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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jedi_Master_1,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
wD9on(wD9on)Adult (f)5,2801,1653
0fe8Greatest Lover  CBAdult (m)4,5131,39018
9GSbWorlds Greatest Lover CBAdult (m)4,4871,36022
4z7ydMy Frozen SweetlingHatchling (F)1,6244993
D4ZziFrozen Male SweetlingHatchling (m, F)3,0749093
v3CCI(v3CCI)Adult (m)6,5441,5416
AJfZd(AJfZd)Adult (m)5,8901,4633
6irqJedi's I Lov UAdult (f)6,0721,80322
nRHfJedi's Be MineAdult (f)6,0191,78232
Hd4UKMy Frozen 09 ValentineHatchling (f, F)3,0419072
6D5BBFrozen 09 VanentineHatchling (F)1,7395242
sV111(sV111)Adult (f)6,3221,4492
YHWBa(YHWBa)Adult (f)5,8551,5008
AtdGJ(AtdGJ)Adult (f)5,0011,2161
oOuao(oOuao)Adult (f)5,0341,2091
3PqZ1(3PqZ1)Adult (f)4,3069571
8Hs2H(8Hs2H)Adult (f)4,3959752
DNFsK(DNFsK)Adult (f)3,8119692
4aG3I(4aG3I)Adult (f)3,4709132
u4I3IFemale GoN CBAdult (f)5,2731,19734
jijyAFrozen GoNHatchling (f, F)6,0279554
MSiBQMale GoN CBAdult (m)5,5701,0094
fITGWarm Spring Nights CBAdult (f)4,1371,64039
IwyRICB Female SpringAdult (f)2,5129522
8ZMRY(8ZMRY)Adult (f)3,9691,1121
VE6NJedi's Spring NightsAdult (f)6,3581,26512
RViNd(RViNd)Adult (f)3,6441,2906
FRHy6Spring time daysAdult (f)3,3798632
YqagrJedi's Spring Has SprungHatchling (f, F)3,0233254
cChZWSpring Is Here At LastHatchling (F)1,59661116
8wpWLCB Male SpringAdult (m)2,5129363
w5PJwMy CB Spring MaleAdult (m)2,2628422
75qD4(75qD4)Adult (m)4,0891,1332
pAAlWarm Spring DaysAdult (m)2,9301,09331
c4QIj(c4QIj)Adult (m)3,4841,0282
XU0bJedi's Spring DaysAdult (m)7,1431,40119
IJzRCJedi's Summer Night CBAdult (f)2,8709412
K0gLLJedi's Summer Days CBAdult (f)3,9611,1181
j0XWcJedi's Erthnetora Thurkear CBAdult (f)2,7009593
cUbNR(cUbNR)Adult (f)4,7111,0423
jCRriJedi's Erthnetora KeariAdult (f)2,2388032
HDXKbThe Warm Summer DaysHatchling (F)4,2847979
NmvfHThe Hot Summer NightsHatchling (m, F)4,1211,01723
GdqGtHot Summer Night CBAdult (m)2,6067133
FheHHHot Summer Days CBAdult (m)4,0921,0631
E9esC(E9esC)Adult (m)5,0711,0811
Simi9Skaeren Erthnetora thurkearAdult (m)2,8647884
mhtJh(mhtJh)Adult (m)2,7157997
J7dAjSkaeren Erthnetora KeariAdult (m)2,2307631
sMfXpJedi's Autumn Days CBAdult (f)3,3379822
2EBvhJedi's Grikad Thurkeari CBAdult (f)3,2329911
rt2esJedi's Autumn Nights CBAdult (f)2,7741,0752
PmkmP(PmkmP)Adult (f)6,3391,1004
5Shn1Jedi's Grikad KeariAdult (f)3,1179292
4uoOBFall TokkhanHatchling (f, F)4,2541,13826
bsBabFrozen Fall LeavesHatchling (F)2,1425703
z8g3SCool Autumn Nights CBAdult (m)3,1269662
bZCMCCool Autumn Days CBAdult (m)3,2089622
HEYyiRilg Grikad Thurkeari CBAdult (m)3,1211,0131
qWm3D(qWm3D)Adult (m)5,9561,0912
G3oI6Rilg Grikad KeariAdult (m)3,1508674
cmcUeCold Winter Day's CBAdult (f)3,5429721
4W2AaJedi's Winter Day's CBAdult (f)2,8729465
qXFhL(qXFhL)Adult (f)3,1459691
4TxSg(4TxSg)Adult (f)3,1419713
BsAHkCold Winters ChillHatchling (F)1,97471613
PvraQCold Winter's DorkfaceHatchling (m, F)2,6121,14516
vGJQ3Cold Winter Night's CBAdult (m)3,5949843
c7458Jedi's Winters Night CBAdult (m)3,3379782
AkDIy(AkDIy)Adult (m)3,0699423
603Sw(603Sw)Adult (m)5,0341,2514
x92deSand Skimmer's CBAdult (f)2,5427952
R946xJedi's Sand Skimmer CBAdult (f)2,6058171
jlMCEMom's Bday dragon CBAdult (f)3,1861,26423
2Gv6RInik Skimmer CBAdult (f)3,0911,14317
J1Wp0Ochredrake CBHatchling (f, F)3,97287820
uDNNoDune Walker CBHatchling (F)1,5826699
OLsnCJedi's Dune Skimmer CBAdult (m)2,6038631
rM9YDune Skimmer's CBAdult (m)3,35891017
0pXqoWalking On The Dunes CBAdult (m)5,3261,41816
2bpEdDune Skimmer Ochredrake CBAdult (m)3,6251,19315
rtWAAAtlantis Is LostAdult (f)4,0601,32748
K7QAAtlantis Has RisenAdult (f)6,8661,74180
OtHQVAtlantis Tepohaic LleisgartorAdult (f)5,0851,12823
QRCKSAtlantis On FireAdult (f)3,9911,15728
nbCJpAtlantis's NetworkAdult (f)4,0941,35735
GiWviWitchcraft In AtlantisAdult (f)5,7001,49522
GjsrU(GjsrU)Adult (f)4,7929573
1P932Bronze Spires of AtlantisHatchling (F)3,0054037
SUBvmAtlantis Ui Wer BeckonHatchling (m, F)3,6061,35518
u8ouAtlantis Has Been FoundAdult (m)5,2271,60188
QPsWJAtlantis Tepohaic Coanwor EhtahaAdult (m)5,1591,13021
fKm2dAtlantis Is On FireAdult (m)4,0541,17017
SaLU0BattleForAtlantisIsOverThuwedAdult (m)4,6661,38132
DF39cAtlantis Ui Shafaer IxenAdult (m)3,7751,23719
3SRo1Sunshines On AtlantisAdult (m)3,5771,20922
BiM45Atlantis ShimmersAdult (f)5,6771,35330
f3dbeShimmering of AtlantisAdult (f)4,0481,11627
5g6vqAtlantis Ui HkarthelAdult (f)3,9111,22620
0BHaPAtlantis Is Lost At SeaAdult (f)6,9221,45034
DKAEfAtlantis's Reflection GlistensAdult (f)4,1111,36422
E1ftFSunrise over AtlantisAdult (f)3,8531,29321
j8OuXAtlantis Shimmering LightAdult (f)3,3251,36926
TfX8tAtlantis GlowsAdult (f)3,6791,17114
eV7fVArtemis on AtlantisAdult (f)4,4311,0744
FgLsYShadow's of AtlantisAdult (f)4,9971,0496
m2aEp(m2aEp)Adult (f)5,5181,1101
Cinu3Atlantis is the LightHatchling (f, F)3,6301,31621
8US4USilver Spires of AtlantisHatchling (F)1,95376110
a2umcAtlantis Geou Nurti WielgAdult (m)4,4391,16933
fVs0XAtlantis Is Lost ThuwedAdult (m)4,6151,34235
Cr7OeAtlantis GlistensAdult (m)4,6791,20829
g58ORAtlantis Glistens At NightAdult (m)5,9351,21919
JCtFOAtlantis Shines So BrightlyAdult (m)6,3801,35832
IqlFISunset over AtlantisAdult (m)4,3661,34420
LSP6JAtlantis Shines 4 SheppardAdult (m)3,4281,20824
lbtiLGuardian Of AtlantisAdult (m)5,1991,16030
3mKFq(3mKFq)Adult (m)5,3371,0411
nYG1Z(nYG1Z)Adult (m)5,6941,0036
wMTmj(wMTmj)Adult (m)6,3271,0614
WI77VAtlantis Glimmers ThuwedAdult (f)8,18299221
BP5Y7Atlantis Shines D'HennegalAdult (f)5,5311,02035
1JnhiAtlantis ReturnsAdult (f)7,2741,06321
PoYu0Atlantis's Golden Glow ThuwedAdult (f)6,8241,39826
XREJMGold light Shines On AtlantisAdult (f)4,1711,24018
NhABZAtlantis Glows GoldAdult (f)3,5451,05720
kqTh9Atlantis Glows In GoldAdult (f)4,8431,0325
AmUOcAtlantis blazes in GoldAdult (f)4,3391,1252
6t9CcGolden Spires of AtlantisHatchling (F)2,59275617
ZkjmNAtlantis is Home ThuwedHatchling (m, F)3,6121,31728
1c0QJAtlantis Glows At NightAdult (m)4,3731,17425
sCJJWAtlantis Shines At Night ThuwedAdult (m)4,8961,14232
W2gPQAtlantis Glows Sva ThurkearAdult (m)8,36896418
p6Yj3Atlantis Glisens At Night ThuwedAdult (m)6,7871,41130
1TmuBAtlantis Glows Gold At NightAdult (m)3,5231,30316
pLKpFAtlantis Shines in Golden LightAdult (m)5,0451,35525
LOFE2Golden life on AtlantisAdult (m)6,9841,04815
DNM5EGolden blaze on AtlantisAdult (m)4,1341,1022
SnQ3cKasane of the AsuransAdult (f)4,5311,16810
uTK0IHunt for Winter WyvernsAdult (f)4,7491,23714
jNm02MJNM02Adult (f)4,5201,1485
ZE6ky(ZE6ky)Adult (f)7,1801,50013
2ui4O(2ui4O)Adult (f)6,0441,0304
BPVpd(BPVpd)Adult (f)5,6851,0064
jb0Vx(jb0Vx)Adult (f)7,9117689
2NVJUGhost of the AsuransAdult (m)3,7891,1855
ObzkK(ObzkK)Adult (m)7,4531,50612
xEo1n(xEo1n)Adult (m)5,9801,0839
3dW2VMisbegotten FurlingAdult (f)3,9891,1277
z6SprThe Misbegotten Tau'riAdult (f)5,94497014
TxX1B(TxX1B)Adult (f)5,8231,0444
wsu3x(wsu3x)Adult (m)4,8251,1125
R8h7m(R8h7m)Adult (m)6,5071,10519
BmNXR(BmNXR)Adult (m)6,0751,0856
6sIli(6sIli)Adult (f)6,97293720
5ixhG(5ixhG)Adult (f)4,4381,0075
t7CQs(t7CQs)Adult (f)5,4531,0901
cViCC(cViCC)Adult (f)5,2941,0996
gdCTu(gdCTu)Adult (f)6,4941,1935
xUFr0(xUFr0)Adult (m)6,1381,0412
iHIqH(iHIqH)Adult (m)4,5921,02611
TiRNCJedi's No Fly Zone CBAdult (f)4,4061,22318
j7iTYNo Flight Zone CBAdult (f)2,42096111
CjEbVThric Wiap Zone CBAdult (f)3,5781,21618
qEgiZThric Thran Zone CBAdult (f)3,6031,14219
vMav3Female Horse CBAdult (f)3,8571,0223
LBCfbPurple Horse Female CBAdult (f)2,5098341
uAobeHorse Of Sapphire'sHatchling (f, F)3,2861,06324
SHEt6She Sleeps Forever CBHatchling (F)1,05548013
toi6CWingless Pegasus CBAdult (m)4,4351,19416
ABV9sJedi's Winged Pegasus CBAdult (m)2,44996714
rjnVMWingless Briquimchy CBAdult (m)3,6051,20812
e26pPWinged Briquimchy CBAdult (m)3,5521,11113
2iekrPurple Horse Male CBAdult (m)2,5018031
75nOLMale Horse CBAdult (m)2,5077943
V9iHBHighborn MorphodrakeAdult (m)5,9791,0472
ensP6Enson Morphodrake CBAdult (m)5,5781,1886
KPGZ0PG MorphodrakeHatchling (m, F)4,6878471
rNRUtU Turn Morphodrake CBHatchling (F)2,7005722
H5gGYI'm a Morphodrake CBAdult (f)5,8771,1912
JdEnNJudy MorphodrakeAdult (f)6,1151,0641
HjjVRI Think I Broke My Neck CBAdult (f)3,1621,15511
EUyS1Boy My Neck Hurts CBAdult (f)2,5238141
GNABXI Think My Neck Is Broken CBAdult (f)3,9211,30216
8ROkpOh My Aching Neck CBAdult (f)3,6971,26918
qK0VlMy Neck Is Fine CBHatchling (f, F)7,2041,55518
Wgpe6My Neck Is Not Fine CBHatchling (F)1,5066506
1Xmk9I Have Broken My Neck CBAdult (m)5,0131,22417
QoV3XNightmare With A Broken NeckAdult (m)6,9431,44826
h2GAVMy Neck Is Killing Me CBAdult (m)4,2181,23316
1HkcjMan My Neck Sure Hurts CBAdult (m)3,1991,14320
BbNAuPuddle  Walker CBAdult (f)6,3801,34422
v2Sb7Jedi's Puddle Jumper CBAdult (f)3,5161,60816
QRng2Walks Across Water CBAdult (f)3,5549443
MSkF8My Puddle Jumper CBAdult (f)3,8529131
ot9CEWater Walker CBHatchling (f, F)3,5141,02820
SP34oStepping  on Lilypads CBHatchling (F)1,7786658
bUNAjPuddle Treader CBAdult (m)3,3671,64011
EadqhStrides on Water CBAdult (m)3,4099074
Ye5FDPuddle Stryder CBAdult (m)5,5291,46318
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