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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AppleBeesmomma,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
22O70ABM's November CBAdult (f)5,8731,0723
FWg8VABM's December CBAdult (m)4,0969871
J4HqiABM's McMac 2GAdult (m)3,5298342
kxwCdABM's Mint TinselkinAdult (m)2,7146922
Y6RtKABM's Mint Bubble 2GAdult (f)7,0208013
EfcyaABM'sSomething Minty 2GAdult (m)6,9497642
x3hbHABM's Mint Soap 2GAdult (f)7,0307711
07jJsABM's Minty Secrets 2GAdult (f)6,4917823
DZAMcABMs Jammin Mint CBAdult (f)6,7139442
obdu3ABM's Horse Ride 3GAdult (m)11,2681,2192
8HvTBABM's Horse Power 2GAdult (m)11,3931,1894
RGy85ABM's Like a Horse 2GAdult (m)11,2471,2202
BfS8kABM's Lady Monarch CBAdult (f)8,2181,0761
qZMrVABMs Stroke Of Luck CBAdult (m)7,5341,0323
7XOALABMs Monarch I CBAdult (f)6,2746772
yJXmJABMs Monarch II CBAdult (f)6,5726571
E5FD1ABMs Monarch III CBAdult (f)6,6476401
JGCPvABMs Butterfly Migration CBAdult (f)10,7601,3312
RUnRVABMs Runaway 2GAdult (f)13,0851,1743
6BY4SABMs Monarch 2GAdult (m)6,8356558
v6ECCABMs Magma Monarch 2GAdult (f)8,4481,0202
NmaBcABM's Blue Crystal CBAdult (f)4,0679902
vPRiMABM's Blue Diamond CBAdult (m)4,0791,0102
FEcq1ABM's Blue Mist CBAdult (m)85944629
tCqX0ABM's Blue Dream CBAdult (m)6,6771,0396
HheF4ABM's Blue Angel CBAdult (f)2,3239273
BGfRSABM's Blue Fog CBAdult (m)3,5866973
UlUHGABM's Blue Jewel CBAdult (m)5,3048771
uB6IZABM's Chinese New Year CBAdult (m)5,9648695
bhRvDABM's Blue Moon Stone CBAdult (f)3,1617691
eEwKhABM's Moon Son CBAdult (m)7,7491,0924
bMR14ABM's Kanu Moon CBAdult (m)7,8151,1302
FdPuL(FdPuL)Adult (f)6,8768673
Va6rj(Va6rj)Adult (f)6,7367621
oAjYKABM's Great Oak CBAdult (m)6,8941,2100
B0325ABM's Boss Man CBAdult (m)4,2126441
Op05tABMs False Start CBAdult (m)9,0239812
qXh5e(qXh5e)Adult (m)6,0288946
ajcLU(ajcLU)Adult (m)6,6411,0761
atJtABM's Purple Sparkles CBAdult (m)1,29465426
ptVOABM's Blue Star CBAdult (f)67847228
JCeC5ABM's Blue Magic CBAdult (f)4,1051,3247
9NAmsABM's Blue Nyala  2GPAdult (f)6,4851,41211
A8K7LABM's Purple Paradise CBAdult (m)4,4651,03111
ZsHIYABM's Sparkling Rain 2GPAdult (f)2,4536234
VceMrABM's Sparkling Water PBDAdult (m)2,6336704
YIpugABM's Karru CBAdult (m)2,4148041
HHm1hABM's Blue Glory CBAdult (f)2,4398341
DOCm4ABM's Sparkling Flower CBAdult (f)2,5138121
o5QnAABM's Fantasy CBAdult (f)2,1277452
nTZ26ABM's Midnight CBAdult (m)2,1587591
bmHBoABM's Vae Soli CBAdult (m)1,8466784
7EHOnABM's Star Trek CBAdult (m)4,9487018
n9Rr9ABM's Blue Light CBAdult (f)5,5527002
6kX9aABM's Blue Comet CBAdult (f)4,2138283
hneDTABM's Alpha Carinae II 2GPBAdult (f)2,7546033
LE2lpABM's Alpha III CBAdult (m)9,1901,3283
kPmWrABM's Light Mercury 3EGAdult (m)5,5241,2032
Ca2ZAABM's Purple Nebula BDAdult (m)2,4716982
9GaClABM's Aaamazzara 2GPBAdult (m)6,2921,0734
5ajkdABM's Adelphous IV 2GPBAdult (m)5,7021,1133
y13v8ABM's Armus IX 3GAdult (m)3,1548042
FAKk9ABM's Aschelan V 3GAdult (f)3,0238192
tSoLEABM's tSoLE 4GAdult (f)4,3221,1362
QEiIdABMs Super Nebula CBAdult (m)3,1954193
44edIABM's Alondra CBAdult (m)6,6081,0892
9BS63ABM's Achrady VII CBAdult (m)4,6155723
dirN9ABM's Algeron IV CBAdult (f)9,4831,3327
RLiXcABM'sAlfa 177 CBAdult (f)5,1308151
do4AvABM's Ajilon Prime CBAdult (m)3,4397663
DScU5ABM's Alderaan CBAdult (m)5,8289874
g0jOgABM's Adigeon Prime CBAdult (f)4,9578173
6bkYkABM's Aldebaran III  CBAdult (f)3,3288194
eVTCjABM's Akritiri CBAdult (f)2,3871,2001
2VieHABM's Acamar III CBAdult (f)2,8887252
NGnq7ABM's Aldea CBAdult (f)2,8247372
AGWmRABM's Alastria CBAdult (m)2,6867371
d4nLAABM's Adarak Prime CBAdult (f)3,1337017
ztjjmABM's Akaali homeworld 2GPBAdult (m)6,1471,0971
pVLtqABM's Green Passion 2GAdult (m)4,4531,2783
dCe1MABM's Wishful Thinking 2GAdult (m)2,2086173
67UrABM's Green Light CBAdult (f)1,7173806
Di6uABM's Green Treasure CBAdult (f)1,8994359
KMCoABM's Green Treat CBAdult (m)3,64355819
l3dWTABM's Silvio CBAdult (m)4,6728413
B20tcABM's Francis CBAdult (m)5,3959251
imcRGABM's Delores CBAdult (f)3,9317921
Q9XyoABM's Wind Storm CBAdult (m)4,5709772
pIv7aABMs Double Double CBAdult (m)9,2581,0072
y5i6CABMs Live Wire 2GAdult (f)8,4061,1036
YhWkXABM's Galactic Nexus CBAdult (f)7,0267542
GKuA6(GKuA6)Adult (f)5,9358323
O76gABM's Blue Bonnet CBAdult (f)3,87299117
EHtaABM's Blue Bird CBAdult (f)1,00345510
QqBkABM's Blue Jay CBAdult (m)2,8584827
m58XABM's Vandea CBAdult (f)60344624
vTJMCABM's Huctorru BDAdult (m)6,1781,0984
m9pFZABM's CCC Fendee CBAdult (m)6,8581,5753
RDjv2ABM's CCC Crazy Day CBAdult (f)7,3641,6492
1NFeHABM's CCC Project Runway CBAdult (f)6,7051,1535
cq7PuABM's CCC Dark Chocolate CBAdult (f)5,3658341
AL1v4ABM's CCC Shadowdale BDAdult (f)7,2541,1678
vEsltABM's CCC Keeper PBDAdult (f)7,0051,5309
bcBTdABM's CCC Trooper CBAdult (f)2,4897281
Ch4hYABM's CCC Night N Day CBAdult (m)5,6089743
c4NvPABM's CCC Frosty Freeze CBAdult (f)5,6979643
0vacHABM's CCC Hondura CBAdult (f)5,5939584
dto6aABM's Polaris Night CBAdult (m)2,5138505
56MOHABM's Night Moth CBAdult (m)6,3051,3889
be1DiABM's Be Happy CBAdult (f)7,2151,1892
nFFTaABM's Troll CBAdult (m)5,8799063
4YWAmABM's Gargoil CBAdult (f)3,8095981
a3vqwABM's Total Eclipse CBAdult (m)2,6336882
df6I1ABM's Night Walker 2GPBAdult (m)3,2143933
jRDBOABM's Night CBAdult (m)3,9701,2220
yfhINABMs Knock Knock CBAdult (f)8,6629760
tdTZYABMs Whos There CBAdult (f)8,6949551
uvbnqABMs I'm Real CBAdult (f)9,0639461
0LMYABM's Oh My CBAdult (m)2,92630210
ROhnABM's Rouge CBAdult (m)2,6033655
5NrhABM's Five Star CBAdult (f)2,8533837
f1MqABM's Fantastic Four CBAdult (m)2,36340211
36FEmABM's Humble CBAdult (m)4,9581,0173
g601oABM's Oso CBAdult (m)3,8208445
E0ZulABM's Sandy Rebel CBAdult (m)4,8568000
Hl8TvABM's Chandler CBAdult (m)2,5726420
TJNc6ABM's TJNc6 FRZHatchling (F)1,5281892
2WXjrABM's Yowl CBAdult (m)3,3366943
sMdA3ABM's Groan CBAdult (f)4,4407734
ySbkfABM's Moan CBAdult (m)2,7387491
Xh5EOABM's Howl CBAdult (f)2,7267153
pNuT5ABM's Screech CBAdult (f)3,5327893
9a4DsABM's Wimper CBAdult (m)6,0481,2113
noTS4ABM's Yicky CBAdult (m)5,6751,2312
XRQMmABMs Still Nasty 2GAdult (f)8,1311,2835
Skz45ABMs Olive Bitsy 2GAdult (f)8,7011,2612
ZplEpABM's Funtooee BDAdult (m)7,6711,2103
lLBtcABM's Fiona CBAdult (f)5,7561,0445
iiFCWABM's Fluff Ball PBDAdult (m)5,0911,5025
83cq5ABM's Floreena CBAdult (f)6,6441,0057
F84aDABM's Frescia CBAdult (f)7,1081,6635
LAEOEABM's Fluff N' Stuff CBAdult (f)3,2041,0532
SEGWRABM's Plush Pillow CBAdult (m)4,6348115
dho5nABM's Full of Stuffing CBAdult (m)6,8051,3764
06NmOABM's Sharda 2GCLAdult (f)5,1736256
atjenABM's Cashmere CBAdult (f)4,3674075
sQthGABM's Plush Cloud 2GAdult (m)7,4781,0304
i0HkDABM's Downy Soft 2GAdult (m)4,9307142
p2AhlABM's Pillow Song CBAdult (m)7,2481,1422
R7uOWABM's Snuggle Soft CBAdult (m)2,4427635
EoIsqABM's Cotton Whisper CBAdult (m)2,3437215
hLCMiABm's Orthopedic Pleasure CBAdult (m)3,0605153
iHfkDABM's Sleep Tight CBAdult (m)3,0764471
fDARhABM's Nighty Night CBAdult (m)3,9923443
n9JbZABM's Twilight Dreams CBAdult (m)1,5967001
FHmdWABM's Downy Fresh CBAdult (m)4,5951,0271
CLgStABM's Laughing Pillow CBAdult (f)4,0238401
T6wjrABM's Snuggle Time CBAdult (f)3,5986931
VUjiZABM's Pillow Crush CBAdult (m)6,0111,1893
yl8HmABMs Screeching Pillow Fight 2GAdult (m)5,9987813
RNkGABM's Pink Foundation CBAdult (f)8776998
7bVSABM's Pink Passion CBAdult (f)63641039
PXxfABM's Willow CBAdult (f)77442643
6KWcABM's Elm BDAdult (f)2,88629510
0aWcABM's Pink Paradise BDAdult (m)2,02225713
DWdNTABM's Sunday Pink BDAdult (m)5,5741,0721
VQEhjABM's Happy Go Lucky CBAdult (m)2,4571,7135
SEWkOABM's Pink Pixie PBDAdult (f)2,5146966
JtPD2ABM's Lucky Pink CBAdult (m)4,6381,1232
QR7p8ABM's Pink Fever BDAdult (f)5,4961,6424
JJZSqABM's Pink Freeze CBAdult (m)4,5821,4883
JOOLIABM's Vive Ut Vivas BDAdult (f)5,0569403
1LcN1ABM's Flower Girl BDAdult (f)1,8834791
IR6kEABM's Pink Yatzee 4GAdult (m)4,0446993
LcGI5ABM's The Last Stand CBAdult (m)6,2701,1202
iLf8fABM's PINK CBAdult (f)3,8519214
FCE7mABM's Pink Promises CBAdult (f)2,3687751
mqitJABM's Man About The Town CBAdult (m)3,8687981
HNfZPABM's PINK Kurru 2GAdult (f)4,3731,3122
VZX9CABMs Mr Pink CBAdult (m)7,8841,0863
5gnJsABMs Pink Dynasty 2GAdult (m)5,6458051
pAkVOABMs Lucky Passion 2GAdult (m)5,9337851
OWKKv(OWKKv)Adult (f)7,2518360
efsJbABM's Golden Desire BDAdult (f)6,79469533
ORNgMABM's Tinseled Mystique BDAdult (m)7,63481625
6SiXEABM's Zulu BDAdult (f)7,72551538
HMjvUABM's Zen BDAdult (f)8,93959818
tSmsSABM's Golden Vine BDAdult (f)5,63588114
1O1ESABM's Veritas Lux MeaAdult (f)7,0767665
R9OHrABM's Verba VolantAdult (f)8,1658716
2ZHWsABM's Zaffara BDAdult (f)7,53859418
VPPASABM's Tinsel SunAdult (f)6,5408373
LjvFPABM's Tinsel HalloweenAdult (m)3,0569605
OKk0vABM's Zeus Of TinselsAdult (m)4,0201,1943
DPNg0ABM's Golden Magma BDAdult (f)4,88094410
62ncGABM's Sunny Gold 5SSAdult (f)4,8261,0812
eYPjfABM's Golden Viney 11SSAdult (f)8,3861,1023
07zoUABM's Halloween Prize SSAdult (f)12,4941,2883
EuBXRABM's Morning Glory ThuwedAdult (f)6,75796722
scAu6ABM's Silver Serenity Thuwed BDAdult (f)7,32768520
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