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    You pick up the scroll labeled “KIttenchild,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
    DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
    U9Gf(U9Gf)Adult (f)1,47597421
    D0Qe(D0Qe)Adult (f)1,7625932
    S7HO(S7HO)Adult (f)1,9591,04028
    6Prt(6Prt)Adult (m)2,0336852
    66f7(66f7)Adult (f)3,1541,15459
    0ql7(0ql7)Adult (m)1,3095777
    Sbv7(Sbv7)Adult (f)1,3726773
    9AgE(9AgE)Hatchling (f, F)7884382
    j83h(j83h)Adult (f)4,7581,20632
    xXoS(xXoS)Adult (m)2,09590626
    uDaV(uDaV)Adult (f)1,4455193
    2U9k(2U9k)Adult (m)1,7916062
    3rER(3rER)Adult (m)1,9186545
    uXIp(uXIp)Adult (f)2,0306922
    RGmG(RGmG)Adult (m)4,7771,21333
    AHjV(AHjV)Adult (m)4,7311,22032
    1G6I(1G6I)Adult (f)2,8921,39730
    RFqO(RFqO)Adult (f)2,1777076
    bUCf(bUCf)Adult (f)2,2421,19625
    gMvz(gMvz)Adult (m)1,98293444
    T4Rk(T4Rk)Adult (f)1,97993449
    Rgah(Rgah)Adult (f)1,5665594
    wPi8(wPi8)Adult (f)3,1471,14558
    ssaF(ssaF)Adult (f)4,7351,21733
    b4CX(b4CX)Adult (m)1,8086273
    VZiv(VZiv)Adult (m)1,98893243
    pAvW(pAvW)Adult (m)1,3795052
    ORON(ORON)Adult (m)2,2411,19826
    q1LH(q1LH)Adult (f)1,4396104
    dPB7(dPB7)Adult (m)1,7955775
    dJis(dJis)Adult (f)1,6925434
    MuX1(MuX1)Adult (f)1,7065903
    Jrgh(Jrgh)Adult (f)1,7805754
    kRgZ(kRgZ)Adult (m)1,7735723
    DY8m(DY8m)Adult (m)1,5775363
    980X(980X)Adult (m)1,3935354
    QsCN(QsCN)Adult (f)3,5661,33769
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    If you would like your own dragons, you’ll have to go to the Cave Entrance.
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