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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “MelodyMystik,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
azdnn(azdnn)Adult (f)
k5bMd(k5bMd)Adult (m)
KjKOY(KjKOY)Adult (f)
ohmxn(ohmxn)Adult (f)
7K7l(7K7l)Egg (F)
hTot9(hTot9)Hatchling (f, F)2,42544710
2Z12oo keep on trying oHatchling (F)2,7575698
27yqI(27yqI)Adult (m)3,0296081
DscTw(DscTw)Adult (f)3,1106292
miy9G(miy9G)Adult (f)3,1286102
4hJbh(4hJbh)Adult (m)3,1105973
oCohV(oCohV)Adult (m)2,8555941
QITNx(QITNx)Adult (f)2,8655694
6OAyl(6OAyl)Adult (m)3,0746082
fSLQ0(fSLQ0)Adult (f)3,0125591
3ipR3(3ipR3)Adult (f)3,0095642
oryy7(oryy7)Adult (m)3,1805812
9xXaF(9xXaF)Adult (f)3,0885743
bM3gQ(bM3gQ)Adult (m)3,3786203
4eQ4H(4eQ4H)Adult (f)2,8016343
4uX0O(4uX0O)Adult (m)2,7046183
wx2wP(wx2wP)Adult (f)2,6094684
wSQmG(wSQmG)Adult (f)3,7916894
qbWOk(qbWOk)Adult (f)6,6099313
26NEv(26NEv)Adult (m)5,5619437
v4Cck(v4Cck)Adult (m)2,7727083
m1vyC(m1vyC)Adult (f)2,9527675
1gkwS(1gkwS)Adult (m)5,6859515
Hy8qa(Hy8qa)Adult (f)2,9835544
yMaB7(yMaB7)Adult (f)2,0775781
jD7c9(jD7c9)Adult (m)2,7648402
tmk1P(tmk1P)Adult (m)3,5017452
434ci(434ci)Adult (m)3,5277541
785Xv(785Xv)Adult (f)3,4017131
AmqkU(AmqkU)Adult (m)3,4597361
ZMknm(ZMknm)Adult (m)5,8128901
eoI31(eoI31)Adult (m)6,6649361
XaaPv(XaaPv)Adult (m)4,1695663
XDaXp(XDaXp)Adult (m)2,6344781
oOzUa(oOzUa)Adult (f)2,6104812
tPydM(tPydM)Adult (f)2,9465014
PCPAq(PCPAq)Adult (m)3,0285204
IdCY7(IdCY7)Adult (m)5,9797712
YPGnq(YPGnq)Adult (m)2,2386231
2pQAm(2pQAm)Adult (f)2,1185572
hJHAp(hJHAp)Adult (m)7,1159944
1Jfeo(1Jfeo)Adult (m)5,7799012
J6Yoq(J6Yoq)Adult (f)6,9719904
ZtyaJ(ZtyaJ)Adult (m)6,3559403
OCERq(OCERq)Adult (f)3,9598474
ufyypJufyy Pygmy 'NeverlandAdult (m)2,8405401
VeJl5Ve' Pygmy 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,8695531
OFBf0(OFBf0)Adult (f)2,7375711
cWNcp(cWNcp)Adult (f)2,9815382
1uDNd(1uDNd)Adult (m)3,2456033
PMlBT(PMlBT)Adult (f)2,6957124
Gn3ok(Gn3ok)Adult (m)2,9266131
j0foQ(j0foQ)Adult (f)3,3915343
ooCts(ooCts)Adult (f)3,1135293
DEyTL(DEyTL)Adult (m)3,4966013
lAYwa(lAYwa)Adult (f)3,1797173
pyFYQ(pyFYQ)Adult (f)2,6835362
OtoOe(OtoOe)Adult (f)2,3285501
VczWL(VczWL)Adult (f)3,4995663
dbH5E(dbH5E)Adult (f)2,8125582
LI0Ur(LI0Ur)Adult (m)3,1385531
UuVRf(UuVRf)Adult (m)3,6396983
pFNs8(pFNs8)Adult (m)3,1485722
YqwzY(YqwzY)Adult (f)2,7406011
wye1q(wye1q)Adult (f)6,6908441
vLEYS(vLEYS)Adult (f)5,8789434
RmLFp(RmLFp)Adult (m)6,9978984
mh9fg(mh9fg)Adult (m)6,0888991
2PFjW(2PFjW)Adult (f)2,8885331
fZo7k(fZo7k)Adult (m)2,4336221
uCK3A(uCK3A)Adult (m)2,7075641
MhW8y(MhW8y)Adult (f)3,4095582
3Q6lK(3Q6lK)Adult (f)2,3095561
fGQht(fGQht)Adult (m)2,4716192
eOt7e(eOt7e)Adult (f)3,4124742
SaHm4Sil'hana 'NeverlandAdult (m)5,2635282
H6mVS(H6mVS)Adult (f)2,2905181
y2EMB(y2EMB)Adult (f)2,6516383
Vhsp1Speechless WhisperAdult (f)2,2415352
VXhhi(VXhhi)Adult (f)2,6727072
527Yo(527Yo)Adult (f)3,1315004
30UCr(30UCr)Adult (m)2,9168072
FPows(FPows)Adult (m)2,1535592
eep18(eep18)Adult (f)2,7187111
BxDN7(BxDN7)Adult (m)2,7707484
Si0ov(Si0ov)Adult (f)2,2955601
zQTKQ(zQTKQ)Adult (m)2,5416123
YwkK6(YwkK6)Adult (m)2,9398042
rUxGH(rUxGH)Adult (m)3,3405991
AVITI(AVITI)Adult (m)3,1276112
kt0tK(kt0tK)Adult (m)2,8235991
DltaJ(DltaJ)Adult (f)2,5285981
JA4NIJA'NI'NEAdult (f)2,8425734
xKUHd(xKUHd)Adult (f)2,7155551
jUSwX(jUSwX)Adult (f)1,9795241
oNF8F(oNF8F)Adult (m)2,6186265
EZcJE(EZcJE)Adult (m)3,1045572
O705J(O705J)Adult (m)2,2965704
Zt2Cd(Zt2Cd)Adult (m)4,1249296
tTrgE(tTrgE)Adult (m)7,6009073
4TqX9(4TqX9)Adult (m)5,5778332
88lie(88lie)Adult (m)6,7518783
c4HJO(c4HJO)Adult (m)3,2326551
xsomEx some Awesome xHatchling (m, F)5,9608363
6BNmE(6BNmE)Adult (m)4,45768410
7yiu3(7yiu3)Adult (f)3,2216441
PxBy4(PxBy4)Adult (f)7,9118447
2iLP4(2iLP4)Adult (m)6,24996812
TBdnx(TBdnx)Adult (f)3,2196336
gfj55(gfj55)Adult (f)2,7096762
i9RIWI'Rest In WhiteAdult (f)6,3539893
tN2fI(tN2fI)Adult (f)5,8509591
HwIhK(HwIhK)Adult (f)6,2798853
ecnCp(ecnCp)Adult (f)5,3421,0512
UHjMu(UHjMu)Adult (f)6,4388483
v67Wm(v67Wm)Adult (m)5,7828023
Pq4AB(Pq4AB)Adult (f)6,4378653
AHPUk(AHPUk)Adult (m)7,0538865
Jd5hL(Jd5hL)Adult (m)5,9368043
n5P4c(n5P4c)Adult (f)6,6138133
LtmeEL't me be meAdult (f)5,8497372
86O4F(86O4F)Adult (f)5,7547302
UAoQy(UAoQy)Adult (f)6,0928314
oqgxT(oqgxT)Adult (f)6,8158894
KBgIC(KBgIC)Adult (m)5,8128533
wAkO6(wAkO6)Adult (f)6,4309471
Ys693Yes 693Adult (m)6,4958064
9ZFzY(9ZFzY)Adult (f)5,7289185
NWPsZ(NWPsZ)Adult (f)5,8758212
Ge5zL(Ge5zL)Adult (f)6,8539734
kOTlq(kOTlq)Adult (f)5,7179307
7zbo3(7zbo3)Adult (f)5,4288222
fm7zj(fm7zj)Adult (m)6,6189691
AMhr4(AMhr4)Adult (f)7,1059784
9Wide(9Wide)Adult (m)7,0159087
L1pS9(L1pS9)Adult (f)6,9469054
u9MUj(u9MUj)Adult (m)6,4018604
YQL3l(YQL3l)Adult (f)5,6389203
Uqt8H(Uqt8H)Adult (f)6,1658221
xgLH1(xgLH1)Adult (f)6,6548766
5GvIB(5GvIB)Adult (m)6,2169483
7gMdY(7gMdY)Adult (m)5,1108632
DqmvC(DqmvC)Adult (f)6,0869524
cMhjo(cMhjo)Adult (f)5,9529122
gy1IE(gy1IE)Adult (f)5,6758863
EtSqx(EtSqx)Adult (m)5,6788313
ssd2C(ssd2C)Adult (m)6,0408412
8hKOs(8hKOs)Adult (f)5,5647013
Qwz2F(Qwz2F)Adult (f)5,7778181
3tT9P(3tT9P)Adult (m)2,3905071
0wuRn(0wuRn)Adult (f)2,6587775
hrKB9(hrKB9)Adult (m)2,6125303
lD6BB(lD6BB)Adult (m)2,9845613
fN5NVPenny 'NeverlandAdult (f)2,3875322
tQOFiO' Lovely StardustAdult (f)5,3675465
iKmIj(iKmIj)Adult (f)3,1065753
2ah0t(2ah0t)Adult (m)2,0824115
3QIWbEquipped by NeverlandAdult (f)3,3895415
m5LCdNico McCloudAdult (m)2,2336463
xPd0gPod of GoldAdult (m)2,3615403
NnaLQ(NnaLQ)Adult (m)2,2796024
W5UlC(W5UlC)Adult (f)2,0715372
sKv0K(sKv0K)Adult (f)2,6506491
bdPwl(bdPwl)Adult (f)3,1246551
JhmVX(JhmVX)Adult (m)3,0016911
PMyhDo Remember The Time oHatchling (F)1,0311972
U9CDfU'CD' Thriller 'NeverlandHatchling (F)1,4231333
PG2CYSleeping Beauty of NeverlandHatchling (F)1,3193943
T7TcgThousand Wonderful ThanksAdult (m)3,05890110
KP9UMPower of Love by NeverlandAdult (f)2,2618086
HtyTtAditya for ElysiumAdult (m)4,2735728
qwPI6Dark Angela of NeverlandAdult (f)1,8737002
ANQCcAnqc' of NeverlandAdult (f)2,5626122
0wOYV0w Starlight of NeverlandAdult (f)3,4575082
nFteFStardust of NeverlandAdult (m)2,5216402
t4kAlAlkali Shadow ElementsAdult (f)2,1407132
nmp36Est'ce que LoveAdult (f)2,3926351
PiImu(PiImu)Adult (m)3,1356182
2LQKTOpalescent Lazura LaRoccaAdult (f)2,6615662
911Me911MeAdult (m)1,9825818
XOYUQo          oHatchling (F)1,1093031
4ft42Rugia Gaja of NeverlandHatchling (f, F)4,9258945
Z0b6CGaja GoN 2 soon 'NeverlandAdult (f)6,9387925
11gp2King GoN too soon 'NeverlandAdult (m)5,8551,11413
dZJLnDrake Creation 'NeverlandAdult (m)5,9718273
yAyKOAyoka Sino' of NeverlandAdult (f)
Mbx2jJeronimo Sino' of NeverlandAdult (m)
dAnr6o            oHatchling (f, F)2,1506121
uisio Welcome to My 'Neverland oHatchling (F)1,1613173
lNgxCo Elysium 'PN' MelodyMystik oHatchling (f, F)1,8647193
yaPYeo DC Forum 'PM' MyMelody oHatchling (m, F)1,6786571
6t4JSQueen SAdult (f)4,2336811
OEKERKing OAdult (m)2,9666842
ZfD36o  Upside Down  oAdult (m)2,8315244
Yrce9o Round And Round oAdult (f)2,9485205
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