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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Merlot,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
95Q6Eowigonn MajikaWarrior IBAdult (m)1,15348517
jN6fElirka MajikaWarrior IBAdult (f)1,27649815
i4e6Eustoth MajikaWarrior 11Adult (m)1,11874911
898CIBlack Magi Thuwed 4Adult (f)2,8539637
10sVVBlack Thuwed Knight the 8thAdult (m)2,0487262
UbixuMagical Thuwed Queen 6Adult (f)3,9841,24011
QH89FDivine Mister B Thuwed 3Adult (m)4,6548787
MbQxIDark Gambler Thuwed 6Adult (f)6,2141,1488
hBqx6I Am Such an IB DorkfaceAdult (m)4,0418195
hJCybMystery Black CBAdult (f)4,0388376
rWImnCiericHatchling (m, F)5,2466837
Cw0EGMikki Daydream Believer CBAdult (f)1,7256063
G78l9Dolenz Daydream Believer CBAdult (m)2,1418666
FIvj9Dreaming of Queen of Lemar 6Adult (m)7,1561,2065
U8ktqDaydreaming of 3 RosebudsAdult (f)3,2559116
Skw3ZSkyDream of Blossoms 4Adult (m)4,4311,3328
cyoVRShroud Mistwind cbAdult (f)4,9291,3857
Oklo0Wizard of the Clouds cbAdult (m)3,1317025
8vwhsSoceress of the Clouds cbAdult (f)3,0397045
ok3KsA Walker of the Clouds cbAdult (m)3,0356161
DBUJ1Cloud Walker 2Adult (f)3,3545121
kUQXpCloud Flyer cbAdult (m)2,2445861
W1QADame Diana Dreamer cbAdult (f)1,31258611
JcPkSkylerBlue Dreamer IBAdult (m)1,39227553
iK8WSkittles Dreamer cbAdult (f)1,47550812
FsomsDaydream Believer Thuwed 4Adult (m)4,7278995
pe1LHLittle bit of PurpleHatchling (F)2,2284745
D9oTdVirraentHatchling (m, F)3,5696305
USqGDoanei Purple DragonHatchling (f, F)2,5435225
f9Zb3Pacifico Purple CBAdult (m)2,7028413
4mA4pPerter Purple CBAdult (m)2,6838041
19xJhPalo Purple CBAdult (m)2,7907453
mFZfwPetunia Purple IVAdult (f)2,3637613
SgoSdTin Tapper II PbAdult (m)2,5048053
hEMYEParthenia Purple CBAdult (f)3,2948053
jVoEvPurple Haze Soulstone  IVAdult (m)2,5058043
ezqlABeal Zinger Purple IIAdult (f)3,8019052
j2vGXBeefcake PB Purple IIAdult (m)2,7477083
vYOswPurple Freaky Marrow IIIAdult (f)2,4557752
vy0a2Beefcake Puraina Witchlight IIAdult (m)2,6867341
GB35aFreaky 727 is Purple IIIAdult (f)2,4538032
UJ1sjManly Shades of Purple CBAdult (m)3,5868004
lDqjVLunskina Lust Thuwed VAdult (f)3,9517748
3IuGFTwilight is Violet Darkness IIAdult (m)2,7077612
QfjKxPretty in Shades of Purple CBAdult (f)3,7458133
uSCk5Lane's Luck Magesty 8Adult (m)2,0626672
TeLe7Legacy Orchid IVAdult (f)3,6357953
YbLhaChalky Solstice IIIAdult (m)2,0447054
RzmIqPurple Hollyspirit VIAdult (f)2,4967405
GdrH5Flying Purple People Eater IIAdult (m)2,7516194
LoyfdMyrna Loy Thuwed 5Adult (f)3,0009963
XiNRARyti Purple Dragon cbAdult (m)3,1126662
6Y3GLSionor Purple Dragon cbAdult (f)3,1206752
SVbuFI am a Manly Purple cbAdult (m)1,9907031
4cmELPrecious in Purple cbAdult (f)2,1216461
n2BT6Blaurot Purple Dragon cbAdult (m)5,4047338
PD4LsRhiesien Purple Dragon cbAdult (f)5,2277283
sA0sJethro Purple Dragon cbAdult (m)2,01667011
1GMsArafaiel Purple Dragon cbAdult (f)2,1285619
BOqABoudreaux Purple Dragon cbAdult (m)2,83850110
p6RrAya Purple Dragon2Adult (f)2,6184768
XB2XGaranduil Purple Dragon CBAdult (m)1,78971911
JX8BGayle Purple Dragon cbAdult (f)87625090
ZXUfHSanela Luciddream IIIAdult (m)2,2677905
QwsrACant Have Just One  Pringles 2Adult (f)2,2087016
DEjpArthados Purple Dragon IBAdult (m)1,7975228
jVS6Abilanna Purple Dragon IBAdult (f)2,17076732
bKRKJNeglected Fail 4 MerlotHatchling (F)1,024691
k5oN9Breaking Dawn SkyHatchling (m, F)3,2486186
ZWELvTwilight SkyHatchling (f, F)2,1915468
QqjxCSheila Storm CBAdult (f)2,7905562
v5iRSSunset Storms IIAdult (m)3,6947606
vQJfSStormie Cloud CBAdult (f)2,5606535
aKCeHMr Freaky Storm IIIAdult (m)2,7158033
ik7uQSky Seeker SkyDragon cbAdult (f)2,8286215
dkfonStorm Seeker SkyDragon 4Adult (m)2,3956325
rrfmAlice Sky Dragon cbAdult (f)2,2455257
VeMNJasper Sky Dragon cbAdult (m)2,2375308
abAVBella SkyDragon IBAdult (f)2,25675629
70u2Edward SkyDragon 4Adult (m)1,34255012
Ega4Esmeree SkyDragon IBAdult (f)1,28260110
qE0PCarlyle SkyDragon 4Adult (m)1,17051011
TtUafI want to be a MagiHatchling (F)1,43917210
8hKXpMeorcynHatchling (m, F)3,3766836
ucCQRHealer's Moonstone IIAdult (m)3,1076802
CRzJDAlabaster Spirit VIAdult (f)2,3736743
kacuYDreamer Silver White VAdult (f)2,1267203
e4fK6Holly Lass IIAdult (f)2,1497192
7H9E3Celestial White Shadow VIAdult (f)1,9465952
1y5iuPeppermint White VIIAdult (m)2,1346292
4X7UhWill White Maji CBAdult (m)3,3305632
u4JbcWhitney White CBAdult (f)2,4785712
Li6goSnowflake Valentine IVAdult (m)3,4197882
MSDvBWhite Hat Thuwed VIIAdult (m)3,1858045
riSRNIcey Majika IIAdult (f)3,2098064
rAoBLShimmering White IVAdult (f)4,0518072
ojeGbCarwyn White 5gAdult (m)3,9668072
i4YXwCandy Cane Majika VIIAdult (m)2,1966623
OAY7OSybaris Majika Dreamer IIAdult (f)2,3958044
Y5ZG5Majika Element VAdult (f)3,5678042
SeHV5Dreaming of White IIAdult (m)2,3798051
gfwMUMajika Dreamer IIIAdult (m)2,2378020
74hRBGuardian of Majik IVAdult (f)3,5497504
grnSRMKSherlock's Twin VAdult (m)2,2358044
NIromMKSherlock's RoseBud VIAdult (m)2,6657877
ggbyZDancing Ribbons Healer IIIAdult (m)2,8607104
BOHDaWinter's Alt Healer VAdult (m)2,1817073
W5jyPCandy Cane White Christmas VAdult (f)2,2077103
yjVBcSylve Valkoinen IIIAdult (f)4,0837303
F9lu2Solar Winds Requiem VAdult (m)8,0671,0136
AI8QQHealing Yuletide IVAdult (f)3,1558134
boNNpPurely Magi Aragorn IIIAdult (f)2,9547216
bbd8uFrilled Magi Dragon VAdult (m)2,6426334
BQo6CReign of Majik Clouds VAdult (m)2,5137274
ki0aLCallaway's White Holly Majik 8Adult (f)2,4937414
iP2yxMoMo Majik Dorkface VIAdult (m)2,4157334
XGUTxLOTR White Magician CBAdult (m)2,4537546
3XF4xIlekelote Majika CBAdult (f)2,2317237
22MzJKhas Silver White 3gAdult (m)2,0515833
hvysxWhite Reindeer 4thAdult (f)2,2386534
7RC7wWhite Goldwing 4thAdult (m)2,3476403
1uLufElemental Maji IIAdult (f)2,2656283
0PlHLElemental Magic CBAdult (f)2,5786695
x25RvTsar who is the Deadly Rogue cbAdult (m)4,0931,1856
46OioMaral Healer cbAdult (m)2,4726702
69ZMBThe Drunken King cbAdult (m)3,9671,3115
lq498Honorcaster Healer cbAdult (f)2,7417318
OJXnlChristopher Healer cbAdult (m)2,6476651
X9HGnThe Ensorceled Marquessa cbAdult (f)3,2297001
j4o0FUnique Healer cbAdult (m)2,8227011
cNSeYMulyan Healer cbAdult (f)2,5566623
vNtXVBlue Eyed Healer cbAdult (m)4,6337357
LiNjaSavannah Healer cbAdult (f)2,8215331
F6tklDeval Healer cbAdult (m)8,6051,17611
GziF8Sierra Healer cbAdult (f)2,6156201
2KCQKSilk Silver Slippers cbAdult (m)13,31491310
FOULvSolstice Healing cbAdult (f)2,5566971
1hrk4Frederick Banting CBAdult (m)3,2426787
hhN9KPriscilla White CBAdult (f)3,2076946
0D1EeMagnificant Healer cbAdult (m)2,8106897
njC1HWhite Healer cbAdult (f)2,7057146
TUBdZZeusmu Healer 2Adult (m)2,4066171
imk0CMereassa Healer cbAdult (f)3,2516935
YgW64Roddry Healer cbAdult (m)2,5836922
7NV9eArkenstone Smaug 2Adult (f)2,4456874
e95GbWhite Feathered Knight 2Adult (m)2,7106914
5PRYqLifemate to King Raphy II 2gAdult (f)2,6906687
jXNfsLittle Lion Healer 2Adult (m)2,9577419
CW4UsJamao Healer 2Adult (f)2,7957005
iXSMiWhite Hydra Healer 2Adult (m)2,7487185
lT5v4Li-La Federweisser 2Adult (f)5,1207703
VsNpOAbhaydatta Healer 2Adult (m)2,9017057
0XotESilver Pure Magic 3Adult (f)2,3507303
DoU4HBudding Musical Riyusa 3Adult (f)4,2901,3607
omlgIMorgan le Fay Healer 3Adult (f)2,8747009
mkfqBJudgemental Snow Angel 3Adult (f)1,66358110
Ny7y3Snowflake Hollyberry 3Adult (f)4,2829017
hnA53Xmas Gold on Wing 3Adult (m)4,3051,2478
Wy4GpLady Golden White 3Adult (f)4,9038706
ehOh4Scribble Reindeer Healer 3Adult (m)4,6446405
5oHahGrifera Kalikimakalani IIIAdult (f)2,1477898
TvA6HRide Off Into Healing 4Adult (f)2,7497102
UqBZ8Ferrero Healer 4Adult (m)2,8996911
ajmTSBaka Moonshine Healer 4Adult (f)5,1426153
n4H4vMagi Valentine StormGazer 4Adult (f)1,9096537
RQJvYin Healer 4Adult (f)3,87784113
jsgaZSilver Silk Slippers 4Adult (f)4,9697267
W5UNxWhite Gold Dragonessdown 4Adult (f)2,61188924
GOcOLOrange Hypno 5Adult (f)3,4497346
KcenjChristmas White TJ 6Adult (f)1,9637363
WAjwkContessas Medicuss 6Adult (f)5,3461,3546
LLIIKnight Healer 5Adult (m)1,85275515
IZEjiIridescent Divine 6Adult (f)5,7017596
DpTzFPink Hollys can be Masculine 6Adult (m)4,1391,2744
SP3RCalania Healer 8Adult (f)2,68493238
UcEaMerlin Healer 6Adult (m)1,34055513
Nv0OIberissi Healer 11Adult (f)1,21065314
XTYuCadel Healer 6Adult (m)3,90246511
SBBA8Merorka Healer IBAdult (f)2,5186169
Y3qkvWhite Dragon Original Dorkface 3Adult (m)4,0581,08014
JpVd1Rose Thuwed Love Seeker 4Adult (f)3,4751,0167
oRYT3Ghirardelli Feathers Thuwed 4Adult (m)1,70665411
3MwCdSnow Angel Thuwed 4Adult (f)2,8101,0356
EhBrIDorkface Thuwed Healer 5Adult (m)4,2077539
wdLtxPearl Shallynaar Dorkface 5Adult (f)4,9531,4407
rq8rBLoner Varg Dorkface VAdult (m)1,8697146
m4Uy9White Heart Dorkface 5Adult (f)4,3321,3756
DD0u0Mysticalia Dorkface Thuwed 7Adult (m)5,2591,29410
EpB6SDorkface Christmas Healer 6Adult (f)4,2547577
YXctMHealing Magi Thuwed 7Adult (m)1,8506365
qpL23White Holly Thuwed 7Adult (f)3,2101,07127
GZnIEWhite Rune Dorkface Thuwed 7thAdult (m)2,5597045
Q8R6fShallynaar Midas Dorkface 9Adult (f)10,8049647
NLSK4Ochre GirlHatchling (f, F)3,0316834
VbP4EDrake of the Ochre BoyHatchling (m, F)3,3266704
labzpOmarosa Ochredrake CBAdult (f)2,4928053
6ZA8Golden Ochredrake cbAdult (f)1,9305239
BXOYWepturi Ochredrake cbAdult (m)2,48961113
6en0Dwellan Ochredrake 2Adult (f)1,76257410
dmuhDaemon Ochredrake cbAdult (m)2,62748310
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