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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Gammon,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
9JSF1Nine Plus Two Pattern owoAdult (f)3,8739434
9AHaTNine Hats Pattern owoAdult (m)3,8439871
BJKw2(BJKw2)Adult (m)5,9886652
JTgj8(JTgj8)Adult (m)3,3155784
ysAXFRadio Station DJAdult (m)3,8688294
vCuDl(vCuDl)Adult (m)4,3819101
IL6xn(IL6xn)Adult (f)4,6808801
DVC9cPuppy in Disguise owoAdult (m)7,9511,1833
zDhs2Mask of the Red Death owoAdult (m)3,5224864
YC2mLFacepaint owoAdult (f)2,0976884
luAAeFacebook owoAdult (f)3,5675931
TTuWGApparently K-pop owoAdult (f)4,8578063
Pm0itWitherwings owoAdult (f)6,5161,3104
0fO88Heyyyy There Ezreal owoAdult (m)4,9668753
8FU74(8FU74)Adult (f)4,8118455
fjspNSpider Webby WingsAdult (f)2,8933873
BLOIT(BLOIT)Adult (f)2,7945923
im2tyPeanutButter Blackie owoAdult (f)5,8531,0019
TZLDAPeanutButter Lovable owoAdult (m)6,6339843
4g4UZPeanutButter Spiral owoAdult (f)5,0198803
3hpZMPrincess Mido-beanAdult (f)4,0514361
Zs59W(Zs59W)Adult (m)4,1084632
6ClLlBlack and Yellow and GreenAdult (f)4,5789111
amsxT(amsxT)Adult (f)4,7527115
C42K3My Parents are FamousAdult (f)2,7343173
vjINNJhinn ADCAdult (f)4,7106153
DPtAA(DPtAA)Adult (f)3,9458282
qDB9V(qDB9V)Adult (m)3,8888373
qAqDA(qAqDA)Adult (f)2,6874205
3ZHkV(3ZHkV)Adult (m)6,6661,1356
j4dfM(j4dfM)Adult (m)4,1867014
A8V9P(A8V9P)Adult (m)6,5629404
BThwc(BThwc)Hatchling (F)3,0004724
dlYEsSuda owoAdult (m)4,6607696
T80gEKurose Riku owoAdult (m)5,0227585
F4ZpyGreen Eyes that Shine SilverAdult (m)6,01689810
wHlBJ(wHlBJ)Adult (m)4,8547385
qm7KSSalty Vayne owoAdult (f)2,7675462
qXqroDark Myst SharkAdult (f)7,0341,2054
aMUYCCave Chupacabra owoAdult (m)4,9471,2015
epWvqBlu Flying Sea Creature owoAdult (f)10,4331,50218
PZ2FsFresh Brine Fresh owoAdult (m)6,9121,4245
MJqA9(MJqA9)Adult (m)2,8495093
fEZND(fEZND)Adult (f)2,9205775
wFyTk(wFyTk)Adult (f)3,7177614
uLSfgFear My Body PaintAdult (m)7,0938767
ziZSvGalio Bot owoAdult (m)6,9276614
jIFxdSaki RorukuAdult (f)6,9581,0027
O4x1A(O4x1A)Adult (f)3,4426992
VXVBD(VXVBD)Adult (f)1,9456441
rHNHQ(rHNHQ)Adult (f)1,9756581
wLRsbSunstones owoAdult (f)5,1479002
19niS(19niS)Adult (f)6,9959092
xYUgt(xYUgt)Adult (f)4,8698242
963aBNo Magi Allowed owoAdult (f)6,1995393
bYHHIPeanutButter Anti-Mage owoAdult (f)5,9451,1127
UnMc3(UnMc3)Adult (f)5,0637495
b2YCp(b2YCp)Adult (f)1,9026229
UCVDr(UCVDr)Adult (f)2,7704963
gwUPVItou-san owoAdult (m)4,7481,1311
lPNluClear Plastic owoAdult (m)5,9971,0722
wnFSACrouching Cheetah owoAdult (m)5,7278123
9XGdYLightly Stepping owoAdult (f)5,9829819
QZB94Swishy Cheez owoAdult6,3421,1354
bTuorTumorous Wings owoAdult2,0185042
XAhJhRefrigerated Cheese owoHatchling (F)3,5616234
6DBptCheese in a Block of Ice owoHatchling (F)1,6941542
piXkVFutile Flapping owoAdult (f)9,7481,56715
muf69(muf69)Adult (m)3,4709392
tnj8V(tnj8V)Adult (m)3,9909153
X7fdxMalleable Sunrise owoAdult (m)7,1621,1545
oUD5dRising Solari owoAdult (m)5,9778361
y6jNK(y6jNK)Adult (m)5,9008311
kFBWw(kFBWw)Adult (f)2,4706894
44KH3KennoliniAdult (f)5,2881,1226
618KT(618KT)Adult (f)3,6888091
JnMLT(JnMLT)Adult (m)4,5619714
jDsKV(jDsKV)Adult (f)5,7235061
XGmaf(XGmaf)Adult (f)7,0161,0971
QJgZ7(QJgZ7)Adult (f)3,4907651
LyVzACrimson Sunrise Emblem owoAdult (f)7,4871,2404
JPR4eLet Me Surround You owoAdult (m)6,5501,3089
re7Ys(re7Ys)Adult (f)4,9926761
qBcQO(qBcQO)Adult (m)6,13956310
Dp1i6Katarina of AlteaAdult (f)4,81074710
ZjJWV(ZjJWV)Adult (f)3,1775807
iO3JxGreen SurroundSound owoAdult (m)7,2141,3055
aLH0l(aLH0l)Adult (m)6,0965711
CyRch(CyRch)Adult (f)4,0967080
2II5F(2II5F)Adult (m)2,5615402
Yf907(Yf907)Adult (f)2,4524972
Gk9gs(Gk9gs)Adult (f)5,1526974
vpiqeMy Dad is ScaryAdult (m)6,5059133
l9qh8(l9qh8)Adult (f)6,3919553
WsSnU(WsSnU)Adult (f)3,1645462
21R6c(21R6c)Adult (m)4,9437503
BIwCt(BIwCt)Adult (m)3,8877353
PfzPeVentus Gaia Dragonoid owoAdult (f)8,0001,08715
FuVgVDreams of PrissAdult (m)5,7367225
LWArzPeanutButter Leviathan owoAdult (m)4,6339056
r8koH(r8koH)Adult (m)3,1588451
H3SLi(H3SLi)Adult (m)5,8099084
viFu9(viFu9)Adult (f)6,4669164
5rzvaD - Night ShipAdult (f)8,5171,3337
gI3bQD - Akaki HitsujiAdult (f)8,1351,4356
ZVyH1D- 7th RoseAdult (m)5,2751,09818
OBkiyD - In the Name of JusticeAdult (f)6,9531,4172
QPi0YD -  YumegatariAdult (f)6,9481,4345
bZqJTBuzzwoalAdult (m)4,0449223
PPSzP(PPSzP)Adult (m)4,5089544
gCEFI(gCEFI)Adult (f)5,8581,1684
4vd3l(4vd3l)Adult (m)7,4241,4497
nELa8(nELa8)Adult (m)4,4298331
dOelo(dOelo)Adult (f)3,3149293
d4lPy(d4lPy)Adult (f)3,2589321
9wein(9wein)Adult (m)3,5109661
1K6aE(1K6aE)Adult (f)6,2965751
NXpwA(NXpwA)Adult (m)6,2565771
g2YlB(g2YlB)Adult (f)5,1245431
MQvLn(MQvLn)Adult (f)6,0377046
aBahf(aBahf)Adult (f)5,8746922
hWpje(hWpje)Adult (m)4,8261,0764
bS38e(bS38e)Adult (f)5,2736621
zCmba(zCmba)Adult (f)4,6517464
sE5Uy(sE5Uy)Adult (m)5,6606873
cscnX(cscnX)Adult (m)3,5686744
dAjqm(dAjqm)Adult (f)3,8146024
ILx6X(ILx6X)Adult (m)7,0691,0052
MZPqK(MZPqK)Adult (f)6,1881,0802
crJSAI am Emberey owoAdult (f)4,4551,17434
JfcgaCracking Stone owoAdult (f)5,6761,08319
4T3EK(4T3EK)Adult (m)5,8688894
h5U7lLook At My Wing owoAdult (m)6,8431,3324
7b7iYDripping Blue Paint owoAdult (m)3,6691,0702
ZtfXLYu Gi Oh Summon owoAdult (f)3,8746952
xqfyLCrocodile RibsAdult (m)3,9226891
2OIvrAlligator RibsAdult (m)5,4619022
RcP2v(RcP2v)Adult (m)7,7249841
eo4rQ(eo4rQ)Adult (m)4,4827192
nn5fw(nn5fw)Adult (f)3,7858112
xkRgV(xkRgV)Adult (m)3,4357691
slHzZ(slHzZ)Adult (m)3,3407312
NGc8h(NGc8h)Adult (m)3,2437411
yR4Q4(yR4Q4)Adult (f)6,3869432
TAvAm(TAvAm)Adult (f)5,9689233
wcsxuAdorable Snowman owoAdult (f)7,3831,1118
AXCyb(AXCyb)Adult (f)7,0611,1984
xb0TdRed Cuisine Fork owoAdult (m)6,0356876
z4abdSecret Of Kitchen IslandAdult (f)7,5231,1097
EaSc2Blu PuppySnek owoAdult (f)5,2571,0685
3Gtt0Green Day owoAdult (m)8,3221,20920
W3yG4Escaped TargaryenAdult (m)7,2861,2913
2GC4ERunaway TargaryenAdult (m)7,2801,2682
lBioS(lBioS)Adult (f)2,8446753
Hk3TMPure Gold owoAdult (m)6,5991,27813
OCeOpRiliane LucifenAdult (f)7,4519802
7Lt6pAlexiel LucifenAdult (m)7,9181,1947
He33CNew to the Family owoAdult (f)3,6978474
dpT1w(dpT1w)Adult (m)4,0251,1182
2Jwi5Golden Globe AwardsAdult (m)2,7355682
8q0FI(8q0FI)Adult (m)3,1799103
55PfD(55PfD)Adult (f)3,2809083
PoT2e(PoT2e)Adult (m)3,2829052
gHoRR(gHoRR)Adult (m)4,7938305
TSKenT Shuu and KenAdult (f)2,5856184
AQrrKChampionship ShyvanaAdult (f)5,4499273
H8HuhWinged Cornucopia owoAdult (f)2,5466278
KRPQl(KRPQl)Adult (m)2,8936171
apUcP(apUcP)Adult (m)2,5177104
p6XAE(p6XAE)Adult (m)2,0426082
eqxoE(eqxoE)Adult (f)3,3775564
PjvWg(PjvWg)Adult (f)4,1776243
U6s9iSpreading Embers owoAdult (m)4,6759063
B8OyUSpread Wings owoAdult (m)5,3951,1694
o3OahComes With Fire Accessory owoAdult (f)5,8121,10813
Lwjzf(Lwjzf)Adult (f)7,8829645
S5peY(S5peY)Adult (f)7,8869852
6X3FR(6X3FR)Adult (m)5,0347531
9ZZXdFireheart Spread and Soar owoAdult (m)3,2585282
MtYoiHorse of PhlegethonAdult (f)3,8188133
3W6rX(3W6rX)Adult (f)2,6297393
1ecmvpls don't killAdult (m)4,2338233
u6Rk0(u6Rk0)Adult (m)2,6557073
scERYI'm SceryAdult (f)3,4067845
V04io(V04io)Adult (m)1,9296201
891puShiny Candy WrapAdult (m)4,3408232
MsebDI'm Actually FemaleAdult (m)5,0198353
DQL4P(DQL4P)Adult (m)2,6487484
Xrdp2(Xrdp2)Adult (m)4,6388221
sUaPc(sUaPc)Adult (m)3,3315971
lhmXj(lhmXj)Adult (m)1,9525971
Ey5vV(Ey5vV)Adult (m)4,3776056
uVgg1My Parents Are ScaryAdult (m)4,2388204
7t6KQ(7t6KQ)Adult (m)2,6267631
zzkKb(zzkKb)Adult (m)2,7567131
LOpxR(LOpxR)Adult (m)2,8127041
okgLZ(okgLZ)Adult (f)8,6411,02517
Nk70VCherubim VenomaniaAdult (m)3,7584751
ewiYJUndelivered Cardboard Box owoAdult (m)2,4124011
pNn9YFrozen Chicken owoAdult (f)7,6961,1849
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