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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New types of dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Chee,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
G62qFAwareness FeathersAdult (m)4,4677245
WDh4OBabysitter FeathersAdult (f)2,7995400
Nks78Tinsel FeathersAdult (f)3,1271,0116
klbja24k FeathersAdult (f)3,2971,1254
YuUtJMistletoe FeathersAdult (f)4,7147962
KS4jPumpkin Seeds FeathersAdult (f)1,45587219
DbUOFall Harvest FeathersAdult (m)1,29379221
Bnt3Halloween FeathersAdult (m)2,8714754
MZdhBPumpkin Pie FeathersAdult (m)3,2121,2153
H8YMGPumpkin Spice FeathersAdult (m)2,5947791
ODcQPurple Beauty FeathersAdult (f)1,31755635
ek518Bella FeathersAdult (f)2,2689731
HJEg4Magenta FeathersAdult (m)4,5791,3970
XeASBTeenage Dream FeathersAdult (f)2,7986401
7zy1NPyro FeathersAdult (f)3,5588431
apGdeBlood FeathersAdult (m)3,4826380
0XGVrMarine FeathersAdult (f)2,5208013
IIGCMountain FeathersAdult (m)3,1673324
QAobRosebud FeathersAdult (f)5,1231,3248
RO1kPetal FeathersAdult (f)5,2781,2402
mHQqxBlue Summer FeathersAdult (f)5,3257503
XI2aVSea Foam FeathersAdult (f)4,9297702
Ch6VoDuchess FeathersAdult (f)2,7105730
GDW0NGoodwin FeathersAdult (f)5,0239202
WsqD1Valkyrie FeathersAdult (f)5,7299141
OlMLVQueen FeathersAdult (f)3,5331,0323
dEimAMaroon FeathersAdult (m)5,8651,1262
ezdiRLong live the Queen FeathersAdult (m)4,5737532
lChHYSaphira FeathersAdult (f)4,4897841
UoFLhGemshard FeathersAdult (m)4,2205641
xq3teCrystaline FeathersAdult (f)3,3307960
eSic9Yang FeathersAdult (f)4,4525341
f1aweSharp FeathersAdult (m)3,9316631
Fqt2TLINE FeathersAdult (f)4,9516202
RxKoSTheatre FeathersAdult (f)20,5121,7908
sprVLeaf FeathersAdult (m)1,0405033
gYLIFall FeathersAdult (f)5,2947903
BzK05Summer Loving FeathersAdult (m)3,7989665
DlBYOSummer FeathersAdult (f)2,8416442
SDrNWinter FeathersAdult (f)2,5405910
cqCREBlizzard FeathersAdult (m)3,0497911
e9WZePearl FeathersAdult (f)1,2266050
d69o2Pearl Necklace FeathersAdult (f)1,2416190
qPLS4Ghost FeathersAdult (f)3,2681,2612
dkTElFading FeathersAdult (m)2,2919812
SIcA5Invisible FeathersAdult (f)2,7541,1431
RWjWgGhostly FeathersAdult (f)2,3949930
78OXfMist FeathersAdult (f)3,0401,1760
RMwuX(RMwuX)Adult (m)8,3001,9060
fnE6Gold dust FeathersAdult (f)1,7086168
40fnySterling FeathersAdult (m)3,4186834
LHuguSilver Summer FeathersAdult (m)4,3206833
2UkPoFantasy FeathersAdult (m)2,3354711
TnsRKPixie FeathersAdult (f)2,9306031
eX6e1Pixie Garden FeathersAdult (f)5,7109031
VIRbNSoul Searching FeathersAdult (f)3,3135444
RMWPNSoulless FeathersAdult (f)3,4545756
yrZ8PSpeckled Band FeathersAdult (m)2,1655832
IbK7xFreckles FeathersAdult (m)2,7426731
5vtMxAvian FeathersAdult (m)3,7175861
JHTk5Chicken Pox FeathersAdult (f)3,2935522
nQtOhFull Moon FeathersAdult (f)6,4689642
vQWbiWizard FeathersAdult (f)3,5216730
KRq8vWarden FeathersAdult (m)4,7497580
2pDBNMystic FeathersAdult (f)3,9617760
7fnj7Spitting FeathersAdult (m)2,8273797
BfGLEbony and Ivory FeathersAdult (f)3,9942749
MJgnAsh and Flame FeathersAdult (f)91758128
coqHMHearts and Roses FeathersAdult (m)1,2695946
Eidv4Star and Wars FeathersAdult (f)2,5318223
1UvMvSpotted FeathersAdult (m)1,5606195
r5ZfDStone FeathersAdult (f)2,8417022
bzhGQDawn FeathersAdult (f)4,4587710
BpTKRed Glow Dorkface FeathersAdult (f)51231856
1G6mEvening Song FeathersAdult (m)91354718
5OMRuLullaby FeathersAdult (m)3,3107165
ypIkdSleepsong FeathersAdult (m)5,7869020
qc5UfSunstone FeathersAdult (f)2,4416576
mF0rlWingman FeathersAdult (f)4,2436113
SPuUPGemstone FeathersAdult (f)1,8898351
Y4PacGem FeathersAdult (f)6,0131,0071
aBrnTSun Stone FeathersAdult (f)5,9189720
IBq8TOrb Tale FeathersAdult (m)2,9076422
FD0s5Swallow FeathersAdult (m)3,2998736
TRN99Flight FeathersAdult (m)3,2374128
iIDYEBird FeathersAdult (f)2,5975340
skt8KArachnid FeathersAdult (f)2,4106300
L6vXDSpider FeathersAdult (m)4,8547481
yj7r1Eight FeathersAdult (m)3,2388011
gr5EeGreen FeathersAdult (m)4,1238753
7qkbPurple FeathersAdult (m)2,4666725
HDxQOLoyal FeathersAdult (f)3,4571,0705
Sx9GhBattle Scar FeathersAdult (m)2,5838192
MF3MbSpike FeathersAdult (f)3,4128951
WHMs0Battle FeathersAdult (m)4,2787122
jtQcBPolution FeathersAdult (f)4,4051,0877
PU6wrGamora and Nebula FeathersAdult (f)3,0566924
wJDRHLand and Sea FeathersAdult (m)6,8937731
ZMBoHUndine FeathersAdult (f)4,3867621
7RRGBWeather FeathersAdult (f)3,9787561
1N8BPHeart Beat FeathersAdult (f)1,9428212
jsXTNight FeathersAdult (m)1,8621,04864
q9oTFanged FeathersAdult (f)1,47067721
NWAHBat FeathersAdult (f)5,1903468
oFqYNighttime Scar FeathersAdult (m)2,84032614
hjo3Fang FeathersAdult (m)90056229
Ql0vPoison FeathersAdult (f)5,4408024
FqY6Biting FeathersAdult (m)3,5909163
fHa2Nightmare FeathersAdult (f)2,0845842
pVLKLHissing FeathersAdult (m)3,0447363
G2rtPNecromancy FeathersAdult (f)2,9815682
oiHjZFright FeathersAdult (m)5,2737031
rHrZrReylo FeathersAdult (f)3,9746601
VKYUnSwimming FeathersAdult (m)5,4551,0092
A0eUDPascal FeathersAdult (f)2,3418790
nioKRain Drop FeathersAdult (m)3,7951,04939
F8njSnow White FeathersAdult (f)4,5998894
HAHvnHaven FeathersAdult (m)2,0345910
NFhEzMerlin FeathersAdult (m)3,1565921
zhzvYWeiss FeathersAdult (f)4,3797561
f3q5uMageling FeathersAdult (m)5,1996921
IEACsWitchy FeathersAdult (m)2,0176730
C4VqnWand FeathersAdult (f)1,9596491
y3cgDWitch FeathersAdult (m)1,9936710
btPsHSpell FeathersAdult (f)2,0306710
G2KD0Hex FeathersAdult (f)2,0896950
nQyZeMage FeathersAdult (m)2,0766720
ehROoFight me to Explain FeathersAdult (f)5,6351,1426
DhdZkPaper Weight FeathersAdult (f)3,3408161
r0n6KSnake FeathersAdult (m)3,4601,0492
9pULRCrowned FeathersAdult (f)3,5171,0340
3HM7Space FeathersAdult (f)1,63872921
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