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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MelodyMystik,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7K7l(7K7l)Egg (F)
2Z12oo keep on trying oHatchling (F)2,7575698
LUTYJ(LUTYJ)Hatchling (m)2,8116242
BjhFh(BjhFh)Hatchling (m)2,9276733
3aDNk(3aDNk)Adult (m)3,1187484
ts5e6(ts5e6)Adult (f)3,0597295
REbS4(REbS4)Adult (m)2,3626721
05aAZ(05aAZ)Adult (m)6,0218472
iM9sf(iM9sf)Adult (f)6,4298452
hBN3b(hBN3b)Adult (f)6,9319413
B7Ydl(B7Ydl)Adult (f)5,9718713
DgfKo(DgfKo)Adult (f)6,2018903
mOy6n(mOy6n)Adult (m)6,0118534
KLMDr(KLMDr)Adult (f)7,0029645
LTX0m(LTX0m)Adult (f)2,9325512
DfGnX(DfGnX)Adult (m)6,4039294
c4Sad(c4Sad)Adult (f)3,3226123
xKUHd(xKUHd)Adult (f)2,7155551
4AFMX(4AFMX)Adult (m)3,1156032
NKAEz(NKAEz)Adult (m)3,0386283
88lie(88lie)Adult (m)6,7518783
5wmQk(5wmQk)Adult (m)3,0696682
vnqfyPerfect' 'flyAdult (f)2,8295602
cOFGF(cOFGF)Adult (f)7,5988975
NeWmr(NeWmr)Adult (m)7,1359134
c4HJO(c4HJO)Adult (m)3,2326551
9Htzh(9Htzh)Adult (f)6,3028692
rRI1I(rRI1I)Adult (m)5,9939543
vf5VB(vf5VB)Adult (m)2,9686793
EhHKJ(EhHKJ)Adult (m)2,9566634
fj7vR(fj7vR)Adult (m)6,4977882
dFRTV(dFRTV)Adult (f)6,5218133
xsomEx some Awesome xHatchling (m, F)5,9608363
RkL1O(RkL1O)Adult (f)3,0015561
CV60W(CV60W)Adult (m)3,1375872
qKvbJ(qKvbJ)Adult (f)7,1658281
VBH45(VBH45)Adult (f)7,1758996
5oMyD(5oMyD)Adult (f)6,0428725
38WFF(38WFF)Adult (m)7,2117834
DP6zY(DP6zY)Adult (f)5,9698543
cq71d(cq71d)Adult (f)7,0227963
LB5FY(LB5FY)Adult (m)7,0508023
X2Jqr(X2Jqr)Adult (f)7,8698874
SMgu6(SMgu6)Adult (f)6,0488223
33rnj(33rnj)Adult (m)7,4218693
WriNG(WriNG)Adult (m)2,5826861
bdPwl(bdPwl)Adult (f)3,1246551
JhmVX(JhmVX)Adult (m)3,0016911
PMyhDo Remember The Time oHatchling (F)1,0311972
PG2CYSleeping Beauty of NeverlandHatchling (F)1,3193943
T7TcgThousand Wonderful ThanksAdult (m)3,05890110
KP9UMPower of Love by NeverlandAdult (f)2,2618086
HtyTtAditya for ElysiumAdult (m)4,2735728
qwPI6Dark Angela of NeverlandAdult (f)1,8737002
ANQCcAnqc' of NeverlandAdult (f)2,5626122
0wOYV0w Starlight of NeverlandAdult (f)3,4575082
nFteFStardust of NeverlandAdult (m)2,5216402
t4kAlAlkali Shadow ElementsAdult (f)2,1407132
kIjLv(kIjLv)Adult (m)2,4546702
dxoKP(dxoKP)Adult (m)3,4745953
nmp36Est'ce que LoveAdult (f)2,3926351
2LQKTOpalescent Lazura LaRoccaAdult (f)2,6615662
911Me911MeAdult (m)1,9825818
XOYUQo          oHatchling (F)1,1093031
4ft42Rugia Gaja of NeverlandHatchling (f, F)4,9258945
Z0b6CGaja GoN 2 soon 'NeverlandAdult (f)6,9387925
11gp2King GoN too soon 'NeverlandAdult (m)5,8551,11413
dZJLnDrake Creation 'NeverlandAdult (m)5,9718273
yAyKOAyoka Sino' of NeverlandAdult (f)
Mbx2jJeronimo Sino' of NeverlandAdult (m)
dAnr6o            oHatchling (f, F)2,1506121
uisio Welcome to My 'Neverland oHatchling (F)1,1613173
lNgxCo Elysium 'PN' MelodyMystik oHatchling (f, F)1,8647193
yaPYeo DC Forum 'PM' MyMelody oHatchling (m, F)1,6786571
6t4JSQueen SAdult (f)4,2336811
OEKERKing OAdult (m)2,9666842
kB719Queen We've got foreverAdult (f)1,9326311
aJFaQueen Leave me aloneAdult (f)4,4786195
mRLKKing You are not aloneAdult (m)2,2555924
sEWMKing Hold my handAdult (m)4,1536436
FkZSQueen EuphoriaAdult (f)2,5595895
HtUiQueen DestinyAdult (f)3,7158362
s0BuKing MelodieAdult (m)3,5045794
vGKhKing Musik and meAdult (m)2,3205664
3KLQQueen Shake you bodyAdult (f)2,5725394
KFeQQueen Ain't no sunshineAdult (f)2,8796095
sPY6King Someone in the darkAdult (m)2,8665723
fMbqKing BenAdult (m)3,4656096
mVn0lQueen SmileAdult (f)1,6726142
6qiHQueen HappyAdult (f)4,8857395
5KNBKing I am loveAdult (m)2,2455474
3gC5King Blame it on the boogieAdult (m)2,8816103
NncqbQueen Billie Jean by NeverlandAdult (f)2,3636635
8UoIQueen Little Susie by NeverlandAdult (f)7,6811,06410
Yl0M3King Dapper Dan by NeverlandAdult (m)3,6016871
U98KMKing Invincible by NeverlandAdult (m)2,1296712
Opm2zOpm' Chick of NeverlandHatchling (F)1,4073035
UXF6EK'fried Chicken'NeverlandHatchling (f, F)1,3795081
jZew0Zer0 Ninja Chicken'NeverlandAdult (f)8553321
J6nO0J'00 No Ninja Chicken'NeverlandAdult (f)2,0116833
d7KSwXscape Chicken'NeverlandAdult (f)2,3225803
81wmiOrigami 'Okami-shiHatchling (F)1,9196392
f9IbcTjufi wadj McNeverlandAdult2,3775956
KJqZZChester van NeverlandAdult2,3305693
b6PZWQueen Ola Ray of NeverlandAdult (f)4,6369066
AfhWWAkasha the DamnedAdult (f)3,6407487
UtOFXQueen U' Damned 'NeverlandAdult (f)5,1831,1368
UUgGzLady Carol' U 'NeverlandAdult (f)1,6957364
ScV2WClaudia the Damned 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,2346781
nQui2Queen 'Qui' 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,3181,1381
1AWliKing A'li Ghost of NeverlandAdult (m)4,16994217
GsLPIDoctor Mabuse of NeverlandAdult (m)3,9497344
eI8pYEnkil the Damned 'NeverlandAdult (m)5,7316611
PWLRwPrince Vlad' Dracul 'NeverlandAdult (m)2,9304956
zArK7Lord 'Zark'7 of NeverlandAdult (m)1,9405436
aglrJEarl 'J' of NeverlandAdult (m)3,9045381
SZil0Lord 'Zil' DraculliaAdult (m)3,8254731
z21rQIs it Scary 'NeverlandAdult3,33271325
3UrMWQueen '3U' Scary 'NeverlandAdult (f)3,91864012
OSGC2King '2'Scary 'NeverlandAdult (m)4,02962612
CQGSFo don't worry oHatchling (f, F)2,65147723
MkzRGo 4 minutes to save the world oHatchling (m, F)4,0984995
eFEG7Little Susie of NeverlandHatchling (F)1,8822374
K9O9CPetra Plant McNeverlandAdult (f)2,4285813
wqLCGWicked Vine McNeverlandAdult (f)2,8446002
wZAFCWild Peony 'NeverlandAdult (f)3,1693942
odD8tSapindales Lavendula LaRoccaAdult (m)2,5676194
cfMpxPotatoe LaRoccaAdult (m)2,3246583
gmG5UDark McNeverlandAdult (m)2,4885121
e7imCCalim Dark GreenAdult (m)2,7385708
OjeUHQueen Ivy McNeverlandAdult (f)2,0215182
cOC8hQueen C'C' Catch 8'NeverlandAdult (f)3,1807334
75rprQueen 'PR' McNeverlandAdult (f)2,7978862
AKPprQueen Amy 'NeverlandAdult (f)3,4746612
K9qtiKing Peter Plant McNeverlandAdult (m)3,8334896
7tA8wKing P' Gabriel 8'NeverlandAdult (m)2,9617795
0p2dDKing 'OP' McNeverlandAdult (m)2,9099031
7K7dfKing '7K7' Vine 'NeverlandAdult (m)2,0318322
OuuLHQueen Ouu Liviha 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,1217102
889agKing Pumpkin of NeverlandAdult (m)2,2527121
2r7Li(2r7Li)Adult (f)2,0707111
GP8Nf(GP8Nf)Adult (f)2,6137191
T4OTS(T4OTS)Adult (m)2,4286043
Gu2SJ(Gu2SJ)Adult (m)2,2807031
AiOPeQueen Aiope 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,0716093
qf9qnQueen Shado'W 'NeverlandAdult (f)1,4596342
HBFVIKing Shado'W 'NeverlandAdult (m)1,9926961
hIobOKing Hiob 'NeverlandAdult (m)2,5036615
GLdPlThe Supreme Leader by NeverlandAdult (f)2,0347093
OfU2KQueen OverU by NeverlandAdult (f)2,0167292
cEoQaCaptain EO by NeverlandAdult (m)2,0057153
behjUKing BehindU by NeverlandAdult (m)2,0677144
aeaPhQueen Phaea 'NeverlandAdult (f)1,9896391
y9JSsQueen Temet 'NeverlandAdult (f)1,8615871
8MXnhKing 'X' Grave 'NeverlandAdult (m)1,7446042
Osg8FKing Anubis 'NeverlandAdult (m)1,9966132
R0Ir0R0I of NeverlandAdult (m)3,6844651
owu3FQueen Fire Owl 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,2056302
JvKgQQueen Desipis 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,6596191
MyQnFMy Desipis of NeverlandAdult (m)2,5166161
JaJBOKing Desipis 'NeverlandAdult (m)2,3526073
jGIq4Dark Angel of NeverlandAdult (f)2,2786181
2ebiRQueen Caligene 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,4025372
DCzy0King 'DC' Caligene 'NeverlandAdult (m)2,5526571
Sjdrz(Sjdrz)Adult (m)2,5665743
4hAUUHelena of NeverlandAdult (f)2,3756461
eCqdhCirce of NeverlandAdult (f)1,9076691
pHuQ2Doc Who of NeverlandAdult (m)2,1846501
DJZouDJ Zou of NeverlandAdult (m)1,9936101
vkRTYQueen Vortex 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,6327201
PHzFdQueen Omen 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,6767182
vzU2VKing Vortex 'U2' 'NeverlandAdult (m)2,4187052
EP0iLEP 0iLAdult (m)2,2677031
jX6rMDrake Change 'NeverlandAdult (m)7,8947033
9Gls0Gloryoo of the ChangeAdult (m)6,5289358
UuPQDLucky Creation of LaRoccaAdult (m)5,3598714
On78QCreation 'On' Go'GleamAdult (f)5,93588011
5SQZxMy First Avatar of DestructionAdult (f)5,5899203
d4HbWLady Destruction 'NeverlandAdult (f)5,9609487
ykCHvNeverending Merry StrangewaysAdult (m)4,3701,01931
O4bnLO' Magic Mustika '4Adult (m)5,8998548
yNQEBMerry Neverending 'NeverlandAdult (f)5,93497216
l9nMkAluna StarlightAdult (f)7,7077998
NzAm0Omar Talih ShaharAdult (m)8,27588410
kCxNhPrincessa of NeverlandAdult (f)6,83780321
N5s4GLiZa MarieAdult (f)4,6289236
UGQN8Lu' Logic LaRoccaAdult (m)5,24292411
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