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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “LexxyMomma,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
dIlciLexxy's Docile DreamAdult (f)2,8068942
IJOEULexxy's JoeAdult (m)2,5008143
4AyQyLexxy's Glow-wormAdult (f)4,4588864
jPae9Lexxy's J'PaeAdult (m)3,5118131
WBHq4Lexxy's Shimmer ScaleAdult (f)3,5319883
5axsZLexxy's ZaxsAdult (m)3,8171,1131
piBHULexxy's NerissaAdult (f)4,3838732
OftfQLexxy's ReflectionAdult (m)3,2351,0132
RQjHuLexxy's Glowing GloriaAdult (f)2,6908661
aK0TALa'Kota EchoAdult (f)4,2261,1811
AutkOMustang GoldAdult (m)3,4888704
8vdoVNarcissus DadAdult (m)2,8071,0512
rxHW6Silver Shimmer LumiereAdult (m)4,3968783
uKzZX11th Genni SimoniaAdult (f)4,3729821
oVEy2Vain Prowl Shimmer FailAdult (m)3,5558282
EHlHyGlowWorm Rising Sun  SmileAdult (f)4,4258632
0T3fhSilver LuminousAdult (m)5,3987672
eVFoWLuminous MoonbeamsAdult (f)5,2591,1382
SjbfcLexxy's Pink Power Puff GirlAdult (f)2,5259182
QMejYLexxy's JolyAdult (m)2,4259434
lIAgsLexxy's Pink ShimmerAdult (f)2,5837493
KypjMLexxy's RoughneckAdult (m)2,2207762
iyV0eLexxy's Pink IveyAdult (f)2,4749211
OyLceLexxy's Rough LoyAdult (m)2,4309302
K1PMqLexxy's Kip MiqAdult (f)6,2381,0403
u4kMGLexxy's ADHD BoyAdult (m)5,5537582
I6oc4Lexxy's Speckled SocksAdult (f)4,7229981
ErKToLexxy's Erik ShimmerAdult (m)3,7568890
r9UNXLexxy's Pink WhimsicalAdult (f)5,1331,2011
iGomSLexxy's GoimAdult (m)2,2418882
aZwbzLexxy's Playful ZawabieAdult (m)5,2447126
FSMhELexxy's ADHD DragonAdult (m)5,6601,0771
1fBxLLexxy's Speckled ShowoffAdult (m)4,6931,3713
9bhpqPink Gold JollyAdult (m)3,2339274
W0OKTFlying WookieAdult (m)4,6211,2102
YxHaRSilvery PinkieAdult (f)4,9301,3122
FKQCaOmni TrixAdult (f)4,2531,1011
47sTbJolly TrixAdult (f)5,4308572
USDaIDaius ShimmerAdult (m)4,5117191
UqjGvCoppertone Pink WingAdult (f)3,0327832
sZsS2Sizzle Water ShimmerAdult (f)5,2041,0373
iso5I So FrilledAdult (f)2,27638429
1vH3Lexxy's Jayne CobbAdult (m)2,44041627
OiwkWinkAdult (f)1,92040920
681ITLexxy's BiscuitAdult (f)6,9897884
DdatlLexxy's DaxiaAdult (f)7,3509106
vgIPXIpx Diamond SplendorAdult (m)5,5375782
TlZrORizo Celestial DiamondAdult (f)6,7795881
WpYmTPym Celestial DiamondAdult (f)6,9105761
zS5XaZax RattAdult (m)5,8837892
sAW0ADiamond Fergi SawyerAdult (f)6,0647842
pn0hhLexxy's PonohhAdult (m)6,6195710
thoXVLexxy's White LunaAdult (f)4,8047211
qmfSGLexxy's Famous LunaAdult (f)4,0228371
1ZRH9Lexxy's ZirahAdult (f)4,0298440
LCeEkLexxy's CleekAdult (f)4,8875741
fWWgOLexxy's IoAdult (m)4,7157270
SPW4wLexxy's Lunar SpawnAdult (m)4,0088430
UxOU5Lexxy's SouxAdult (m)4,0198410
CbnAzLexxy's Luna HunterAdult (f)5,7557740
B8fc1Lexxy's Hunter MoonAdult (m)7,3596501
Tgk4PLexxy's HaroldAdult (m)6,0317970
30m4zLexxy's Lunar MazeAdult (m)5,7137990
2AmcILexxy's Lunar MagicAdult (m)5,9468001
2TP8hLexxy's Blue Moon LunaAdult (f)4,6287600
NKEP9Lexxy's Luna GoldAdult (f)6,0357701
24yD5Say'd Silver MoonAdult (f)6,1625890
56BUyBugy Boo MoonAdult (m)5,7367000
z25RXLexxy's Amazing MomAdult (f)5,5149911
1fZP7Lexxy's Forest GuardAdult (m)4,5301,2231
ZWdkTLexxy's Water Blessed LadyAdult (f)4,2931,2232
0wVR0Lexxy's Mountainous OverlordAdult (m)4,1131,1212
oPjL2Lexxy's JoolAdult (f)5,1798852
lSahsLexxy's Forest Sash'IAdult (m)4,2311,3131
VcvA5Lexxy's VivicaAdult (f)5,5789581
QyxECLexxy's ExyAdult (m)5,2059731
byPnJPeter Pan's DragonAdult (m)5,4421,1692
e9VbQAmazing KiaraAdult (f)5,2449601
Ho28MBlessed OverlordAdult (m)4,9379541
pO36fLexxy's Mary ShelleyAdult (f)5,6296170
MdF1nLexxy's Mad FinAdult (f)5,7536020
TzgWzLexxy's Stephen KingAdult (m)5,0216480
QjDVmLexxy's Louisa May AlcottAdult (f)5,8855970
YcktLLexxy's Micheal CrichtonAdult (m)5,6206161
qppZ8Lexxy's Anne McCafferyAdult (f)5,9996480
3VP1rLexxy's Norah HessAdult (f)5,6406220
LOyyNLexxy's LyyonAdult (m)5,6636100
ZcqVdLexxy's Edgar Rice BurroughsAdult (m)6,3796770
R3ReULexxy's Beverly ClearyAdult (f)6,3916680
zZzQ5Lexxy's ShakespeareAdult (m)6,4016690
vC78lLexxy's Danielle SteeleAdult (f)6,3466710
jRNdmLexxy'x Jules VerneAdult (m)4,5366500
ov45mLexxy's LibrarianAdult (f)4,5356451
PR9RhLexxy's PoeAdult (m)4,3676620
PdyApLexxy's PaddyAdult (f)4,4466570
p2McvLexxy's Judy BlumeAdult (f)5,5746490
CKVDeSilver ScripterAdult (f)6,2577694
NP7bLRomaji YoolgaiAdult (f)5,8718472
B3G8qCallie GraphyAdult (f)5,6877174
sF4RSScript CopperAdult (m)5,5297664
yWZFvCelestial ScripterAdult (f)7,6107685
rPnqeLexxy's TharkAdult (m)5,9416030
ftaFpLexxy's ZadAdult (m)5,9936020
3Wl3oLexxy's GozavaAdult (f)6,4027191
ZsnGrLexxy's SolaAdult (f)6,4356680
lUh5BLexxy's SarkojaAdult (f)7,2886311
5nRifLexxy's WarhoonAdult (m)6,8946940
Ad53SLexxy's Tal HajusAdult (m)5,0198152
u2axMLexxy's Lorquas PtomelAdult (m)4,7147220
QXDl0Lexxy's Woodland ElfAdult (f)7,0096661
1rxeJLexxy's Jex'rlAdult (m)6,0768181
5NTqLexxy's SilurianAdult (f)5,9681,11460
ZSnB4Lexxy's Earth ShakerAdult (m)6,0949782
YU5lcLexxy's RestacAdult (f)5,6521,2435
2YirkLexxy's Earth KingAdult (m)1,9727131
Z9lmLexxy's Toph the EarthbenderAdult (f)2,18951242
qQO1mLexxy's Earth QuakeAdult (m)2,9089010
EEmvLexxy's Eve DragonAdult (f)2,78775145
I3urCLexxy's PebblesAdult (f)3,06897716
7muGhLexxy's Dirt DragonAdult (m)6,2329161
sXRCoLexxy's Mother EarthAdult (f)2,8338252
5Xl75Lexxy's King BoomieAdult (m)2,7138821
aCGKELexxy's GaiaAdult (f)2,6077601
lZXFLLexxy's Terra FirmaAdult (m)2,6698150
5OCpTLexxy's Earthly GoddessAdult (f)2,6167902
GmaaG'Ma AAdult (m)3,10252125
AMoGLLexxy's Ammo GirlAdult (f)6,7808262
e73ERLexxy's SmaugAdult (m)3,08391216
HAqmiLexxy's Ha Ha MiAdult (f)5,0971,1630
L7YzaLexxy's Laaaaaaazy BoyAdult (m)1,7117602
v1rdOLexxy's Hard Rock Video GirlAdult (f)6,4468081
lt46qLexxy's ScoutAdult (m)6,4698312
igUUDLexxy's GraboidAdult (f)5,0799531
vRq9kLexxy's Screamin' DemonAdult (m)2,7399055
To4V7Lexxy's Tremor MakerAdult (f)5,0669580
GkfjiLexxy's Laughing EarthAdult (m)5,0801,1451
qvQMYLexxy's Alex AnneAdult (f)2,4157450
MO0IrLexxy's Moo'IrAdult (m)2,7418363
ROeLFLexxy's Ro'elfAdult (f)2,3908731
cLlX5Lexxy's ClixAdult (m)5,5858415
zUtueLexxy's ZutueAdult (f)1,8547721
ypE8kLexxy's Mountain PeakAdult (m)1,8467690
vuOuYLexxy's Oi VeyAdult (m)2,6481,0352
1uNcALexxy's LuncAdult (m)3,2239411
1WIupLexxy's Earth PullerAdult (m)2,9738981
OOY4OLexxy's Earth MoverAdult (m)3,2787902
r8ZdvPure Pebble RatezAdult (m)2,3608842
Md6CVMalohkeh the SilurianAdult (m)4,1781,22522
LQzvLazy QAdult (f)4,2421,00071
Xb68X BoxAdult (f)1,86028418
NmNh5Screaming PearlAdult (f)2,4468291
RdrDRPebble StarrAdult (f)8,7081,6333
4EgORThis is 4 E'GorAdult (m)2,1968521
TLAnTGreen Pebble T'LantAdult (m)2,1538123
5n7ViDeadly Magic PebbleAdult (m)6,7891,1978
p4DaKaylee FryAdult (f)2,80567439
U2tiTEocinesAdult (f)7,3091,4183
A82FfOphelia's Bright Green DervishAdult (m)7,5041,4846
1RcETEarthly Quake of StoneAdult (f)3,1579066
RUIXYEarth Thunder KingAdult (m)1,8487162
nTGNKInsert A Name Here PleaseAdult (f)1,4856571
bLG4NGreen Silver  SnowmorningAdult (f)4,3805761
c8LTBGreen One Stone LineageAdult (f)1,4897175
6DL5WWild Green EntrapmentAdult (f)2,6829771
hcySmSapphire EarthAdult (f)4,0241,2662
ojJTLPooh-BahAdult (m)3,9581,1141
ZeKyWEarthy KyzeAdult (f)7,0959643
0pdGtG Ode GreenAdult (m)4,8111,1571
mletpLazy CrystalAdult (f)2,55584621
FXa83Pure Stone EffectsAdult (m)5,2751,1461
UreFLexxy's Iron OreAdult (m)2,36448525
Z9RXHLexxy's Quantum Locked AngelAdult (f)6,0821,57629
rAXZeLexxy's Cessair of DiplosAdult (f)3,0288914
dH3d0Lexxy's Maze of the DeadAdult (m)7,0401,2778
NlkhmLexxy's OgriAdult (f)7,2021,4479
FPD4SLexxy's Rock BiterAdult (m)3,8941,2932
opHCsLexxy's GargoyleAdult (m)3,53793913
LoDbZLexxy's Stone HengeAdult (m)2,1146943
MHAGsLexxy's Stone Hag ManAdult (m)2,3618411
B4DoqLexxy's Bad AngelAdult (f)2,8648781
vJXqMighty JoxerAdult (m)6,7101,20359
oo3nMMoon Rock 3Adult (f)6,4701,0921
350wuBronze Born Rolling StoneAdult (f)4,3217471
o2AfaStone OafAdult (m)4,5811,2051
HbvvIPure Stoney JrAdult (m)2,3547781
tiCRuLexxy's Blusang BeautyAdult (f)3,2951,29810
MWS5MAeon MeridaAdult (f)4,3071,0882
7ZaaLLexxy's ZzAalAdult (m)3,9441,0301
Kvp6SEvil Blue LadyAdult (f)5,3081,0722
eeMqlLexxy's Q'MeelAdult (f)5,2461,0050
QT1lBLexxy's QT GemAdult (f)4,0871,4232
YqeXoLexxy's Pyro SpriteAdult (m)4,4591,3021
opHfNLexxy's Pryo HopeAdult (f)4,4511,2652
CpaaLLexxy's C'PaalAdult (m)5,9821,1143
xeIjQLexxy's Pyral JexAdult (f)4,9401,2882
XCdVnLexxy's Pyrope SpriteAdult (m)3,7721,4891
TUqftLexxy's Tuff PryoAdult (m)4,0591,4372
Xv49ZLexxy's Spiteful GemAdult (f)5,4401,1601
e8KcNLexxy's Pyral EkanAdult (f)4,9401,2550
OjmyALexxy's Spiteful GarnetAdult (m)5,7911,3551
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