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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Envy-sama,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
un0IMartha la gluante of Atraea IIAdult (f)2,89527713
nTAhTahrii of AtraeaAdult (f)6,8771,4248
AQOA4QWERTY of AtraeaAdult (f)4,5263532
nfiKfWater Zombi of AtraeaAdult (m)4,1973260
0jiodPuddle de Bixen IVAdult (m)3,1524752
T7uWQKriss of AtraeaAdult (m)3,7495191
rE3TpKarma of AtraeaAdult (m)2,8886361
JQsHUComa of AtraeaAdult (f)2,8706631
9ibeRZober of AtraeaAdult (f)3,3498021
LLfuMAskin of AtraeaAdult (m)1,7465862
VJ95mPhobia of AtraeaAdult (f)1,7194993
RehJpBlue Mine of AtraeaAdult (m)2,7248351
5HCfNHusky of AtraeaAdult (f)2,7208551
fzbEfShipwrecker of AtraeaAdult (f)3,0038251
vb8WQShip's Doom of AtraeaAdult (m)3,0838572
wFQLeOmenia of AtraeaAdult (f)3,2338143
cX0WIFralia of AtraeaAdult (f)3,4308321
K7UIDLunatic Wally of Atraea IIAdult (m)3,1611,0810
QxRJaLunatic Chain VIAdult (f)4,9317540
Trm59Memoryloss of AtraeaAdult (m)4,2201,1084
Kj2KtWater Beans of AtraeaAdult (m)5,2471,0712
zGhUpSoupe Reine of AtraeaAdult (f)5,0391,0453
8hjVJMuhu of AtraeaAdult (f)4,6761,0121
caY7PWho you gonna call of AtraeaAdult (f)6,9231,0102
sVXDKKwariks of AtraeaAdult (m)2,9998574
KkvS7Ship's Mate of AtraeaAdult (f)6,1118001
bBWyT(bBWyT)Adult (f)2,9708300
deto5(deto5)Adult (m)4,8429980
053pEpsilon of AtraeaAdult (f)3,23022613
5rkIMondree of AtraeaAdult (m)3,64327210
XohZKhallia IBAdult (f)3,59727411
mfIdYChips of AtraeaAdult (m)4,9633460
ooEeaUnnamed child of the CaveHatchling (F)2,5022421
L5zPHyroconAdult (m)1,93638022
80I1Brandas Argeeis de L'artiqueAdult (m)3,39923430
U5U7Delta Argeeis de L'artiqueAdult (m)2,56520517
j5UPJeudi le juste milieu Rat VIIAdult (f)3,19325218
SjIsEmelieria Rat VIIIAdult (f)4,06589911
suCOSugar Company of AtraeaAdult (f)4,8128955
Dqc1Crushed Healer of AtraeaAdult (m)3,9999883
IUcgWings of Atraea IIAdult (f)3,1206142
7tiKgTiki of Penk Thuwed VAdult (f)4,2603925
qjJf3Loelia Teng IIAdult (f)4,4583451
6bXA7Yoiko of AtraeaAdult (f)5,4633651
KfJlhVolapic of Atraea IIAdult (f)4,5653632
vic3VVinter of AtraeaAdult (m)3,0215363
t1qLMAnthon of AtraeaAdult (m)4,1993515
PDboHFlicticon of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9823441
rx4lOResearch of AtraeaAdult (m)2,3006661
DJIChWinged Action of AtraeaAdult (m)2,7398951
yx722Whammy time of AtraeaAdult (m)3,7869110
9uQZEAdrenalin Rush of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9709150
hIV4JHoney of AtraeaAdult (m)4,6159160
h8F3NProbe of AtraeaAdult (f)5,1709960
6X4SEFeral Pigeon of AtraeaAdult (f)4,6491,0031
AZARFKinaoo of AtraeaAdult (f)6,4757932
XSu8KFlying Medecine of AtraeaAdult (f)7,4131,1323
zYaNDBlessed Get of Atraea IIAdult (f)4,9808962
YpG8gBlessed Cause of Atraea IIAdult (f)5,0668883
koMGVDodomo of AtraeaAdult (m)6,3109143
RHLtbBlessed Flip of Atraea IIIAdult (f)5,7491,0762
7O5sMBlessed Flap of Atraea IIAdult (f)5,8271,0651
31B4XMhn Goldwhite Mercury Dorkface VAdult (f)6,4338182
XpQfkTraffic of AtraeaAdult (f)6,2158891
RUcFBHard Drive Failure of AtraeaAdult (f)6,2248081
ssRlGBlessed Marina of Atraea IIIAdult (f)4,5558271
PXjpCThundaga the Forgotten IIAdult (m)5,1907152
tkwI8Blessed Water of Atraea IIAdult (f)6,9085992
48uW1Blessed Spaf of Atraea IVAdult (f)5,4806680
kOyAcBlessed Hallgh of Atraea VAdult (m)5,1337911
cWvATjust turn our backs n walk awayAdult (m)4,3166292
F1BSaGilded Info IVAdult (m)4,2676151
uJ4FqGlorious Christmas VIAdult (m)4,6946461
HFsDu(HFsDu)Adult (m)6,6261,0880
Ms0X5(Ms0X5)Adult (m)3,8289140
YZ16s(YZ16s)Adult (f)3,1138631
QWLAE(QWLAE)Adult (m)2,8828621
FTmyN(FTmyN)Adult (f)3,0548391
NmvXQ(NmvXQ)Adult (m)2,8038691
GaRJt(GaRJt)Adult (f)3,0128621
dDIcS(dDIcS)Adult (m)2,8478711
iuApSThunder Gem of AtraeaAdult (m)4,3901,0712
9dGVaThunder Shard of AtraeaAdult (f)4,2861,0592
pagLdThundering Fragment of Atraea IIHatchling (F)2,1711600
SMQmwChrono Gem of AtraeaAdult (m)4,1841,0211
vyIncChrono Shard of AtraeaAdult (f)4,3361,0451
cC9vlAltered Fragment of Atraea IIHatchling (F)3,5896901
Hq2QkChrono Fragment of Atraea IIHatchling (F)3,2876141
YC7mkFlowering Shard of AtraeaAdult (f)3,8568611
oUgpPFlowering Gem of AtraeaAdult (m)3,8798581
mhtVjFlowering Fragment of Atraea IIHatchling (F)3,8127311
PBkteMagic Gem of AtraeaAdult (m)4,3769962
ZZ0rKMagic Shard of AtraeaAdult (f)4,2671,0801
02y3BMana Shard of AtraeaAdult (f)3,9776910
F8fpu(F8fpu)Adult (m)4,0449691
YafDsMagic Fragment of Atraea IIHatchling (F)3,8307251
4AxgdMolten Gem of AtraeaAdult (m)3,7198261
u93JeMolten Shard of AtraeaAdult (f)3,5768342
Dq8nNPyro Gem of AtraeaAdult (m)5,5335891
slH3fPyro Shard of AtraeaAdult (f)5,0496970
8DGP8Molten Fragment of Atraea IIHatchling (F)3,5996931
MTOJnWater Gem of AtraeaAdult (m)3,9498541
1G9RpWater Shard of AtraeaAdult (f)3,8378621
2uMMZRiver 'Thali' Snake of AtraeaAdult (m)4,4001,0965
Jl4o7(Jl4o7)Adult (f)6,8825370
CmBrt(CmBrt)Adult (m)3,6468700
1NrN0Water Fragment of Atraea IIHatchling (F)3,8157341
4zyE9Cain 'Thali' Calin IIAdult (m)3,6139213
FESTUFF FESTU 'Thalea' Durkzonn IIAdult (f)3,6329382
2kzhFCalhoon of AtraeaAdult (m)3,0628362
Y8huuCrevetola of AtraeaAdult (f)2,1573981
61g6bWeekend of AtraeaAdult (f)2,8663430
aHaaYEevolutio of AtraeaAdult (f)3,7258930
ARpIjNewnewton of AtraeaAdult (f)3,6419100
SmS8KTearDrop of AtraeaAdult (m)4,3049950
D06UTCarillon of AtraeaAdult (m)3,5999200
nELpBButthurt Nacho of AtraeaAdult (f)3,5589290
WFSf8Bone Meal of AtraeaAdult (f)5,5838800
I2vQHFoci of AtraeaAdult (m)4,6079910
hLBHRLhouw of AtraeaAdult (m)6,1459070
mjxbITipperoni of AtraeaAdult (m)5,1271,0100
tz42w(tz42w)Adult (m)8,0239250
YasZwJane Doe of AtraeaAdult (f)8,4659320
iFlEN(iFlEN)Adult (f)5,0689211
YiCuB(YiCuB)Adult (m)6,5531,0855
T0QnZBeev of AtraeaAdult (m)6,5989401
KKwAM(KKwAM)Adult (f)6,4019281
5lLx9(5lLx9)Adult (m)7,1628911
0FYZd(0FYZd)Adult (f)8,8347881
LTi2o(LTi2o)Adult (f)6,9678702
RB7h9(RB7h9)Adult (m)10,1687681
NP27e(NP27e)Adult (m)4,2359802
GUtx1(GUtx1)Adult (m)9,0758892
Vp9Tn(Vp9Tn)Adult (f)6,6638812
lUxMV(lUxMV)Adult (m)10,3287122
1BxX6Chin Chao of AtraeaAdult (f)8,3927611
a2eRz(a2eRz)Adult (m)5,9839031
kf3AcC4P1 of AtraeaAdult (m)6,7179131
yNSuY(yNSuY)Adult (f)8,2619412
AFO64(AFO64)Adult (f)8,5728622
iyLghBrian Goshling of AtraeaAdult (m)8,5269341
ljC5V(ljC5V)Adult (m)7,9378141
qvuaT(qvuaT)Adult (f)10,6127191
qKsQZebul Bulle BulleAdult5,4081,2418
IROrTony Tony TonyAdult4,4691,0152
0ndYoJimmy Berry JellyAdult4,1794072
HQqovTrolo Gro BroAdult5,7745673
l66FbThali Rali LaliAdult3,6791,1062
5ZQUYum NuggetzAdult (f)2,3861672
vOPsYenma ChikChikAdult (f)3,8696692
tooMcClucky CluckersAdult (f)4,3458970
PGR2K(PGR2K)Adult (f)6,1117100
GWJBAmael Pid BidAdult3,4857643
fcMVJohny Bang BangAdult4,2787743
G35LNema L33T G33KAdult7,1281,1637
cB6GuDolly Whooly PolyAdult2,0714331
MedIMedi Deli ReriAdult4,9778781
7c2DSeichi wizzy dizzyAdult6,3578102
7ajRDino Lelo ReroAdult3,9227347
iZ9uAlfred Red RedAdult3,4888772
9gbcZThali Lili LeeAdult2,2787892
6iDJgNinja Pla DlaAdult2,8472912
6o3t8Teka AK MecaAdult4,2867013
B50PoArno Leo GeoAdult3,1337864
cVuzmBobby Timey WhimeyAdult2,5665481
01b5wOregon Pon RonAdult1,5955583
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