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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Envy-sama,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
QpfMAJulyo Greenhook of AtraeaAdult (m)3,1615280
jXBO1Mirror of AtraeaAdult (m)3,4485490
mn1HQNidus Worm of AtraeaAdult (m)2,5125271
6FbMsBane Ling of AtraeaAdult (m)2,5935260
LgNUaGraphey of AtraeaAdult (f)4,3679351
n1R4SDeterminent of AtraeaAdult (f)4,2519342
EaBLEAble Fist of Atraea IIAdult (f)5,5209441
C11wSMidstone of AtraeaAdult (f)3,2188601
Jcp0ZSign of AtraeaAdult (f)3,2388610
yswADHaswad of AtraeaAdult (m)5,1621,1345
lq8cvPeet of AtraeaAdult (m)5,1481,1062
XBN4H(XBN4H)Adult (m)3,8195001
exn83(exn83)Adult (m)3,9224890
qxvsV(qxvsV)Adult (f)5,9791,1390
fX4PC(fX4PC)Adult (f)5,8901,1051
5pYdK(5pYdK)Adult (f)2,2497661
zTXb1(zTXb1)Adult (f)2,3637801
Pt1jh(Pt1jh)Adult (f)3,3737901
Hc7bY(Hc7bY)Adult (m)3,4367782
3cJcL(3cJcL)Adult (f)7,2376521
Kqu1o(Kqu1o)Adult (f)6,8904951
QKqE7(QKqE7)Adult (m)7,3335641
w9DQo(w9DQo)Adult (m)7,2356351
W3980(W3980)Adult (m)7,3055661
8Vr2R(8Vr2R)Adult (m)7,1105720
K5P6z(K5P6z)Adult (m)6,5075350
SuDF3(SuDF3)Adult (f)4,7519651
7ydv2(7ydv2)Adult (f)2,9657091
Knzvj(Knzvj)Adult (f)4,1099051
fKr8fYoddle of AtraeaAdult (m)3,5447770
I7eSuAdjacent Pain of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9327470
u5RwZPilou of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9627500
odO61Minesweeper of AtraeaAdult (f)5,0517760
21ZDGConvertible of AtraeaAdult (m)5,2167710
qZ3NSFocused Action of AtraeaAdult (m)6,6271,0731
hlWYVulcain Diamond Hoves DE IIAdult (m)3,52627914
cnTREra LokeAdult (f)11,79881115
IqAGBeta Fearless Heart of AtraeaAdult (f)6,3711,3557
MJ2gZeelano of AtraeaAdult (m)7,5171,1956
IIRLkTopaze of AtraeaAdult (f)3,6244230
IASiVFearful Gambass of AtraeaAdult (f)4,4279852
PvvwKArch Angel of AtraeaAdult (f)5,8989903
yl12dPeanut of AtraeaAdult (m)6,1621,0043
guKH5Soul of AtraeaAdult (f)3,8111,2281
wYBJpFeel the Burn of AtraeaAdult (m)3,8251,2491
jq4GYPickles of AtraeaAdult (f)3,6781,2840
cSfgEOlives of AtraeaAdult (m)3,5629230
2IQdTDr Pepper of AtraeaAdult (m)3,5569350
xGJEEProud Valley of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9568790
oJ49jFierce Time of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9658790
mdi4nGoliath of AtraeaAdult (f)5,5029620
hmGdSLillith of AtraeaAdult (f)5,4399580
CWkuPToren of AtraeaAdult (m)5,1907500
OZ7DIOver of AtraeaAdult (m)4,2159350
MfLqjForest Raven of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9158820
U7KIcSubterfuge of AtraeaAdult (m)4,1066810
NMLP7(NMLP7)Adult (m)5,6546321
5XGIn(5XGIn)Adult (f)5,6186340
ihHW2(ihHW2)Adult (f)3,6809203
jbFLc(jbFLc)Adult (f)2,6317550
sJE3Titanide Freez'ling IIAdult (f)5,1336642
XTRNWTitanide Ice'ling IIIAdult (f)4,5625635
qPrvFTitan Cold'ling IVAdult (m)4,0224846
NXC6TLorkhania of AtraeaAdult (f)5,7728264
9CpCAYuki no Otoshimono VAdult (m)4,6744081
ns0XITitanide Fresh'ling VAdult (f)4,8834231
VdN87Alterio of Atraea IIAdult (m)4,8533260
cfjv2Congo Bongo of Atraea IIAdult (m)3,37389210
X9cbhMegane No Otoshimono IVAdult (f)4,6041,3063
PIqqyFF PIqqy of Atraea IIIAdult (f)2,7279061
25MWzBeans of Atraea IIAdult (m)2,5143470
B6Q31Khalenda'ar Of AtraeaAdult (m)5,0251,2731
6HPoxTitanide Icy Hill of AtraeaAdult (f)4,2579070
b2g2gChar of AtraeaAdult (m)4,0091,0350
KhYwLGoddamn Mars o Otoshimono VIAdult (m)7,0986702
7MJE9Lunatic Titan Chill'ling VIAdult (m)4,3649990
c94LMOptimize of AtraeaAdult (m)5,6258385
j5x5RGrayscale of AtraeaAdult (f)6,0267341
zXFl3Titan Freez'ling of Atraea IIAdult (m)7,1747072
mWSFaSolid Nakaya D'rachanya IIAdult (f)5,9401,0348
foQafCold Touch of AtraeaAdult (f)6,9336740
s5QXlTitanide Snow'ling IVAdult (f)5,3676361
vAUWtTitan Frost'ling IIVAdult (m)6,2825882
qFFxuTitan Rime'ling of Atraea IIIAdult (m)5,2776211
UuUPGCatFace of AtraeaAdult (f)2,9405283
Xmh1fDogFace of AtraeaAdult (m)5,0003342
O9DNNFoxey of AtraeaAdult (m)2,0293810
rDnk0Rehenry of AtraeaAdult (m)3,6868910
7h4lDNicho of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9488790
n2mzCRingard of AtraeaAdult (m)6,6796101
degziVelu of AtraeaAdult (m)4,9486232
FCzX6Mumamba Growl IIIAdult (m)5,5408844
HMWaFGrnbck of AtraeaAdult (f)5,9306711
ie8AK(ie8AK)Adult (m)4,0585451
LKUUI(LKUUI)Adult (m)4,3925361
2kdbD(2kdbD)Adult (f)4,3025580
a7eUi(a7eUi)Adult (f)4,6625261
DJb4h(DJb4h)Adult (f)5,5496590
ik98X(ik98X)Adult (m)5,6276540
WMk01(WMk01)Adult (f)5,6566530
fHyPF(fHyPF)Adult (f)7,1374800
tZ8Cw(tZ8Cw)Adult (m)6,9315250
5JutB(5JutB)Adult (m)5,6706340
0smG1(0smG1)Adult (m)4,7409610
GOLJt(GOLJt)Adult (f)4,6389720
yagRh(yagRh)Adult (m)4,7226623
65TGJ(65TGJ)Adult (f)4,5636630
DeeEC(DeeEC)Adult (f)4,3201,0711
fcwtW(fcwtW)Adult (m)3,7029131
1SfSKBright Umber of AtraeaAdult (f)4,1967101
60lzoTrope of AtraeaAdult (m)4,7277191
jjiAdSweet Dilemma of AtraeaAdult (f)4,7306290
26cdF(26cdF)Adult (m)5,2166541
BAcxD(BAcxD)Adult (m)6,4886190
i6w24(i6w24)Adult (m)4,7851,0041
SdiPT(SdiPT)Adult (f)3,5977000
Kyy5D(Kyy5D)Adult (m)3,3677232
A0RNR(A0RNR)Adult (f)3,2996943
Kl4L1(Kl4L1)Adult (f)3,3469051
OMyup(OMyup)Adult (f)2,5647060
q8Wvs(q8Wvs)Adult (m)2,4907180
dCjHQ(dCjHQ)Adult (m)4,0006601
FSY8Z(FSY8Z)Adult (m)3,2077920
kaN6MUnliked Action of AtraeaAdult (m)3,6397330
JrjlNMatching Leather of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9467890
K4SwbJunk Trap of AtraeaAdult (m)5,2216180
6Ld3iGraceful Fall of AtraeaAdult (f)4,6857310
NxaPNInfinite Lore of AtraeaAdult (f)4,1367330
0Kxv1Discovery of AtraeaAdult (f)5,1636590
wRhgHLeigh of AtraeaAdult (m)7,2506510
kpVYZBeyond Continents of AtraeaAdult (m)7,4875930
C4NIDMundus Adjacent of AtraeaAdult (f)7,2496360
DbGaF(DbGaF)Adult (m)5,8686330
eDH6d(eDH6d)Adult (m)5,9675660
HxZmW(HxZmW)Adult (m)6,1021,0321
dcmrB(dcmrB)Adult (m)3,0697191
blMhn(blMhn)Adult (m)4,8489680
gpEkb(gpEkb)Adult (f)4,3189360
XVlkD(XVlkD)Adult (m)4,2928880
Q1Lpb(Q1Lpb)Adult (m)5,0319791
p0mBr(p0mBr)Adult (f)5,2369771
iSTmd(iSTmd)Adult (f)3,4988421
emHDj(emHDj)Adult (m)3,5328431
KjjEd(KjjEd)Adult (m)3,3776780
sDhyB(sDhyB)Adult (f)4,0048141
cUkfb(cUkfb)Adult (f)5,7581,0470
YusLz(YusLz)Egg (F)
Ssyez(Ssyez)Adult (m)4,4729551
gpQ4F(gpQ4F)Adult (f)4,4119932
TPaOv(TPaOv)Adult (m)3,9359060
x4rCb(x4rCb)Adult (m)3,9248600
otyQw(otyQw)Adult (f)3,8408661
buMxZ(buMxZ)Adult (f)3,9238520
1lpNV(1lpNV)Adult (m)3,4248212
SV8MS(SV8MS)Adult (f)3,4048171
czyaY(czyaY)Adult (m)4,4118641
GmIfn(GmIfn)Adult (f)3,1277060
rPldV(rPldV)Adult (m)4,4009670
HOL7Y(HOL7Y)Adult (m)3,4156702
I8vBO(I8vBO)Adult (f)3,6247272
dWFSV(dWFSV)Adult (m)3,2769032
DEOiR(DEOiR)Adult (m)3,6559330
zjohS(zjohS)Adult (f)4,3619471
rK3QL(rK3QL)Adult (m)2,8445824
bHMvm(bHMvm)Adult (f)3,2687741
QujiZQuincy IIAdult (f)7,2815801
Mj9oiWhite Guardian IIAdult (m)6,3695541
leU1YSilver Watcher of AtraeaAdult (m)7,2474843
kZBdEWay of Light of AtraeaAdult (f)8,0985404
c5oygBloody Good Rhymes of AtraeaAdult (f)3,5894004
j4NfLGentle Sadness of AtraeaAdult (m)5,2999532
ZXjjASpecial Friendship of AtraeaAdult (f)4,9541,0860
jgMzeClosed Wound of AtraeaAdult (f)5,2401,0220
cva1LLuminosity of AtraeaAdult (f)5,5567850
yyqdS(yyqdS)Adult (m)5,1087651
okpjMUnlit Breeder of AtraeaAdult (m)5,6228011
GGByfFallen Flame of AtraeaAdult (f)4,0277551
6kTKlSpiraling Idea of AtraeaAdult (m)5,0048070
uXRKH(uXRKH)Adult (m)6,7977080
1kFWz(1kFWz)Adult (f)6,8507060
TETpE(TETpE)Adult (m)4,8707130
7FGxQ(7FGxQ)Adult (f)6,2027650
1NTwE(1NTwE)Adult (m)5,7887090
H4f2w(H4f2w)Adult (f)6,7357400
gfzcA(gfzcA)Adult (f)4,3767160
FXEZX(FXEZX)Adult (f)4,7137060
js0dY(js0dY)Adult (f)4,7998030
IRor8(IRor8)Adult (f)7,0636800
jzDc4(jzDc4)Adult (m)8,7355980
u2772(u2772)Adult (m)8,4026611
psm5W(psm5W)Adult (f)5,9577451
IZcpH(IZcpH)Adult (f)6,6241,0861
Y3DnQ(Y3DnQ)Adult (f)3,6418300
uIxt9(uIxt9)Adult (f)3,8098010
Qocat(Qocat)Adult (m)4,9329721
7Xi1H(7Xi1H)Adult (f)2,7016192
Brhx7(Brhx7)Adult (m)2,6345912
keDJS(keDJS)Adult (m)3,5448630
bQf8sLobos of AtraeaAdult (f)4,9937544
0JfCZNeogicia of AtraeaAdult (m)6,4116762
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