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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MissHippie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
e0NpeTreasure Of ChinaAdult (f)2,2326841
WSsF4Yet Another Black Tea FemaleAdult (f)6,1177363
NcKz9Tea Time Is At 5 O'ClockHatchling (F)1,4051202
oAD85Raining RubiesAdult (m)5,6938123
ASxWBRuby RedingAdult (m)4,9601,0671
fN2i1Red PebblestoneAdult (m)6,5098721
DlP1xI Miscolor On My ParentsAdult (f)2,8054512
p7IG2Sapphire's BluesAdult (f)6,1581,0812
DpCcBDucabonAdult (m)3,5137481
Rz056Moody MoonshineAdult (m)5,4871,0163
dTiF5Gemshards In Outer SpaceAdult (m)4,8088271
koHPOKohpoAdult (f)3,3969842
I3imyAnd Again And Again And AgainAdult (m)2,7354262
hEg1tGreenie GemAdult (f)5,8659825
8sZlkThe ANT FarmAdult (f)6,2525382
uEYVGThe Suite LifeAdult (m)2,9044754
9sAdcWhooooooooooooooshAdult (m)2,8534336
pVftHPooooooooooooowAdult (f)2,7624224
xq5mXPixie PanHatchling (m, F)4,5495592
40qBLittle MadagascarAdult (m)3,2606206
N3tHLittle IcelandAdult (m)3,1076067
E37frAlpha Omega MermaidAdult (f)2,9765971
YJIaVKokolossaAdult (f)6,3431,2765
eA9kLittle ThailandAdult (f)2,3122835
0l9WLittle TaiwanAdult (m)3,0284595
OpCVLittle ColombiaAdult (m)3,3006065
gUIvLittle GuatemalaAdult (m)3,3536125
1Dkt7Little Puerto RicoAdult (f)2,1726242
KlykICrimsonesque LadyAdult (f)3,5929053
BHV0MCrimsy WaltersAdult (f)2,8175692
SgsciThe Apple Of ChaosAdult (m)2,3427132
Srg6eEvening OutAdult (m)2,8134364
PmJhMurionAdult (m)2,3613879
h93C0Robbie ClearwaterAdult (f)5,7998581
w7wxJYou Can See Me ThroughAdult (m)5,6317132
iVXdpVanilla Sugar CrystalAdult (f)4,0257385
c0c7pBrown Sugar CrystalsAdult (f)4,8497324
2ncA0I Am Da Third Gurl In Da CliqueAdult (f)4,4146347
KuQe7Smelly Cat LadyAdult (f)5,5981,1823
n6DMSImperial CanopiesAdult (m)4,1908643
ZP6XNImperial Webbed WingsAdult (f)4,1717891
OqXI0Race Of The RatsAdult (f)5,0806411
rpecyErpecyHatchling (F)2,8974451
87HooPoisson au VinAdult (f)3,0435974
pkrPlPekropilAdult (f)5,7488832
hGQxUBaja PapajaHatchling (F)1,8462160
0ez0cLord Of The LuminaAdult (m)4,1529322
7PJBxTest My WillAdult (m)2,9041,0100
NI1dJLumius SipirHatchling (m, F)3,4821,0303
1meSgFight This War Without WeaponsAdult (m)4,1404582
e9bvuI Will Love You UnconditionallyAdult (f)3,0376162
e0OaBubblegum PopperAdult (m)2,0513229
TAazbTazabamAdult (f)5,0908184
3219XPredator ClawsAdult (m)3,7199343
VryAoPredator WingsHatchling (m, F)2,3268491
P2sY9Wings With ClawsAdult (m)3,6217392
Cg7PLMetal Wolf ClawAdult (f)4,8151,2421
tRVmmMetal GrinderAdult (m)4,5331,1982
4aBaqMore Issues Than VogueAdult (m)5,2741,1271
l5UCfPopeye's Olive OyleAdult (f)2,4934571
Z9KP0Maslinova GranaAdult (f)4,3269122
T2WWGoofy DezAdult (m)1,8142807
2aS2Lava Papa PaulAdult (m)2,7552702
ObVuOompa Loompa MagmaAdult (m)3,0252913
pkiKVolcano RoarsAdult (m)2,5142533
oH0oOlly MursHatchling (F)1,4071002
cJkhYou're In So Much TroubleAdult (f)7,3698629
mcTqWinter Prophet IAdult (m)2,0573736
p3tUWinter Prophet IIAdult (m)1,66037115
KVo4TWinter Wonderland GuardianAdult (m)3,8767472
CayHDCay In High DefinitionAdult (m)6,7271,2682
6FAbAutumn Prophet IAdult (f)2,2513699
3gvkAutumn Prophet IIAdult (m)5,1786234
F3MsAutumn Prophet IIIAdult (m)2,5812904
Ou7OSAutumn Prophet IVAdult (m)2,6932803
4WpPfAutumn Prophet VAdult (m)2,7602894
NAU6GAutumn Prophet VIAdult (f)2,4213124
jm2b3Autumn Prophet VIIAdult (m)2,6332926
DrYC0Autumn Prophet VIIIAdult (f)2,4872865
3bHBSummer Prophet IAdult (f)2,4583522
vrQnSummer Prophet IIAdult (f)2,7693512
0Lq3ZHeadbanging DungeonAdult (m)4,0574924
8QTBSpring ProphetAdult (m)3,2945392
v6pkMrs FrillsAdult (f)2,0264606
cKfGTiny Little HeartAdult (f)5,0966192
EsatA Story Of DwarvesAdult (f)3,1382295
draZXNapiskisAdult (m)4,5676801
PmKnpPimakanpAdult (m)4,5276841
qSBEGEduardo FosterAdult (m)4,2125141
DrXiiShut Up You Silly Old BatHatchling (f, F)4,8308951
WTuYfMixillinaAdult (f)3,6963750
izm4iWanderlustful SoulHatchling (F)1,7213021
bty6RBytiorAdult (m)2,7035504
jD0cBHippisiaAdult (f)4,6705772
nOFf6You Could Never Feel My StoryAdult (m)4,4535802
cL1rJDorsalina DorisAdult (f)4,3044010
TkeoOTakeo AnosoraAdult (m)3,0695701
BujTOSapphire AoiAdult (f)3,3265892
OCZfUL'Amour MystiqueAdult (m)6,1981,1003
mjsHQMajescuAdult (f)4,6501,0792
AiuINAiuinAdult (m)6,3949553
DAWVnDawn VenusAdult (f)4,7411,0592
aUr9ZLet Me Shoot Across The SkyHatchling (m, F)3,4976481
eQDKQPut On A SymphonyHatchling (f, F)3,5106451
N1hk6Sapphire FigurineHatchling (F)2,2725191
4BuDmThe Spirit Of MufasaAdult (m)3,1075782
HpeJcSimba's Guardian AngelAdult (f)3,0325771
Oa6kfTo Love Without RemorseAdult (m)5,9991,1174
MNBo2The Golden Globe AwardAdult (f)6,3491,1165
y6HmGAbandon The ShipAdult (m)6,8321,0713
jfv6LWake Up GoldilocksAdult (f)5,9891,1632
DRrUcEternal White DwarfHatchling (F)2,2585231
wN4leWanaleHatchling (m, F)6,1338282
IvjpiIvipiHatchling (f, F)6,7418143
FzxT5FitzgeraldiaAdult (f)4,2377952
uHGqtHagatha CrispyAdult (f)4,3737411
E6jMAJay Are Are TalkingAdult (m)4,2737882
mFNpMJay Are Are ListeningAdult (m)4,2807950
O2TjzOrena SparkleHatchling (f, F)2,5467090
bdR3HOrion's Glittery BeltHatchling (m, F)2,5817321
QvqPwFrozen ConstellationsHatchling (F)1,8305411
dp9zQAria Marie MontgomeryAdult (f)4,1657368
Mb53FMy Eyes Are Tiny EmeraldsAdult (m)4,0197539
Qr1vVPrincess FairyAdult (f)3,57473815
HIjYURefrigisHatchling (F)3,6544862
StMGnI'm So Frilled To Be BackAdult (m)3,9241,02010
6LVcXFrilled To Meet You AllAdult (f)3,6901,0114
Ub8uYI Love Cheap FrillsAdult (m)4,6171,21310
2N76GLet's Go Watch A FrillerAdult (f)4,7091,1875
MIY9kWhat A Frilling RideAdult (m)4,6991,0443
Zkyf1You Know It's Friller NightAdult (m)3,57376915
1idC6That Was Such A Thrilling StoryAdult (f)5,7768841
1zFYgRiding A Dragon Is So ThrillingAdult (f)5,6908252
DX1V3Off-Shoulder FrillHatchling (f, F)5,0076552
wMRY5Frilling SituationHatchling (F)4,1715150
NGK8gFrilling And ChillingHatchling (m, F)5,0346561
hzhvJEmily Catherine FieldsAdult (f)3,9457563
hZuGqButterfly MonarchyAdult (m)4,6011,1926
pZ9iISpencer Jill HastingsAdult (f)4,1157503
IgHerInstagram HerAdult (m)4,1587458
goaDBCharlotte's TrapAdult (f)5,7921,0041
P5u9mArachnophobia At Its WorstAdult (m)5,7451,0301
RnPKGThe North And The SouthAdult (m)4,5781,19910
WXAuyThe Up And The DownAdult (f)4,6331,1409
TnSs8Another PMS EpisodeAdult (f)5,6081,0441
TSGLkWhatcha Gettin' Mad Over NowAdult (f)5,7681,0061
I3FuUHanna Velma MarinAdult (f)4,5331,17615
up39DLumiere CandleineAdult (m)4,6021,1798
lBjb3Allo Allo This Is Night HawkAdult (f)5,5031,0111
e6Rw8Flashing KnobsAdult (f)5,8621,0501
jilqUGospodin OlujaAdult (m)3,4376901
lnFN0Gospodjica OlujaAdult (f)3,5546810
uzoapUzoapAdult (m)3,8337040
DsIK0Stormy DiscoAdult (f)3,4346590
usACCUsaicAdult (m)7,9251,0161
DteodDeteodaAdult (f)3,7997842
XTCMzExestemezAdult (m)3,5807443
QdbkPKristina DenicAdult (f)3,6897744
jbT5iNikola BokunAdult (m)3,5087301
Ynk76Luminor LuciferAdult (m)3,9418551
sTicoMiksuniaAdult (f)4,0516821
eH7aHSavo PerovicAdult (m)5,6866093
JiKRLNikola AjdinovicAdult (m)5,3936332
HLEGtZvezdana StevanovicAdult (f)5,0306173
XcAbEMarina BogdanovicAdult (f)5,3165922
qidPBDejana EricAdult (f)7,2551,0495
XETvcDenis IbrahimovicAdult (m)7,2501,0104
qgPMYMaryana KaticAdult (f)6,9681,0673
H01hiIgor GmitrovicAdult (m)7,1331,0535
hUgelHugelAdult (m)3,0985851
EU5s8EluxuniaAdult (f)3,0965651
YcStlYsticilaAdult (f)3,6907581
dbM5mDemebonAdult (m)3,6387712
T2AdnAleksandra MladenovicAdult (f)3,4837700
TyHbRUros ZivkovicAdult (m)3,5595111
cgFD8LuximiaAdult (f)3,7997791
ffpVwIftimojeAdult (m)2,7527391
NoeMjNoe MJAdult (f)3,1325820
YjlSfYusilifAdult (m)3,2485842
zMLRu(zMLRu)Adult (f)2,8705952
fGY1W(fGY1W)Adult (m)2,7705990
pWOaY(pWOaY)Adult (f)2,5265511
NyfSU(NyfSU)Adult (m)2,2195251
vTB7c(vTB7c)Adult (m)2,6665852
14spi(14spi)Adult (f)2,5645840
BarbAPirate BarbaHatchling (F)1,9192482
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