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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Iya_kin,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
gOsC6(gOsC6)Adult (f)2,8074688
1xPyS(1xPyS)Adult (f)3,1356672
gPRjb(gPRjb)Adult (f)3,2896890
xCah8(xCah8)Adult (m)4,3616111
EIwlr(EIwlr)Adult (f)3,1234601
ICEH(ICEH)Hatchling (f, F)3,1272209
DaCI(DaCI)Adult (f)2,02227012
E8a2(E8a2)Adult (m)1,30234015
LaJX(LaJX)Adult (m)2,09627613
OMZC(OMZC)Adult (f)1,90726214
0oh2(0oh2)Adult (f)2,06324313
t2KlCB Summer F 1Adult (f)2,6032487
XWhUCB Summer M 1Adult (m)2,8552564
90al(90al)Adult (f)2,30124411
VqPW(VqPW)Adult (m)2,6822394
IUT1(IUT1)Adult (m)3,4112917
YUt5w(YUt5w)Adult (f)2,1994081
K8nuE(K8nuE)Adult (m)2,6426031
9mTIu3G RS Duke Winter in JulyAdult (m)2,1795643
kko533G RS Duchess Winter in JulyAdult (f)2,4946483
XQ5ez(XQ5ez)Adult (f)2,2135903
zX3ge(zX3ge)Adult (m)2,0515891
JTqQM3G RS Lady Winter in JulyAdult (f)3,1327714
wPgDh3G RS Sir Winter in JulyAdult (m)3,3118083
0A0G6(0A0G6)Adult (m)3,3459023
SKThT(SKThT)Adult (m)2,7699621
uanJW(uanJW)Adult (m)2,4766962
TkZqh(TkZqh)Adult (f)3,1667231
fts9O(fts9O)Adult (f)3,0667173
Rt0hSeasons n Time PastHatchling (f, F)2,05122911
uDw3(uDw3)Adult (m)3,8561,14950
AC2k(AC2k)Adult (m)3,9551,14858
CBQ8(CBQ8)Adult (f)3,5021,21043
zE1L(zE1L)Adult (m)3,13299640
mESLEverlasting Autumns Grand FinaleAdult (m)3,363969230
OOHS(OOHS)Adult (f)2,9236196
82A02G RS Baroness Autumn BlizzardAdult (f)2,7976192
hTMK2G RS Baroness E FrostAdult (f)3,0126326
8Is02G RS Baroness Autumn-FrostAdult (f)3,0075743
XgUW2G RS Baron Fall-FrostAdult (m)2,9246165
6c4a2G RS Baroness FallAdult (f)5,5031,13854
e7ON(e7ON)Adult (f)2,4283576
TqXj2G RS Baroness Fall-BlizzardAdult (f)4,2211,25120
STQt(STQt)Adult (f)2,6387351
wqN673rd Gen FinalFAdult (f)2,4056312
H2Cri3rdGen RS FinalFAdult (f)1,9675481
EMTei3Gen RS Final MAdult (m)2,2246050
EoLLu3rd Gen RS Final MAdult (m)2,4186291
84dvu(84dvu)Adult (m)2,1966091
9WUqu(9WUqu)Adult (f)2,3616122
aFx37(aFx37)Adult (m)1,5274111
VeVXB(VeVXB)Adult (m)1,4524392
gOhXW(gOhXW)Adult (f)1,3884312
lNPlg(lNPlg)Adult (m)2,3901,0031
zQ7zT(zQ7zT)Adult (f)3,0009963
nu06b(nu06b)Adult (m)2,3865491
vsWDS(vsWDS)Adult (f)2,1544891
2wbTCB RS Sir AutumnAdult (m)3,3221,45858
XriQCB RS Sir WinAdult (m)3,1121,20827
nOi2CB RS Dame AutumnAdult (f)3,4161,74435
BFkBCB RS Dame TerAdult (f)1,85393527
DcROCB RSR2 SnowballAdult (m)3,1571,20362
TwOhCB RS Dame ZardAdult (f)3,4331,48911
tVG4CB RS Sir BlizAdult (m)2,97258121
aqtH(aqtH)Adult (m)2,3915743
9Vh7CB RSR2 SnowAdult (f)2,1915302
uWJqCB RSR2 SnowbankAdult (m)2,9943888
LSsP(LSsP)Adult (f)1,8805412
edYu2G 2RS Baroness SnowAdult (f)2,8764596
mX2RCB RSR2 SnowbellAdult (f)2,3884837
8Dk72G 2RS Baron Winter BreezeAdult (m)3,5084167
R5a82G 2RS Baroness Wx EchoAdult (f)3,43828910
q13L2G 2RS Baron Wx RegionAdult (m)4,59841012
5Got2G 2RS Baron BlizzardAdult (m)1,7084384
XbM92G 2RS Baroness WinterAdult (f)2,1515823
79Ie2G 2RS Baron SnowAdult (m)2,1645591
LNTm2G 2RS Baroness Winter GardenAdult (f)3,2534903
lnnN2G 2RS Baron WinterAdult (m)2,3653922
FpE4i2G 2RS Baroness Snow BouquetAdult (f)3,30471911
NMWCq(NMWCq)Adult (f)2,8384420
FqhgT(FqhgT)Adult (m)2,5254190
25qqk(25qqk)Adult (m)2,6134110
ahHL2(ahHL2)Adult (f)2,8464110
GZJ9eCaveborn Seregamma WyvernsAdult (f)3,5217611
QzLPG(QzLPG)Adult (m)3,6147390
fL7uB(fL7uB)Adult (m)3,6227450
twW91(twW91)Adult (m)3,5957361
OMTcD(OMTcD)Adult (f)3,6337362
4oWhu(4oWhu)Adult (f)5,5163742
zlS5A(zlS5A)Adult (m)2,1207861
lenEH(lenEH)Adult (f)4,7023153
TYepI(TYepI)Adult (m)4,47749030
lEziCB Iya's First SilverAdult (f)2,7121,26632
ELM8(ELM8)Adult (f)5,4801,02463
kPaQ(kPaQ)Adult (f)2,5571,02062
LKJhSilver of Paris IAdult (m)3,7631,36150
Eox1CB Will o' WispAdult (f)2,5581,13349
TEit(TEit)Adult (m)3,3191,33561
1NmN2G Fiery SilverAdult (f)1,9511,04233
apgNCB Silver WispAdult (f)1,8431,03140
8NbSAlexander Kinomoto IAdult (m)2,58489240
m1QqRythian Kinomoto IAdult (m)2,0581,11423
9rZGCB Serpent's PassAdult (m)3,3291,35045
J4oF2G Fiery Will o' WispAdult (f)1,8691,03654
IjBeSixth Silver SenseAdult (f)1,53866539
hTpt2G Silver MintAdult (f)1,58668046
SZpT(SZpT)Adult (m)3,59680929
6uFX2G Yuletide MemoriesAdult (m)3,22679124
v5dmMikasa Kinomoto IAdult (f)2,40561216
onDB3rd EG Black SilverAdult (m)3,65644232
Fy8D3G Stained SilverAdult (f)3,45336029
QZMT2G Frilly SerpentAdult (m)4,01239227
hMfY(hMfY)Adult (m)3,31542741
96CT(96CT)Adult (m)3,91031052
95nYGypsy Kinomoto IAdult (f)3,12139140
faCS4G Combo BreakerAdult (m)92949049
ZV5WJaeger Kinomoto IAdult (m)1,47441728
vEQV3rd EG Mystical CelloAdult (m)3,0138406
IctRKylix'qui D'ForbriaAdult (m)4,38980812
vWgb3G Silver SnowflakeAdult (m)8,11496212
TBbi2G Zebra WispAdult (f)2,2616065
cQLKRose Magi ThuwedAdult (f)3,1774838
NWfBu3G Special AngelAdult (f)2,74367319
hPGEZSilver Rose ValentineAdult (m)1,8177815
taFfHLady Silver SonataAdult (f)1,5536789
Br0ZjSilver Magic ValentineAdult (m)1,6396825
FixVk(FixVk)Adult (m)1,5927344
eEzS6Madeline Sitar Nobilis IVAdult (f)2,6816822
WSMaMCharles' Silver BluesAdult (m)1,7607901
X79Pl(X79Pl)Adult (m)2,2827635
hTHFX2G Frilly FloraAdult (f)2,3858123
NIANr3G Zebra SnowflakeAdult (f)1,8907667
NiADM2G Blu SongsAdult (m)6,7671,56018
ggrBiSilver Sweets ValentineAdult (f)3,2876377
ULHCBSaint Ariel AudrichAdult (f)1,89560310
Aq9e5Silver  ValentinaAdult (f)2,0035934
Mpph6Lady Arina Audrich IIIAdult (f)2,7594145
v5mPKPB Ezio Jaeger IIAdult (m)2,4595107
eK7Vn(eK7Vn)Adult (f)2,3444616
UOLBJ2G Musica del WispAdult (m)3,2266064
DmTwdDmitri Silverleaf IVAdult (m)2,5645117
DUHMHPB Ryouko Kinomoto IIAdult (f)3,5041,0132
ItmoCPB Magica Hawthorn IIAdult (m)2,7611,0293
N4KWmRaiN Feldspar IIAdult (f)4,2056333
CqmSACatherine Kinomoto IAdult (f)3,85825811
Mz7m4Silver Heart BreakerAdult (f)2,0325773
PwoxLPixie Silverheart IIAdult (f)2,8549331
6PVZwSilver Emperor Supreme IIIAdult (m)3,3598362
Hg76C(Hg76C)Adult (m)3,1071,0051
kkZkxShi GetsuAdult (f)3,5608484
5LYcoNetrasiri IIIAdult (f)3,3049064
Y8PgDBravery in ActionAdult (m)3,1221,0213
wuyBNAnmar LothienAdult (f)5,70783913
afipy(afipy)Adult (m)3,4583817
lm98z(lm98z)Adult (m)3,6577331
gVrzt(gVrzt)Adult (m)2,2914538
C5V3o(C5V3o)Adult (f)2,8225151
Az90r(Az90r)Adult (f)1,4775012
myj3i(myj3i)Adult (m)2,1406884
nbxOt(nbxOt)Adult (f)3,7284982
sj7G(sj7G)Hatchling (F)1,94520713
T6cUl(T6cUl)Hatchling (f, F)2,1816711
EB4lCaveborn SkywingsAdult (m)5,61163816
NREPDaniel OhAdult (m)2,98425839
YYy5aYaya YoshimuraAdult (f)1,4515142
jRFFA(jRFFA)Adult (f)1,6176361
Veh0F(Veh0F)Adult (m)1,3356302
KQdMV(KQdMV)Adult (f)1,9063679
XKESv(XKESv)Adult (f)2,5935823
Vqsfg(Vqsfg)Adult (m)2,9243744
Gw6Vt(Gw6Vt)Adult (f)2,9884016
gqc3VSAVED Skywing Hatchie 1Hatchling (F)8373741
tFETnSAVED Skywing Hatchie 2Hatchling (F)1,1233811
EHg16Sets of a SoulAdult (f)1,6266341
7EkWU(7EkWU)Adult (f)3,4065803
0nFfl(0nFfl)Adult (f)5,85487028
jRnVU(jRnVU)Adult (m)2,2727832
VUoUl(VUoUl)Adult (m)1,6316863
ZYbkL(ZYbkL)Adult (m)1,8395724
lTgR1(lTgR1)Adult (m)1,8957493
yS93g(yS93g)Adult (f)2,6933885
bAFt5(bAFt5)Adult (m)2,2683446
D6XsKCB Auburn BreezeAdult (f)1,6277343
QvCigCaveborn STDAdult (f)1,8947261
YvCe8(YvCe8)Adult (m)1,7857640
I5tU6(I5tU6)Adult (f)1,5526941
OXKIR(OXKIR)Adult (m)1,4977153
jLLOU(jLLOU)Adult (m)2,2916724
v2HPW(v2HPW)Adult (m)2,2566775
eTGSe(eTGSe)Adult (m)1,8216593
BnQvi(BnQvi)Adult (f)1,6817700
8hfp9(8hfp9)Adult (m)1,3866561
hprWo(hprWo)Adult (f)1,5577153
PoTX6(PoTX6)Adult (f)1,6245421
g2IFz(g2IFz)Adult (f)5,3801,4933
Znulq(Znulq)Adult (f)1,5165735
bI0G2(bI0G2)Adult (m)1,1165892
eo9lX(eo9lX)Adult (m)1,4336012
SsvWd(SsvWd)Adult (f)1,5275191
06ZiZ(06ZiZ)Adult (f)2,0358323
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