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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “LexxyMomma,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
VbI7wEchos of a Shimmer FailAdult (f)2,9207604
iLZY5LZY Aerial MobAdult (m)2,9798471
yoy2kAerial Worm SmileAdult (m)3,1281,1840
jaPYTMajor GoldwingAdult (m)5,8521,3582
ch0jQIced Rose SwallowtailAdult (f)7,4031,1593
bDVY5Kyle SilverAdult (m)5,3291,1863
C89toPolly SterlingAdult (f)4,7259270
zED5MMinnie GoldwingAdult (f)4,8521,3356
YYYQ6Aerial FreezeAdult (f)3,6991,3364
DbK50Lexxy's Genetic MutationAdult (m)4,9981,2103
Ccc5oLexxy's Spinosaurus DraconianAdult (m)4,5751,1343
4XOEVLexxy's VexAdult (f)1,8977881
r8F4ILexxy's Prancing PrincessAdult (f)4,1567461
nmXnULexxy's XanduAdult (f)4,8999491
JykiyLexxy's JyKiyAdult (f)4,9381,3932
UoMhHDoh' Purple AsheraAdult (m)1,8347582
FSXddPurple ByzantiumAdult (f)7,4501,65153
gRE1hImmortal Purple TreasureAdult (m)4,82283210
mfKpeFalling Purple UFOAdult (f)7,4791,3865
pgamVPurple Prancing QuadrapedAdult (f)6,0071,0492
QNrCgPurple Fins RuleAdult (m)7,9581,1405
7n2v8Leto NemesisAdult (f)4,8791,1395
Q6I82Exiled Red ImpalerAdult (m)6,8511,4207
97E54Purple Prancing BladeAdult (m)2,9348742
Y4jS2Pure Dorsal TreAdult (m)6,9191,2133
w6JJ4Pure Jehanna ToastAdult (f)6,0361,2753
GhoPlPurple Dorsetta MarrowAdult (f)3,7718841
GoHAbRed Door FreakyAdult (m)6,6046230
iB7uMPurple From Red RidgebackAdult (f)3,8061,1140
S2nIfLexxy's Summer SinAdult (m)5,6807790
silxILexxy's Summer SunAdult (m)5,6217394
GQuwNLexxy's Summer FunAdult (m)6,0608310
n9xysLexxy's Summer RaysAdult (m)4,0188430
jc9rkLexxy's Summer LovingAdult (f)4,5808170
QHNCBLexxy's Summer NightAdult (m)3,1611,16222
W1KMJLexxy's Summer of the ForestAdult (f)4,5391,2050
FKxPHLexxy's Summer VacationAdult (m)4,2111,1910
sPrmOD'estinationAdult (m)4,4511,2122
U5wRfSummer Cola BlazeAdult (f)4,6631,2321
mC8X6Joke of a SummerAdult (m)6,2378863
pGFKdPure Forest VacationAdult (m)6,1608315
jkKtpLexxy's Spring JokeAdult (m)4,0858571
kTtE1Lexxy's Spring AnniversaryAdult (f)3,5897352
KZaKCLexxy's ZakAdult (m)6,4649902
RE8bVLexxy's RebaAdult (f)5,7085650
smnOYSpring Shade AearaAdult (m)2,0567262
H9EylUnbelievable Spring MelodyAdult (f)4,5386581
LjZMUSilent Spring SpiritAdult (f)4,6981,1002
W9uV8Spring of Snow and IceAdult (m)4,7619810
3ToIrTori Frozen ForochelAdult (f)4,9039641
BjbChBibi ForochelAdult (f)4,7239580
iLuOjLexxy's LuioAdult (f)5,7368000
YmMk6Lexxy's  MikeyAdult (m)5,6598040
iqLr2Lexxy's Fall FashionistaAdult (f)5,0828750
vSHaWhispering Wind of FallAdult (f)2,11561322
2JJhForced Fall of EnchantmentAdult (m)2,50765051
CeoZTFalling Autumn LightAdult (m)4,4871,1827
V1DfvVivid Grace ArtAdult (f)5,5356701
8ClYqLexxy's Winter CalmAdult (f)6,5609943
Xn7QyLexxy's YetiAdult (m)5,5435922
IwkS9Lexxy's 9 Weeks of WinterAdult (f)4,9461,0141
q9VXoLexxy's Alpine SnowAdult (m)4,4801,1162
WDygzLexxy's Winter FlurryAdult (f)3,6731,1194
Ra9FnLexxy's Wubbulous Winter ManAdult (m)1,8377793
LGXF6Lexxy's Ice QueenAdult (f)4,4651,3103
qIsqeLexxy's Ice ManAdult (m)5,8067130
s6tw0Lexxy's HelenAdult (f)5,2351,2961
HnlxYLexxy's Alpine Winter HinxyAdult (f)5,7311,2892
ZjSlSizzle JAdult (f)1,92640815
VMeDaSpring's Winter ChillAdult (m)5,5691,3234
TtICJohn 'The Master' SimmAdult (m)2,97367833
BwOEMy David BowieAdult (m)2,38547730
1Y9qvPure Winter GirlAdult (f)6,0141,1645
TosEBPure Winter BlizzardAdult (m)4,6871,1661
Ty0UQWinter Falls PureAdult (m)4,9679020
6NjzrSummer Falls to WinterAdult (f)4,9089031
hPAUk6 More Weeks of WinterAdult (m)6,2401,0493
61RyBRy Boots FreakyAdult (f)6,0954941
SXoghS'Xogh MessAdult (f)7,1671,0902
QO28Q10 Shades of Deadly ColorAdult (f)6,8091,0892
TFMRzLayla Thunder the 7thAdult (f)4,5771,2992
xyupKSilver Lord MoonbeamAdult (m)5,2821,2341
7r8BKSilas RoseAdult (m)5,9281,2202
jzBc6Sweet Shimmer WrappingAdult (m)5,9141,1902
5x0vL6th Shimmery TinselAdult (m)6,1981,1903
6CQEUNephew Frodo BagginsAdult (f)5,5901,1952
E7SVDUnbelievable Shimmer ArrowAdult (f)5,2881,3661
iqw1AJust another for my collectionAdult (f)7,2291,1513
foLT3Goldie Folt the 12thAdult (f)6,4021,2204
b8FhKSilver Siliskor Dorkface DuskAdult (m)7,3821,58617
1PjEqJaxom of the Dusk Dorkface ClansAdult (m)8,0961,5028
7IPeLAbby's Silver Penk HeartAdult (m)4,2401,4602
dRrHYI wear a Tin Foil HatAdult (f)6,0081,1027
CSRdDBronze Master Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (m)4,9571,40318
RahS911th Love of Xan Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (m)5,2481,50223
FXWvjElegant Bronze AlcoholicAdult (m)5,2359481
tKJCHBronzed Fire S'aarAdult (m)4,4651,1704
E8s3D7 Wonky StairsAdult (f)6,9081,0692
os6zuGorgeous ImperialAdult (f)2,9899931
7aD3aSusie Dae FlowersAdult (f)5,5101,0494
fXoBlNocturnal CrowneAdult (m)6,2236981
A7XYBXaby GemAdult (m)6,4898604
v5UY9Red Shard GlowAdult (m)4,6679263
MqUlnPure Fyre GemmaAdult (f)7,6241,0468
bkFkCBig Pynk FlamingoAdult (f)5,0237305
XPTvHExpert Flamingo NinjaAdult (m)6,1647873
XPbLUGrave Monarch P'LuAdult (f)5,4245061
LJ5XNJ'Esu LynxAdult (f)4,7995482
geHgEGehge OwqitAdult (m)6,2395421
rGFg8Fragg LazrealAdult (f)5,5336031
utMijMiji WensingtonAdult (f)5,5355921
tZT95Zatt ShardAdult (m)4,6489901
7f9j9Dusti WingsAdult (f)8,4645811
PnOHXDusty PheonixAdult (m)8,3895881
VLSdTTiger WyrmAdult (f)4,9617500
RhDyVRhody PorotedlyAdult (m)4,6747281
BG9UxGetty CrownAdult (m)2,6858913
FJkRuRue Wings of GoldAdult (f)5,7671,0151
MEwsaPure Lagarto Mew'saAdult (f)4,4989431
yPi3CCompanion ClaraAdult (f)6,2731,0542
DfGIKTreasure CaseAdult (m)6,6095771
umOW5Tarnished Messy DreamAdult (f)4,6678311
1afOWJustine La'FowAdult (f)6,6616042
25KVsHot Can'Dl SmokeAdult (m)7,5615941
nSwDMHoney ParrotAdult (f)5,6316441
fiKW3Fik Ochre HoneyAdult (m)6,6665112
BMwYVWyv FuryAdult (m)4,7746733
GzwwUGazzerAdult (m)4,5466061
6YNm0Nemo Jack MidnightAdult (m)5,8825750
is1vpSinii SliverAdult (f)5,0467181
m2aXAMaxi SiniiAdult (f)5,9915751
YLQ44Pure L'Qaa SiniiAdult (m)5,1607023
CimvWI was SUPPOS'D to be RedAdult (f)7,2128953
Ngs3cPure Red MisfireAdult (m)6,2638443
kSfy0Autumn River SkyAdult (f)5,2476520
WaCCqLexxy's WaccQ WaterAdult (f)3,4811,2132
NkTHxLexxy's NickAdult (m)3,5691,1983
lKJuALexxy's Floating JewelAdult (f)3,8858811
2Nn38Lexxy's Glacial KingAdult (m)3,4919031
VMfmZLexxy's Floating DivaAdult (f)3,5019061
P2BI2Lexxy's Baloo the DragonAdult (m)4,1271,3042
NLFz6Lexxy's Boating NFLAdult (m)3,3691,0981
Fn7yuLexxy's Water MainAdult (m)3,3491,1070
q29tQLexxy's Diver DanAdult (m)4,5651,2184
L2MWnLexxy's Water DrakeAdult (m)4,9741,1750
9gCzxJester QueenAdult (f)4,4777990
aMUjOPure MujoAdult (m)3,5481,1933
m3aJXLexxy's Max Desert JayAdult (m)6,1529834
LyNn5Lexxy's LynnAdult (f)3,6161,1303
p2b48Lexxy's Desert DreamAdult (m)2,5249181
lqatKLexxy's Desert ShimmerAdult (f)2,7029531
eERZSLexxy's Desert PrinceAdult (m)2,3429251
RRuQrLexxy's Ru'QueenAdult (f)4,2301,2411
pzt6eLexxy's Desert DasherAdult (m)3,5547701
JVXkGLexxy's Blonde BeautyAdult (f)5,8621,2183
NLpVgLexxy's Airid CrowneAdult (m)3,2491,1730
OsM6SLexxy's Desert DarlingAdult (f)4,9131,1550
IuPHeLexxy's Desert HeAdult (m)3,0317601
3xLGvLexxy's Blue and Gold ScorcherAdult (m)2,5259220
GqBJ4Baj CrownAdult (m)5,0776640
Ir5dVLexxy's LunaAdult (f)2,56897323
diWi1Lexxy's Sea of TranquilityAdult (m)3,7801,04867
NP8fULexxy's Lunar RoverAdult (m)5,9011,3724
P52L5Lexxy's Lovely Lunar MothAdult (f)2,3309272
t8CofLexxy's Blue MoonAdult (m)2,7899016
HMPkjLexxy's Full Moon LunaAdult (f)1,9927371
RLtg4Lexxy's Ricky BlueAdult (m)4,0581,2001
H1IDrLexxy's Silvery MoonAdult (f)2,7718962
C8E8FLexxy's Moon RockAdult (m)2,6576701
Cs0GPLexxy's Moonstone MommaAdult (f)3,5537611
eUhQXLexxy's Blue CheeseAdult (m)2,6568860
70MhNLexxy's 70 Moon ShimmerAdult (f)3,6568321
CCd5lLexxy's Blue MoonstoneAdult (m)2,6168691
xgMxpLexxy's GentlemoonAdult (m)2,5266861
Rz0q1Lexxy's Meg GiryAdult (f)2,4149170
9lfg2Lexxy's RaoulAdult (m)2,6509822
uWgXzLexxy's Madame MoonstoneAdult (f)5,1231,0002
mxErULexxy's Moon MixerAdult (m)4,9851,1402
C685kLexxy's MoonsongAdult (m)2,2236782
SpvNSDrahvin GemAdult (f)5,6841,44116
ZNWakBlue Moon Pocket DustAdult (m)4,9041,20647
pfVbpMy Luna SeaAdult (f)5,7711,39935
Xlm6LTotal Luna SeaAdult (m)2,1687981
AEPeNUtter Luna SeaAdult (f)3,0081,0561
aMH5dFiligree Luna SeaAdult (m)2,4799271
jUbH8Lexxy's Moon GlowAdult (f)3,0621,14541
oVaGuGolden's MoonbeamAdult (f)2,3418841
aGwaMMysfytt JewelAdult (m)2,3418561
h9U6LMora Moon GoldenleafAdult (f)3,1806691
eZZQkSir Silver MoonbeamAdult (m)2,6096732
UKfbySilver Moon PrizeAdult (f)3,2547872
BQvqNQueen BareAdult (f)3,7028931
bDyMuQueen Jacki Bloo BareAdult (f)2,9919781
2kPWtBronzed Silver Tinsel MoonAdult (m)2,7548421
EcSX18th Level of Jeweled FailAdult (m)2,5067832
liiX4Dangerous Shimmer FailAdult (m)3,3278032
BsV9k6th Blue Moon ShimmerAdult (f)2,5437302
y7ojJoyceAdult (f)4,30999470
C1eSCelesteAdult (f)5,0761,05757
vvVmHVvvvavoomAdult (f)6,2704921
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