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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Iya_kin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
pfKU(pfKU)Adult (m)2,6962727
2ltC(2ltC)Adult (m)2,9056015
6M2X(6M2X)Adult (m)2,6765786
5ZiI(5ZiI)Adult (f)3,2582595
G3mOLady March 25 2011Adult (f)2,8602307
MITh(MITh)Adult (f)2,7495886
8jsR(8jsR)Adult (f)3,3243616
bSqj(bSqj)Adult (m)2,8523717
Hbn6(Hbn6)Adult (f)3,7752527
32tk(32tk)Adult (f)1,4784573
DQ6Y(DQ6Y)Adult (m)3,4354978
YlZS(YlZS)Adult (m)3,0858913
qneg(qneg)Adult (m)3,4163497
YBNr(YBNr)Adult (m)3,69836311
V7P0(V7P0)Adult (m)2,33733111
XSI1(XSI1)Adult (f)3,5593137
44h9(44h9)Adult (m)2,9872736
WD6c(WD6c)Adult (m)4,6484077
LnIA(LnIA)Adult (f)4,1562784
eIne(eIne)Adult (m)3,6812792
uC46(uC46)Adult (m)3,2223562
96DN(96DN)Adult (f)2,0223185
CLU3(CLU3)Adult (m)2,0783535
QJJL(QJJL)Adult (m)2,2693517
0Jg8(0Jg8)Adult (m)3,43623010
8jr9(8jr9)Adult (f)2,4873387
ro3n(ro3n)Adult (f)3,47828613
iK7b(iK7b)Adult (f)3,6712956
GuKD(GuKD)Adult (m)3,0642759
oKR4(oKR4)Adult (m)2,9482036
pvj6(pvj6)Adult (f)3,0502074
K56q(K56q)Adult (m)3,1932148
pQq9(pQq9)Adult (m)3,2492307
liQ3(liQ3)Adult (f)3,0712127
5ltJ(5ltJ)Adult (m)2,7421839
nbaW(nbaW)Adult (m)2,4124005
8h0c(8h0c)Adult (f)2,4062333
bvT5(bvT5)Adult (f)2,76225910
8f3N(8f3N)Adult (f)1,5876091
ibnW(ibnW)Adult (m)2,8222259
SgtL(SgtL)Adult (m)2,3322268
VFus(VFus)Adult (m)2,9645174
f3rQ(f3rQ)Adult (f)2,3864808
k0SfLady April 23 2011Adult (f)2,6685384
8qrgSir April 30 2011Adult (m)2,8357673
i2gNw(i2gNw)Adult (f)1,94940611
O8wCtLady Hallow's Eve Oct 31 2013Adult (f)1,9906655
l4SkRLord Hallow's Eve Oct 31 2013Adult (m)1,9556692
zv2uGLady of the Solstice Dec 25 2013Adult (f)2,8534862
7wWWALord of the Solstice Dec 25 2013Adult (m)2,8644661
8tZF0I was a Radiant Angel onceAdult (m)3,1624071
aDYpyI was a Radiant Angel Feb 14 14Adult (m)3,3644220
VS1i(VS1i)Adult (m)2,38927310
evPr(evPr)Adult (m)2,34028113
mM52(mM52)Adult (m)4,3553035
E25E(E25E)Adult (f)1,9672997
ceUj(ceUj)Adult (m)3,2898124
3AjMg(3AjMg)Adult (m)1,7645982
2dU23SAVED Waterhorse Hatchie 1Hatchling (F)1,2703412
1WQV(1WQV)Adult (f)2,51231114
llZf(llZf)Adult (m)2,3662898
1I6HiSAVED Wwalker Hatchie 1Hatchling (F)1,2543261
KgWY(KgWY)Adult (f)2,53324720
DYqq(DYqq)Adult (m)2,41330413
LXmm(LXmm)Adult (f)1,62835515
Eqfb(Eqfb)Hatchling (F)2,1891587
85Jq3rd MWhite x FSilver ThuwedAdult (f)2,38089714
om9I(om9I)Adult (m)1,5053167
5jsM(5jsM)Adult (m)1,47933914
2CipSilver x White THUWED 5Adult (m)10,29287015
8O8M(8O8M)Adult (f)1,72340216
SgflCB White SurgeonAdult (m)1,6173438
0CHX(0CHX)Adult (m)1,8393667
qgbGWinnie White IAdult (f)3,62824313
IWSECB Wise HealerAdult (f)4,0652718
KRTX(KRTX)Adult (m)4,0052677
YZ7a(YZ7a)Adult (m)6,7054476
JUvr2G Andrea BinnsAdult (f)2,59819314
pg0q2G Pure WillAdult (f)2,52229810
pq8n4th Gen MSilv x FwhiteAdult (f)2,2922737
Bi7o(Bi7o)Adult (f)2,19645310
n6GY(n6GY)Adult (m)4,3185676
vPKm2G White Glow GxWAdult (m)9,0656345
gcY82G Dexter WxSAdult (m)2,6894995
C5uM(C5uM)Adult (f)4,4011,28614
kEnL2G Million Dollar BabyAdult (f)2,7996871
UDBq(UDBq)Adult (m)2,62236110
li8H3G Million Dollar Glow GxWAdult (f)2,8285602
bE8e2G Gold Tipped Warlock WxGAdult (m)3,7124935
BUWm(BUWm)Adult (m)3,7654956
SYP52G River NymphAdult (f)2,0624223
BeRH(BeRH)Adult (m)1,9854382
Tbvg(Tbvg)Adult (m)2,2625984
6sqa(6sqa)Adult (m)3,0497812
K22v(K22v)Adult (m)3,1393432
Da1M3G Gold Binns GxWAdult (m)2,1425546
cnun2G Ballerina's DaughterAdult (f)1,8414036
6uec(6uec)Adult (m)1,1044324
KgYcCB White WitchAdult (f)2,1545304
PJWO3rd EG Hazelnut WillowAdult (f)3,6772947
JCVoSalazar SolomonAdult (m)3,28427114
uHFU2G White Gold DiggerAdult (m)2,91424611
RrnS(RrnS)Adult (m)3,1624104
msv02G White Sliver WispAdult (f)3,0994114
MdEr(MdEr)Adult (m)3,1194225
Y2GqDNB With 2nd Gen Pure White GoldAdult (f)4,3634065
Bhg93G Pure Gilded HealerAdult (m)2,9013914
bMSSCB White CounsilorAdult (m)2,8253493
u4tvRArcadian Holly LunaAdult (m)2,7266086
D2loa(D2loa)Adult (m)1,6777103
s2jUo(s2jUo)Adult (m)1,5965586
vzrhj(vzrhj)Adult (f)1,4084974
ORYUE(ORYUE)Adult (m)2,5984284
COMvw2G White x DaydreamAdult (f)2,5624424
G1DY2SAVED White Hatchie 2Hatchling (F)8524301
8ZkcKSAVED White Hatchie 3Hatchling (F)7481822
x3OZuSAVED White hatchie 4Hatchling (F)9152181
GpKvXSAVED White Hatchie 5Hatchling (F)1,0241863
OgqvxSAVED White Hatchie 6Hatchling (F)1,0231873
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