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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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  • Bronze Trophy
  • Trick-or-Treat
  • Egg Basket
  • 2012 Valentine’s Day
  • 2011 Holiday Event
  • Carrot Cave
  • 2010 Tree Decorating
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You pick up the scroll labeled “Pandapup,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
qGqF(qGqF)Egg (F)
Ou4KRyubakaAdult (m)3,4541,0819
ctaPAmadonaAdult (f)3,3981,0478
KtMXRaxculadAdult (m)2,7799667
BTRASolindaAdult (f)3,4511,02813
0VZ1FandyAdult (f)1,8678238
AR8DProtactAdult (m)1,7417797
5aRgTiggahAdult (m)3,2309777
uN7DNot So Lonely GeorgeAdult (m)3,7781,0424
TvYbiPod DragonAdult (m)1,4707067
GvfpThe NEW iPod DracoAdult (f)2,61623415
LloriPod With WingsAdult (m)3,2628248
c6amiPod The ThirdAdult (f)1,8476636
3BlPiPod Likes CheeseAdult (m)5,7419033
LAZliPod Nano DragonAdult (f)2,7398027
on2LiPod SmallishAdult (m)4,8027542
56aUiPod GlitchieAdult (f)4,7527303
3e5XiPod Next GenAdult (m)3,7025291
QcbUiPod PokeAdult (f)11,8529754
KdpJiPod Can ShuffleAdult (m)2,4591906
hLV4iPod AlternativeAdult (f)3,7519945
X6S2iPod Touch MeAdult (f)11,1461,4608
q0X2iPod Fresh LookAdult (m)3,5859972
pdHIiPod Destroys The WorldAdult (f)5,0337953
EunqiPod of AppleAdult (m)3,7049585
YrjCGiga iPod BreakerAdult (m)3,5654723
ZJXUvLapis The ProtectorAdult (m)9,0726056
cnrKlOn Wings Of ChangeAdult (f)6,1471,1667
SGGmSweet Thunder GirlAdult (f)4,1097503
fmuBOpal Mantle of HellAdult (f)5,6901,44331
Al1k5Jack FreezeAdult (m)5,8941,3795
gu57Yoshis Are Awesome DudeAdult3,8305257
997TCali Golden GalAdult (f)10,7551,54217
DKJmSoul Silver ThuwedAdult (m)8,8611,18411
0k3fZCoulrophobeAdult (m)8,81484010
8mlfdAerophobicAdult (m)8,9705992
7T8SHC C C COMBO BREAKERAdult (f)9,8976615
H3bZDorkface With A StickAdult (m)3,7474653
thc0Healing Light of DorkfaceAdult (m)9,37974812
aGBNBlooming Sweet Rose of LoveAdult (f)5,7636884
LVWkOld Spice ValentineAdult (m)4,1891,1439
OI1eToo Many ChocolatesAdult (f)4,0511,0886
qFBOLittle Miss RosebudHatchling (f, F)5,0185773
BTNCDestroyer of the UniverseHatchling (m, F)3,4798437
7RGQLittle Candy GalHatchling (f, F)3,7499528
XC4FRibbon Shining BeautyAdult (f)3,3825161
cvRbFallen Angel Of Winter GraceAdult (f)8,3301,0135
TF0CCandy Cane CaribouAdult (m)2,6971,0566
T8QgShiny Little Ribbon WormHatchling (F)1,6215091
X04LLittle Angel Of ChristmasHatchling (f, F)2,8099184
isD7Rudolph Was A DragonHatchling (F)4,0224278
ZXZaExlaAdult (f)3,2938126
CdvMLady Vamp VampAdult (f)3,3395421
FUR9My Fury is FurryAdult (f)5,8058993
BnfhChili Is YummyAdult (f)3,9731,03710
pE2nA Female in DisguiseAdult (m)4,0455771
nRHgMistress of the Moonless NightAdult (f)6,8699857
rESuEllie MoonAdult (f)3,8844703
XWl4Blood Bath MistressAdult (f)6,95292919
81g4Emo DraggieHatchling (f, F)3,4746343
baAhLord of Paper CutsAdult1,6627128
0qmkWhat is MeltAdult5,2423845
39NRLittle Lady FrillyHatchling (f, F)2,46750711
djeuLizzie LizAdult (f)1,6636316
VkXc8Excitable SnugglebuttAdult (f)3,3349185
KVH3HOrange and Blue Portal DragonAdult (m)2,0793206
08SNfMr Glowy ThingsAdult (m)4,2724321
RP0HNSpirited Away ReferenceAdult (f)5,3991,1911
Xi6vjBubblegum NecklaceAdult (f)4,6537452
ODUANMiss OduanAdult (f)4,5054981
YCEBmNot Actually A SupervillanAdult (m)1,8293018
ItBaxIf Every Porkchop Were PerfectAdult (f)5,2281,1981
wHbdIWe Wouldn't Have HotDogsAdult (m)5,4321,1882
e4zr2The TriablosAdult (m)1,8533027
h8qWdSaint GrandpaAdult (m)5,2058732
rvpmbBurning Japan FlagAdult (f)4,5097641
V9I9XVixen The OutcastAdult (f)4,5265062
hwEOvI'M SCREAMING RIGHT NOWAdult (f)4,6397481
Dml75Darn Kids These DaysAdult (m)6,1201,1094
UgVMuGraceful WindsurferAdult (m)5,6629092
5klMLSwirly Swirly SwirlsAdult (m)1,7723066
c44EJUST WHO THE HELLAdult (f)4,4415173
eLNvDO YOU THINK WE AREAdult (m)3,5239525
4RpeLol Anime ReferencesHatchling (F)3,1543540
HjMfChardudeAdult (m)9934873
QTWjBeauty QueenieAdult (f)4,3465865
4SXSLite RedAdult (m)3,4951,2379
66aPNyaaahAdult (f)2,0485932
LNFBLying Nifty Finkle BusterAdult (m)8,0886723
UUUjMagic MayhemAdult (f)1,4915845
NZ6NSplashing LIKE A BOSSAdult (m)6,6657854
KYlpMagicarpencilsAdult (m)5,5809967
I0Ek0Vinnie VimAdult (m)2,8625210
egvbeMisty Moonlit PrinceAdult (m)3,2068131
N6LCfMisty Moonlit PrincessAdult (f)3,2038291
OiQaKLittle Boy Blue MoonHatchling (m, F)3,6985212
6DlBdSunny SimbaAdult (m)3,9005871
tpZ28Little Girl Red SunHatchling (f, F)3,8545382
aseVSheep Dragon of FluffAdult (m)4,1906041
gpWUDeaf By FluffAdult (f)4,5146073
Y0VpThat One Bird PokemonAdult (m)4,3835991
8ichI Whip My Tailz Back N ForthAdult (f)4,3726021
aVGiLittle Fire FlareAdult (f)5,0473871
kr5GMisty Blue MiniAdult (f)5,2803931
o6udMini Water WingAdult (f)4,5533881
m1rcLittle Loopy LilyAdult (f)4,3823840
9p8ThThe little midnight sunAdult (m)3,8245040
L8CcRockbenderAdult (f)2,24742111
Kc69Sakura Kisses of SpringAdult (f)4,07579711
c2e2Super Happy Summertime DragonAdult (m)2,4373768
C1DkFall's DragonfireAdult (m)2,5722266
lpAsSweet Breath of SnowAdult (f)84350911
0HV7Royal LighteningAdult (m)1,2806187
g9SoPeppermint ZipAdult (m)1,1525163
6JsRZippy MintAdult (f)1,6684213
BU9mElectric Blue SkyAdult (f)1,1704119
vJNfBlack Striper LightningAdult (m)5,7416489
uQX1jOnly Sometimes WhiteAdult (m)5,8711,1944
s0ctBloody MelvinAdult (m)6,7031,0605
FiIECode FileAdult (m)2,8763447
uZAlDubble DragonAdult (f)4,3825947
C4b5Two for One SaleAdult (m)1,56764912
mVB8Mystical PuffAdult (f)1,4046467
E8aNDa Majik DwaganAdult (m)2,4172887
XcSbLittle Puddle SkipperHatchling (m, F)2,7892318
CgBcSunlight StarburstAdult (f)1,03748310
MltXTiny SunrayHatchling (f, F)1,0884425
Mi9JSun's SleepAdult (f)2,3765347
lmL2Sideways infinity 8Adult (m)2,1878394
gST4Over The SunriseAdult (f)1,9527257
fF8SMy Dragon PonyAdult (m)1,3486215
LPJlSapphire SeadraAdult (f)2,31934511
gn7lPoolsharkAdult (m)1,0834718
FRglLian GeddanHatchling (F)3,2782886
0beGSeasoarAdult (m)3,4302688
o5gdJet SaltwaterAdult (m)4,2577734
r4lRSton'dAdult (m)1,0205148
RKhgBlue Crystal MoonAdult (f)2,68064511
P5CbCrystal KiddieHatchling (F)1,8821548
RoT0Code RotoAdult (f)3,01322511
t3DvInky NightchildHatchling (f, F)2,97027612
88bbPikauAdult (f)1,6414324
0LlOLittle SparkieHatchling (F)9181094
C8DZAmadorkAdult (m)2,19372112
mu6UPlooberAdult (m)3,28725015
EqplAmazing Mountain MajestyAdult (f)4,7357362
ff2YRawr I Am PurpleAdult (m)1,9086988
gC4sPink Is Manly IT ISAdult (m)4,8237304
Yca8LushlyAdult (f)3,2919757
ZCdIAmazanaAdult (f)3,3399836
p7CBAI am the pretty oneAdult (f)3,4245320
f037Fyat BootyAdult (f)3,9367291
nKnN0Whopper JuniorHatchling (f, F)2,0285632
rcWcFlamadonaAdult (f)3,5591,0376
Fd5VPurpryuAdult (m)1,91847910
Ol8JStop The Flame WarsAdult (m)7,1125085
Dm66Little Dragon Big WorldAdult (m)5,7285371
LBvnBlue Fire of AzulaAdult (f)5,9535951
98U8CloudbedAdult (m)2,33345112
m4FTDoctor PeacockAdult (m)1,1825158
MMcXTea TreeleafAdult (f)1,3424889
L89WSobeaHatchling (F)2,46024810
TsJEWindskarAdult (m)1,70450810
MvFUnI wish to be a zombieAdult (m)4,0515151
65jYBoggardAdult (f)1,79448912
KNhUPlant Dragon ThingieAdult (f)2,5483767
GPkJAlbeanoAdult (m)1,3844574
1542PinconaAdult (m)2,8692558
SQcSDarkness is LightAdult (f)2,0454333
sTOjThese are abandon onlyHatchling (m, F)91255430
de0hiPod LineageAdult (f)6,0581,0426
mh5ciPod Used ThundershockAdult (m)3,2485403
BSivZFresh Baked iPodAdult (f)4,0845250
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