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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MissHippie,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dDsjImagination WingsAdult (m)2,0763416
UBu6Shimmering CrowAdult (f)3,5323403
hYPMJLet Me Be Your Only LoveAdult (m)2,6858296
IHNaXThere Are No More InhibitionsAdult (m)4,7369062
HwbHKHobahawkAdult (f)6,1398134
UTrtETriple HornessAdult (m)3,3065273
9qtpzJustin Vincenzo Pepe RussoAdult (m)2,1926910
h3rxyGomez SelenaAdult (f)2,4027491
RM8gHFrost Has Its CostAdult (m)2,3407181
qyAgSPills And PotionsAdult (f)2,4597393
E8eIqFrosted FjordAdult (f)4,5231,0121
lNCBOOne Sees You YesAdult (f)2,5057821
l1z8sOne Sees You NotAdult (m)2,4997801
OhXJrColossonAdult (m)4,8151,0441
2vyyFWaterfall GliderAdult (f)2,9145912
YY5KhStingray SensitiveAdult (f)3,6959173
PXkt2The Fire I Spit Is BlueAdult (f)5,0177401
E19hHFlame Of WaterAdult (f)6,3476161
WDdjqSwirling FrustrationAdult (m)5,6238363
3QAFMy Little Pony IAdult (m)2,6653606
RdQaMy Little Pony IIAdult (m)2,9603491
SOAy0Vecernja IskraAdult (f)6,1991,0011
Ciq7You're Not Coming DownAdult (f)1,6515268
gsSqNever Coming BackAdult (f)4,5924274
dYAXLost Far In The SkiesAdult (f)2,0826162
itREvShiny Ashes On The SkyAdult (f)1,8455782
7YOKXButterfly RemainsAdult (f)1,8375772
MN1SjMy Name Is CasanovaAdult (m)2,2182657
EdGooEdGooAdult (f)4,5977231
P38mFears Of MothsAdult (f)2,3396653
GLOVTFears Of BugsAdult (m)3,0206531
i84KLMoth Of FearsAdult (f)2,0864430
1ckMoCikamoAdult (f)4,7925542
c4I90Cigo MigaAdult (f)4,8065642
ytYtcYtycAdult (m)4,3497361
GQUpSet This World On FireAdult (m)4,1585427
qh09Make It Burst Into FlamesAdult (f)1,0406472
c3E6hWhen The Lights Burn OutAdult (f)2,3056352
2B55GWhy Should You LeaveAdult (m)1,9707552
SD09SSederosAdult (f)4,5323311
OOu8787 O'sAdult (m)4,2553301
iEm4LIlemailAdult (f)3,8963301
17mxoMexico 17Adult (m)4,5073281
I5xH9ImpexisAdult (f)3,5664081
4PGR8FourpegreightAdult (m)4,7843281
gmCddWe Gender CorrectlyAdult (m)5,1827351
cYWTrWithout Any InfluenceAdult (f)5,0407510
lBGHvLebaghevAdult (m)3,6634412
5t1XDHellophantaAdult (f)7,2321,3462
u4h7hBlah Blah BatHatchling (F)3,0073632
lU5eFluffity Fluff FluffAdult (f)5,4466434
ojJ4KFluffity FluffAdult (m)4,0576572
Vus6II'm A Fluffy Fendi PillowAdult (m)5,1667391
lQWl0I'm A Fluffy Celine PillowAdult (f)4,9247381
DtPXZDepetaxAdult (m)7,3781,3662
AD39UHispinaAdult (f)2,9988064
vo2AXBloody MouthAdult (m)1,7384431
WjgqoCassares Do Not Impress MeAdult (f)1,9134632
eKao2E Kao 2Adult (m)2,3484004
7k21HKasareAdult (m)2,2473883
1VSV1KolosseumAdult (m)7,1681,0903
MlimhMilimahAdult (f)2,4075181
1LY6Let's Be Clear I Trust No OneAdult (f)2,6775409
riV1You Did Not Break MeAdult (f)3,0494897
imSH3I'm Still Fighting For PeaceAdult (f)3,7544091
inqhFMonument Of JoyAdult (f)4,7607290
NfPuWhiptail MiracleAdult (m)2,2695257
UJGjjChyna ParksAdult (m)2,8044887
VQRbrWhippity Whappity WooAdult (m)5,6928912
iiR2Believe In HappinessAdult (f)2,8696635
fBgXNature HuntersAdult (m)4,1864584
sO8EMoanorAdult (m)2,2873584
GRbCrHopping MooseAdult (f)3,7579878
cRmBdThe Silliest ComedyAdult (m)5,8268691
Gs8DAccidental Earthquake KillerAdult (f)2,3603609
PW9tNever Cause An EarthquakeAdult (f)3,9025459
sdXUYou Might Kill The EggsAdult (m)2,20536717
uNshChameleon FlyerAdult (m)2,1043098
xmMYIXimmayiAdult (m)3,2594151
3O3LKites In The SkyAdult (f)1,6544597
UE9qFly Fly Fly So HighAdult (m)1,89035810
F9d4Rootless TreeAdult (m)2,4144658
hdxleHodexleAdult (m)6,0761,2033
2suHoObi-Wan CanopyAdult (m)3,3127503
AYChI Don't Like PeasAdult (m)2,7703538
a35cI Don't Like Broccoli EitherAdult (m)2,2383258
puJvThat's Why I Can't GrowAdult (f)2,6282284
zSd8ILittle Baby BroccoliHatchling (F)2,1342341
8sFYsChameleon From HellAdult (m)1,9135871
GBkkvFixing ToxicityAdult (f)2,2136161
JF9vBright Breasted HeroAdult (m)1,0806774
rIg9Little Leaves DressAdult (f)2,3614294
subNName A Color And I'll Paint ItAdult (f)2,0624045
gjC9sGiambattista ValliAdult (m)4,1871,0081
HqY66Little IslandHatchling (F)2,3272120
Vvd5FManguanaAdult (f)1,8856012
YdIfHMoluaAdult (f)3,0826211
D8RajDoarajAdult (m)3,3434322
P9B3RChipiaAdult (f)1,7826422
GD2A5Disguise Me Into LoveAdult (m)2,7704192
B2G3PTangarine WonderAdult (m)4,4039023
Z2V7MYum Yum Bubble GumAdult (m)2,8494645
CmXmhThis Tastes Like FruitAdult (m)3,2634683
14z12KaskeonAdult (m)5,7356361
Kn1XoKnixoAdult (f)6,1558853
uUfANUjufanAdult (f)6,0528831
yXLOTYxilotAdult (f)5,8048632
Q40vmVarmenAdult (m)5,8697991
S1MbtVarimissaAdult (f)5,8817883
UhNMfVarmeyaAdult (f)5,8027872
X2j7ZVarmonAdult (m)5,6927790
tkHW2VarmillaAdult (f)5,8387601
Xu2MXVarmittaAdult (f)5,5258120
D1g4Nougat ChipsAdult (m)2,1812523
DSpdNougat FrostingAdult (m)1,6222833
t0v0Nougat Surprise CenterAdult (f)2,1926153
ARLCNougat CreamAdult (f)2,1816372
BRd2HNougat LushAdult (m)5,0406751
ZejeStand Still Or Just MoveAdult (m)2,05135512
pQTBINo Movement WhatsoeverAdult (m)2,5145199
08hSYOsoshyAdult (f)5,7728611
5saICorn StarchAdult (f)4,0212844
oFs7nCorn GrainAdult (m)2,9156312
Iaev9Harvest Moon's ShineAdult (m)4,2919192
L9ZZPAlamanadinorAdult (m)4,9914504
vIOhlThe CryerAdult (m)4,0944184
LCqQSBoban PiromanAdult (m)4,3504386
2bdsQPyropestAdult (m)5,2844606
bviKYLa TomatinaAdult (f)7,3028644
63PSxPyropessaAdult (f)5,0577256
vCBLAChristina Maria AguileraAdult (f)5,8186922
7fuiXMagdalina MirinAdult (f)4,6707613
5Qgu0TarnadirAdult (m)5,5923785
l7vIECharrgina StarAdult (f)3,9865133
JhZtlJetzelAdult (f)6,8408388
cbIwyPretzel LordAdult (m)7,7618665
C3TrLGarnet RelishAdult (m)4,7659516
Fu2FfFulafiAdult (f)7,1771,15516
dpmXYI'm A Pretty Precious StoneAdult (m)4,9306614
d69M8I'm A Pretty Glittering GarnetAdult (f)6,9541,2364
fWZfHappy Stripes IAdult (m)2,15244410
6c1LHappy Stripes IIAdult (f)1,81240212
5BmEwThe Happiest Stripes IIAdult (f)4,9361,1111
U8LgDThe Happiest Stripes IAdult (m)4,9331,1251
ikTS0Whichever You  Would FindAdult (f)3,1018123
pOQjfWhile Safety  Lies BehindAdult (f)3,1858043
OuzkKDanger Lies  Before YouAdult (m)3,2378384
egpxzOne Among  Us SevenAdult (m)2,8797384
8cHMBTwo Among  Our NumberAdult (m)5,5579244
MVgwXThe Drinker  Back InsteadAdult (f)5,5599253
5jGeR(5jGeR)Adult (m)2,6055084
apULhWaiting Hidden  In LineAdult (f)3,7299952
ZJBnB(ZJBnB)Adult (f)2,3276704
Yyf6Z(Yyf6Z)Adult (m)2,4426892
mc3KO(mc3KO)Adult (m)5,7807486
ibVbI(ibVbI)Adult (f)4,0507124
fN5hi(fN5hi)Adult (m)3,0657514
MEdEI(MEdEI)Adult (m)4,5466183
RCtTwI Have Survived Yeah YeahAdult (f)6,0368056
MrYGHappy Stripes VAdult (m)3,0033608
DlDKHappy Stripes VIAdult (m)2,34566210
p3Z7Happy Stripes VIIAdult (m)2,1484185
cealYTwo Of Us  Will Help YouAdult (m)2,4593517
oYJ2Happy Stripes IIIAdult (m)2,77831910
tc4LHappy Stripes IVAdult (m)2,5363084
AX3nyWill Let You  Move AheadAdult (f)3,04247012
C0FOHappy Stripes VIIIAdult (m)2,2594375
4W1eXHold Only  Nettle WineAdult (f)3,45976419
eZcdHappy Stripes IXAdult (m)2,1104304
16yjRAnother  Will  TransportAdult (m)5,4868752
wQLtiUnder The London LightsHatchling (F)1,9914863
h7FXnThree Of Us  Are KillersAdult (m)4,4819181
WtlgIPanda FluxAdult (f)5,7447021
uQlGpThe Sky Above ValkemareAdult (f)2,7558215
j51eNebula GuideAdult (f)4,5953073
Z0oUAnswers That Nobody Looks ForAdult (f)2,7955902
ml6PQuestions That Nobody AsksAdult (f)2,5813721
6RSMA Space Guide Through Our GalaxyAdult (m)1,0766757
laeuLNicest Nebula NightAdult (m)2,1948056
9le2LSapalasAdult (m)4,1568124
Ct9rLime NightsAdult (m)7,5398998
YIhAMojito StarsAdult (m)7,2288604
rn0HGuarana Means No SleepAdult (m)2,0614307
nB24The Sunrise PriestAdult (m)4,0996812
Nb2jThe Sunrise PreacherAdult (f)3,4464722
Men9OThe Problem Of 90 MenAdult (m)3,0255462
juImSMimbriaAdult (f)2,8724354
Nl4H5The Quest Of The ArgonautsAdult (m)1,9945921
iLsoIQuireling ForceAdult (f)2,1016322
s0d0kPapalayaAdult (f)6,1601,2242
XipAMake The Sun Go AwayAdult (f)2,74633614
G2a79Summon The NightAdult (f)2,4506701
BUTMlButamilAdult (m)6,4819114
q8fFMake The Sun Come OutAdult (f)9,26678624
nUTZFlamingos IAdult (m)3,5543383
62YPFlamingossa IAdult (f)4,1333692
ojH8Flamingos IIAdult (m)3,2063725
AwAhxEmbryo FlamingoHatchling (F)2,5283361
HlKiCTwinings English BreakfastAdult (f)3,1435893
e0NpeTreasure Of ChinaAdult (f)2,2326841
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