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Welcome to Dragon Cave! Dragon Cave is an online adoptables game. Collect eggs, raise them to adulthood, and then breed them to cre­ate interesting lineages. New dragons are added regularly!

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You pick up the scroll labeled “AppleBeesmomma,” and see small sketches of dragons along with information about them.
DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
eVejyABM's Lil Bit CBAdult (m)2,2106103
kFCAPABM's Pippin CBAdult (f)3,2187138
xlPDjABMs Idle CBAdult (m)2,1626282
dulbaABMs Dulba CBAdult (f)7,9041,0511
fK9YcABMs Fenex CBAdult (m)8,1041,0411
dePkFABMs Back Woods CBAdult (m)7,7728473
e6D4ABM's Kindred CBAdult (m)9657839
JBykABM's Sassy CBAdult (f)2,7971,4624
EUGspABM's Kinkaid CBAdult (m)1,3955113
GGciKABM's Hope Floats CBAdult (f)10,4961,0464
FRiO8ABM's Tonto CBAdult (m)2,8906441
MHOKlABM's Tilly CBAdult (f)4,1679640
OP7eJABM's Tucker CBAdult (m)4,5971,0070
DlNqPABM's Frozen Day FRZHatchling (m, F)5,0887292
0WyTABM's Zazu 2GAdult (m)3,04327014
NQvHjABM's Night Hawk CBAdult (m)3,8383883
YeUNAABM's Satis Superque CBAdult (f)2,1447623
LPsPTABM's Night Guard CBAdult (f)7,2511,1782
QjVQaABM's Night Breeze CBAdult (f)7,1761,1452
c7fLRABM's Night Moon CBAdult (f)2,6547813
GjLCxABM's Night Striker CBAdult (f)3,1017534
WfC8ABM's Amphu CBAdult (m)68948120
I1tBEABM's Sun Song CBAdult (m)5,9701,2143
mDJRbABM's Sound of Music CBAdult (m)4,8231,1084
ZhajeABM's Sunny Days CBAdult (f)6,8441,1273
G7Zd0ABM's Shinning Light CBAdult (f)6,8921,1502
5tHmqABM's Shine On CBAdult (f)5,5309220
W3ohlABM's Delta Dawn CBAdult (f)4,1729513
W7NmdABM's Lord of the Flies CBAdult (m)4,2429302
AlEoRABM's Red Gem CBAdult (m)4,8717591
MJl20ABM's Red Stone CBAdult (f)2,2696473
KWGT9ABM's Jarhead CBAdult (f)3,4634223
FyUBFABM's Red Crystal CBAdult (m)3,1257892
NJ9x8ABMs Marrow Sunstone 5GAdult (f)3,5454862
8GFq1ABMs Lil Gem 4GAdult (f)3,3214962
pIRJ8ABM's Quomodo Vales FRZHatchling (F)2,5371784
BZk3JABM's Free Bird CBAdult (f)4,1686927
pOYqAABM's Bird Spirit CBAdult (m)3,3854882
XUp1RABM's Two Tail CBAdult (m)7,3849703
NhWgLABM's Swallow Magic CBAdult (m)4,6437993
JzEqIABM's Swallow Song CBAdult (m)3,7845950
6DtnbABM's Swallow Morning CBAdult (f)6,2541,2170
cyJ6IABM's Swallow Breeze CBAdult (m)6,2571,2491
dzrIMABM's Swallow Cloud CBAdult (m)3,1697782
YmuBUABM's Swallow Moon CBAdult (m)3,7337293
6w2h1ABM's Tail Spin CBAdult (f)3,6639893
78xDpABMs Swallowtail Ghost 4GAdult (f)7,5248291
kIaR3(kIaR3)Adult (f)4,0157111
Hmbhf(Hmbhf)Adult (f)6,8148481
pdlTNABM's Alis Volat Propris CBAdult (m)1,9845481
O5HhZABM's Sic Itur Ad Astra CBAdult (f)3,2648481
bJfL0ABM's Cogito Ergo Sum CBAdult (m)3,0604541
XUgFFABM's Alis Volat Propiis CBAdult (f)4,3883511
m3dSMABM's Soli Deo Gloria CBAdult (f)4,6963581
7jFssABM's Tenuifolius CBAdult (f)4,8429443
ErNq4ABM's Aegri Somnia Vana CBAdult (m)4,4297173
Cf7IqABM's Tropical Desert Dreams 4GAdult (m)5,8831,2164
Qwn9Q(Qwn9Q)Adult (f)6,4721,0682
kNpEXABM's Black Capped Buck CBAdult (m)4,1759852
YkiGXABM's Black Capped Bonnie CBAdult (f)4,3051,0242
M4RsKABM's Black Capped Betty CBAdult (f)4,4481,0531
y6DnzABM's Black Capped Billy CBAdult (m)5,0571,0651
xMMoUABM's Black Capped Bertha CBAdult (f)2,7526421
cfq0FABM's Itsy Bitsy CBAdult (m)5,8071,0442
qWZ47ABM's Little Fella CBAdult (m)3,7558104
rtuKTABM's Peeko CBAdult (f)4,9446975
BjyKiABMs Ringo CBAdult (m)6,4478431
5osBqABMs Twinkle Twinkle CBAdult (f)6,2918430
hOmKABM's Baltimore Ravens 2GAdult (m)1,16346128
85UtTABM's Cincinnati Bengals CBAdult (f)4,7927050
WsoGYABM's Cleveland Browns CBAdult (f)5,0267441
flC5eABM's Pittsburgh Steelers CBAdult (f)5,5617871
7cFomABM's Tennessee Titans CBAdult (m)5,6688131
GZWQ1ABM's Atlanta Falcons CBAdult (f)6,6231,2820
WQKapABM's Miami Dolphins CBAdult (m)3,5436532
biXBNABM's Terrae Tinselkin BDAdult (m)5,0959272
mo4pCABM's Monday Night Football CBAdult (m)4,0208872
wrUI7(wrUI7)Adult (f)6,4971,5381
YJ2NUABM's Chicago Bears CBAdult (m)5,8018865
H7Sv8ABM's Detroit Lions CBAdult (f)4,1969123
rDBSPABM's Houston Texans CBAdult (f)4,6291,0225
ECIT3ABM's Jacksonville Jaguars CBAdult (m)5,3398282
UWo53ABM's Carolina Panthers CBAdult (f)6,3911,2630
uVrH3ABM's Terrae Nor CBAdult (m)6,0771,2021
KOYb3ABM's Modus Omnibus In Rebus FRZHatchling (F)3,3072234
eHBEUABM's Cave Blocker 2Hatchling (F)1,2621943
a8BmABM's Green Bay Packers CBAdult (f)70450525
l0XXDABM's Minnesota Vikings CBAdult (f)4,9437361
eFIYCABM's Indianapolis Colts 2GAdult (f)2,6944751
4pPTbABM's Dallas Cowboys CBAdult (m)3,4826793
ofgvvABMs Terra VI CBAdult (m)8,9521,1523
iuzGgABMs Terra III CBAdult (f)9,3871,0783
hy1v5ABM's Tetra 3GSSAdult (f)6,7509617
S8VU4ABMs Terra II CBAdult (m)10,3251,2054
DA9m7ABMs Terra I CBAdult (f)7,8019680
5hMYKABMs Tetra Tango 2GAdult (m)12,4651,1544
rt5AVABMs Tarantula Hawk I CBAdult (f)9,4001,3362
LQVgRABMs Tarantula Hawk VI CBAdult (m)9,1671,3211
MrChWABMs Tarantula Hawk II CBAdult (f)7,8161,0901
I1Eu4ABMs Tarantula Hawk III CBAdult (f)7,6091,1122
aID4A(aID4A)Adult (f)8,5641,4821
Og33B(Og33B)Adult (f)8,8831,4972
T9JXqABM's Down for Maintenance CBAdult (f)6,7591,1067
PQ32DABM's Lag Monster CBAdult (m)6,8111,1174
gRJUOABM's Thunder Road HBDG2Adult (f)4,2038392
Z9D3BABM's Golden Thunder 2GAdult (f)5,6249332
pddj5ABM's Thunder Spark CBAdult (m)4,0225584
o8C9JABM's Thunder Storm CBAdult (f)5,6311,1664
633Z6ABM's Thunder Shock CBAdult (f)4,3959818
nU2ALABM's Dark Shadow 2GAdult (f)6,4231,0868
KC6cLABM's Thunder Rolls CBAdult (f)5,0471,0552
3dbE7ABM's Blue Thunder CBAdult (f)4,6367582
NTe7BABM's Blue Mamba CBAdult (f)5,9078024
bZJVOABM's True Blue 2GAdult (f)2,0684012
RfWpOABM's Blue Zapper 2GAdult (f)3,8828295
omWSHABM's Blue Sun 3GAdult (f)7,5561,0393
uAD1qABM's Blue Rise 2GAdult (m)3,3504043
jmIegABM's Thunder Vex 2GAdult (f)2,8817543
hLmXIABM's Midday Riitta 2GAdult (f)5,2308573
Tiis3ABM's Thunder Lag 2GAdult (m)5,6388755
ukSA5ABM's Thunder Cat 3EGAdult (m)3,5687044
ODGehABM's Thunder Gold 3GAdult (f)5,0761,0005
6frteABM's Thunder Spark 2GAdult (m)2,8774643
WTOEQABM's Blue Streak 4GAdult (f)3,1357130
zRm3UABM's Blue Lag 3GAdult (m)3,7299022
hYl7uABM's Thunder Gold 2GAdult (f)3,7846321
Mo1UKABM's Try Again Later 2GAdult (m)4,4287593
IslznABM's Call Waiting 2GAdult (m)2,8058601
uPpWBABM's Blue Bolt 3GAdult (m)2,8298481
sA7LyABM's Storm Warning 3GAdult (f)2,7488862
pCn5dABM's Delayed Again 2GAdult (m)4,1809842
ixPl5ABM's Thunder Spark 3GAdult (m)5,5961,0402
NcIVfABM's Thunder Trek 3GAdult (f)7,3191,3402
KYMBTABM's Metallic Thunder Lag 4GAdult (m)2,7088741
86FJGABMs Thunder Trail 3GAdult (f)5,2001,2997
NbF4EABMs Thunder Strike 3GAdult (f)5,1231,3257
L5FeEABMs True Surprise 3GAdult (m)8,1991,1073
Vcq03ABM's Shining Light CBAdult (f)7,4181,6563
vnnDoABM's Fire and Ice CBAdult (m)4,1261,1051
qkuGsABM's Blue and Red CBAdult (f)3,6679963
9fHl1ABM's Flames On The Water CBAdult (f)3,7109822
dTdUmABM's Red and Blue CBAdult (f)5,7541,4632
UHIN9ABM's Tidal Wave 2GPBAdult (m)5,0789854
QgClAABM's Tropical Illusion CBAdult (m)2,2206153
BugaJABM's Buga 2GAdult (m)2,1738811
BroJLABM's Tropical Rain CBAdult (m)3,8728132
eQiYqABM's Tropical Night CBAdult (m)3,9107983
tnLN9ABM's Tropical Sunrise CBAdult (m)3,8878013
R4yIFABM's Coastal Dreamz CBAdult (m)4,1139611
Yk3sYABM's Coastal Secretz CBAdult (f)2,1065293
vyXxFABM's Coastal Star 4GAdult (f)6,2518642
uiLBKABM's Coastal Candy 3GAdult (f)5,7588195
aW0u6ABM's Coastal Christmas 3GAdult (f)5,7108343
LzJB2ABMs Factual Notion CBAdult (f)11,0231,2193
16BOlABMs Turn Around 2GAdult (m)10,7751,2163
Wct7YABM's Tidal Wave CBAdult (f)11,0321,1223
S4ljQABMs Daytime Drama 2GAdult (f)8,1667965
YhkMfABMs Truth Be Told 2GAdult (f)8,0147756
RqhNBABMs Totally Tidal 3GAdult (m)7,9217317
UHZaFABMs Mellanu 2GAdult (m)8,4491,1067
idmE7ABMs Atari 2GAdult (m)8,3891,0643
RbnDj(RbnDj)Adult (m)6,8671,7302
u4XtvABM's Berry CBAdult (f)5,7579793
q1dAAABM's Apple CBAdult (f)3,3397627
Ysz2uABM's Turmoil CBAdult (m)3,7869116
5YTK3ABM's Falling Star CBAdult (f)3,8587951
L8GQbABM's Twist N Turn CBAdult (f)4,1739882
pPuTxABM's Grand AM CBAdult (m)5,8821,5523
ZUOZtABM's Reeses Pieces CBAdult (m)4,1621,1743
Mjog9ABM's Pontiac GTO CBAdult (f)3,2537686
lvZ6CABM's Hotel CBAdult (f)5,3507451
fmLIaABM's Golf CBAdult (m)5,3177661
HfPXYABM's Fox Trot CBAdult (f)5,8487682
bB3ElABM's Echo CBAdult (m)5,8337982
E0JscABM's Delta CBAdult (f)5,6859193
msQYnABM's Charlie CBAdult (m)5,8469382
68FfjABM's Bravo CBAdult (f)5,6609322
UBuIqABM's Alpha CBAdult (m)5,5119403
YIisFABM's Soaring Blue CBAdult (f)5,7129352
Eclc6ABM's Flying Hero CBAdult (m)5,6029243
0TeBTABM's Winged Beauty CBAdult (f)5,6359383
TtLCTABM's Blue Dragon CBAdult (m)5,3648507
JkKeDABM's Twinkle Toes CBAdult (m)3,6399952
I3km2ABMs Catch A Wave CBAdult (m)9,1189883
H9OXTABM's Yucky CBAdult (f)7,8021,0952
776WpABM's Smelly CBAdult (m)7,9531,1130
bifpMABM's Discusting CBAdult (f)7,8221,0713
IHXeVABM's Foul CBAdult (m)6,4249852
dFSYhABM's Rancid CBAdult (m)5,6621,0672
A4Qp4ABM's Rotten CBAdult (f)4,6031,0711
mn0KaABM's Putrid CBAdult (m)5,0461,0681
5W63dABM's Stinky CBAdult (f)1,4766771
sNCYlABM's Ick CBAdult (m)2,6806892
HUFOa(HUFOa)Adult (m)6,7577690
KijSyABM's November Rain CBAdult (m)2,6979371
EIsqCABM's November Release CBAdult (m)2,5689461
nFdM6ABM's November Shine CBAdult (m)2,8709420
WWMbEABM's November Lust CBAdult (f)3,0359452
dhK3cABM's Mystic Revolution CBAdult (f)5,0571,2131
NvxLrABMs On The Edge 2GAdult (f)6,6741,1912
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