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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dirtytabs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
3dLt3And if the dam breaks open manyHatchling3,9064984
ZIHxwhaven't seen you on this busHatchling (f)4,0725455
Y6yWlShe smiled as if to say 'HelloHatchling (m)4,1365643
JDdO9Void BoyAdult (m)2,8116935
LQOtlShneezeHatchling (m)5,6831,2487
DPOzNHermiticHatchling (f)5,4651,1665
0e5MzRedemption in the RainAdult (f)4,2628116
2bnG5WrongnessAdult (m)3,9725317
oRFHOBoni PopAdult (m)7,1511,3127
4FGW0Khari TjenAdult (m)3,4435168
xBjPTSmearyAdult (m)4,0757007
JoMqVBreath of the VoidAdult (m)3,2655304
0e10dGauzelikeAdult (f)3,1954825
2abJ9Garlic and SapphiresAdult (f)3,0094856
cxvuACrowdieAdult (m)4,2137365
ffyUDon the dark side of  the moonAdult (m)3,5665202
jVzDhRich and DiverseAdult (m)4,4917156
E6fPHthe second I saw her smileAdult (f)4,2378115
KcBDkwe had a special connectionAdult (m)2,7005644
6uMmEear- you shout and no oneAdult (f)4,0076414
Vb0hvDhanayAdult (f)4,0086502
P5ECKcloud bursts thunder in yourAdult (m)5,2546792
XmD5DWendy LawsonAdult (f)3,2337042
0CeUmBarial BlueAdult (m)2,9536022
pN5nLGolder CraamAdult (m)3,0496003
zQziSConcretenessAdult (f)3,2897164
Kf98HFwuAdult (m)4,2798613
5cIPlE 4cAdult (m)4,8288983
06gNpyour head explodes with darkHatchling (F)3,3124744
99FlIBloat and DecayAdult (m)4,7665783
Bi6WJ(Bi6WJ)Dead Hatchling (f)4,0618142
fUUuU(fUUuU)Adult (m)4,1408147
WElW7(WElW7)Adult (m)4,1596472
AfAsKExhumerAdult (m)4,1565345
gGfEsThe world can be oursAdult (f)6,9631,0295
NzV9Kright across the aisle - I knewAdult (f)6,19870610
jxHsbHide from MeAdult (f)3,6936265
jBfaFshe walked in - took the seatAdult (m)3,0745433
g2pInThe Rise of SkywalkerAdult (m)7,0868994
4bYhfAnarchisticAdult (m)3,5425633
vaDFZScouseAdult (f)3,1025393
FfjXXPrefabAdult (m)4,9926724
Gok22Golden Leaf ThuwedAdult (f)4,3668194
2aY2x(2aY2x)Dead Hatchling (f)4,6217102
poIg0Steak and GeckosAdult (m)4,9046533
y6RpVE 4bAdult (f)3,7585242
NSkhvsee you on the darkAdult (f)3,2694133
eZU8LHapless Kree Mook 5Adult (f)3,1994114
1xi16Entertainment and Goofy CrapAdult (f)4,0385201
t0mC2Tasty BeingAdult (f)3,9645462
TmuFLHot Salty BirdsAdult (m)3,4705081
uujqpnever could've guessed 'causeAdult (f)4,3956212
osCVybut it's not me- And if theAdult (f)3,6966014
oe2zXPink Up the SlackAdult (f)3,8415451
7RN2818 KaratAdult (f)4,0626692
mAWKjwhole world changed in a way IAdult (m)2,3814714
U20iaall that you touch and all thatAdult (m)3,1445985
tUz0ZTight CircuitsAdult (f)3,5126377
sOfprE 3cAdult (m)5,3149384
fuQGZ(fuQGZ)Adult (m)5,5038073
ZYUTZlike any other day - then myAdult (f)6,1108032
LKDg0Jackson Park Express - SeemedAdult (m)5,3247332
e0FJy(e0FJy)Dead Hatchling (f, F)3,3399492
T1kp7Lightner and DarknerHatchling (f, F)4,4901,0563
7Pilz(7Pilz)Adult (m)4,9966282
vIIILDay and AgeAdult (m)5,3977632
OxLhpMamounAdult (f)4,4115695
hyCKWHemolyticAdult (m)3,2394614
CWxnDLaddishAdult (m)5,0636694
YVAlDMotherflerkenAdult (f)4,1938255
rCbR1NorexAdult (m)7,0709574
d9IJ3HutzpahAdult (m)3,5505385
RGlokWell-Oiled Flak MachineAdult (m)4,2411,0634
cKlmfUnboxingAdult (m)4,3936933
rVg4COilfishAdult (m)4,41991810
MPPmI(MPPmI)Dead Adult (m)3,4936184
NXxS6HyumorphAdult (f)4,8366243
N9HcREgoistic AltruismAdult (f)5,9809142
FxtxUGraveyard Shift GretaAdult (f)3,9726623
7TN0yHorsecarAdult (f)4,3435944
dTo02FreeloadAdult (m)5,2896892
ZPHoBDucktailAdult (f)4,0955532
eyqI1DevaluingAdult (m)4,5487993
eETumis eclipsed by the moonAdult (f)3,1625703
i5HT2E 4aAdult (m)3,8655615
kjRCwFreethinkerAdult (m)6,5709316
cviyJTufterAdult (m)5,2061,0073
zdscBAtheisticalAdult (f)5,4901,0133
owd2wDisserviceAdult (m)4,0989002
6OsfYBronzepunkAdult (f)4,2956391
7It1nArsateaAdult (m)4,2445633
8QSdMAshbrownsAdult (m)3,3277212
hdfzmZoogoAdult (m)5,0666214
a9jD1CandelingoAdult (m)2,6735661
apBAe(apBAe)Adult (f)2,9475772
ZlhKGThat SmartsAdult (m)4,2288011
IER1cthe sun is eclipsed by the moonAdult (m)3,6295863
aDC8F(aDC8F)Dead Adult (m)4,4886662
7uEAzTomboy and Girly GirlAdult (f)4,7466407
sbkCaZ-WordAdult (f)3,2526083
41CKWforebodings too I'll see youAdult (f)4,2726923
YZPy7RoughenAdult (m)3,7635995
pSXdXUndercoatingAdult (m)2,9635346
ETClxTuesday morning eight-fifteenAdult (m)4,0356314
OHMhVI was riding to work on theAdult (f)4,0606283
Lyhtp(Lyhtp)Dead Adult (f)3,9075514
nZ7yNClive the English Komodo DragonAdult (f)2,6015792
ZEYG4ConcourseAdult (m)2,7665875
6RqJETake a Moment to Catch My DeathAdult (m)6,1631,1147
oonAnWe Must Be GoldAdult (f)3,3927056
gZXrKAssentiveAdult (f)2,9476942
YYav4Boke and TsukkomiAdult (m)4,4871,0102
0IHFKForm and SubstanceAdult (f)4,2369991
pwhxiRuddy BlueAdult (m)4,0609893
TwItZ(TwItZ)Adult (f)2,7635532
Emb71CyadorkAdult (m)5,4241,2224
xAKyySubunitAdult (f)3,1753762
kBywyFuruncularAdult (f)3,1643602
VN3DQCrustinessAdult (f)4,4637703
wrSgdConquistadorsalAdult (m)4,4947361
VwQR8BlearierAdult (f)2,7574592
7SxPqUpraiseAdult (m)6,6821,1345
xs4s2The Sound of KrailenceAdult (f)3,6144753
8w7eAUnrivalledAdult (m)4,0394733
dRNSQFinned DieselAdult (m)4,0505124
k4pjiResidingAdult (m)3,2914675
2F7joCopulaAdult (f)5,7435778
UTHNSIodizingAdult (m)7,6461,1155
xiT80InsinspiredAdult (f)5,9246095
A25s6SpilloverAdult (m)3,8074243
f5Q3GWaterhorse of a Different ColorAdult (m)3,7444136
Mc1SjStorm OffAdult (m)4,8887803
gfM24Ridge-ard FeynmanAdult (m)4,5735735
LqvNWThrow Caution to the WindsAdult (f)3,6384602
gvE5fPrizefightAdult (m)3,6894801
vZiBVFellicity JonesAdult (f)3,7135001
R6WN9me 'til I'm sane- You lock theAdult (m)4,7556344
11PjNyou on the dark side of the moonAdult (m)4,5365004
YzUnVInternet TomfooleryAdult (f)4,1435794
EEBmXTattinessAdult (f)3,6045564
Ow241PregameAdult (m)3,4974623
HGWPKGaqAdult (f)4,3195794
wkkc0Pretty CommonAdult (m)4,3925954
9Suv9Dawn EntropyAdult (f)3,3674392
zpKZQHeartsettingAdult (m)3,4344424
A2Bg6Diarrhea VampireAdult (m)3,9054492
6amwmOeuAdult (m)4,0006033
na1hFCollaborativeAdult (m)3,2955181
h8zRdCaffeinejittersAdult (m)3,6995583
oxOxWGlossinessAdult (f)3,4715513
pDQmoPersonality FenceAdult (f)3,9475673
J7VykImprovingAdult (m)4,8264343
CNp64SubsoilAdult (f)3,5655643
HZoMhPagingAdult (m)4,2376593
eNjNZZodiacal CloudAdult (f)4,4958754
TJZCRIce Dragons HATE HerAdult (f)2,6097202
4167pCalculableAdult (m)2,7147733
XpSArMliAdult (f)2,8547502
YYRMSDiktatAdult (f)3,2768684
B5Mj8I'm Also MaleAdult (m)2,4897673
7C4fBInternally Water Dragons AreAdult (m)2,8367133
UyjBQDeepsealingAdult (f)3,5224661
2cUTDLoving GrapeAdult (f)3,6144752
bWMB4Black FigAdult (m)3,7075172
qVNf2Valentine CurryAdult (f)3,5924522
ODJpURoyal Red SinsAdult (m)3,3324303
CsGj4on the dark side   of the moonAdult (f)2,8505122
MHUUZSpring BouquetsAdult (f)3,2975412
dCDHlCardialgiaAdult (m)2,3117302
T9Yi4DrinkableAdult (f)2,3296942
NubBh(NubBh)Adult (f)2,4098093
iB8bLTicklishnessAdult (f)1,8656032
4OIOZRain on One's ParadeAdult (f)2,7496941
eIhzODaiya's Derp BudAdult (f)2,6417212
R3uyJBackswordAdult (f)3,8594861
rraO9ReassertAdult (m)2,7337513
QHthNAs I RanAdult (f)2,6925784
Ysvy6Red Heart EmojiAdult (m)2,8275984
kBwgzI Fell for HerAdult (m)2,9545895
mrp3JAn Irate GlandAdult (m)2,7246515
4S45VRate This AngelAdult (f)2,4336395
h4S57Radiant Red ShineAdult (m)2,2857051
5pyPETaiyin AiAdult (f)2,3087092
nFCsfC RoundAdult (m)2,5407654
RZ5j2(RZ5j2)Adult (m)3,1206086
lbWU7TranscendencyAdult (m)2,7568443
kFkmzKifkAdult (f)1,7536614
720ShQuacksalverAdult (m)1,9877185
Ni4dYBloxerAdult (m)2,4068114
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