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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “OshawottStarTop,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
uocQUFyre in a BurnAdult (m)3,2644822
TGwsa(TGwsa)Adult (m)6,9271,1264
LzvUeStones of Our AncestorsAdult (f)5,6208702
VZYiC(VZYiC)Adult (f)6,6071,0823
9JwFm(9JwFm)Adult (f)9,5951,1761
nZkrPCursetail of Fever Never ShakenAdult (f)5,1629204
3Wo8mHence My AnomaliesAdult (m)6,0831,0271
8D28s(8D28s)Adult (f)5,1638664
dL70S(dL70S)Adult (f)6,2811,1053
1pJ0p(1pJ0p)Adult (f)8,4428813
A7391Flamingo Dancing Over The SkyAdult (m)4,6775463
j4p01Brightscales With Black PowerAdult (f)5,3107834
74p9tYouthwing's SkyAdult (m)4,4448658
IvjQKI Don't Care AnymoreAdult (f)3,2674881
wETILI Swear I'm Hanging On SomethingAdult (m)4,3627684
CT4grChance for ChangeAdult (f)5,7261,0114
q96aoCommunities ConvergingAdult (f)3,8085112
lJlY1Juvenile DisasterAdult (m)6,0449842
AsKqe(AsKqe)Adult (m)6,9739263
ZzbeR(ZzbeR)Adult (m)4,5657772
tr90iIceshard in the BlizzardAdult (f)8,0221,0629
Gm6N0Ice's BiteAdult (f)3,1256746
dgontThe Lonely Frost GiantAdult (m)3,7967901
FzxXVItching FrostAdult (m)2,8214981
JxdYr(JxdYr)Adult (f)9,4671,1682
itiyOInfinity JewelsAdult (m)3,7195431
vJxdGSpark of a GemAdult (m)4,5678792
lI584Crown InfinityAdult (f)4,5398441
XzWusDouble-Crossed ForeversAdult (m)4,5288575
p48cnMisty ColorsAdult (m)4,5588573
2q1LEThe Shards of Our LoversAdult (f)2,9218321
UvHlCCrystalized RoyalityAdult (f)4,6237825
WM0NJGyode LixirAdult (f)3,8036945
V1ZgMWatershadow AzureAdult (m)3,5087681
Kh9yJBluth of the SeaAdult (f)3,8898104
rl0MwDaybreak of MorningAdult (f)4,5288535
RSngbHope RainsAdult (m)4,0017167
eoEchGlory of ColorAdult (f)3,9897896
BLcEwDuskflight of the Dark SunsetAdult (m)6,9371,02517
d0lJCNightshine Hidden in ShadowsAdult (m)4,2528185
TebLVGlory of MidnightsAdult (m)3,6907461
yL7rVOff the Sunset's GazeAdult (f)7,1121,0553
AoMevSunlight's Dim BrotherAdult (m)5,7891,0503
XDqiFGem in the Golden LightAdult (m)5,4641,0345
Z6GKJTreasure CoveAdult (f)4,5567544
FkFHUFuku FhujiAdult (f)4,3747184
iFehFSwimsun with Great Swim SkillsAdult (f)3,07678011
zmi2DFishtail WinglessAdult (f)6,1889798
eTJZCSeapale SwimmingAdult (m)4,2989033
Mx5rzFemale IIIAdult (f)3,7877868
zFT9LFemale IVAdult (f)3,5087984
8ELunXan's StormAdult (f)2,9087815
l00AE100 After EclipseAdult (f)3,26366011
TlpQPDon't Touch the GreyAdult (f)3,1463888
ivsXcClutches of Shadowing RemainsAdult (f)4,9029271
RBsMWBig Leopard LizardAdult (m)4,0707912
4eTuIRoaringwings Growling GreenAdult (m)1,6286563
0mVcNLabelled With RumbleAdult (m)4,7956262
tY2XBBrave SoulsoundsAdult (f)6,3739583
pk94mAffectionate BodiesAdult (f)5,7698034
DedQYSharpsight in Flying DarknessAdult (m)5,4491,1937
uWv6oWhirlwind of Dark SkiesAdult (m)9,2901,7068
YIgcrWindy Winds Soaring HighAdult (f)5,2891,2241
E8o7BSpeedysight Running WingsAdult (f)2,5045202
YoaYbSwingtail Defeating FoesAdult (f)1,7196672
oNdWESwiftwings Speeding PastAdult (m)3,1805536
S3HFYStrongwings with Swift TailAdult (m)3,6027697
ueHivHighspirits Encourging ManyAdult (m)3,2767720
D2JwPSafestar of the FiveAdult (m)4,2051,2252
tCBIkGuardcry in Afternoon BattleAdult (m)3,3771,1488
ad8ZhThe WatchingAdult (f)3,3426756
0ChkrHeart of a GuardianHatchling (m, F)2,7577536
k3b1gGoldstar DuskwingAdult (f)3,3115934
jFUzHElegance in the Black and GoldAdult (f)5,4088817
ceuKRKin No KinAdult (m)4,2467706
o6mlFGoldie's WingsAdult (m)4,2831,0239
nBhtBLuster of ShadowsAdult (m)3,9427184
mn8ikLustrous ForeverAdult (m)5,5951,1582
31xauA Thousand Miles Before I WakeAdult (m)4,1668764
9bXTnThat I Can't HideAdult (m)4,5598791
kZRvmThe Shadow in the Gold's LightAdult (f)6,5971,0192
xGkwMPerhaps I Would've DiedHatchling (F)1,4752364
sLkdePumpkinscale of Small HomeAdult (f)1,7226642
jpBtBVeleviaAdult (m)2,3495721
Q84KMViciousrider of Maleficent WindsAdult (f)4,2368562
pNgjpWhiteshadow of Thick FogAdult (f)1,5866553
AbXrYNightcry FlyingAdult (f)4,2348422
VTR86Flareterror's Burning PathAdult (f)1,6176718
F3BzIEverglare's CurseAdult (f)4,3426191
IoSJfThe Harbinger FlightlessAdult (f)2,2636013
3VOsDInjusticikaAdult (f)2,2575941
JYhHyDefinitive TearsAdult (f)2,3976011
gpDl2For Eternities InfinitiesAdult (m)1,9915791
YweWjMillion DeathsAdult (m)2,0005861
5gnBEWalks Among UsAdult (f)2,4356331
Cc3yhLappingfire in Mountain LavaAdult (m)2,5438112
1iQI1Bluefire MellowAdult (f)5,4927813
1CIl9Flameon Version IIAdult (f)3,3647194
u7jV9From Birth - UnforgivingAdult (m)5,1999351
ySvRJFire of the WingsAdult (m)4,1107896
6AIsOIt's Too SweetAdult (m)5,6618091
okh7u(okh7u)Adult (m)6,4221,1076
w6TiZFury's TalonAdult (f)4,5388161
TzZpZKallikalAdult (m)6,5521,0182
VC6r1Bluetail with PurplewingsAdult (f)8,3481,8964
6HYFJLavaeyes with Pure HeartAdult (m)3,1939933
WYcsqFastheart with Shimmering EyesAdult (f)3,6908942
efG8DRoughhoofs in Lead of ManyAdult (m)2,5325359
pEY4dLandflight's ChallengeAdult (m)7,7271,3183
kGWbCScreechcry of EternityAdult (f)5,39793419
BJNiyHowling to PleaseAdult (f)5,9531,3228
Z49j0DontenAdult (m)4,7117312
ypfffMy Loudest Yip EverAdult (f)6,0011,0384
SKHhJCold Tasteless IcingAdult (m)4,6708386
L3GfeKings of This CenturyAdult (m)4,8819890
I0z8C(I0z8C)Egg (F)
kA0r6Swimshine in Deep WatersAdult (f)6,8181,1797
DjjdYWatershimmer Swimming ThroughAdult (f)7,5311,4922
bda2HSplashtail Diving ThroughAdult (m)2,7524981
kweWiWaterstar of the FiveAdult (m)3,5277823
cS67GShimmer of SpeedAdult (f)6,8301,2269
XpuKoSurfin's WaveAdult (f)4,5458194
lXy7xRinxis Galin DevimusAdult (m)6,22385410
YjMldMaximus GuardianAdult (m)6,18086510
np3Z2Xri LaxivisAdult (f)6,6069278
9xLvUDlexicusAdult (f)5,41096311
kQqYUDevimusAdult (m)6,0729117
OmLFBVaxidrukximusAdult (f)5,5971,0127
zITNPGoldstar GuardianAdult (m)5,5668889
E4IsWVehementiaAdult (f)6,9151,1293
1AFvqRevolution AwakeningAdult (f)5,79594010
kG4DGAthrienAdult (m)7,00492610
ubxXJTsukurimonoAdult (m)6,11592515
3eUUkResthinAdult (m)5,2649616
pOf2qRockscales of Extreme EgoAdult (m)5,1881,4401
2QKuPWingshade ShineAdult (f)2,8468753
1HebzLiterally Nothing To Name YouAdult (m)6,8609953
3wI4gFortunate FliesAdult (f)7,0371,2951
wWAwcI Have Like Six WingsAdult (f)7,2901,2762
C3QZ2Golden CawAdult (m)6,9021,2372
NQQsBShrieking HarmonyAdult (f)6,2931,1113
BGE1GMoonlight LuckyAdult (m)2,9175393
A4mJJ(A4mJJ)Adult (m)3,8406784
mcTX9Check My Wings OUTAdult (m)3,7467351
BPkTmWay Too Many WingsAdult (f)3,7447692
C4J8tFirecatcher EvermoreAdult (m)7,1861,0272
lIFIiFirst Time in This LifeAdult (m)4,5938592
k5Fwj(k5Fwj)Adult (m)6,1551,0421
wDMy9Flickermagic and GentlekillAdult (m)5,5568453
EEA6pEvershine SunspellAdult (f)5,08681111
0GL8HFlashflick Magic - FantasyAdult (m)5,7221,1248
a2MMhMaglificent FlavorAdult (m)3,3307303
OmLgdMagiCal MagykAdult (m)3,2066164
zygl6Dominance Over MagykAdult (f)3,2546593
cRxrcNobody Else Can Teleport Like MeAdult (f)4,2297882
Hky2fVarying RegretAdult (f)7,0411,0964
5HtnMEternity KillsAdult (f)4,5598299
Y6jNaCrispy and BurntAdult (m)4,6558146
cxUcHI Came From the MantleAdult (m)2,8534472
LYyypYip Yip YyypAdult (m)2,8096228
TLytA(TLytA)Adult (m)7,2881,1331
kQwGJMoonlight NeverendingAdult (f)5,0179107
7rOQzBrighter Side of the MoonAdult (f)2,8566189
F3ORZMoonlit and SereneAdult (f)3,0467012
h6IJYAll of it Wrapped in a TranceAdult (m)3,1847085
OaeaqMoondomAdult (m)3,9537202
oX4dUMoonlit TonightAdult (m)4,4958002
Z6qjHHoldith Onto TailAdult (m)3,0154726
nN2dNWants MoreAdult (f)2,3623055
pw5fjIn Light of the ButterflyAdult (f)4,8971,0061
8SdFb(8SdFb)Adult (f)8,3271,1505
aaVfJDeepspace DarkflashAdult (f)6,3411,05215
edW4JSkywing Shine EternalAdult (m)5,7711,0172
CstOiShadow of a Violet SkyAdult (m)4,3368675
purJUPurrspaceAdult (m)3,8455704
osHi3Slain GalaxyAdult (f)4,4579501
jK9o2(jK9o2)Adult (m)3,9687193
3BMe8A Rip in SpaceAdult (m)5,5841,0284
VSTpOTumbling From SpaceAdult (m)4,5311,1916
QVdBcQueistariaAdult (m)4,4798026
dAgzfSpace SoarAdult (f)3,0815053
uJgN1Pelting Through SpaceAdult (m)3,1534915
uC3UsJutting StarburstAdult (m)3,4424622
naoI2Galaxy Z10000Adult (f)4,1658346
nKkrOEternity on WingsAdult (m)7,0271,1303
8HHFMFree to Rise AgainAdult (m)2,7114653
EoaYG(EoaYG)Adult (f)7,3511,0082
cXiYm(cXiYm)Adult (f)5,6979224
gXMxWDestined for DisasterAdult (f)3,1764651
oymenOy MenAdult (m)6,7729704
17qtUMidnightclaw In Night WindsAdult (f)2,9987544
y9GPqUogokoro-kunAdult (m)4,3477445
tWpy0(tWpy0)Adult (f)6,5821,0014
e48JBPaper LivesAdult3,7496856
FpH0QFluffynut SmileAdult (m)5,4687885
SAhdGLost in FluffinessAdult (m)4,8238133
8m2zRFuton DragonAdult (f)3,3594802
HnSXpLotuswing of DeviltailAdult (m)3,7665294
klHEkThe Pinkish Glow of MasculinityAdult (m)4,1327305
aRBOBBecause I'm a Pink FemaleAdult (f)3,8068145
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