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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “Catlover3288,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
86k3(86k3)Egg (F)
k4kZc(k4kZc)Adult (f)2,5017352
WJd3j(WJd3j)Adult (m)2,8344581
tpABU(tpABU)Adult (m)2,6584411
KzAFo(KzAFo)Dead Egg110
aoVmu(aoVmu)Adult (m)3,0324522
e3OBv(e3OBv)Adult (f)3,2024312
Mnx2N(Mnx2N)Adult (m)3,0444721
CTClU(CTClU)Adult (m)2,8224581
bjb0G(bjb0G)Adult (m)2,8904751
d8bI3(d8bI3)Adult (f)2,7174411
aF1edCatlover3288Adult (f)6,9141,47119
EPwYvCat ThuwedAdult (m)1,50769911
NUfK8Neglected  DragonAdult (f)8,50163651
MUF1eThe Black AltAdult (f)5,70972515
k6UQJYou Weren't supposed to grow upAdult (f)3,6408918
gLhIeGit OutAdult (f)2,49975013
IuPUsBlack BluewolfAdult (f)3,7451,10810
ytPdNTigre de la NocheAdult (f)10,5271,1216
MsMe6Holidays hollydaysAdult (m)2,8689628
afMgBLove the LaceAdult (m)3,9597534
W0CqVSitting Alt of BlacknessHatchling (f, F)2,6308274
AiR5EAirseHatchling (F)8273492
jpWflGolden  PromiseAdult (m)4,95195034
bT7DVThe Yellow DragonAdult (m)7,9211,01338
9t4J6The Favorite ColorAdult (f)8,2901,21553
JemnfThe Beautiful GemAdult (f)6,36088518
Dl0TUThe Dark QueenAdult (f)6,5841,12819
kodL9AGYIAdult (f)7,50982626
emK0TZagrosAdult (f)6,3671,16520
XhRSRThe BelleAdult (f)7,4731,01425
9QIAuThe Golden PromiseAdult (m)6,1051,1087
i9TMBBrilliance GoldAdult (f)2,9251,2499
NIp6JCheery CheerAdult (m)4,6231,01312
pmre8Wittle TinselHatchling (m, F)8,9651,0187
vZbQYCute GoldieHatchling (F)2,9824938
XdqDThe Aluminium FoilAdult (m)5,5071,09835
dCOZkThe Morchaint TreeAdult (f)5,42298423
LGJQVThe Silvery BlissAdult (m)5,6771,69228
T2Dq2The Shiny QuarterAdult (m)4,2591,15428
RbkALThe Pink MinkAdult (m)5,6621,38334
BQvbLPerplexicaAdult (m)5,33488026
2HuStThe Black JewelAdult (m)5,81886535
3rJfYThe Glittering BoltAdult (m)5,0061,12234
a3lK4Finally Bred SphereAdult (m)5,5306659
IvPXiThe Leafy OneAdult (m)5,19989517
oAHYDWindy TinselAdult (f)9,31991012
jCfv2FlarewindAdult (f)5,2381,2855
YcKMvNanoAdult (m)4,4721,0305
KoB20Losing My SilverAdult (m)8,9228031
kRXajBerlidsAdult (m)4,31299416
Br7rKSilver tinsel hatchlingHatchling (F)2,1167323
vcutThe Forgotten SecretAdult (m)5,5861,12490
k95VThe Rusty SwordAdult (m)6,0261,65945
5jWS9The Lost KinAdult (m)7,40697013
lBSnYBronze FlamboAdult (m)7,42398410
mSdHiThe Singer of All SongsAdult (f)5,3281,45031
DQnS9The Stargate ChildAdult (m)6,51399337
Lovd8And She Will Be LovedAdult (f)7,35786519
ZlJjkThe Bleeped TinselAdult (m)6,63886411
aBjIvJeeboo FlameAdult (m)5,9541,1059
6dlobThe Feathery RoseAdult (f)7,0571,01012
ZDkvrThe Shaking LegAdult (m)3,51999511
YEiVXThe SoulfireAdult (m)7,85078014
TPTjMRebel LightAdult (m)3,0011,0617
C69F9Galletian BronzeAdult (m)4,9081,17326
GhaXmThe Amber AshAdult (f)5,9211,16114
1fEGLKhaki TinselAdult (m)7,89590114
G0m88Breezed BayAdult (f)4,4421,3044
FeOFtPurple FeoAdult (f)4,9911,1318
THDvCSincerioAdult (m)6,6721,0984
ZDVHpNebulenaAdult (f)8,7101,39218
HlSRgThorned VineAdult (f)4,6931,1862
W6OUlLittle Pink Defier YouAdult (m)4,2249126
Pvgl5Gift of Beautifuldragon5000Adult (m)4,29397812
tk0a3Loving KinHatchling (f, F)2,6809874
8hd2gSelioHatchling (F)2,10945319
ucJi9Tetras GoldesAdult (m)6,7881,06210
CHU8GWinter TwistAdult (f)6,7781,27312
6kA3xLimey DimeyAdult (f)5,4651,05612
JveUkSilver DilverAdult (m)2,47876515
fFOBkShiny Fish ScaleHatchling (F)6,49949515
bOkoUOnesy TwoseyAdult (f)4,5369876
vUXsbBelieved TeaAdult (m)4,3111,10012
y97VkNot So LevitoAdult (m)3,6831,1936
EdoZPShika MushroomsAdult (m)2,4405706
KMKIpBlarngeAdult (m)2,1898432
vikILPenny ChangeAdult (f)9,3671,28921
Ew6K4Brownie CopperAdult (m)2,5035470
JyZoiCopper DopperAdult (m)6,4677904
gF22CGoldie WyvernAdult (m)4,7421,1194
P6oVAElder ScrollsAdult (m)5,2991,1755
gBqA7Shiny Dawg GoldAdult (m)2,4719731
PCIiqFrilled GoldenAdult (m)3,1101,1001
7paaiCole-slawAdult (m)1,46147710
7PbSnDon't look back in angerAdult (f)3,1021,1222
1JjfJLendaAdult (f)5,1471,1595
xzuiCGodie WyvernieAdult (f)1,79565412
7ilhdJin LeapAdult (f)2,2628901
o0DNsWyvs RuleAdult (m)6,1301,3472
tiTahThreebie GoldieAdult (f)5,5301,5316
H6BegGleamAdult (m)3,04482248
ZfDaK5 Golden EggsAdult (m)3,37065115
bS5psShining Gold SnipAdult (m)4,7461,24212
7t91sCrumpled GoldAdult (m)2,08280612
ceharCeharAdult (m)3,4378067
hVig1MidonAdult (m)4,0286243
8qgNmJack of the BlackAdult (m)2,08982318
5wpp3Pee BeeAdult (m)6,5248794
Gwo7uShining ThriceAdult (m)5,7679602
IPn5dThe Golden JungleAdult (f)5,89585432
6dl9eGoldwindAdult (f)3,23286015
hNtTlYellow DragonAdult (f)3,41680315
dqQgkSecond Golden SnitchAdult (f)2,57072019
elRCqWittle GoldieHatchling (m, F)3,3471,12417
Zi7bDThe Precious MetalAdult (m)4,60781621
Ebka5GlowyAdult (m)6,7521,52131
if1HhStefanAdult (m)2,8051,01715
ttfTXBroken ClickerAdult (m)2,97687015
IstVuSilver VerreAdult (m)3,2061,0789
hu7jHSilvery StripeAdult (m)5,1851,10716
KSEhqSilver BoyAdult (m)5,1261,39616
d0ZDLThree CurvedAdult (m)1,89477015
nREv3The Next GenAdult (m)5,9481,08614
PsQr3Moon BirdAdult (m)2,3958815
sQgj2SilverWindsAdult (f)2,59669023
fV7hTRawr SilverAdult (f)1,92554333
rKMTkCelestial EnemyAdult (f)7,9121,40317
wZUTAWho cares SadfaceAdult (f)1,5336421
YGB1MIna SilverAdult (f)4,9871,31216
QNrC8SchwampAdult (f)3,3921,17612
ZVactShiny Pink FurAdult (f)4,5089364
PKuaKAngel-HeartAdult (f)4,6331,2287
Liv3PQueenie ValentineAdult (f)2,7339258
B6chvDM MdAdult (f)2,8347993
C3Ng9Sweet ManAdult (m)4,5431,2969
E0QBSRose ManAdult (m)2,84794012
3nOzHMs GalaxyAdult (m)6,6761,51610
y8NSVLovely SweetAdult (m)2,5386535
mZK91Ribbon ToastAdult (f)3,13995710
cEjvNRosalingAdult (f)3,3559659
8eq4EI Seekith Thoust HeartAdult (m)1,7507852
RVnuXDeerfireAdult (m)1,7597593
EfHwLRed TefflonAdult (m)2,9681,0022
4PHZgTelriusAdult (m)3,0128213
6rjsbRadia angAdult (m)2,4628001
vyRtLRadian DragonAdult (m)2,5298311
fY05BBuleckupAdult (f)1,8955802
tFLW1As in gimme a nameAdult (f)2,1706363
F8f9JApron LoveAdult (f)6,4311,3853
4SKWVArsan tiAdult (f)3,8411,2514
coPPL2 bee flyAdult (f)2,7718002
jPmL7HeartstoleAdult (f)2,0306804
VwfvFStealer's DelightAdult (f)1,9946841
H5F6sPumpersAdult (m)5,2071,6376
pGdNiPumpkiny PumpkinAdult (m)4,8951,4454
NIuDNDumpkin PumpkinAdult (m)2,6561,0351
MTeLsPumpkin Pygmy DragonHatchling (F)1,1564965
cCo1ASkulleyAdult (m)6,7941,5768
Zci1IDeadly InnocenceAdult (m)7,1611,5858
W4LnoButcheryAdult (m)6,5031,57715
V8TBZSeriliusAdult (m)3,6707407
snccqSleepin InAdult (m)4,5571,4706
C2hZAHildaAdult (f)6,4571,5599
jGPmMBigHornsAdult (m)2,9811,1272
0PSfhTurn LilAdult (m)2,2678872
Dmf4FBlaireAdult (f)6,8831,67110
FQrjHCrowBeakAdult (f)2,9601,0914
O5iP2Marrow SkullHatchling (m, F)2,4479725
bO2rHMarrow HatchieHatchling (F)1,2405326
thJZvFrozen MarrowHatchling (F)1,3495738
U5tADLurker of the CavernAdult (m)1,6687431
Mu806Dragon of Lurking CavernsAdult (m)1,7037751
qKOs9Dem MusclesAdult (m)1,6727702
XiWLP(XiWLP)Adult (m)1,6367741
UnMP9(UnMP9)Adult (f)1,7017761
1RaL7(1RaL7)Adult (f)1,6397672
vv4oZ(vv4oZ)Adult (f)1,7177851
RwP6c(RwP6c)Adult (f)5,4133631
qy1Gp(qy1Gp)Adult (f)5,3413571
pzxLq(pzxLq)Adult (f)4,3092881
1tEsw(1tEsw)Adult (f)5,1833461
AiXmq(AiXmq)Adult (f)4,6603121
ylTdA(ylTdA)Adult (m)5,2453501
dv33L(dv33L)Adult (m)4,5303621
eNpZkWhite Ghost DragonAdult (m)5,4691,0464
0Ea7RClay DragonAdult (f)5,9501,1824
hBJ6dMoldedAdult (f)5,8951,0763
qYDnLBred Ghost DragonAdult (m)2,8871,1604
gMhtiTensed Ghost is WatchingAdult (m)5,7531,1043
BrSPPPudgeyAdult (m)5,4911,0853
4FgBhLasperAdult (f)5,2641,1113
EE1XjWitch CraftAdult (f)2,9901,1537
D1tkZMisty CloudHatchling (f, F)3,6941,2974
UD0NT(UD0NT)Adult (f)2,2536202
s8gOr(s8gOr)Adult (m)2,4996393
cDLBN(cDLBN)Adult (f)2,6026644
GHiKy(GHiKy)Adult (m)2,6776692
vsnsA(vsnsA)Adult (f)2,4236312
HzONv(HzONv)Adult (m)2,3715882
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