16941611
nYsHKool-Aid MarinadeAdult (m)2,5311,01328
QOMPPika's 30th RedAdult (m)1,86839517
SNv0lThis Mess Has a Lovely Home HereAdult (f)5,3421,55915
PEjciRed StairAdult (m)2,4799007
AuEZWCannedAdult (m)7,7731,38211
1a7XbProper MessAdult (f)7,9881,43010
K7iGgRed PotatoAdult (m)7,9031,41211
ju7RlBert n' ErnieAdult (m)8,0271,4078
mXqEACancellationAdult (m)7,8031,33511
AGFINOhmywhatamessAdult (f)5,5631,27210
6aFjM(6aFjM)Adult (f)2,3036034
cG88LEverything BagelAdult (m)3,1991,09210
ggqA7Red BuffetAdult (f)3,7481,1574
pActaMixed MessAdult (f)4,6191,1855
atl6YBrewedAdult (m)3,7941,1815
ru1vjDel LiAdult (f)5,3111,11613
fffAFToby's Disco BallAdult (m)3,6761,1109
hTtK1(hTtK1)Adult (m)5,5021,4345
OqD9U(OqD9U)Adult (f)6,1931,2791
CmsfkTridy's Just a Little MessyAdult (m)1,99098910
XMYLCTridy's Uneven RedAdult (m)2,0129717
r7qLgMessy af DMLAdult (f)4,7821,1144
VS2ucBig Ol MessAdult (f)2,1327863
zgwfmBurn The LineageAdult (f)2,0657442
KtaPiMessy Red DragonAdult (f)2,9182692
o6b5kSloppy lineAdult (f)4,3936520
0VG9YDon't Breed this MessAdult (f)2,0814772
CVj5cAnother Sloppy LineAdult (m)2,3904773
wQEI6Sloppy SlopAdult (f)2,5555433
PaYsuMore SlopAdult (f)3,2785703
pba5r(pba5r)Adult (m)2,5115351
3xgtW(3xgtW)Adult (f)4,0151,4222
ka80y(ka80y)Adult (m)2,7324711
qP7wX(qP7wX)Adult (f)2,7747112
peog5(peog5)Adult (f)3,4177862
JTtfK(JTtfK)Adult (f)2,4574991
0t2Qc(0t2Qc)Adult (f)6,0349142
gicOR(gicOR)Adult (f)3,7065833
pXKec(pXKec)Adult (m)2,6915782
sL8CJ(sL8CJ)Adult (m)6,1051,1032
lJe11(lJe11)Adult (m)4,5761,3812
vG3HS(vG3HS)Adult (f)2,4748444
JxDF7(JxDF7)Adult (m)5,7241,0652
Wsfzh(Wsfzh)Adult (f)5,8101,0551
U5Sam(U5Sam)Adult (m)4,0021,4222
B2y04(B2y04)Adult (m)5,8441,0272
Dx3nI(Dx3nI)Adult (f)4,0289031
4ktAR(4ktAR)Adult (f)5,7979131
Lo3f0(Lo3f0)Adult (m)2,2769162
CdnFDAdd to messy sectionAdult (m)1,6177066
gaGgF(gaGgF)Adult (f)5,5571,0523
z2I8S(z2I8S)Adult (m)3,9911,3864
17ow7(17ow7)Adult (f)4,4761,0400
fTd15(fTd15)Adult (f)3,9691,4262
m65m0(m65m0)Adult (m)6,0978711
iZUs4(iZUs4)Adult (f)6,1888220
Tjgcc(Tjgcc)Adult (m)2,3416922
EsxJI(EsxJI)Adult (m)2,3976761
mUXq1(mUXq1)Adult (m)5,8341,1825
hws4p(hws4p)Adult (f)5,8741,0621
Xoo9e(Xoo9e)Adult (f)5,8981,1384
QpX8g(QpX8g)Adult (f)3,9581,4142
AgY59(AgY59)Adult (f)6,7808341
7qtTN(7qtTN)Adult (m)3,3167550
o5bCDrop Dead RedAdult (m)3,2527388
65hvI Can See Red's TidbitsAdult (m)4,9301,75827
HneZMove your big butt so I can seeAdult (f)10,1311,12520
OZi0OToo Many BurgersAdult (m)2,60487217
ztgHu(ztgHu)Adult (m)4,8651,3203
AdAyc(AdAyc)Adult (m)3,3935903
mLUfu(mLUfu)Adult (m)2,5525561
VxYii(VxYii)Adult (m)2,3375223
sYiNW(sYiNW)Adult (m)3,1465422
yuhQ5(yuhQ5)Adult (m)3,1105221
uCOQWBubble GuppyAdult (f)4,0941,3538
rA2tb(rA2tb)Adult (f)1,9517654
gqB5O(gqB5O)Adult (f)1,6236512
vf08c(vf08c)Adult (f)1,9065703
F9Rtz(F9Rtz)Adult (f)2,6456831
WQNriThey All Float Down HereAdult (m)2,5526636
4LPaT(4LPaT)Adult (m)2,7409993
rUR6I(rUR6I)Adult (m)5,1198383
wZqja(wZqja)Adult (m)1,4778302
bsMne(bsMne)Adult (m)2,5741,0322
Qdppe(Qdppe)Adult (m)2,7356074
ZzaCb(ZzaCb)Adult (m)2,6156663
0mltK(0mltK)Adult (m)4,0761,0473
q46s5(q46s5)Adult (m)2,8055613
03RIG(03RIG)Adult (m)2,7756194
naJCj(naJCj)Adult (m)1,5478395
1vHIi(1vHIi)Adult (f)5,5509090
zbYsP(zbYsP)Adult (f)3,6551,0212
MSvNV(MSvNV)Adult (f)1,9085962
veuXf(veuXf)Adult (f)2,0098734
Ij2v4(Ij2v4)Adult (f)2,5901,0053
NmWEF(NmWEF)Adult (f)2,7459733
JjHJK(JjHJK)Adult (f)2,7739532
BQ4z5(BQ4z5)Adult (f)3,5791,3726
jTs7p(jTs7p)Adult (f)2,0376132
u17TJ(u17TJ)Adult (f)1,5068383
7TFPT(7TFPT)Adult (m)3,4664621
KC2E8PimpletailAdult (f)2,3631,3089
vDJRDTumortailAdult (f)5,6321,15414
DGW68VesicletailAdult (m)2,1081,14215
ffnDD(ffnDD)Adult (m)2,3815132
VlGFJSactailAdult (m)2,1681,14815
uAqjL(uAqjL)Adult (m)3,5381,0046
CUHd9(CUHd9)Adult (m)3,5531,2375
jHP9m(jHP9m)Adult (m)3,5138115
Wv8UFBlue PuckerAdult (m)6,1651,19018
dsBYMExit OnlyAdult (m)1,9781,09419
dnYP5(dnYP5)Adult (m)5,8911,7117
TLP0Q(TLP0Q)Adult (m)6,5961,6508
OdBAA(OdBAA)Adult (m)5,3361,6678
V5Va4(V5Va4)Adult (m)2,8841,27811
Ie5PaFDAAdult (m)6,1061,3545
r61tA(r61tA)Adult (m)3,3311,36814
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