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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Jedi_Master_1,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
BHXkATread's on Water CBAdult (m)6,5281,4455
8ePvJWater Horse Mare CBAdult (f)3,9541,0532
XIEYfWater Horse Filly CBAdult (f)2,3878272
ifQiJAm I a Mare CBAdult (f)4,5001,22122
c9l3iAm I a Filly CBAdult (f)8,7131,55524
VXH1uJedi's Waterhorse FillyHatchling (f, F)3,9271,04013
uIagWJedi's CB Pab JiviHatchling (F)1,83172414
N1T2QMy CB Waterhorse StallionHatchling (m, F)2,59794611
35lWAWater Horse Stallion CBAdult (m)4,0311,0692
e79oGWater Horse Colt CBAdult (m)4,4781,4986
UhVXgAm I a Stallion CBAdult (m)5,5421,26017
h3cBdAm I a Colt CBAdult (m)4,9051,27114
2fyqjJedi's Cold Fire CBAdult (f)5,3151,0871
YqJdtI like Ice CBAdult (f)5,4061,1312
1A690My Frozen Fire CBHatchling (F)3,1997321
yo182Jedi's Frozen Fire CBHatchling (m, F)4,6411,0393
rZDTkDon't like Fire CBAdult (m)5,3821,1504
vyMfPIcy Fire CBAdult (m)5,5011,1033
5mrtcSue and Sheppard CBAdult (f)2,4787982
bK70WSk and Sheppard CBAdult (f)2,5608443
N6N3Teyla and Ronon CBAdult (f)3,11390716
SdjTjTeyla and John CBAdult (f)2,1468083
pxE0ILiz and John CBAdult (f)2,7219122
OCghpLarrin and John CBAdult (f)4,0741,18712
ZaI8fJennifer and Ronon CBAdult (f)3,2479733
5W5ONNancy and John CBAdult (f)3,6911,0671
7jKORAmelia and Ronon CBAdult (f)3,4211,0981
p1KmTSamantha and John CBAdult (f)5,7041,1173
1CNg3Female Double HeadHatchling (f, F)2,3209369
kW2IHJedi SheppardHatchling (F)1,95967612
uZpsoKolya and RadimHatchling (m, F)3,2801,06411
lf8JiJedi and John CBAdult (m)3,3089682
qkku1John and Jedi CBAdult (m)2,7568752
XVuaMcKay and Keller CBAdult (m)3,10183612
4G4hbRodney and Sam CBAdult (m)2,6058402
LdDqqRodney and Katie CBAdult (m)2,9209551
gyNFhJohn and Chaya Sar CBAdult (m)4,1309921
jF6OxRonon and Melena CBAdult (m)3,5951,0191
3dwj9R Dex and A Banks CBAdult (m)3,4919781
vC7jyJohn S  and Nancy S CBAdult (m)3,6481,0402
xkJqfJohn and Samantha CBAdult (m)3,3321,0074
72IQrFemale Gilded Bloodscale CBAdult (f)2,6731,0205
Nwu9xCB Female Gilded BloodscaleAdult (f)2,33468614
qnlYLScale's of Blood CBAdult (f)3,6559981
jl2plCB Bloody ScalesAdult (f)4,1801,1381
JFbFqMale Gilded Bloodscale CBAdult (m)2,6761,0391
TqN26CB Male Gilded BloodscaleAdult (m)2,34268418
9RYFoBloody Scales CBAdult (m)2,0595932
tVThgMale CB Gilded BloodscaleAdult (m)3,4369872
VYZpQFemale Duotone Dragon CBAdult (f)2,8369471
lx5poCB Female Duotone DragonAdult (f)4,4041,1672
hEKZH2 Heads CBAdult (f)3,0631,0091
v2judTwice the Danger CBAdult (f)2,9331,0071
8zB0iFrozen Female Duotone Dragon CBHatchling (f, F)2,9548332
oWOFBFrozen Duotone DragonHatchling (F)1,4414821
FUM7gFrozen Male Duotone Dragon CBHatchling (m, F)3,3739123
SFOFgMale Duotone Dragon CBAdult (m)3,4349541
QvDcrCB Male Duotone DragonAdult (m)2,9528972
nk9uWMy Double Trouble CBAdult (m)3,1239822
sc7Dq2 Times the Trouble CBAdult (m)3,0571,0582
vnVWf(vnVWf)Adult (f)7,4181,2312
IUjm1(IUjm1)Adult (f)7,2041,1365
Wurs9Female Two-headed Lindwurm CBAdult (f)2,7509242
vETmyCB Female Two-headed LindwurmAdult (f)4,1741,1552
1c7NKfrozen Two-headed LindwurmHatchling (F)1,5855491
Buelf(Buelf)Hatchling (m, F)3,3958553
9RKp7Male Two-headed Lindwurm CBAdult (m)2,6989293
YK9NhMale BL Two-headed Lindwurm CBAdult (m)3,4001,0942
VPxwC(VPxwC)Adult (m)5,9649445
slOQn(slOQn)Adult (m)6,2781,2094
EStXc(EStXc)Adult (f)4,2539351
wXhSo(wXhSo)Adult (f)8,0871,30510
akkx5Female GR Two-headed Lindwurm CBAdult (f)3,3059963
HyHiSCB Female GR Two-headed LindwurmAdult (f)2,9131,0592
3fWr6Frozen GR Two-headed LindwurmHatchling (F)1,4746282
46ZdrMale GR Two-headed LindwurmHatchling (m, F)2,3457981
VroRJMale GR Two-headed Lindwurm CBAdult (m)2,1418182
KmqfWCB GR Male Two-headed LindwurmAdult (m)2,3739152
es54f(es54f)Adult (m)5,8711,1115
wcNbv(wcNbv)Adult (m)6,7849984
DEn7H(DEn7H)Adult (f)5,4601,1062
ZaMr7(ZaMr7)Adult (f)5,2951,1341
lZuuy(lZuuy)Adult (f)5,6061,2523
dCvNZNZ HooktalonAdult (f)6,5021,3984
SU1xb(SU1xb)Hatchling (f, F)3,6158396
lcDU0(lcDU0)Hatchling (F)2,4236293
pIFjoPlenty of Hooktalon'sAdult (m)6,3521,4092
OiZpc(OiZpc)Adult (m)5,9191,2723
W3aP0(W3aP0)Adult (m)4,7601,0483
pl9wN(pl9wN)Adult (m)6,1351,2344
cDY6Jedi's OrigamiAdult3,25389228
NYklFun with OrigamiAdult4,28782917
kO5WOShallow Papercut CBHatchling (F)2,6251861
OkC1jDeep Papercut CBHatchling (F)3,0351,0449
inCmOrigami's MamiAdult2,93286217
djDJFolded Origami Paper'sAdult7,3161,90329
WO0eJedi's Silver BellsAdult (f)3,18397628
8tatSilver's Lost Thuwed DorkfaceAdult (f)5,8891,61321
slGOqCB Silver SurpriseAdult (f)3,59991131
gmgcSSilver NefertariAdult (f)6,0221,26224
P8MrVMoonlight Dusk DorkfaceAdult (f)4,2361,28729
0SQ7FSilver Ninja DorkfaceAdult (f)3,9981,24816
Bs8o8(Bs8o8)Adult (f)4,8191,0405
VRU6DMad Silver Ninja DorkfaceHatchling (f, F)2,5641,02822
sXfkiMad Silver TywynHatchling (F)1,48459314
fY35qSilver RosebudsHatchling (m, F)2,65799923
KgrCJedi's Sliver Medal DorkfaceAdult (m)6,4421,92847
pgqjJedi's Silver TywynAdult (m)5,5731,46632
veqDLiquid Silver Dusk DorkfaceAdult (m)5,0381,43032
9YGHJedi's Silver WickedloveAdult (m)4,3281,24332
GhPiJedi's Silver TasibarAdult (m)5,7531,83243
R14OSilver EmotionAdult (m)2,33533616
wVtHw(wVtHw)Adult (m)3,7481,0853
k0Ccg(k0Ccg)Adult (m)5,1271,1224
LPLeSk's Golden SunriseAdult (f)5,40964518
ai9bJedi's Gold MineAdult (f)6,2111,75539
rGonzMy Gold DreamAdult (f)2,37091516
UoPqkAU SeakerAdult (f)3,0311,1189
RPaGLucrezia Dusk DorkfaceAdult (f)5,6241,76934
UGRA3Gold Dusk DorkfaceAdult (f)3,7581,22326
frhMUMy Golden Dusk DorkfaceHatchling (f, F)2,33589319
7OchJLooking for GoldHatchling (F)1,4886057
X6NSgGold Of MineHatchling (m, F)2,43788717
P101Golden MineAdult (m)4,7941,51836
i8P0Jedi's Golden D'KaylaAdult (m)5,5771,48729
tBJnAFerrod Isk Svern SvernAdult (m)5,2941,03426
H68ogGolden Shadow'sAdult (m)3,08494313
7iuMK(7iuMK)Adult (m)2,5379314
cBgJGolden Blizzards CBAdult (f)1,51251016
aFsG6Golden Snow Fall CBAdult (f)3,4461,0421
edmbASnow Fall Total Stripe CBAdult (f)3,8391,0202
MrBJdGoldenSnowFall CBAdult (f)2,5619151
VIlkb(VIlkb)Adult (f)4,4401,1651
L6p6Q(L6p6Q)Adult (f)5,4461,3265
halju(halju)Adult (f)4,2231,1005
V2o5o(V2o5o)Adult (f)5,0301,2082
F5aINBlinding SnowlightHatchling (F)1,52864714
g3dvFWhite Dorkface BlizzardHatchling (m, F)2,4331,06112
TIVGsWinter's Snow Fall CBAdult (m)3,6779973
r9q06Winter's Snow Fall Total CBAdult (m)3,4701,0202
zHUhJJedi's White Orchid Stripes CBAdult (m)3,6561,1414
TZXBWConcorlos Newcastle CBAdult (m)2,4421,0111
MowIu(MowIu)Adult (m)4,7591,1915
OXCwe(OXCwe)Adult (m)3,8081,0443
Sk2tc(Sk2tc)Adult (m)5,4931,2542
kwqTv(kwqTv)Adult (m)4,1621,3041
2BWgRed Fire Stripe'sAdult (f)4,2701,22420
TWSmRed Golden  Pin StripeAdult (f)4,4601,23822
s5HrgFire Sky BlizzardHatchling (f, F)3,2391,23714
1icDCJedi's Flame In The SkyHatchling (F)1,41758710
XcgIGolden Pin StripeAdult (m)2,4561,19816
mTWWGolden Red Pin StripeAdult (m)4,3011,34319
PLc1Royal Blue Pin StripeAdult (f)3,8841,23626
qZIkJedi's Blue StripeAdult (f)2,26199511
cMcMbBlue DaysHatchling (F)1,3655769
59ZifZiffy BlueHatchling (m, F)2,8541,07917
CRAkP(CRAkP)Adult (m)5,3911,2675
baimBlue Pin StripeAdult (m)3,02496014
hKFaGolden Blue Pin StripeAdult (m)4,5481,41620
sNIMGreen Pin StripeAdult (f)3,4881,16621
h8mjForest Green Pin StripeAdult (f)4,0881,38718
e8mFQGrass GreenHatchling (F)1,4456319
NMoonThe New MoonHatchling (m, F)2,7151,03013
cb07Golden Green Pin StripeAdult (m)4,5651,45126
KDn2Emerald Green StripeAdult (m)4,2321,20720
dba21Emerald Shadow'sAdult (m)6,8791,4103
ulWKPitch Black Pin StripeAdult (f)5,3231,79043
uqYPJedi's Birthday of DarknessAdult (f)4,0921,53739
BBEqNight Blizzard Bone HeadAdult (f)6,6261,71023
43JDNBro's Bday DragonAdult (f)3,9331,23923
cjgMcOne month after SandyAdult (f)4,0789014
LVL3FBlack as InkHatchling (F)2,59779010
2IdHeNight Time BlizzardHatchling (m, F)4,3241,15518
Fsd5Golden Black Pin StripeAdult (m)5,4041,66326
RsQeDark Stripe Dusk DorkfaceAdult (m)4,3481,48920
mZ9UeIrene's FuryAdult (m)3,6681,22419
3g9tNIrene's AftermathAdult (m)4,2351,22617
E3X9rEverythings still a mess ThuwedAdult (m)3,4748784
HwKBBlue Cloud Rester CBAdult (f)1,52357110
eJSCZBlue Winged Lopaka CBAdult (f)2,3198293
ZYCJBlue Winged Nankita CBAdult (f)9,2431,82219
EReZrER Nightmare CBAdult (f)2,3141,17018
U7yE7Female Daydream CBAdult (f)2,0848563
muH7CDaydream on a Cloud CBAdult (f)3,4819863
1FcYxMy Female CB DaydreamAdult (f)3,3628751
HZ5PkDreams of ThunderstormsHatchling (F)2,49882314
afFF3Resting on a Cloud CBHatchling (m, F)3,28097515
Pp1feBlue Cloud Killer CBAdult (m)2,6808692
6E6FBlue Killer Cloud DorkfaceAdult (m)4,1571,00612
ge0xHMale Daydream CBAdult (m)2,5568501
rF7qlMy CB Daydream DragonAdult (m)3,2531,14112
7hP5mA Male CB DaydreamAdult (m)3,2359182
anMF2Male CB DaydreamAdult (m)2,8709333
lJxt9CB Roaring RubyAdult (f)4,0111,0521
UmT31CB Red Roaring RubyAdult (f)4,0031,0084
XHoRFRoaring ruby CBAdult (f)3,8581,04120
daDZkRed Roaring Ruby CBAdult (f)3,7489792
KeWceKewl SunsetHatchling (F)1,80965615
sdRZsMy SunSet CBHatchling (m, F)8,7871,19518
yJekdRoaring Ruby Red CBAdult (m)3,6271,0381
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