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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Gammon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
7KdHQSupposed to be Male owoAdult (f)8,3501,3357
3j3TaTruly Finally Male owoAdult (m)5,0771,0815
vsDhQStrong Hind Legs owoAdult (m)5,2481,0443
BFdoqDOK lvl 3 owoAdult (f)5,4851,1674
ZieQV(ZieQV)Adult (m)6,9615862
DAaVoFreezer Aaroniero owoHatchling (F)3,3405804
uiSrt(uiSrt)Adult (f)3,9917993
DTJjqShimmery Wings owoAdult (f)5,9978392
6wNzRMew LeetlewingAdult (f)6,5055473
U5w5r(U5w5r)Egg (F)
58oEEDark Side of the NuggetAdult (m)3,0597885
1xqUmGold Wingweaver owoAdult (f)6,1881,4024
GkwHJGlowing Rainbow owoAdult (m)6,8221,5202
JBRJR(JBRJR)Adult (f)3,5166422
CRiEpSilk-Winged Dragonfly owoAdult (m)5,7981,0892
AUIYADusk-Colored Dragonfly owoAdult (f)4,2668213
CfEMETeleporter Fichter owoAdult (f)3,8147313
cSIbgFirst Great Mage owoAdult (m)4,9541,0356
JLz5n300 Sec Cooldown owoAdult (f)3,2517503
4TarWWoolly Mammoth Dragon owoAdult (m)6,9081,3356
mSwV0Channels For 4 Seconds owoAdult (m)5,5139864
Q0Tr6Original Shallow Water owoAdult (f)7,0801,1115
f1lVQCancelled - 200 Sec Cooldown owoAdult (m)7,2371,1130
wunnVWonton Noodle Soup owoAdult (f)5,8831,0142
ICwhfI See Who He's Found owoAdult (m)6,4991,1431
IJSin(IJSin)Adult (f)4,4068513
6KAJL(6KAJL)Adult (m)5,1578231
j18jB(j18jB)Adult (f)5,0618132
hE9DS(hE9DS)Adult (f)2,1506531
6ENnr(6ENnr)Adult (m)1,6243234
HTA93Burnt Chicken owoAdult (f)6,3991,1313
CQCZE(CQCZE)Adult (f)3,1995236
8e0r9Cherished Li'l Buddy owoHatchling (F)4,3069372
6some(6some)Adult (m)5,8007124
51DzU(51DzU)Adult (m)3,9535904
I3u8a(I3u8a)Adult (f)3,7746054
37DucMysfit owoAdult (m)5,4001,1424
DsUxODem Pecs owoAdult (f)5,7025493
bXZijSummoner PoroAdult (m)3,6317932
QfLYR(QfLYR)Adult (m)3,0676251
YzyjN(YzyjN)Adult (m)2,9596111
6MZU2Green Diver owoAdult (m)3,5439134
0hjqP(0hjqP)Adult (m)5,2529373
rRw8Fpls no catchAdult (f)9,3021,03453
o4ozlBlight Crystal Cape owoAdult (f)4,7838362
EBAY5(EBAY5)Adult (f)3,5065591
hX3cQ(hX3cQ)Adult (m)4,6379826
osv8jPaper Pryanka owoAdult9,1981,37825
HWMcmUnfinished Homework owoHatchling (F)4,2207045
3Ne1tStranger's Kindness owoHatchling (F)1,5251747
sRJoyPaperjoy owoHatchling (F)3,4687002
fBoea(fBoea)Hatchling (F)2,1685262
PAWzhFloofy Pillou owoAdult (f)9,9651,45925
lSDXrF Pink Coyote owoAdult (f)2,1622369
8OM8yM Pink Coyote owoAdult (m)1,8602267
kEpKz(kEpKz)Adult (f)4,0963674
XcSTj(XcSTj)Adult (m)3,3133544
KfHO3(KfHO3)Adult (f)3,3633743
4idmn(4idmn)Adult (m)3,1243671
iBV4jGothic PinklingAdult (f)3,2664815
ej8ARScarlet BerikoAdult (f)8,5951,3248
orGoy(orGoy)Adult (f)6,2748977
WF0tCI DON'T NEED PARENTSAdult (m)5,2181,0934
aVuxiSatan's HouseplantAdult (f)7,5435095
VTVnuBingley JuniorAdult (f)8,4739754
a7rfvHorse SeasonAdult (m)8,4629048
eWGZhThe Silver CrayonAdult (f)10,4807229
Nvohf(Nvohf)Adult (f)7,7638444
wjFRm(wjFRm)Adult (m)4,6881,0743
0lBZRPurple Egg Noodles owoAdult (m)6,2746394
eC901I Gaze Upon Imanity owoAdult (f)2,8245886
uvlGrArmor of the Fifth Age owoAdult (m)6,8821,1964
cAX8Xaka Pink Taric owoAdult (f)4,8209311
y3u6B(y3u6B)Adult (m)6,7371,1764
nIQzb(nIQzb)Adult (f)4,0321,0293
vM4jo(vM4jo)Adult (f)7,2701,2831
hsl2M(hsl2M)Adult (f)5,1407541
sFB5Z(sFB5Z)Adult (m)7,0099177
yzipY(yzipY)Adult (m)5,1007768
nNpJoMini Carmine owoAdult (f)10,4961,48423
h5K0UOrange Tangerine owoAdult (f)6,8871,3612
fUPuS(fUPuS)Adult (m)5,8806312
Tz8xw(Tz8xw)Adult (m)6,3736283
e9yoB(e9yoB)Adult (f)6,1966633
cFfir(cFfir)Adult (f)5,3521,0862
fqAPp(fqAPp)Adult (m)5,6031,0003
1P4N4(1P4N4)Adult (m)4,6447583
ryfb7(ryfb7)Adult (f)4,1968891
CWxp2(CWxp2)Adult (f)3,9468902
oENIxoENIxAdult (m)6,5328487
iDvvV(iDvvV)Adult (m)2,3536672
bZAunFrom Zaun owoAdult (f)3,7818524
4qUWBB' Skull Dragon owoAdult (m)3,8547233
1mzIpULTRA RED RAINBOW owoAdult (f)4,6457083
ZKU1qNot ChocolatAdult (m)6,1958541
7ywo5(7ywo5)Adult (f)4,6327292
HRUIQ(HRUIQ)Adult (f)4,0917562
jVONWVON owoAdult (m)2,1174106
sMy5L(sMy5L)Adult (m)3,3395182
KjVSHDoujin MangakaAdult (m)5,3677792
XiwOB(XiwOB)Adult (m)3,9743790
GvkKkTan Army START - 60Hatchling (f, F)4,5415961
zbGvGPaired Wintry Winds - KaitoAdult (m)7,1801,1932
M2KHgPaired Wintry Winds - Kaito IIAdult (m)6,7681,1703
XvhmSPaired Wintry Winds - MeikoAdult (f)8,0461,4216
pOfPTPaired Wintry Winds - Meiko IIAdult (f)7,2821,3124
pPabwPaired Wintry Winds - Kaito IIIAdult (m)7,8481,4263
Or8nnPaired Wintry Winds - Meiko IIIAdult (f)8,2741,5523
rtZEMPaired Wintry Winds - Len IIAdult (m)5,2531,1405
XujMgPaired Wintry Winds - LenAdult (m)4,8597595
RVItQPaired Wintry Winds - MikuAdult (f)3,8068573
tu08HPaired Wintry Winds - Miku IIAdult (f)5,4511,1874
Cup7jPurple Apex owoAdult (f)7,2121,2103
dN5zvPurple Crown owoAdult (f)6,8781,1323
wvcxjTecca's Lost and FoundAdult (m)7,1351,1607
U3nYJSpikey Uni owoAdult (m)7,6081,3593
OsAy2Oh Say Can You See owoAdult (f)6,8211,32412
KwkqSI Glide Quickly owoAdult (m)6,7341,32312
uGKmFTan-Strange-Fake owoAdult (m)6,9851,3168
ZtrT8Purple Posies owoAdult (f)3,8057263
Hzy5DHide-Zou owoAdult (m)4,5775676
chwFALowered into Blood owoAdult (m)7,7511,4185
UlYCCUlysses owoAdult (f)5,1337445
qUTPvRuffled Wings owoAdult (m)4,1945465
k8q7KKate the Kite owoAdult (f)6,8881,14612
063c3(063c3)Adult (m)4,3505692
8oOPEI Glide on Ruffles owoAdult (m)5,8176244
qGTvfChance of DangerAdult (m)6,5531,1967
NvNMb(NvNMb)Adult (m)4,9168604
jibbHI've Got the Jibbs owoAdult (f)3,6217291
5tUUiIntuition is KeyAdult (m)3,8715342
1tP5lSuccessfully Dripping owoAdult (m)5,3928063
2flnBDrifblim owoAdult (f)5,5008151
6BgC9C9 SixBgAdult (f)5,8138133
NShZZHush Puppy owoAdult (m)5,7958121
eddauEddie owoAdult (m)6,1298171
Conv6Conversation Starter owoAdult (f)5,6828392
e06Zy(e06Zy)Adult (f)3,7979661
lcJOqI See Jocks owoAdult (f)5,9118081
VEoFD(VEoFD)Adult (f)3,1939222
B9ieb(B9ieb)Adult (f)3,4039033
xOMyl(xOMyl)Adult (f)5,8621,4477
Sm6St(Sm6St)Adult (f)3,5149824
bJeDi(bJeDi)Adult (m)6,0581,4553
19OHD(19OHD)Adult (f)2,2718484
3T7wp(3T7wp)Adult (f)3,4238422
TwdLK(TwdLK)Adult (f)2,6737045
Q4SJl(Q4SJl)Adult (m)2,3246782
QDaM4My Feet are Stained PurpleAdult (f)4,1921,1363
f0VIp(f0VIp)Adult (m)3,0295652
GS6zM(GS6zM)Adult (m)2,2666713
re7YP(re7YP)Adult (m)2,1976343
yH7T6(yH7T6)Adult (m)4,0878461
kJvhP(kJvhP)Adult (f)5,1811,2363
xgMd4(xgMd4)Adult (m)4,5061,0006
eR7ll(eR7ll)Adult (m)4,4228672
5WqJA(5WqJA)Adult (m)5,9465681
DM7X3Daintily Stepping ForwardAdult (f)4,5918741
RYud3(RYud3)Adult (m)4,4728681
Qvbv2(Qvbv2)Adult (f)5,1709572
5YOIh3rd Royal CrownAdult (f)6,0946291
99DAZRoyal Crown DazAdult (f)5,0307142
5Jjeu(5Jjeu)Adult (f)6,5495592
f1jc9I Steal Mates owoAdult (m)4,9218335
e1BZF(e1BZF)Adult (f)6,4966703
Tj6MU(Tj6MU)Adult (f)5,7727902
CGhUG(CGhUG)Adult (m)5,5376871
J93JQ(J93JQ)Adult (f)5,9495604
NAnFL(NAnFL)Adult (f)3,0475494
SOc5vGelamonAdult (m)5,1578074
FzPVD(FzPVD)Adult (f)5,0648355
zRSZH(zRSZH)Adult (f)3,0575525
u39VGRub My Belly plsAdult (m)2,7824922
q740g(q740g)Adult (m)5,1788722
uKMDE(uKMDE)Adult (f)4,8346103
9XB5D(9XB5D)Adult (f)7,1061,1385
Sj3RC(Sj3RC)Adult (f)5,8751,1262
huRMC(huRMC)Adult (m)3,3245763
nndPj(nndPj)Adult (m)2,9537372
B6UlP(B6UlP)Adult (f)4,6611,0862
XhsBi(XhsBi)Adult (m)2,5196374
7jcaD(7jcaD)Adult (m)4,5571,0353
wys4j(wys4j)Adult (m)2,5028573
16PJR(16PJR)Adult (f)3,4957582
g3ZO6Young Ridge PBAdult (f)3,8558573
l9x8T(l9x8T)Adult (m)4,9721,0852
ZFvqS(ZFvqS)Adult (f)5,2324912
7hXaD(7hXaD)Adult (m)6,5909302
c5X5d(c5X5d)Adult (f)6,1371,1473
1toJN(1toJN)Adult (f)4,0326471
wO4Ye(wO4Ye)Adult (f)2,3995373
a1isf(a1isf)Adult (m)4,1721,0343
kIP3s(kIP3s)Adult (m)6,9221,2202
8Dx2J(8Dx2J)Adult (m)4,1587103
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