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Through the Teleport action, it is possible to exchange eggs/hatchlings with others (frozen hatchlings and adults cannot be traded in any way). This action is specifically available to Magi Dragons, which can be found in a variety of ways.

Making a Teleport

Upon using the Teleport action, you will be prompted to select which type of teleport to make:

  • Transfers are one-way. You can use this to send eggs or unfrozen hatchlings to others without receiving anything in return. You must manually share the link to a transfer for others to claim the eggs/hatchlings it contains.
  • Trades are two-sided teleports. Others may make offers on your trades, and you can choose which offer to accept. It is considered polite to decline offers that you do not plan to accept, so that the other party is not left waiting. By default, trades are also private, and only those you give the link to will be able to make offers.
  • Public Trades special trades that are listed in the Trading Hub. Unlike regular trades, they are listed in the hub for others to find, allowing you to receive offers from anyone.

In addition to selecting a type, you must select up to four eggs/hatchlings to attach to this teleport. You cannot perform actions on things that are in an active teleport, and eggs that hatch (or hatchlings that become adults) will cause the teleport to be cancelled. However, you can also cancel your own teleports at any time without penalty.

Private Trading

Unless you specifically create a public trade, transfers and trades are private. No one will be able to find them unless you specifically share the link to the teleport with them. You can find the link at the bottom of the page after using the teleport action.

Offering on Trades

When viewing a trade, you will have the option to make an offer. This involves selecting up to four eggs or hatchlings to include. The owner of the trade will then be able to view your offer and choose whether or not to accept it.

Making an offer on a trade does not require use of the Teleport action, so no Magi Dragons are needed. You can also cancel an offer you have made at any time.

Trading Hub

You can use the trading hub to easily find all of your transfers, trades, and offers; create new Teleports; see your trading history; and interact with Public Trades created by others.

Trade Messages

Public trades require you to provide a message describing what it is you want in return for the eggs and hatchlings you are trading. These messages are shown to everyone who uses the trading hub, so they are subject to several rules. Trades that do not abide by these rules will be removed, causing all of your active Public Trades to be cancelled, and repeated issues will result in losing the option to create public trades—temporarily or permanently.

To avoid any problems, make sure your message:

  • Describes what you’re offering and/or helps others understand what types of offers you are looking for. Messages that do not do this, such as (but of course not limited to) random greetings or links to other sites, will be removed.
  • Is applicable to many people, not just a specific person. Since the Trading Hub is viewable by everyone, it is important to make your message relevant to anyone who is browsing. Asking for a specific egg/hatchling, or targeting your message at a single person/few people is not allowed.

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