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DragonNameTypeViewsUnique ViewsClicks
i7hSATrotsky's Lapsang SouchongAdult (f)3,5738588
9Ks14Trotsky's Keemun RhapsodyAdult (m)3,4868687
mMmF5Trotsky's Quorns PuppyDragonAdult (f)2,8898532
19VieTrotsky's Yunnan JigAdult (f)4,1479227
ZUmWBZ'Susanao Seas of TrotskyAdult (f)2,4678066
52IgSTrotsky's Nasrin BlusangAdult (m)3,3329854
6Dao0Trotsky's Rhapsody in BlueAdult (m)2,9849466
4V1KnTrotsky's Faberge BlusangAdult (m)3,5141,1816
2uAO5Trotsky's Water BewitchedAdult (f)2,8561,0331
FdjzzTrotsky's Spirited JazzAdult (m)3,8219813
rTNhqTrotsky's Faberge Silver ClockAdult (m)2,8917253
71F1TTrotsky's F1T to be CaughtAdult (f)3,7249705
58nCvTrotsky's Double Dirty ChaiAdult (m)3,4688363
1TTbuTrotsky's Itti BlueAdult (f)6,9799571
mVFOETrotsky's Max CapricornAdult (m)6,3869804
BUl9FTrotsky's Song Sung BlueAdult (m)4,8259110
lOy71Weeping Like a Willow TrotskyAdult (f)5,6729401
UiIeYTrotsky's Blusang ThalaAdult (f)4,6187865
jRkjYTrotsky's Beef jRkjYAdult (f)5,4327368
2HwBkTrotsky's Shimmering BlusangAdult (m)7,0571,0935
ZwWw5Z'Blusang With Ruby EyesAdult (f)3,4837100
ZMGvlZ'Almandine Blusang of TrotskyAdult (m)4,1921,0384
7qVQwI'm Making a Note Here TrotskyAdult (f)6,1329953
vUriSvUriS was a TriumphAdult (m)5,9409373
mQGDlIt's Hard  to OverstateAdult (f)5,7819251
dpqBeTrotsky's Huge SuccessAdult (m)5,5439273
Z79VDZ'My SatisfactionAdult (f)3,8629893
8aMnBTrotsky's Aperture ScienceAdult (m)4,2749583
YdRQWBecause we can TrotskyAdult (m)4,2899470
G5skoWe do what we must TrotskyAdult (f)4,0969670
NxDVBXcept the ones who are deadAdult (m)3,7461,0220
60wypFor the good of all  of  usAdult (f)4,4589543
Phftc(Phftc)Adult (m)3,8909701
Zg2UpZ'g2Up of TrotskyAdult (m)4,3121,0243
HOWLG(HOWLG)Adult (f)7,8351,3219
hFb2Trotsky's Mother DoomfingerAdult (f)4,3681,23234
vVduTrotsky's Father BloodtideAdult (m)3,5781,30520
Ir0TIr0T Every Thuwed I Bite TrotskyAdult (f)2,82472711
ZnFiUZ'JAvA Jive of TrotskyAdult (m)3,6227255
ccpaQTrotsky's Brownie BiterHatchling (f, F)2,5877031
kyKr6I've Lost My Keys TrotskyHatchling (f, F)2,6586911
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