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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Merlot,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
cZYmVGabe and Dael Geminae DCBD13CBAdult (m)2,1947995
WTb6pGabby and Gala Geminae DCBD13CBAdult (f)1,9297815
hGONIGale and Gil Geminae DCBD13CBAdult (m)2,1148143
sLPwMGurt and Gamila Geminae DCBD13CBAdult (f)3,0108245
AJddsGraceful GalvanicHatchling (f, F)2,0536982
z8ZuRGregorio Galvanic CBAdult (m)2,5416822
EV5ijGale Galvanic CBAdult (f)2,3967734
0HgfRGarvin Galvanic CBAdult (m)2,7368146
62QNpGayle Galvanic CBAdult (f)2,8597964
GIUPMDegorth the Gifted Galvanic CBAdult (m)2,7238023
p9XauShaendit Warmheart Galvanic CBAdult (f)2,6867972
6YI74Gregory Galvanic DCBD13CBAdult (m)1,9617593
Lad0LGertrude Galvanic DCBD13CBAdult (f)2,1488043
7jC5aGordon Galvanic DCBD13CBAdult (m)2,0808022
oTGBtGretchen Galvanic DCBD13CBAdult (f)2,1048032
0boeYGerard Galvanic DCBD13CBAdult (m)2,2268055
XXEqLGail Galvanic DCBD13CBAdult (f)2,9368532
gIMLnKooky KovosHatchling (f, F)2,2816844
Dmh3CKooky Kovos CBAdult (f)2,7257263
3fEbzKerry Kovos CBAdult (m)2,3907474
1Z6R3Kookie Kovos CBAdult (f)2,2188024
aVipWKevin Kovos CBAdult (m)2,3708063
yQxAWKatrina Kovos CBAdult (f)2,5197072
cFI55Kenny Kovos CBAdult (m)2,6787155
5dzCEKaty Kovos CBAdult (f)2,0437221
8e2hbShimmering SunGlow IIAdult (m)2,4206852
NHoBPKinky Kovos CBAdult (f)2,6507574
oNPuCKiergad Kovos CBAdult (m)2,8678047
Olhj2Kandy Kovos DCBD13CBAdult (f)2,0217963
JXjK0Kris Kovos DCBD13CBAdult (m)2,0397773
0ZFn8Kim Kovos DCBD13CBAdult (f)3,0548344
cnY8eKurt Kovos DCBD13CBAdult (m)2,4798384
a9xifEternity SunsetHatchling (m, F)2,0616743
29BfRMartel Mariner CBAdult (m)2,2147754
szcgKMarble Mariner CBAdult (f)2,6707333
R3Le3Marguerita Mariner CBAdult (m)2,5838192
2B2JAMartini Mariner CBAdult (f)2,4848055
ozp3UMarvalo Mariner CBAdult (m)2,3137263
yn69nMinnie Mariner CBAdult (f)3,0918034
LxXO8Mini Mariner CBAdult (m)2,8358084
gdReEMadhuri Mariner CBAdult (f)2,8858832
h3jP6Martin Mariner CBAdult (m)3,1419302
DISwrMartie Mariner CBAdult (f)3,4359192
lZEcFTsunami Magus Mariner CBAdult (m)2,6827573
7f8wiSunset Gust Mariner CBAdult (f)2,9977661
N3jxCEternity Tsunami Mariner CBAdult (m)2,7808034
31206Sinner Tempest Mariner CBAdult (f)2,7858044
mmzj0Short SkysilkHatchling (F)2,7405983
S1TFrHoly Lady SeekerHatchling (f, F)2,0126523
MYBzkSam Skysilk CBAdult (m)2,4897027
4MFwlSilkie Skysilk CBAdult (f)2,5968021
YQP7ESilky Skysilk CBAdult (m)2,6928041
rwsykSassy Skysilk CBAdult (f)2,4927205
HpklHSherman Skysilk  CBAdult (m)2,6388064
D2K1lDragonlady Skysilk CBAdult (f)2,6468053
i8B4pYdam the Clever Skysilk CBAdult (m)2,5897714
y1Z8XSerena Sky Silk CBAdult (f)2,4378054
cLrjASaburo Sky Silk CBAdult (m)2,8468775
yHP2tSamantha Sky Silk CBAdult (f)3,1078012
HDHPrSammy Sky Silk CBAdult (m)2,9517753
lRtojStiletto Holylady Sky Silk CBAdult (f)2,7618024
xFnPCShroud Noble Sky Silk CBAdult (m)2,8018041
ULlpzSlayer Lady Sky Silk CBAdult (f)2,9408022
Tr1YgSeeker Beastwind Sky Silk CBAdult (m)2,8858021
nvXueSandra Sky Silk CBAdult (f)2,3948021
WLP0jSander Sky Silk CBAdult (m)2,4598043
5aDOyVortex of TornadoHatchling (f, F)3,0118082
3RSsxAdair Aqualis CBAdult (m)2,2137991
HM81UChampion of the Blue Aqualis CBAdult (m)2,8318014
CvfxoAri Aqualis CBAdult (f)2,4577153
WpLbaAart Aqualis CBAdult (m)2,5788442
jaqBGAbra Aqualis CBAdult (f)2,8598603
dtoxZAbbe Aqualis CBAdult (m)3,0728073
Sfoa1Caroline Island Aqualis CBAdult (f)2,5388082
0j9oeRangiroa Aqualis CBAdult (m)2,5438032
NN2ESFunafuti Aqualis CBAdult (f)2,5668023
b9odfTubbataha Aqualis CBAdult (m)2,5077953
zoa5eAmazon Aqualis CBAdult (f)2,4608135
3Pbo8Apo Aqualis CBAdult (m)2,4228094
OFrNRVortex Aqualis CBAdult (f)2,5767634
xHxHyWaterspout Aqualis CBAdult (m)2,5817381
ukwgTSupercell Aqualis CBAdult (f)2,5277461
w3RDOTornado Aqualis CBAdult (m)2,2167153
A8yZiTeeny and Tiny BlancblackHatchling (m, F)2,1657034
PdtX2Miney and Mo Blancblack CBAdult (m)2,5177571
5gaGQBeatrice and Betty Blancblack CBAdult (f)2,6338012
bxL4qLite and Dark Blancblack CBAdult (m)2,4536928
Mx08VYtar and Yvnon Blancblack CBAdult (f)2,3038052
fPAIwBuckey and Buck Blancblack CBAdult (m)2,8468023
yeIRcEeny and Miney Blancback CBAdult (f)2,8207883
6trMOYang and Yin Blancblack CBAdult (m)2,9898373
CPw0RYin and Yang Blancblack CBAdult (f)2,3558073
ZsieNLight and Dark Blancblack CBAdult (m)2,2768212
MkZJSNoir and Blanc Blancblack CBAdult (f)2,5958253
ibCg3Grand and Blanc Blancblack CBAdult (m)2,6358194
SgNeDLittle bit of AetherHatchling (m, F)1,9497931
0rsOaAiry AetherHatchling (f, F)2,9887504
iinPkAurther Aether CBAdult (m)3,0107642
3fUExWeirdness in the Aether IIIAdult (m)2,1457652
R3gLaInflict your Addendum IIAdult (m)2,6346192
pFQoIAapeli Aether XIAdult (m)3,6979182
raCxpAeon of Aether IIAdult (m)2,7426103
NrgniAdila Aether CBAdult (f)4,5791,0872
fIEFyAllen Aether CBAdult (m)5,3797053
rZ5UDAlison Aether CBAdult (f)2,1478074
cljlLAapeli Aether CBAdult (m)2,2598022
a4BdXAbha Aether CBAdult (f)2,2608042
GgqHpArnie Aether CBAdult (m)3,3901,0895
Yo5VDAmanda Aether CBAdult (f)3,5091,0712
TbDqWVupuzz Vivid Aether CBAdult (m)2,3588321
EtT2tDacezz Blue Aether CBAdult (f)2,6958535
LM6QnSturur Indigo Aether CBAdult (m)2,2618381
6QRYhQuxakia Chaos Aether CBAdult (f)2,1538281
vWHt9Celestial Aether IVAdult (m)2,3678571
o6TPxTwin of Celestial Aether IVAdult (f)2,4328532
iUeaoPiper PipioHatchling (m, F)1,9637891
ThxwbPretty PipioHatchling (f, F)1,9105501
ITa8mPippi PipioHatchling (f, F)3,1177816
CCN53Pepper Pipio CBAdult (f)2,1917393
vRG8vThe Voiceless Pipio CBAdult (m)2,3867192
JIQ9KParker Pipio CBAdult (m)2,9118034
DA65nThe Tender Pipio CBAdult (f)2,4257394
8zwfeHaunted Chief Pipio CBAdult (m)2,7358032
0gllhPaula Pipio CBAdult (f)3,2139753
iXf6YPhillipe Pipio CBAdult (m)2,2258073
dM6KOPhillipia Pipio CBAdult (f)2,3498043
77jJsPippen Pipio CBAdult (m)2,6137824
1rUfbLongstocking Pipio CBAdult (f)3,2881,0953
L8H3cPeter Pipio CBAdult (m)2,6728011
2R3QcPenny Pipio CBAdult (f)2,8598022
61bkdPaul Pipio CBAdult (m)2,7408042
Dmr7LPipi Pipio CBAdult (f)2,8318012
vzbeQLittle bit of AshHatchling (m, F)2,0807683
Uj3taArtemis Ash CBAdult (f)2,4447453
MslqKAlfred Ash CBAdult (m)2,6438092
P30C1Anita Ash CBAdult (f)2,5938073
ByDWdAmber Ash CBAdult (f)2,1048701
WrAnWAsher Ash CBAdult (m)2,1188686
L2py6Albert Ash CBAdult (m)3,0147812
T4JWyAshley Ash CBAdult (f)2,6467382
0yaTgAshleigh Ash CBAdult (f)3,0547632
gyBJUArnold Ash CBAdult (m)2,8777302
4I6yBDavid of DraconiaHatchling (m, F)1,9027182
I8sG3Bella Boreal CBAdult (f)2,2996942
fjDopSnowey Boreal CBAdult (f)2,5878293
UBYvXWinter Boreal CBAdult (m)2,5968631
RPX0cBeaux Boreal CBAdult (m)2,9487504
w5KqaBlanche Boreal CBAdult (f)2,9978105
n5EfTBarbara Boreal CBAdult (f)3,4389193
huwI0Beck Boreal CBAdult (m)3,2538084
pAPsWDraconia Boreal CBAdult (f)2,7708022
vMLkvDavid Boreal CBAdult (m)2,7838023
lclV3Dragul Boreal CBAdult (m)2,6788042
CZ9OIDeidre Boreal CBAdult (f)2,5788052
ryhcUTickles Purple SiyatHatchling (f, F)1,2984933
G1YHJSoulpeace Siyat IIIAdult (f)2,1505363
YO8mzPurple Love Siyat CBAdult (m)2,1775943
kzZttFlying Purple Siyat Dragon CBAdult (f)2,01570910
iTGD4Purple People Eater Siyat CBAdult (m)2,8297944
sczFZLittle Green Zufulong SiyatHatchling (m, F)3,7137127
IXvbuSuzanna Siyat CBAdult (f)2,6938542
bIw6ESheradon Siyat CBAdult (m)2,6218521
82c43Hegeng Siyat Dragon CBAdult (f)1,93571014
Q0YxaLushe Siyat Dragon CBAdult (m)1,9767095
WTbecTailong Siyat Dragon CBAdult (f)2,1977405
Ii0QcZufulong Siyat Dragon CBAdult (m)2,2097267
QMHA6Qqianshe Siyat Dragon CBAdult (f)2,7157204
fMWGvTianlong Siyat Dragon CBAdult (m)2,6517265
q8IhSLittle Blue SiyatHatchling (m, F)2,18670910
CtOmlBlueGlo Siyat VAdult (m)3,0615832
Le4g4Siyats Pillow Pal IIIAdult (f)2,5627911
73fvVSinging Blues Siyat Dragon CBAdult (m)2,4117098
P5SibBlue Monday Siyat Dragon CBAdult (f)2,3107062
wcWkVMurder Mimic PygmyHatchling (m, F)2,2657031
ZU18BBelial Mimic PygmyHatchling (f, F)2,2437071
7pUyBMonty Mimic CBAdult (m)2,3607413
PQoyEMimi Mimic CBAdult (f)2,1857772
cSAPUChook Mimic II pbAdult (m)2,5607002
aP2qUChook Pipio Mimic IIAdult (f)2,5026862
PmYuyMaguire Mimic CBAdult (m)2,9008773
19pu9Momel Mimic CBAdult (f)2,5116804
blsHsLucifer's Mimic Pygmy CBAdult (m)2,6147257
XPpdGHades Mimic Pygmy CBAdult (f)2,6767185
OYqvVKiller Mimic Pygmy CBAdult (m)2,7057134
6mHHsPsycho Mimic Pygmy CBAdult (f)2,7907185
P9xjqPryovar RomaniaHatchling (f, F)2,7866073
RgTUwPryovar FijiHatchling (m, F)2,2277332
NuR2XPenny Pyrovar CBAdult (f)2,2575945
Nr9AxPandora Pyrovar CBAdult (f)3,0968013
l2Pj0Laqr Kino Pyrovar IIAdult (m)3,9299082
9n8EgPetunia Pyrovar CBAdult (f)2,9078022
KsOhRFreaky Wednesday IIAdult (f)2,4406891
7MnfpPetrov Pyrovar CBAdult (m)2,3708050
tWs1ePrudence Pyrovar CBAdult (f)2,5498082
1KJbBPetunia Pryovar CBAdult (f)2,4247113
cwnKVPeriwinkle Pryovar CBAdult (f)3,5947052
3uUAnPryovar Boulder Creek CBAdult (f)2,0417024
oB75zPryovar Miette CBAdult (m)2,1907083
0X2lsPryovar Lussier CBAdult (f)3,6701,0193
bZC4uPryovar Ahousat CBAdult (m)3,5271,0364
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