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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Dirtytabs,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
Mb2Ujmy answer to everything which isHatchling3,0465713
rp0Pzwhy I'll probably do very poorlyHatchling3,6376515
cwUYbVillarrealHatchling (m)3,5047163
GNPNqCoconut BarHatchling1,7564335
gMKLIWho's ShodanHatchling (m)3,2344063
QlAVTWhy Would You Abandon ThisHatchling2,5703713
83LTQMango Flavored Trolley ProblemHatchling (m, F)3,0576753
jeJjnBluetick CoonhoundAdult (m)3,7005872
0Zp25Lovely Copper LeafAdult (f)2,5864963
ynL7mDaphnelAdult (f)3,7976191
YEWqfJeritzaAdult (m)3,9086142
fsQQ7Sapphire-Blue SapphireAdult (f)3,0125212
Q63cYQucyAdult (m)3,4805802
FdpWaJudith DaphnelAdult (f)4,2389471
ilVoTTime AbyssAdult (m)3,0756471
TFncsa penetrating stare which couldAdult (m)4,8717622
CDLKkPolitical DoodooAdult (f)3,0855523
iKsvfonly mean 'You are my answerAdult (f)2,6284881
gDDUUEsquivelAdult (f)2,6515042
ObmwfQuuxAdult (m)4,0976242
hkrFTThe Jam SongAdult (f)4,4876511
ygATDBurrisAdult (m)4,1996211
zPe2Prun too deep for such a simpleAdult (f)3,4096401
L2VcQLet's get down to work- EveryAdult (m)2,9495672
8vPYI(8vPYI)Adult (f)3,3738023
srJdgByleth EisnerAdult (f)3,3578062
pFM9YClaude von RieganAdult (m)3,09082115
IBvFfSellersAdult (f)4,9069432
QAJZmSea and FireAdult (m)2,9684952
TC8ofLysithea von OrdeliaAdult (f)3,9708034
qULKZSugary Affront to GodAdult (f)2,6305832
NuRMXNurmAdult (m)3,4047562
EsD59Saint CicholAdult (m)3,9658182
dMGsmTwin TelepathyAdult (m)4,1838321
gbNHpsometime and collect deer ticksAdult (m)7,3401,2463
4IkfOJeraltAdult (m)4,4299182
ewthYDorothea ArnaultAdult (f)2,8045842
5TRUNDisinhibitionAdult (f)3,3994831
Dp2u7LonatoAdult (m)4,8406901
b27Jbin a Ziploc baggie' - I gave herAdult (f)2,7834643
6y1FZSylvain Jose GautierAdult (m)3,1446004
06YebTwenty-EighthAdult (f)2,8626233
BaNrXHad his moment of doubt and painAdult (f)3,7246032
IjAxrMoo SonnetAdult (f)3,4844582
kcTPPAbsurd and InfuriatingAdult (m)3,4735723
kZKmUMy Vixen Run LowAdult (f)2,9515182
FysSkHow D'you Like Me NowAdult (m)
0MgZHGrassy BoyAdult (f)3,6445532
vTKQDGraultAdult (m)3,5885552
1E0il(1E0il)Hatchling (m, F)2,5396432
QSBxrGlowback to the BasicsAdult (f)3,6286962
BCJI0SauropsidAdult (m)3,5136452
0tOGpfor you and so- Here we goAdult (m)2,7815875
H0aydchase 'em- We areAdult (f)3,5274933
ehMvTCosmic Void ThuwedAdult (f)2,7305923
5BGqbSixteenthAdult (f)2,7395921
neMMiOflAdult (m)3,3695692
8HeZwSummer HouseAdult (m)2,9625112
qNNPeMaciasAdult (m)6,2011,0622
J1azGintoxicating - Why don't weAdult (m)4,7356642
xXnCkU-2626Adult (m)7,1509813
xAQUHOut and AbautaAdult (m)3,5296392
0zhK6drive out to the countryAdult (f)3,4545723
7kT8TPlanar ShockwaveAdult (f)3,3967104
7i1D5Prolyneicess viiiAdult (m)4,8925983
YpsqILogwoodAdult (m)2,6364712
ihkW6side  of the moonAdult (m)2,8977902
9f61wSpace CommandAdult (f)3,1255002
Uo5KFSadie Killer and the SuspectsAdult (f)2,9324825
FyobmGlow and BeholdAdult (m)5,0479542
hCEqSOrecchietteAdult (f)2,6556442
42gYwSerologyAdult (f)3,1958572
EXqa5ErgotismAdult (m)5,8021,2383
VIsPASpace StuffHatchling (f, F)2,6514534
ePdwEGrass JellyAdult (f)3,5875284
9Kc6DAiyu JellyHatchling (F)3,9917943
lkYGUGoodbyesAdult (f)4,3318994
fJo82McCulloughAdult (f)3,9658623
vqwpGBlowback BygmyAdult (m)4,1188852
pjuGMmean 'Ooh mama - What is thatAdult (m)5,1228924
jZnxuEmpowered IndividualAdult (m)5,0029303
LVuDAdeodorant you're wearing - It'sAdult (f)3,6067353
MAVZySweet ExistsAdult (m)2,7706282
mpR9oEmbryonic OrigamiHatchling (m, F)3,5316605
myoFxMcIntyreAdult (m)2,6195353
Y7EolFloretta LynchAdult (f)2,8757083
Hu2nPIndigo LeagueAdult (m)4,1426424
nruJ0Cauliflower FloretAdult (m)2,7106085
nUfrTCock-a-LeekieAdult (f)3,5605975
bwQ3Ougly face- Won't let 'emAdult (f)3,1055312
Tg3avI'm lost- Though we may seemAdult (m)2,7174812
8OygABoygaAdult (f)2,9775331
LDZD4Slow-CookerAdult (f)4,1116773
zScu6ScuzzAdult (f)2,9076403
Vgujdlong sigh which I took toAdult (f)3,1556493
cptiNleft' - Then she let out aAdult (m)4,3418244
OrT9cDelacruzAdult (f)4,1707084
pFFGkAll Is Well That Ends WellHatchling (F)3,7538192
GL562Space SpaghettiAdult (m)3,6055273
AoyzYRatliffAdult (m)3,0255952
BTYZRI'll Take a Stab at the ProblemAdult (f)3,6286073
xWepSU-2048Adult (m)6,5169072
lBUCNCardenasAdult (m)5,7348313
SLbMSFishableAdult (m)4,2768622
SUbkAButtmuffinsAdult (f)3,1106061
kh80CSmol and StronkAdult (m)2,7755162
sECmzGreed's GaiaAdult (f)6,7579482
A2Hw6you on the dark side of the moonAdult (f)5,0988232
nafzyCastanedaAdult (f)4,0378673
EP3dOSleepaway CampAdult (m)3,2365513
09bQOGag RuleAdult (m)3,2855673
GHAZgNale and Not NaleAdult (m)4,8649822
eqDBIdifferent tunes- I'llAdult (m)4,4106581
IM3H7got a bunch of ink cartridgesAdult (f)3,6616412
fukhy(fukhy)Adult (f)3,8476845
ygGLwBite AwayAdult (m)3,2634882
m888nA- 1Adult (m)3,4115734
W0FfXPop ConsciousnessAdult (f)3,9166132
ZGEsTdo as the spacemans doAdult (f)3,4677153
z52f7no one can hear  you screamAdult (m)3,4017033
95zh3Fun BagsAdult (f)4,1855983
BwbVlunder the sun is in tune butAdult (m)3,6687055
y7JpTPuckettHatchling (F)3,2076853
Kn95Vstill works kinda and IAdult (m)4,2446495
lNb7UClimby BoyAdult (m)3,4435513
s0jSCsee you on the darkAdult (f)5,0306296
nb4cxMcCrayHatchling (F)2,7534444
7vQQBSpace ElevatorAdult (f)5,2699985
n3EaQAverynice PygmyAdult (f)5,3251,0334
eiWZ4U-1196Adult (m)5,2111,0201
8bYZCUnique and InterestingAdult (f)5,1581,0183
jZ8DyWits and WagersAdult (f)3,5087123
wrkBeWispy BoyAdult (f)3,3505941
aXnLPDiscriminantAdult (f)4,6175882
CxwGGUnbeatable BargainsAdult (m)5,5068381
LjQMmNoncompliantAdult (m)5,4838883
6MNOIdifferent tunes- I'll seeAdult (m)3,8857122
RZTvzthe sun is eclipsed by the moonAdult (f)5,0588353
U9mHFof asking 'Do you want my oldAdult (m)5,9079801
P8WT8supporting you with all ofAdult (m)2,9995601
EAa1GWilierAdult (m)3,2645651
dKz28HubbidAdult (f)3,1355851
G7GcGHewlett-Packard printer - ItAdult (f)2,8344871
1F7pgOlireanAdult (f)2,2185111
ST5BlDjenkolAdult (f)3,8736784
UvSnNUnderservantAdult (f)3,6728021
EsF3Hyou're in starts playingAdult (f)4,6449152
f7gFEand cranny filled- But it'sAdult (m)3,6976572
fc6aT(fc6aT)Adult (f)2,1015482
XWpR1DonzerlyAdult (m)4,1768484
gG5FqAlluringcatAdult (f)3,4585864
HH4ajKiller T CellAdult (m)2,8865763
KiMzR(KiMzR)Dead Hatchling (F)2,5544132
oXiPw(oXiPw)Dead Hatchling (F)2,2982801
ng9QNis eclipsed by the moonAdult (f)3,2376341
BZR69are for your sake we're workingAdult (m)4,6348093
grsXS(grsXS)Adult (f)2,9364781
uOuesHeads and TailHatchling (F)3,1536712
pEP7TOtto NormalverbraucherAdult (m)6,1401,2484
cx998OiyAdult (m)2,9706682
3UXXF(3UXXF)Dead Adult (f)3,3175352
Vh5mXThyristorAdult (m)3,2034741
sUxc7(sUxc7)Dead Hatchling (F)2,0542222
93suf(93suf)Adult (m)3,4546192
Fqo26Rock and Roll WaltzAdult (f)2,7905052
lbuYGSink and SwimAdult (f)3,0555712
O5bQbface' - I arched my eyebrow everAdult (m)4,3498453
FTtonso slightly which was my wayAdult (f)2,8026003
MUIPtRockylandAdult (f)2,7226194
oPOqyHi BasilHatchling (f, F)2,2135121
23Z3iUgeAdult (f)2,9135072
xUuRJWaterhorse AroundAdult (m)3,1555322
btpgjNavigating CoilAdult (m)3,0505312
SsiQHDB5963Adult (m)3,7574843
Cv6zOseems to hear and if the bandAdult (m)3,9495992
NB5SAMubsyAdult (m)2,0825315
W357lMinor ShopAdult (f)
c7JzoSomething something Shi RyuuHatchling (m, F)3,7987843
uz7qyWe believe in peace and loveAdult (m)3,8417553
hkp8hslicing slicing- Filthy germsAdult (f)3,1325203
HnaG1under the sun isAdult (m)2,2944463
ZfTZ2WowwieAdult (f)4,3378813
8gUgDVerwardAdult (f)2,8585542
iknXU1 2 3 4 We are cells at workAdult (m)2,2735494
sKBga(sKBga)Adult (m)4,4666656
15IuoDyson SwarmAdult (f)3,3335712
zHOQrFawning CacophonyAdult (f)2,7725162
mfeagUrxAdult (f)3,8305892
lC4ZSThose Who Slither In the DarkAdult (f)3,8565902
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