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Dragon Cave is an online adoptables site. The goal is to grab dragon eggs and raise them to adulthood by having others click on them. There are over 200 different kinds of dragon to collect; how you play is completely up to you.

Once you’ve registered, your first step is to obtain an egg. This page will walk you through the basics of grabbing and raising dragon eggs.

Stealing an Egg

Dragon Cave revolves around grabbing and raising eggs. There are two types of eggs you can find: “new” eggs from various locations on the map, and “abandoned” eggs.

New Eggs

The most reliable source of eggs is from the cave. All eggs here are newly-made. There are six different regions where eggs can be found. Each one has its own theme:

  • Alpine: Dragons that like high altitudes tend to be found in these mountainous areas.
  • Coast: The seas are full of diverse dragon life, and many breeds can only be found by the water.
  • Desert: The scorching desert has resulted in a number of well-adapted dragon breeds.
  • Forest: Plenty of dragons enjoy living in the moderate environment of the forest.
  • Jungle: The hot, humid environment of jungles gives rise to quite a bit of diversity.
  • Volcano: A number of heat-loving breeds thrive on the volcanic plains.

To take eggs from a specific region, go to the cave entrance and choose which location you would like to search. Once you’ve chosen where to search, you will be brought to a page with up to three eggs. To take one, simply click on it—but remember that other people are also hunting for eggs and may grab the egg before you have a chance to take it.

Eggs are easiest to find at the top of the hour (such as 5:00 or 6:00), but eggs can be found at almost any time.

Abandoned Eggs

Sometimes other users decide that they don’t want to raise a particular egg or hatchling. Those that decide to give away their eggs and hatchlings will abandon them to a pile outside the cave.

If you visit the cave when one or more eggs or hatchlings have been abandoned, you will see a message mentioning a pile of abandoned eggs. If you click on the message, you will see some abandoned eggs and hatchlings. Click on one of these to pick it up. However, abandoned eggs and hatchlings may be near death, so you should check the timer below the egg or hatchling before grabbing it.

Raising an Egg

Once you have an egg, you must take care of it to ensure that it doesn’t die. Eggs are raised by “feeding” them views, unique views, and clicks. It is up to you to get views, unique views, and clicks for your egg, but there are a few common methods:

Forums: Many forums allow you to place images and links below each of your posts, in what is called a “signature.” If you are an active member of a highly-trafficked community, this is a great place to get views for your eggs. Just place the egg’s BBCode (obtained from the “Get HTML/BBCode” page) in your signature on the message board. If you don’t have enough room in your signature, enabling the “Display TinyURL Codes” option on the Account Settings page will give you a shorter alternative.

However, you should not go around posting your egg in random topics or in any way that breaks the rules of other sites. Simply place the egg in your signature and, if you’re an active member of the community, your egg will get the attention it needs.

Social Media: You can share your dragon egg on Twitter or Facebook, and ask your friends to view it. Again, try not to overshare; no one likes being spammed.

Hatcheries: There are several user-run communities dedicated to letting users share their eggs with each other and helping them hatch. You can find a listing of many of these sites on the forums; this thread provides a good stepping stone. And if you’re lost, don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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