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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Chee,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
fSgiWinged Transparency FeathersAdult (f)3,5371,10422
Dp6rTransparent FeathersAdult (f)1,73593230
7kWvAScaleless FeathersAdult (f)1,7287211
ZAds7Moodring FeathersAdult (f)3,2568232
HlFwlAnagallis FeathersAdult (f)4,8637460
xV7JlMirror FeathersAdult (m)4,4077922
eIxW5Mystery FeathersAdult (f)4,3367081
yCQQsShroud FeathersAdult (f)3,5075380
JYNOBAnt FeathersAdult (f)2,7615820
o4XgLAntler FeathersAdult (f)3,1235261
hIWj2(hIWj2)Adult (f)8,3151,8631
lHDox(lHDox)Adult (f)8,5201,9311
po3LZ(po3LZ)Adult (f)8,2971,9250
vCa70Trebble FeathersAdult (f)2,1185890
3bf5bPinkerest FeathersAdult (f)2,9116161
h5Y3fRegal and Royal FeathersAdult (f)5,1378963
uGQiBlack Sail FeathersAdult (f)1,59756537
VZgPaWarrior FeathersAdult (m)2,7776707
2GF1JShadow FeathersAdult (m)2,5988403
vM0aRLeather FeathersAdult (f)2,5549091
GbQzUSoldier FeathersAdult (f)4,6727961
KyxhAArmy FeathersAdult (m)2,7465420
73jtbRoman FeathersAdult (m)3,6195471
aWVIDPond Song FeathersAdult (f)4,3566963
NmD35The Doctor FeathersAdult (m)4,2547201
GTUKBlack Wing FeathersAdult (m)3,0047489
1v2cBone FeathersAdult (f)4,0919063
gOPleMarrow FeathersAdult (f)4,2931,4673
uLvShFracture FeathersAdult (m)2,7508081
UkQNESplint FeathersAdult (m)2,4126711
prYTvTea FeathersAdult (m)2,5568096
rOJ8xSweet Tea FeathersAdult (m)4,7397601
Z55WXSalty FeathersAdult (m)2,9966573
in8nxBloody FeathersAdult (f)3,4871,0194
tib58Weaping FeathersAdult (f)2,5848140
WofPRRed Rum FeathersAdult (m)2,9436670
EcpstMoonbeam FeathersAdult (f)3,5246600
rOOJaBand FeathersAdult (f)5,1859192
8l4waPause FeathersAdult (m)2,6335593
n0TLkBrute FeathersAdult (f)3,4641,0161
xHSzZIron Bull FeathersAdult (f)2,8556571
vLsqWOsiris FeathersAdult (f)2,5927593
BieyhAnubis FeathersAdult (m)2,3646631
SAi8Q(SAi8Q)Adult (m)7,3831,6531
eZL8ELumiere FeathersAdult (m)3,0127940
MkDQTropical FeathersAdult (f)1,6615414
rCnc4Dead Zone FeathersAdult (m)2,3156440
IeTotStalking FeathersAdult (m)2,4846711
t0RidCelest FeathersAdult (f)4,3357601
2TdgWPyrrah FeathersAdult (f)3,6215750
t68OGFenris FeathersAdult (f)3,1998072
eIbSPuny Wings FeathersAdult (m)3,09892830
lIatCute FeathersAdult (f)2,7643549
bpYHUTiny Wings FeathersAdult (f)2,6845120
UfdckCrimson FeathersAdult (f)2,2379103
mamNVFlare FeathersAdult (m)2,2279463
6efgJSmall One FeathersAdult (m)1,8978240
P5VG9Bright Flare FeathersAdult (m)2,8715790
s2aDtGarden FeathersAdult (m)3,6856901
fhG4vThorn FeathersAdult (f)4,4677303
x0s1nDirt FeathersAdult (f)4,5237446
Mq15GMyst FeathersAdult (f)3,3478910
YBMADreaming FeathersAdult (m)1,0535073
28NsDreaming Loveless FeathersAdult (m)2,5846390
9IbKPImagination FeathersAdult (m)2,9656644
CZUdUWisp FeathersAdult (m)2,5515170
O2nkmDreamscape FeathersAdult (f)6,9418170
uKhVDeep Water FeathersAdult (m)60140225
drZNBAbyss FeathersAdult (f)2,4509391
tbk0BTrinket FeathersAdult (m)2,7466274
Uutp4Calas FeathersAdult (m)2,8006050
0pZfUCarbon FeathersAdult (m)4,0597640
uXfkrJem FeathersAdult (m)6,9138140
iqBY6Veri and Ester FeathersAdult (m)3,0186823
DeTZLightning FeathersAdult (f)2,8053926
FGecElectric Charge FeathersAdult (f)93757822
f9jFGlowing Embers FeathersAdult (m)7,9739513
beaKCoal Fire FeathersAdult (f)8,0339583
MV0oCold Fire FeathersAdult (f)3,8009385
jvbKFlame FeathersAdult (f)5,1407743
IAQrFire FeathersAdult (f)3,4062289
2rdPMagma FeathersAdult (m)2,6306332
8atAEmber Glow FeathersAdult (f)3,6439341
2Ga6Bright Ember FeathersAdult (f)2,0245282
DCVi3Cracked FeathersAdult (f)3,8686840
NQFRSFell Flame FeathersAdult (m)3,2638161
kIpPvFalcon FeathersAdult (m)3,5921,0322
BXeMLGodzilla FeathersAdult (m)5,6488753
W4sC8Venom FeathersAdult (f)2,5216182
fYAMPink Flamingo FeathersAdult (m)2,1722904
N1fMDKrill FeathersAdult (f)4,4687421
7BII0Bitten FeathersAdult (m)2,5608003
BVEh9Saphire FeathersAdult (f)4,8117760
FRPDTopaz FeathersAdult (f)1,95087926
MtYTjSherlock and Spock FeathersAdult (f)4,2689632
vJmDlJewel and Gemstone FeathersAdult (f)3,2145500
VxsteSmart and Genius FeathersAdult (m)4,0527500
OTDaGStained Glass FeathersAdult (m)1,3706510
Le0miDrake FeathersAdult (f)3,4059172
2SVV3Pine FeathersAdult (f)4,4278031
55Ww9Dazzle FeathersAdult (m)4,2667376
tgIskCostume FeathersAdult (f)2,4526871
hfIvFSpot FeathersAdult (f)4,1547170
ckg8cChange FeathersAdult (f)4,9361,1745
lsUWwIn The Begining FeathersAdult (m)4,9668561
ijDSbBrave FeathersAdult (f)4,1848856
6Z10TFever Dream FeathersAdult (m)3,4538851
3Nd3Army Shield FeathersAdult (m)1,44661653
LZGkeProtection FeathersAdult (m)3,5201,0002
dAQlTSealed FeathersAdult (f)3,8069726
4vcNcGalaxy FeathersAdult (m)2,8039693
Sj7dHarvest FeathersAdult (f)7,8359474
L9ejHarvesting FeathersAdult (f)3,9049832
VE3tHarvest Apples FeathersAdult (f)4,5163339
SdEPSLove Struck FeathersAdult (m)1,7227830
6CKBICupid FeathersAdult (m)1,6677290
nlkhpToo Hot to Touch FeathersAdult (m)2,9417041
Cj1bAFeminist FeathersAdult (f)3,4011,0413
t8J0ZAsh and Fire FeathersAdult (f)2,5398211
CJFO7Night Terror FeathersAdult (f)4,1981,1874
La76SWrite Love FeathersAdult (m)3,5899392
kXmf0Free Tilikum FeathersAdult (f)2,2657522
QrZkfAstrid FeathersAdult (f)3,4208132
VnjYCandycane FeathersAdult (m)2,36891825
S4qVCandy FeathersAdult (m)1,84074221
iUc9vSugarplum FeathersAdult (m)2,6424470
PivnOrnament FeathersAdult (f)9714004
sXUHCheer FeathersAdult (f)1,1594253
7JUWuHoliday Cheer FeathersAdult (f)2,6004130
r8LYRibbon FeathersAdult (f)2,1106305
LmS8Tree Decoration FeathersAdult (f)2,1696366
Lco5tReflective FeathersAdult (f)2,6274721
qErkjBauble FeathersAdult (f)3,1778550
MN9O2Christmas Present FeathersAdult (m)1,5646762
rc6gZChristmas Tree FeathersAdult (m)1,6257092
4YPvoNew Year FeathersAdult (m)3,4387712
ztCjiEvergreen FeathersAdult (m)3,4957842
rLOSUSecret Santa FeathersAdult (m)3,1588450
9dmoOSleet FeathersAdult (f)3,7918601
HYdYhPermafrost FeathersAdult (f)3,1708840
l3xExEnraged FeathersAdult (m)2,9367280
bcKX4Lion FeathersAdult (m)2,8367230
Tv9l5Roar FeathersAdult (m)3,1648611
fa5wzSlush FeathersAdult (m)3,3224770
EfYoTDusting FeathersAdult (m)3,2124361
jr3nPDasher FeathersAdult (m)3,1318460
SDFnmSing Song FeathersAdult (f)5,0391,1602
98KaMDavid and Goliath FeathersAdult (f)5,8511,1161
15nT2Ember and Dante FeathersAdult (f)4,4487851
J0M7QHook and Dagger FeathersAdult (f)3,2875420
UtH5YHook and Talen FeathersAdult (m)2,7816120
wjtZzHook and Line FeathersAdult (m)12,0871,1886
QYq7Prancing FeathersAdult (m)1,2145733
nCUhdDancer FeathersAdult (m)6,9788180
YnWRCold FeathersAdult (f)1,93793139
mOQOKKya FeathersAdult (f)3,9887491
AWk1Tree FeathersEgg (F)
ZQuCTPerfect FeathersAdult (m)4,5066401
nvLECLamplight FeathersAdult (m)3,4936690
kfc85Hogwarts FeathersAdult (m)20,7821,7786
gGA5Gold Flight FeathersAdult (m)1,39650145
IcARHTeleport FeathersAdult (f)1,6087372
385LUMagi FeathersAdult (f)6,0551,0451
3dHkMMagi Teleport FeathersAdult (m)3,5496490
WgDCYTransport FeathersAdult (f)4,5217420
ZiK5VEnjoy your Flight FeathersAdult (f)3,5267970
YSa1Lava FeathersAdult (m)3,9661,17121
Aw5SrVolcano FeathersAdult (m)3,2318223
6QqglMoonstone FeathersAdult (m)2,3336634
aY5XDMowgli FeathersAdult (m)2,9107770
bejFIMorph FeathersAdult (m)4,1677011
ZXr9Star FeathersAdult (m)1,81344711
VtFeNebula FeathersAdult (m)5,2621,2946
r6ol8Gaze FeathersAdult (f)3,6818411
YUODPretty FeathersAdult (f)3,6209220
G3uXXStarstruck FeathersAdult (f)2,2099315
5V6IDNebulous FeathersAdult (m)3,4256251
JpQ8CRiver and Melody FeathersAdult (f)2,8867831
cZMA6Volotile and Destruction FeatherAdult (m)2,9357980
Rqnd7Valkyrie and Hela FeathersAdult (f)3,3077820
g2krPNeus and Sheamus FeathersAdult (m)3,9805100
YxlHrLonging FeathersAdult (f)5,4747242
QFCfuNorse FeathersAdult (m)13,3821,3323
r7ZuJFlying FeathersAdult (m)2,4809281
T3MHStatue FeathersAdult (m)2,6983947
UTk0Stone Cold FeathersAdult (f)1,04261826
OGprMCarved FeathersAdult (m)3,6088501
TmImkCarved Marble FeathersAdult (m)2,3758910
MIRG8Hauntedhouse FeathersAdult (m)2,4866511
kAU7Book Pages FeathersAdult7,1891,07816
obYCdPillow FeathersAdult (m)2,5914881
ZjDBhDown FeathersAdult (f)3,3231,0131
ribUfSleeping FeathersAdult (f)3,8061,0028
6hLCBFluff FeathersAdult (m)2,4395870
8fB77Fluffly FeathersAdult (m)4,3127211
Q1cdPinkish FeathersAdult (f)1,82384721
3WaDPinker than Pink FeathersAdult (f)58442330
5iRgPinkness FeathersAdult (m)5,3241,2591
LYMfBLightish Red FeathersAdult (f)3,3141,0173
yJ0OZHeart FeathersAdult (m)2,2645181
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